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Some White House comms officials were duped into following the account, The Daily Beast reported. Some White House officials were duped into following a fake Twitter account that appeared to belong to the Biden administration's top spy, The Daily Beast reported Monday. A spokesperson for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence confirmed to The Daily Beast that the account is fake. Representatives from the White House did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment. The Haines Twitter impersonator wasn't the first time White House officials were fooled into believing a fake account.
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At least five children of Biden senior staffers work in the White House, The Washington Post reported. Several children and relatives of President Joe Biden's top aides have secured jobs in the White House, according to The Washington Post. At least five children of Biden's senior staff are now working in the administration, the paper reported. Shannon Ricchetti, the eldest daughter, works as the deputy associate director of the office of the White House social secretary. The wife of Biden's longtime ally and White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain also works for the Biden administration, the paper reported.
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The Biden-Putin Meeting Was Progress, But Not Enough - The New York Times
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Instead, I was thrust into a vortex of unending press inquiries and hasty meetings with other National Security Council staff members. A welcome surprise and a major departure from Mr. Trump’s Russia policy was the signaling of a muscular response to any further attacks on the United States, including retaliating against future cyberattacks. That may be so, if progress is measured by a single meeting. In the short term, we will quickly see respective ambassadors return to their posts, and strategic stability talks and cyber working groups resume meetings. Yet real, long-term progress will be measured in terms of how intentionally the United States responds to Russian aggression.
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Federal prosecutors also subpoenaed Google for the emails of Times’ reporters, but Google resisted and, under Biden, the Justice Department eventually dropped the quest. Garland’s institutional loyalty cannot justify whitewashing the action of his predecessors in the Trump-era Justice Department or the careerists who carried out their directives. The Justice Department possesses the documents filed by its prosecutors with the court, and Garland can simply unilaterally release them. Garland’s institutional loyalty cannot justify whitewashing the action of his predecessors in the Trump-era Justice Department or the careerists who carried out their directives. While protecting the institutional role of the Justice Department has value, its value does not extend to sheltering the actions of Trump-era prosecutors from scrutiny.
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Biden Administration Lays Out Broad Strategy for Targeting Domestic Terrorism
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The Biden administration is seeking increased funds for the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation and promoting programs for civic education and digital literacy to counter a rise in domestic terrorism, according to a broad new strategy released Tuesday morning. The 32-page policy, developed during a monthslong review, presents a governmentwide approach to President Biden’s campaign promise to reduce attacks by domestic extremists. It includes several actions already under way, such as increased funding for state and local programs to combat domestic violent extremism. In March, U.S. intelligence agencies found that white supremacists and antigovernment militia extremists pose the most lethal threat among domestic violent extremists, echoing findings from DHS and testimony last year by FBI Director Christopher Wray. The White House’s plans don’t address whether the U.S. should make domestic terrorism a federal crime, leaving that question to Congress and the Justice Department.
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Following are brief sketches of the candidates:EBRAHIM RAISI: Iran's hardline judiciary chief lost to Rouhani in 2017 and was sanctioned by the United States the following year for human rights abuses. Appointed by Khamenei, Jalili served as secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, for five years from 2007, a position that automatically made him chief negotiator on nuclear affairs. MOHSEN REZAEE : The secretary of Iran's Expediency Council, Rezaee was top commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards who led the elite force during the eight-year Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. MOHSEN MEHRALIZADEH: Former governor of Iran's Isfahan province, Mehralizadeh ranked last among seven candidates running in Iran's 2005 presidential election. AMIRHOSSEIN GHAZIZADEH-HASHEMI: A member of parliament since 2008, the hardline politician has promised to boost Iran’s battered economy.
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Live Updates: House Hearings Focus on Jan. 6 Security Failures
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Live Live Updates: House Hearings Focus on Jan. 6 Security Failures Two House committees will question law enforcement leaders and generals. “We cannot ignore this threat or wish it away,” Mr. Biden wrote in the strategy document. But he expressed optimism that the Republican party is beginning to reject the political dominance Mr. Trump has exerted for the past four years. And officials throughout Europe have said they are still braced for a return of Trumpism if Republicans take over the Congress in 2022 or if someone like Mr. Trump — or Mr. Trump himself — wins the White House again in 2024. “What was different in 2020 was we were of the same party as the president,” Mr. McConnell told Mr. Hewitt.
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Continued burning of coal to generate power, for example, is widely accepted to be counterproductive to averting climate change’s worst effects. The G-7 nations did put to paper a pledge to halve their emissions by 2030 and zero them out from their economies by 2050. Yet, the careful phrasing from the G-7 leaders leaves wiggle room to keep financing coal plants that use carbon capture technology to sequester and store carbon dioxide emitted from burning coal. Perhaps the most glaring omission from the G-7 climate agreement, environmental advocates said, was the lack of any deadline for when nations will stop burning coal at home. Still, the G-7 summit in Cornwall may have been the last, best chance for the world’s wealthiest democracies to increase their leverage over China and other major emitters by uniting behind specific, joint goals well ahead of November.
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A Chinese nuclear power plant is investigating an unusually high concentration of gases in one of its reactors, one of its owners said Monday. But the company is still calling for an extraordinary meeting of Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture's shareholders to decide on the next steps for the plant. Nuclear safety experts raised fears back in 2009, shortly after Taishan became operational, that China's headlong leap into nuclear energy could create safety shortcuts. China has 50 nuclear reactors in use with another 18 in construction, according to figures from the World Nuclear Association. By contrast the United States, has 93 nuclear reactors in use, but just two in production, and it has shut down 40.
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A French company sent the US a letter on an "imminent radiological threat," in China, CNN reported. A French company sent the US Department of Energy a letter that warned of "imminent radiological threat" at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong province after the Chinese state-owned partner did not acknowledge a problem exists, CNN reported. Framatome, the French company that part-owns and helps operate the plant, said the Chinese safety authority was raising acceptable radiation detection limits outside the plant to avoid shutting it down. A source told CNN President Joe Biden's administration said the facility is not at "crisis level" yet but last week, the National Security Council held multiple meetings and monitored the situation. A source told CNN the Biden administration has been in contact with both French and Chinese officials over the issue.
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When he chose Power to helm U.S.A.I.D. Power is by far the best-known person ever to serve as U.S.A.I.D. “But as it happens, as a citizen, I think that’s what America can best be focused on now. Because we’ve still got it.”The first big test of this lies in what America does to help vaccinate the rest of the world against Covid-19. “This is the place where you can show tangible results on the ground,” said Power.
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However, the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant published a statement on its website Sunday night local time, maintaining that environmental readings for both the plant and its surrounding area were "normal." All operating indicators of the two units have met the requirements of nuclear safety regulations and power plant technical specifications," the statement noted. EDF holds a 30% stake in the company with Chinese state energy company China General Nuclear Power Group in TNPJVC, which owns and operates the power plant in southern China. In the June 8 memo, Framatome informed DOE the Chinese safety authority has continued to raise regulatory "off-site dose limits." According to China Nuclear Energy Association, there were 16 operational nuclear plants with 49 nuclear reactors in China as of March 2021, with the total generation capacity of 51,000 megawatts.
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But when Sawyer tried to call her last month with the good news that she would be allowed into the United States, she couldn’t reach her – Jasibi had been kidnapped again. Biden has filled many key immigration advisory positions with high-profile migrant advocates, including some opponents of the Title 42 border restrictions. Since Biden took office, U.S. border authorities have recorded more than 300,000 expulsions under Title 42. U.S. officials have said the Title 42 border restrictions are partly needed to protect government workers. In recent weeks the United States began admitting asylum seekers whom migrant advocates had identified as being especially vulnerable in Mexico.
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Overall, Biden is leaning toward an approach that would give the issue a far lower profile than it had during the Obama administration. John Moore / Getty Images fileThe low-key strategy is a response to miscalculations that Biden administration officials believe Obama made. Biden's goal of closing Guantánamo before the end of his first term is more modest than Obama's target of shuttering it within his first year in office. "As to the overall issue of Guantanamo, the Biden administration remains committed to the goal of closing the facility," the statement said. At a minimum, people familiar with administration discussions said, the Biden White House hopes to show some progress on closing Guantánamo by the 20th anniversary of 9/11.
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Secretary of State Antony Blinken testifies about the State Department budget before the Senate Appropriations Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S. June 8, 2021. REUTERS/Jonathan ErnstThe United States is conducting a government-wide review to get to the bottom of who or what caused the suspected "directed" radio frequency attacks that on U.S. diplomats that resulted in various neurological ailments known as "Havana syndrome", U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Tuesday. In April, the Democratic and Republican leaders of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee said the incidents appeared to be increasing and the committee was investigating. On Monday, Senate unanimously passed additional financial support for care of U.S. diplomats who have suffered from these syndromes. The State Department said in June 2018 it had brought home diplomats from Guangzhou, China, over concern they were suffering similar symptoms.
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REUTERS/Lars HagbergThe Biden administration is forming expert working groups with Canada, Mexico, the European Union and the United Kingdom to determine how best to safely restart travel after 15 months of pandemic restrictions, a White House official said on Tuesday. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said the travel restrictions are subject to "an interagency conversation, and we are looking at the data in real time as to how we should move forward with that." The Biden administration has faced pressure from some lawmakers who said U.S. communities along the Canadian border have faced economic hardship because of land border restrictions. The United States also bars most non-essential travel at its land borders with Mexico and Canada. On Monday, the heads of all passenger airlines flying between Britain and the United States called on both countries to lift limits on trans-Atlantic travel restrictions.
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWe should not victimize companies forced to pay ransom: Crowdstrike co-founderMichael Daniel, Cyber Threat Alliance president and CEO and former cybersecurity coordinator on The National Security Council staff, and Dmitri Alperovitch, Crowdstrike co-founder, join 'Power Lunch' to discuss their thoughts on banning ransom payments and what companies need to focus on when they are stuck in these situations.
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WASHINGTON—With U.S. vaccination rates rising and supply plentiful, the Biden administration faces a new challenge: how to vaccinate the rest of the world. The effort is being led by Jeffrey Zients, the U.S. coronavirus response coordinator, whose team took office in January with a plan to buy so many doses that the vaccination drive could overcome setbacks. President Biden said last month the U.S. would export 80 million vaccine doses from its existing supply by the end of June. Some aid groups have pressed the U.S. to send even more doses to countries where coronavirus cases are surging and to invest in manufacturing facilities overseas. For Mr. Zients, leading the U.S. vaccine rollout globally requires fresh planning for supply chain bottlenecks, overcoming weak domestic distribution systems in some countries and coordinating with international governments.
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There has been a significant hike in the frequency and size of ransomware attacks, Anne Neuberger, cybersecurity adviser at the National Security Council, said in a letter. Strengthening the country's resilience to cyberattacks was one of President Joe Biden's top priorities, the White House has said. "But we can't do it alone," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Thursday. No company, large or small, is safe from ransomware attacks, Neuberger told the business community. Neuberger advised that companies test incident response plans and use a third party to test the security team's work.
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White House warns companies to step up cybersecurity
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Representations of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin are seen in this illustration picture taken June 2, 2021. REUTERS/Florence Lo/Illustration/File PhotoThe White House warned corporate executives and business leaders on Thursday to step up security measures to protect against ransomware attacks after intrusions at a meatpacking company and an oil pipeline. "The number and size of ransomware incidents have increased significantly," read the letter from Anne Neuberger, cybersecurity adviser at the National Security Council. The recent cyberattacks have forced companies to see ransomware as a threat to core business operations and not just data theft that can be recovered. Neuberberger's letter came after a major meatpacking plant resumed U.S. operations on Wednesday after a ransomware attack that disrupted meat production in North American and Australia.
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"However, we are watching closely how the White House responds with specific actions and policies." That includes the immediate filling of key roles, including a Department of State special envoy focused on monitoring antisemitism, as well as a White House liaison to the Jewish community, a position that was vacant under the Trump administration. The horrific rise in anti-Semitic attacks against the Jewish community is reprehensible. "A Biden-Harris administration will stand strong against antisemitism, period," he said in August at the Jewish Floridians Summit hosted by Florida Democrats. Someone like Emhoff "can be a face of the White House," he said, "but that's different than the day-to-day relationship building that's needed."
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The State Department is overseeing the issue, Milley said in remarks his office released Thursday. It was the first time any senior figure in the administration has confirmed publicly that a possible evacuation was under consideration or that contingency planning for an evacuation was underway. The State Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Advocates cite the U.S. military evacuation of about 6,600 Iraqi Kurds to the U.S. territory of Guam in 1996 and 1997 after Saddam Hussein's regime launched attacks into Iraq's Kurdish region. Asked Thursday about a possible airlift of endangered Afghan partners, Milley said, "That is a way of doing it."
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Bill Clark | CQ-Roll Call, Inc. | Getty ImagesThree Republican senators have jointly voiced opposition to a Biden administration nominee for legal counsel at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence because of his past work for Chinese tech giant Huawei. "You can't work for Huawei and then work for the Director of National Intelligence," Sasse said in a statement released on Wednesday. The U.S. Director of National Intelligence is the head of the U.S. intelligence community and acts as the principal intelligence advisor to the president, the National Security Council, and the Homeland Security Council. Fonzone served as legal adviser to the National Security Council during President Barack Obama's second term. "The firm asked me to look into a question of how U.S. law works.
Persons: Sen, Marco Rubio, Bill Clark, Christopher Fonzone's, Ben Sasse, Tom Cotton of, Sasse, Fonzone, Barack Obama's, Sidley, Sidley Austin, … I've, Christopher Fonzone, National Intelligence Fonzone, Chinese Communist Party isn't, Rubio, Tom Cotton Organizations: U.S, Capitol, CQ, Inc, Getty, Biden, National Intelligence, Huawei, Intelligence, National Security Council, Homeland Security, China's Ministry of Commerce, National Law, Chinese Communist Party, CCP Locations: Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Marco Rubio of Florida, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, United States
The Biden administration is using an outdated script to justify doing very little about North Korea. Psaki acknowledged that past approaches to North Korea had failed, though she offered no explanation for why. Throughout the campaign, moreover, Biden's talking points on North Korea were the most conservative among the leading presidential candidates. But the circumstances have changed dramatically, and Biden's conservatism on North Korea has become dangerously problematic. From Kim's perspective, there has not even been the smallest of signs that Biden would approach North Korea any differently than Obama did.
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Colonial Pipeline paid a $4.4 million ransom to a cybercrime group on May 8 amid a gas crisis. That same day, federal agencies worked to stop the criminals from stealing the company's data. Colonial Pipeline would not comment on which public officials it told of the payment or when. Colonial Pipeline said in a statement after the attack: "A decision was quickly made to take our entire system offline. Meanwhile, federal authorities are looking to tighten up regulation in response to the Colonial Pipeline attack.
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