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Sales of existing homes in counties with a higher share of vacation homes rose by 24% on average in 2020, more than double the 11% increase in counties that don’t have a high concentration of vacation homes. Home prices also appreciated more quickly in vacation home counties, gaining an average 14% last year, compared with the average 10% annual increase in non-vacation-home counties. As of 2019, about 10% of the 3,143 counties in the United States were vacation-home counties, according to the association here. In the next hottest market, Oscoda County, Michigan, home sales rose by 54% in 2020 and the median sales price increased by 79%, according to the report. The increased demand for vacation homes was sparked by the move to work from home and the shift to virtual schooling, which gave families the flexibility to relocate, the researchers said.
Persons: Fort, moratoriums Organizations: National Association of Realtors, Buyers, Manistee National Forests, Federal Reserve Bank of New, Federal Housing Administration Locations: U.S, United States, North Carolina , New York , Vermont, Massachusetts, Lee County, Florida, Fort Myers, Cape, Oscoda County , Michigan, Detroit, Huron, Manistee, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, forbearance
Sales of existing homes in counties with a higher share of vacation homes rose by 24% on average in 2020, more than double the 11% increase in counties that don’t have a high concentration of vacation homes. Vacation-home counties were defined as those where at least 20% of the properties are for seasonal or recreational use. As of 2019, about 10% of the 3,143 counties in the United States were vacation-home counties, according to the association. In the next hottest market, Oscoda County, Michigan, home sales rose by 54% in 2020 and the median sales price increased by 79%, according to the report. The increased demand for vacation homes was sparked by the move to work from home and the shift to virtual schooling, which gave families the flexibility to relocate, the researchers said.
Persons: Fort, Jonnelle Marte, Jonathan Oatis Organizations: National Association of Realtors, Manistee National Forests, Buyers Locations: U.S, United States, North Carolina , New York , Vermont, Massachusetts, Lee County, Florida, Fort Myers, Cape, Oscoda County , Michigan, Detroit, Huron, Manistee
Treasury yields fall despite investor anticipation over Fed meeting
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Treasury yields fell on Tuesday morning, despite anticipation over what the Federal Reserve will say in its two-day policy meeting, which kicks off later in the day. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note fell less than a basis point to 1.484% at 4 a.m. TreasurysThe Federal Open Market Committee's two-day policy meeting wraps up on Wednesday afternoon, followed by a press conference with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. Wilding added that PIMCO's base case remained that the Fed would announce a tapering of bond purchases at its December meeting. In terms of data due out on Tuesday, May's Producer Price Index is expected to be released at 8:30 a.m.
Persons: Jerome Powell, Tiffany Wilding, Wilding, Powell, May's, Dow Jones Organizations: Federal Reserve, Treasury, Fed, PPI, NY Empire, National Association of Home Builders Locations:
Builder sentiment in June fell to its lowest level since August, as construction costs pushed new home prices higher, sidelining buyers and making it harder for some builders to get loans. "Higher costs and declining availability for softwood lumber and other building materials pushed down builder sentiment in June," said NAHB Chairman Chuck Fowke, a homebuilder from Tampa, Florida. "These higher costs have moved some new homes beyond the budget of prospective buyers, which has slowed the strong pace of home building." While lumber prices are down about 10% from their recent peak, they are still about 300% higher than the 15-year average. These higher costs are passed on to buyers.
Persons: Chuck Fowke, Robert Dietz Organizations: KB, National Association of Home Builders Locations: Valley Center , California, U.S, Wells Fargo, Tampa , Florida, West, Midwest
"The job market's heating back up, and it's come to a boil really quickly," Miranda Kalinowski, the head of global recruiting at Facebook, said. We're here to bring the world closer together, and we want people who really understand and connect to our mission. Our main principle is to make sure in-office time is designed around work that people need to do. They need to think about how they learn and where they are driven to do their best work. They also need to think about where they're at in terms of their life and job.
Persons: they're, it's, Miranda Kalinowski, , Kalinowski, There've, they've, we've Organizations: National Association of Colleges, Employers, Facebook
Immigration lawyers are overburdened as they deal with 1.3 million backlogged cases. The country's 500 immigration judges feel overburdened and under pressure to deport as more than 1.3 million cases have been backlogged at the end of the last administration and crossings into the country keep rising, NBC News reported. While federal trial judges are appointed for life, making it easier to make independent decisions, immigration judges are appointed and answer to the attorney general. "We are in the legal fight for our life to ensure that our decisional independence is valued and maintained," Judge Amiena Khan told NBC. "We should not be used as a tool of law enforcement," Judge Dana Leigh Marks told NBC.
Persons: Bill Barr, overburdened, Amiena Khan, General Merrick Garland, Dana Leigh Marks, Marks, aren't Organizations: NBC News, National Association of Immigration, NBC, Committee, American Immigration Lawyers Association, Border Protection Locations: Southern
They preside over asylum cases, meaning they decide who gets to stay in the U.S. and who must be deported. Immigration judges, however, are Justice Department employees who are appointed by and answer to the Attorney General, a political appointee. Khan is the president of the judges' union, the National Association of Immigration Judges. This month, dozens of Democrats in Congress signed a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco urging them to rescind Barr's petition. The Biden administration has called for hiring 100 new immigration judges as part of its budget.
Persons: Dana Leigh Marks, Joe Biden, they've, Trump, Eric Gay, Amiena Khan, Khan, William Barr, General Merrick Garland, Lisa Monaco, Garland, Biden, — Marks, , Marks, Judge Charles Honeyman, Lisa Dornell, Dornell Organizations: NBC News, Nationwide, NBC, Justice Department, Trump . Migrants, National Association of Immigration, Federal Labor Relations Authority, Congress, Commerce, Justice, Science, DOJ, U.S . Customs, Protection Locations: U.S, Laredo , Texas, San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore
Realtors from across the country say writing a letter to the seller could help win a bidding war. But some realtors advise against the practice because it could violate fair housing laws. In today's frenetic real estate market, there's no foolproof way to win a bidding war. But for homebuyers who are desperate to land their dream home, realtors have a tip: Write a letter. Sara Olvera, a real estate agent with Dream Town Realty in Chicago, has seen the letter-writing option fail with clients.
Persons: Jared Goodloe, who's, Goodloe, I'm, Read, David McDonald, there's, McDonald, that's, Sara Olvera, Olvera, hasn't, Katie Day Organizations: realtors, Compass, DMD Real, Group, Dream Town Realty, Coldwell Banker, National Association of Realtors Locations: Brooklyn, Seattle, Chicago, Houston
With Covid-19, he wasn't so sure the majority of his mostly Latino patients would be leaving that quickly. Guevara, who came to the U.S. at age 6, said her parents struggled to get access to health care, which motivated her to study health care disparities, including the lack of Latino providers. Yet the number of Latino nurses is disproportionate to its demographic's size. Adrianna Nava is the president of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. Latino nurses have played an important role during the pandemic, Villarruel said, working in their communities and encouraging people to get tested and vaccinated.
Persons: Luis Medina, Medina, Liz Guevara, Guevara, Antonia Villarruel, Gene Smirnov, , Villarruel, aren't, Adrianna Nava, Nava,, , They've, wouldn't Organizations: Mount Saint Mary's University, La, Washington , D.C, Latina, Central, U.S . Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Health, Human Services, University of Pennsylvania, Penn Nursing, National Association of Hispanic Nurses, Star, University of Alabama, BAMA, College Health, National Hispanic Medical Association, Facebook, Twitter Locations: Medina, La Mirada , California, Los Angeles, del Pueblo, Washington ,, Washington, Chicago, Detroit
(CNN) You can thank Netflix executive Carolina Garcia for helping bring shows like "Stranger Things" and "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" to the streaming screen, but everyone else can thank Jack Bauer for Carolina Garcia. "Netflix has become very aware of where we as a company need to be better and have committed actual dollars to helping funnel that," Garcia said. Too often, Garcia said, Latinx stories are centered on pain or trauma, which is far from the whole story of the culture. This debate -- for example, whether only Latinx creators should tell Latinx stories -- is a complex one with heated opinions on both sides. Carolina Garcia, Director of Original Series at Netflix, wants to see Latinx stories and creators elevated.
Persons: Carolina Garcia, Sabrina, Jack Bauer, Garcia, Kiefer Sutherland, toma el toro, we've, It's, White, Black, someone's, I'm, Carolina Garcia Job, I've, Dion, Dana Walden, Brian Wright, Cindy Holland, Bela Baharia, Olga Merediz, Abuela Claudia, Manuel Garcia, He's, Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, Edgar Ramirez, isn't Organizations: CNN, Netflix, Juilliard, Century Fox Television, Fox, Angeles Latino, Film Institute, National Association of, Independent, Walt Disney Television, Lincoln Lawyer Locations: Argentina, Claremont , California, Hollywood
Merida Capital raising $250 million
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Welcome to Insider Cannabis, our weekly newsletter where we're bringing you an inside look at the deals, trends, and personalities driving the multibillion-dollar global cannabis boom. Sen. Bernie Sanders asked Politico's cannabis policy reporter Natalie Fertig: "Are you stoned right now?" The company's CEO told Insider that intense interest from retail investors on Reddit's Wall Street Bets forum helped Sundial raise money and pay down debts. Cannabis private-equity firm Merida Capital is raising a $250 million fund. Earnings roundupJushi Holdings released its Q1 2021 results on Wednesday, reporting $41.7 million in net revenue and a $26.8 million loss.
Persons: Michael Gorenstein, Gingko, Jason Kelly, I'm, , Kelly, you've, Zachary George, Sen, Bernie Sanders, Natalie Fertig, Fertig, Andrew Ward, Let's, Jeremy Berke, who've, Terri Riedle, Mitch Baruchowitz, JR Rahn, Robert Barrow, Ned Lamont, Steve Sisolak, Taylor Tyson Organizations: Cannabis, Cannabis Capital Conference, New York Magazine, Marijuana, Growers, Reddit's, Merida Capital, IPOs, Bloomberg, International Association of Pain, Hartford Courant, Connecticut Gov, of Mental Health, Addiction Services, ., Drug Policy Alliance, ACLU, Jushi Holdings, Brightfield Locations: Merida, Connecticut, . Nevada, York, Washington State, Aurora, Comox
REUTERS/Rebecca Cook/File PhotoA former president of the United Auto Workers, Gary Jones, on Thursday was sentenced to 28 months in jail for embezzling union funds as part of a larger federal probe into corruption in the union. Jones, who pleaded guilty last June to charges he embezzled more than $1 million, appeared in U.S. District Court in Detroit on Thursday. On Thursday morning, Jones pleaded for mercy from Judge Paul Borman and again apologized to the union and its members. read moreThe UAW said Jones' sentencing brings to a close a "very dark chapter" in the union's history. Jones' predecessor as head of the UAW, Dennis Williams, pleaded guilty to embezzlement of union funds in September and was sentenced to 21 months in prison last month.
Persons: Gary Jones, Rebecca Cook, Jones, Judge Paul Borman, " Jones, Saima Mohsin, Dennis Williams Organizations: United Auto Workers, National Association of, Advancement for Colored, REUTERS, UAW, Internal Revenue Service, U.S, Eastern, Eastern District of Michigan Locations: Detroit , Michigan, U.S, Detroit, Corsicana , Texas, Eastern District, United States
Compliance Officers Play Leading Role in Pursuing Diversity Goals
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Corporate compliance officers are getting more involved in diversity and inclusion efforts, using their expertise in helping employees adhere to laws and company policies to push for change. Newsletter Sign-up Risk and Compliance Journal Our Morning Risk Report features insights and news on governance, risk and compliance. Last August, she helped launch the National Association of Black Compliance & Risk Management Professionals Inc. Eric Young, a former compliance chief at the Americas unit of BNP Paribas who now runs a compliance advisory firm. And having a diverse compliance team can demonstrate an appreciation for the diversity of a company’s customer base.
Persons: George Floyd, Kellye Gordon, Gordon, , Moni Robinson, Robinson, Jennifer Newton, Newton, Eric Young, Johnny Milano, Ms, Young, ” Mr, they’re, Henry Thoman, , — Jack Hagel Organizations: Corp, National Association of Black, Risk, Inc, BNP, Wall, SA, Fordham University School of Law, Black, Mobility Capital Finance Inc Locations: Dallas, Americas
I'm trying to buy a house and it's absolute hell
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America's pandemic housing market features minuscule available inventory, outrageously-inflated home prices, and little new supply being built. And so the experience of trying to buy a home at the absolute least advantageous time for buyers has added yet another chapter in the perpetual saga of COVID-era misery. Frankly, waiving an inspection contingency is absolute madness unless you plan to knock the whole house down. Immediately put in a well-over-asking-price offer because the house will likely be under contract within a day or two. Yes, it could be so much worse, and I'm not trying to throw a pity party for my first world suffering.
Persons: I've, Bill de Blasio, it'll, homebuilders, you've, it's, I'm, there's Organizations: Democratic, National Association of Realtors Locations: New York City, New York
Private equity and hedge funds have added to the fund's performance over the past 10 years, he said. The Ohio pension plan's holdings in private equity and hedge funds have stumbled. Private equity firms buy companies, borrowing money to do so, and hope to sell them at a profit later. In his research, Phalippou included rebuttals from private equity firms and a lobbying group that criticized his analysis, noting that investors are "highly satisfied" with private equity performance and disclosures. "The first issue is lack of transparency" in the pension plan's private equity and hedge fund investments, Rayfield said.
Persons: Dean Dennis, Patty, Dennis, Dennis family's, Dean, Patty Dennis, Underfunding, Nick Treneff, , Treneff, Carlyle, outperformance, Ludovic Phalippou, Phalippou, Robin Rayfield, Rayfield, Edward Siedle, hasn't, Rick Carfagna, I'm, Alissa Burton, Siedle, Rudy Fichtenbaum, Fichtenbaum Organizations: State, of Ohio, Wall, Ohio Retired Teachers Association, Vanguard, Fidelity, Social Security, National Association of State, Milliman Inc, California Public Employees, Apollo Global Management, Carlyle Group, Securities and Exchange Commission, Ohio, Association, University of Oxford's, Business, SEC, Study, Senate, Wright State University Locations: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S, Genoa Township, Covid, Dayton
Uber and Lyft Ramp Up Legislative Efforts to Shield Business Model
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Gig companies like Uber and Lyft have long resisted classifying workers as employees, stating in regulatory filings that doing so would force them to alter their business model and risk a financial hit. Industry officials have estimated that making drivers employees could raise labor costs 20 to 30 percent. But the talks collapsed because many in the labor movement refused to make significant concessions while holding the legislative upper hand. A number of rulings in New York granted gig drivers conventional unemployment benefits in the state, potentially leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in liabilities for the companies. And there were New York City regulations — like a minimum pay standard for drivers amounting to over $17 an hour after expenses — that some gig companies have sought to ease.
Persons: Uber Organizations: Industry, Service Employees International Union, Teamsters, International Association of Machinists, Independent Drivers, New Locations: California, New York, New York City
Throw in accidents, cyberattacks, extreme weather and the huge disruption caused by the desperate hunt for cleaner sources of energy, and you have a perfect storm. Rising costs have pushed producer price inflation in China to its highest level in nearly 13 years. The rising costs of resin and pulp, for example, are promptingandto increase the prices of household staples such as tampons, diapers and toilet paper. Logistics and labor costs climbCommodities are not the only factor driving prices higher, however. For example, workers might demand higher wages, forcing companies to increase the price of their goods and placing additional upward pressure on salaries.
Persons: Brent, We've, George Calhoun, Mike Jackson, Joe Biden's, Tesla, Elon Musk, Gamble PG Kimberly, Clark KMB It's, India's, Warren Patterson, Patterson, Rio, we've, I'm, Biden, Andrew Kenningham, Joe Biden Whirlpool, Marc Bitzer, Bitzer, Carsten Brzeski, Larry Summers, Mervyn King, Lael Brainard, Kenningham, — Charles Riley, Laura He, Chris Isidore Organizations: Organization for Economic Cooperation, Development, Stevens Institute of Technology, United Oil, Ford, Volkswagen, Fiat Chrysler, Nissan, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Congress, Bloomberg, National Association of Home Builders Association, Procter, Gamble, Colonial Pipeline, ING, Factories, Global, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO Food Price, Nestlé, Unilever UL, Logistics, Commodities, Labor, Capital Economics, Bloomberg Television, Cummins CMI, US, Bank of, Deutsche Bank, Federal Reserve, CNN Business Locations: lockdowns, Moscow, Russia, New Jersey, Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, United States, Volkswagen Navarra, Spain, China, Shanghai, Texas, Suez, South America, North America, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Europe, Santa Cruz, Rio Pardo , Sao Paulo state, Cleveland , Ohio, Germany
Biden Administration to Restore Clean-Water Protections Ended by Trump
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It limited the discharge of pollutants such as fertilizers, pesticides and industrial chemicals into those waters. In a statement on Wednesday Chuck Fowke, the chairman of the National Association of Homebuilders, expressed concern that changes to the water rule will “add unnecessary requirements” that will hurt housing affordability. “Communities deserve to have our nation’s waters protected,” Jaime A. Pinkham, the acting assistant Army secretary for civil work, said in a statement. He said the Trump-era rule resulted in a significant drop in determinations of waters that would otherwise have been afforded protection. Environmental groups and Democrats in Congress praised the announcement and pressed the administration to work quickly to unravel the Trump policy.
Persons: Obama, Trump, , Chuck Fowke, ” Jaime A, Peter DeFazio Organizations: Puget Sound, National Association of Homebuilders, Department of Justice, Department of, Army, Trump, Committee, Transportation, Infrastructure Locations: United States, Chesapeake Bay , Mississippi, Oregon
Western Michigan University has received a $550 million gift from a group of alumni, a record for a public university that more than doubles the school’s endowment. The foundation for the Kalamazoo, Mich., university will get $200 million earmarked for the main university, $300 million for its medical school and $50 million for athletics. The money will fund scholarships, medical research, student support programs and more, the school said. The combined endowments for Michigan State University and its foundation were $3.4 billion, and the University of Michigan’s endowment came in at $12.5 billion, in fiscal 2020, according to the report. By comparison, businessman Michael Bloomberg’s $1.8 billion gift to Johns Hopkins University in 2018 is the largest ever donation to any university—public or private—and Harvard University’s endowment is roughly 100 times as big as Western Michigan’s.
Persons: , Edward Montgomery, Michael Bloomberg’s Organizations: Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Western Michigan University Foundation’s, National Association of College and University Business, Michigan State University, University of Michigan’s, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Locations: Mich
Home staging and furniture sales startup Guest House announced a $3 million seed round. Guest House turns a staged home into a furniture marketplace and also operates an e-commerce site. The homes Guest House furnishes become a retail storefront of sorts: Anyone who tours in person can use a QR code to purchase items they see. The company also has an e-commerce component: reselling the lightly used staged furniture for a discount that's proportional to how many homes the furniture has been staged in. See the pitch deck Guest House used to raise its first round below.
Persons: Alex Ryden, Ryden Organizations: Range Ventures, Rucker, Capital, Ludlow Ventures, Carriers, Burrow, Research, National Association of Realtors Locations: Denver, Colorado, Boulder, Colorado Springs, San Diego , California, San Diego
Standard homeowners insurance covers hail damage, but there may be an exclusion if you commonly get hail. Does homeowners insurance cover hail damage? Although standard homeowners insurance covers hail damage, some carriers do not cover "cosmetic damage" or "aesthetic impairment" from hail. In states where hail is common, there may be a hail exclusion that requires additional windstorm insurance to cover hail damage. Some states where hail is common have a "hail exclusion" that may require additional windstorm insurance to cover hail damage.
Persons: Warren Faidley, Steve Wilson, Wilson, Ronda Lee Organizations: American, Insurance, Hippo Insurance, Insurance Information Institute, Texas Colorado, Texas Colorado Nebraska Kansas, Texas Colorado Nebraska Kansas Minnesota Illinois Missouri, Texas Colorado Nebraska Kansas Minnesota Illinois Missouri North Carolina Iowa, National Association of Insurance, Texas Windstorm Insurance, Homeowners Locations: Texas, Texas Colorado Nebraska, Texas Colorado Nebraska Kansas Minnesota, Texas Colorado Nebraska Kansas Minnesota Illinois Missouri North Carolina, Texas Colorado Nebraska Kansas Minnesota Illinois Missouri North Carolina Iowa Indiana, United States
Do You Need to Do an Internship Before You Graduate From College?
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How important is it for college students to complete an internship before graduation? The bottom lineCollege students who perform well in summer internships have long had an advantage with hiring managers once they graduate. Remote work and school during the pandemic made it harder for recruiters to connect with college students over the past year, so companies have become even more inclined to hire their interns for full-time positions, recruiters say, even if the internship was over Zoom. Employers were much more likely to make offers of full-time employment to Class of 2020 interns than they were to those who interned in previous years, according to data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Among eligible interns from the Class of 2020, 79.9% received offers, compared with 68% from the Class of 2019 and 70.4% from the Class of 2018.
Organizations: Zoom, Employers, National Association of Colleges
2021 progress: In January, Apple announced the launch of several projects related to its $100 million commitment through REJI. On top of the $5 million commitment, Cisco employees also gave $800,000 to groups in the Fighting Racism and Discrimination Fund, which Cisco matched. Other notable updates: Beyond the $100 million commitment, Comcast has since committed $1 billion over 10 years to help close the digital divide between high- and low-income communities. It created a $1 million fund in Brazil and a $2 million fund in Europe for Black founders outside the U.S. Peloton has not yet provided an update on its $20 million commitment to address its own job opportunity gap.
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Financial advisers for Largo, Florida, have recommended using American Rescue Plan money to launch a police body-camera program. The American Rescue Plan “is more about providing funding to help departments get back up to levels they need to be,” she said. In Phoenix and other cities, activists say they began eyeing American Rescue Plan spending after getting caught flat-footed by a previous Covid-19 relief program, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, which passed in March 2020. In Milwaukee, activists obtained spending figures from a city alderman’s office and found that the police department received just under $10 million in CARES Act relief. We deserve to have an influence on it.”The city hasn’t yet said how it will spend its American Rescue Plan allotment.
Persons: Tim Keller’s, Keller, , “ It’s, Selinda Guerrero, Biden, Ron DeSantis, Jim Strickland, Andrea Edmiston, , ” Edmiston, Russell Contreras, George Floyd, , Richard Smith, Pascal Emmer, Viri Hernandez, Devin Anderson, Louis, Tishaura Jones, Jones “, David Dwight IV, Ferguson, Michael Brown, “ It's, Francesca Blueher, Han Ho, Klarissa Peña, ” Peña, Babaak Parcham, Parcham, ” Guerrero Organizations: Albuquerque Police Department, Power, Black New, Rescue, Albuquerque, Florida Gov, Memphis, Police, National Association of Police, American, Public, Community, Safety, Poder, City Council, Economic, , American Rescue Locations: Albuquerque , New Mexico, Covid, Washington, City, Black New Mexico, DeKalb County , Georgia, Largo , Florida, Watertown , New York, Westbrook , Maine, Connecticut, Hamden, North Haven, New York, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, N.M, Kansas City , Missouri, Phoenix, Honolulu . In Milwaukee, , Black
Lori Freeman, CEO of the county and city health officials group, told NBC News, "To use the politicization of Covid to drive legislative changes doesn’t bode well for our government or for our public health system to address public health emergencies in the future." In Ohio, for example, Republican Gov. Mike DeWine earned early, bipartisan praise for taking the pandemic seriously and aggressively issuing public health orders. In North Dakota, where Republican Gov. He vetoed another that would have required him to clear more hurdles when issuing public health orders affecting schools.
Persons: Laura Kelly, Lori Freeman, bode, Donald Trump, Mike DeWine, Dan Tierney, ” Tierney, , Sen, Niraj, Antani, Eric Holcomb, Holcomb, ” Holcomb, Doug Burgum, ” Burgum, Burgum, aren’t, Andrew Cuomo’s, Kelly, Spencer Cox, Ronald Winterton, , ‘ You’re, ’ ” Winterton, Cox, ” Winterton Organizations: National Conference of, Legislatures, Network for Public Health Law, National Association of County, City Health, Democratic, NBC, Republican, Republican Gov, GOP, Indiana Gov, Democratic Gov, Gov, Kansas House Locations: U.S, Indiana, North Dakota, Ohio, In Kansas, New York, Kansas, In Utah, Utah
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