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Jerusalem and Abu Dhabi CNN —One man carries six jars of cooking oil as he struggles to walk across the rubble. Since October 9, Israel has blocked access to water, food and electricity in the Strip that is home to more than 2 million Palestinians. “It’s chaos,” one resident told CNN Monday, standing behind a crowd of people scavenging for supplies under the damage. Displaced Palestinians queue for food donations in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah on November 30. A day after the IDF said it was expanding its ground operation, it said it struck about 200 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.
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Abu Dhabi, UAE CNN —The seven-day Israel-Hamas truce ended on Friday after negotiations reached an impasse and Israel accused the Palestinian militant group of violating the agreement by firing at Israel. Analysts say the war is bound to continue until Hamas is crushed, and it may be much fiercer this time. The Israeli military’s announcement about the resumption in fighting came moments after the truce between Israel and Hamas expired. The deal saw the warring parties exchange hostages held in Gaza for Palestinians held in Israeli prisons. During its October 7 attack, Hamas killed more than 1,200 in Israel and kidnapped about 240 others, Israeli authorities said.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, Benny Gantz, Abir, Yaakov Amidror, Netanyahu, , , Antony Blinken, Blinken, Frank Lowenstein, Barack Obama, Israel heeds, Mahmud Hams, Biden, ” Biden, Khan Younis, ” Khan Younis, Gershon Baskin, Riad Kahwaji, Kahwaji, Baskin, Lowenstein, Ashraf Amra, ” Kahwaji, ” Amidror Organizations: UAE CNN, Palestinian Ministry of Health, West Bank, Reuters, CNN, Jerusalem Institute, Strategic Studies, National Security, Palestinian, Getty, Israel, Israel Defense Forces, United Nations Relief, Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, Institute for Near, doesn’t Locations: Abu Dhabi, UAE, Israel, Gaza, United States, Tel Aviv, Abir Sultan, Rafah, AFP, , Institute for Near East, Gulf, Dubai, Deir Al Balah, Anadolu
Many are using the lull in fighting to try to travel back north, despite the Israeli military warning against this. But many Gazans say they need to use this pause in fighting to return home, where memories, belongings, money, clothes and even some of their loved ones remain – dead or alive. We have martyrs tossed all over the streets.”Palestinians trying to go back north were, however, blocked by Israeli forces, residents and a journalist told CNN. A Palestinian woman cries in anguish following Israeli strikes on Rafah, Gaza, on November 20, 2023. Palestinians on Friday called for a safe corridor that would allow them to cross north, gather their belongings, bury their dead and then return south.
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The Israeli government on Wednesday published a list of 300 Palestinian prisoners for possible release, as Israel is offering a potential second phase of exchanges. Mussa Qawasma/ReutersMost of the Palestinian prisoners listed as eligible for release are male teenagers aged 16 to 18 – children under the United Nations definition – although a handful are as young as 14. Around 8,300 Palestinian prisoners are currently held in Israeli jails, said Qadura Fares, head of the Palestinian Commission for Detainees and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs. James Oatway/ReutersWednesday’s diplomatic breakthrough offers a glimmer of hope for the families of Palestinian prisoners, as well as those of Israeli hostages. Four hostages have been freed so far – two American women and two Israeli women.
Persons: Mussa Qawasma, Qadura, Israel, Fares, Mohammad Shtayyeh, ” Shtayyeh, James Oatway Organizations: CNN, Hamas, United, Palestinian, ’ Affairs, West Bank, Jerusalem, Palestinian Prisoner’s Society, Palestinian Authority, Reuters, Israel Defense Forces Locations: Israel, Gaza, Hebron, United Nations, Ramallah, Israeli
Abu Dhabi, UAE CNN —The Israeli military is tightening its grip on northern Gaza, as its war on the Hamas militant group is showing no signs of abating. Almost six weeks into the conflict, however, Israel is yet to offer a clear post-war plan for the territory. The Israeli military raided Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa, on Wednesday after claiming that Hamas had built a command center beneath the sprawling medical complex. The United States has warned against Israel re-occupying Gaza, and has stressed a future role there for the Palestinian Authority (PA). Video Ad Feedback Netanyahu appeared to rule out giving the Palestinian Authority control of post-war Gaza.
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CNN —Israeli forces launched a raid Wednesday on Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa, after accusing Hamas of operating from tunnels beneath the vast complex – a claim denied by the militant group and hospital officials. A satellite image shows Al-Shifa hospital, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, in Gaza on November 7. Hagari at the time offered only one piece of evidence: a phone call purporting to be between two Gazans discussing the presence of Hamas’s headquarters at the Al-Shifa hospital. An aerial view shows the compound of Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City on November 7. Wounded Palestinians sit in Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, after arriving from Al-Ahli hospital following an explosion there on October 17.
Persons: Khaled Abu Samra, , , Khader Al Za’anoun, Peter Lerner, Dawood Nemer, Israel, Daniel Hagari, Hagari, Al Rantisi children’s, Bashar Taleb, Israel’s, Wednesday’s, Medhat Abbas, Mai Al, Kaila, Abed Khaled, ” John Kirby, Joe Biden, Kirby, Biden, Shin, Avi Dichter Organizations: CNN, UN, Hamas, Maxar Technologies, Palestinian Ministry of Health, Israel Defense Forces, Wednesday, Getty, IDF, Al, Palestinian Authority Health, Israel, United Nations, US National Security Council, Internal Security, Amnesty Locations: Al, Gaza, Israel, Palestinian, Ramallah, , Gaza City, AFP, Hagari, , Ahli, United States
CNN —Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday refused to answer whether he would take responsibility for failing to prevent the October 7 attack on Israel, saying that there would be time for such “difficult” questions once the war is over. Asked if he would allow days-long pauses, Netanyahu told CNN, “that’s not a pause.”“If you’re talking about stopping the fighting, that’s exactly what Hamas wants,” Netanyahu said, arguing that Hamas would use those extended pauses to replenish its supplies. This week, the US suggested that the Palestinian Authority – which exercises limited self-rule in the occupied West Bank – could play a role. Remember the PA [Palestinian Authority] was already in Gaza,” Netanyahu continued. The PA used to run both Gaza and the West Bank but was ousted after a brief civil war with Hamas.
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Cairo, Egypt CNN —My wife woke me up early on Saturday, October 7, saying there were sounds of rocket fire outside. CNN producer Ibrahim Dahman is pictured with his wife, Rasha, and two children, Zeid and Khalil, in Khan Younis, Gaza on October 15. I found a car and headed towards Khan Younis, a city close to the Egyptian border in the south, hoping to stay at the Crescent Hotel there. A life of danger and exhaustionWe stayed in Khan Younis for three weeks. In Khan Younis, I was afraid to sleep, worried I would die in my sleep, unable to save myself or my family.
Persons: Egypt CNN —, – Zeid, Khalil, , Rasha, Israel, Ibrahim Dahman, Zeid, Khan, Khan Younis, Abeer Salman, Asmaa Khalil, Housam Ahmed, Mary Rogers, Sarah El Sirgany, Lulu, I’ve Organizations: Egypt CNN, CNN, Shifa, Gaza’s, Hamas, Jalaa, Missiles, American Locations: Cairo, Egypt, Gaza, Israel, CNN Gaza, retaliating, Khan Younis, Jerusalem, Al, Amal, Hilal, Khan, Rafah, Palestinian
The vast majority of fatalities – 73% – are women, children and the elderly, according to the health ministry. Women are in great pain, they sleep on the floors, without mattresses,” Bashir, the 32-year-old mother, told CNN. She told CNN she received confirmation the products reached the Rafah crossing, but does not know when the aid will enter Gaza. Palestinian mothers told CNN they cannot protect their kids from the terror of Israel's persistent bombardment. Ahmad Hasaballah/Getty ImagesSo many aspects of motherhood, once routine, are now a matter of life or death.
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CNN —In Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s largest medical facility, a dazed and drowsy woman sits on the floor with a bleeding leg. “The situation in hospitals is miserable… (it) makes you weep,” Rajaa Musleh, a 50-year-old woman sheltering at Al-Shifa, told CNN on Thursday. ‘Overloaded’Hospital staff are exhausted, Dr. Alaa Shitali, a medical officer at Al-Shifa’s emergency department, told CNN Tuesday. “And the doctors are left to treat them with limited pain control, (as they are) running out of anesthetic drugs.” she told CNN. Hospitals in the besieged and heavily battered enclave are “hanging by a thread,” the UN said Monday, adding that around 10 hospitals in Gaza are still operational.
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But some have said that Qatar’s relationship with Hamas may become a liability. “(Qatar’s) relationship with Hamas has been a key component of the mediation strategy,” said Andreas Krieg, an associate professor at King’s College London who focuses on Gulf states. What is the nature of Qatar’s relationship with Hamas? That relationship has made Qatar an important mediator with Hamas during its conflicts with Israel. Despite its mediation efforts, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen last week accused Qatar of financing Hamas and harboring its leaders.
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One month on, the Israel-Hamas conflict explained
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The conflict has led to a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, with more than 10,000 people killed there, according to the Palestinian health ministry in Ramallah. Unlike some other Palestinian factions, Hamas refuses to engage with Israel and does not recognize its right to exist. Palestinian Hamas members in Gaza City ride an armored vehicle seized from Fatah, a rival Palestinian political party, during a celebration rally in June 2007. The Pentagon last month ordered a second carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean and sent Air Force fighter jets to the region. On Israel’s northern border, Iran-backed Hezbollah has engaged in an exchange of fire since the Gaza war began.
Persons: CNN —, Fadel Senna, Israel hasn’t, Abed Rahim Khatib, Israel, Abid Katib, Yahya Hassouna, Joe Biden, , Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden, Netanyahu, , Hussein Malla, Houthis, General Hassan Nasrallah Organizations: CNN, Palestinian, Hamas, United Nations, Getty, Al, Najjar, European Union, Oslo Accords, Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO, Israel, Palestinian Authority, West Bank, Fatah, Humanitarian Affairs, UN’s, Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, World Health Organization, WHO, UN, US, Pentagon, Air Force Locations: CNN — Israel, Gaza, Israel, Ramallah, Jerusalem, AFP, Aqsa, Gaza City, Rafah, Egypt, United States, Oslo, Palestinian, Sinai, Jordan, Iran, Washington, Qatar, Aita, Lebanese, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen’s Iran
And there are now concerns that more fronts will open in the war, including one with Iran. And the US now has specific intelligence that those same groups could escalate even further as the war between Israel and Hamas continues, CNN reported this week. “Tell Iran, tell its proxies in public, in private, through every means: Do not open another front against Israel in this conflict. Shine, of the INSS, said that Iran does not want a direct war with Israel because that would mean a direct war with the US. Iranian media has been brimming with news of the Gaza war, with officials across Iran’s political spectrum expressing solidarity with Palestinians.
Persons: , Sima Shine, Hossein Amir, Abdollahian, Al Jazeera, ” Abdollahian, Abed Khaled, Parsi, Joe Biden, ” Parsi, Israel, Hassan Nasrallah, Antony Blinken, , ” Blinken, Thomas Coex, Lloyd Austin, Iran’s IRGC, “ They’re, Israel – Organizations: UAE CNN, Hamas, Tehran’s Azadi, Perspolis FC, Gol Gohar Sirjan FC, Palestinian, Institute for National Security Studies, CNN, Iranian, Quincy Institute, Israel, Revolutionary Guard Corps, United Nations Security Council, Getty, Defense, widener Locations: Abu Dhabi, UAE, Israel, Hamas, Gaza, Iran, Tel Aviv, Tehran, United States, Gaza City, Washington ,, Lebanese, Lebanon, Syria, Golan, Palestine, Iraq, Sderot, AFP, Iranian, US
According to the United Nations, there are now some 5.9 million Palestinian refugees worldwide, most of them descendants of that 1948 generation of exiles. The struggle of the Palestinians is felt especially keenly in Jordan, where more than half of the population is either Palestinian or of Palestinian descent – including more than two million Palestinian refugees. But that passion for the Palestinian cause resonates across the Arab world that is home to more than 450 million people. Young people from across the Arab world have chanted the very same rallying cries their parents and grandparents chanted before them. Leon Neal/Getty Images“For much of the Arab world, the question of Palestine represents the last colonized Arab people trying to gain their freedom,” said H.A.
Persons: Hussein, Abdel, Munim Dababsheh, Israel, Hatem Moussa, Gazans, Antony Blinken, Blinken, Abdel Fattah el, Sisi, , Dababsheh, won’t, , Mustafa Hamarneh, ” Hamarneh, CNN’s Clarissa Ward, Rahma Zein, Leon Neal, Ahmed El, Saied, Alya, Bezalel Smotrich, Itamar Ben Gvir, Meir Kahane, Ben Gvir’s, Ayala Nimrodi, Benjamin Netanyahu, ” Hellyer, Hanya, ” CNN’s Claudia Otto, Aqeel Najim Organizations: Jordan CNN —, United Nations, Camp, West Bank, Israel, European Union, Israel Defense Forces, Press, UNRWA, Tel Aviv University, Sunday, Getty, Carnegie Endowment, International Peace, Royal United Services Institute, Hamas, Finance, National, CNN Locations: Amman, Jordan, Jabal Al, Jordanian, Palestine, America, , Israel, Gaza, Egypt, Deir al, Palestinian, reoccupying Gaza, Rafah, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, Yemen, Kuwait, Iran, Young, Tel Aviv, London, Baghdad, Huwara
CNN —Protests erupted around the Arab world on Friday as the Gaza war raged and an Israeli ground operation with the potential to displace millions of Palestinians loomed. In a sign of the growing anger over the Israeli operation in Gaza, Egypt sanctioned its first major nationwide protest in a decade. Amman and Cairo have sounded alarms over what they perceive as a plan to transfer Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank to Egypt and Jordan. The West Bank, however, remains occupied and the previous right-wing government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it would advance plans to extend its jurisdiction to the West Bank. The Palestinians want to establish an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza.
Persons: Annie Sakkab, Antony Blinken, Azhar, Omar Zoheiry, Amal, Young, Joe Biden, , Israel, Abdel Fattah el, Ayman Mohsab, Sisi, ” Sisi, Ayman Safadi, Al Jazeera, ” Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, Benny Gantz, Jordan, Olaf Scholz Organizations: CNN, West Bank, Palestinian Ministry of Health, Bloomberg, Getty, Louk, AP, United, Reuters, Israel, Arab Affairs Committee, Al, Israeli, National Unity Party, Palestinian Authority, Cairo Peace, United Arab, United Nations Locations: Gaza, Israeli, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Israel, Amman , Jordan, Rafah, Cairo’s, Cairo, Bab el, Tahrir, al, Old Cairo, Beirut, Lebanese, Iran, Iraq’s, Baghdad, United States, Amman, , Jordanian, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Italy, Greece
Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority canceled a planned meeting with Biden less than 24 hours before he was supposed to meet them for a four-way summit in the Jordanian capital, Amman, on Wednesday. The cancellation followed a massive blast in Gaza’s Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital that reportedly killed hundreds of Palestinians. Palestinian officials blamed Israel for the hospital blast, while Israeli officials said it was caused by a misfired Islamic Jihad rocket. Egypt on Wednesday declared three days of mourning for the Gaza hospital victims. Israel ruled Gaza from 1967 to 2005 and it settled Jews there during that period.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, Israel, , Ayman Safadi, Al, Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, Israel “, Abdul Khaleq Abdulla, , Biden’s, King Abdullah, Jordan, Gazans, Olaf Scholz, Abdel Fattah el, Sisi, ” Sisi, Timothy Kaldas, Sisi’s, Sameh Shoukry, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, ” Shoukry, ” Kaldas, CNN’s Akanksha Sharma, Hamdi Alkhshali, DJ Judd, Eyad Kourdi, Tim Lister, Chloe Liu, Ben Wedeman, Celine Alkhaldi, Abeer Salman Organizations: UAE CNN —, United, United States ’, Palestinian Authority, Ahli Baptist Hospital, Israeli, National Security, CNN, Israel, West Bank, Wednesday, United Arab, Islamic, Tahrir Institute, Middle East Locations: Abu Dhabi, UAE, United States, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Jordanian, Amman, Gaza’s Al, Ahli, Al Jazeera, Tel Aviv, Washington’s, Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Ramallah, United Arab Emirates, Egypt’s Sinai, Washington ,, Europe
“We watched houses dropping as we drove, thinking we could die any minute,” she told CNN. Khan Younis had a population of just over 400,000 before the war. Nardeen Fares, 27, takes a selfie with her husband at Gaza Port, near Gaza City, in the Gaza Strip in May 2023. Over the weekend, concrete slabs were placed at the Egyptian side of the crossing, blocking all gates, a Palestinian border official told CNN Saturday. For my son, my unborn child and myself,” she told CNN.
Persons: CNN — Khulood Khaled, , , ” Khulood, Khan Younis, Dominic Allen, Khan Younis –, Fares, ” Fares, ” She’s, Khan Younis won’t, Nasser, Allen, ” Allen, Antonio Guterres, Brink, Mona Ashour, Hashem Al, Ashour, Antony Blinken, Sameh Shoukry, Israel, Khulood, “ I’m, Kareem Khadder, Abeer Salman, Chloe Liu, Niamh Kennedy Organizations: CNN, United Nations Population Fund, State, CNN Sunday, Nardeen, Israel, Sunday, Nasser Hospital, World Health Organization, United Nations Relief, Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, UN, . Locations: Karama, Gaza, Khan, Palestine, Israel, , Gaza City, Gaza Port, Kizan, Saudi, Ashour, Palestinian, Egypt’s, Sinai, Egypt, Rafah
The clock is ticking for residents fleeing south through the battered streets of Gaza after the Israeli military told civilians to leave northern areas of the densely populated strip. Richard Brennan, a World Health Organization official in Cairo, told CNN that 60 percent of those killed in Gaza the last week were women and children. MSF’s Benoit told CNN Saturday there is a serious water shortage in Gaza with many people beginning to suffer from severe dehydration. The agency said it was the first official meeting between Iranian officials and Haniyeh since surprise Hamas attack on Israel that Hamas called Al-Aqsa storm. For days, Lebanon-based Palestinian militants have launched rockets into Israel, leading to Israeli attacks on Lebanese territory, including Hezbollah positions.
Persons: Joe Biden, Israel, Jonathan Conricus, , Mohammed Saber, Salah Al, Deen, Richard Brennan, Khan Younis, Mohammed Salem, , Avril Benoit, , Egypt’s, Sameh Shoukry, MSF’s Benoit, ” Benoit, Said Khatib, Nebal Farsakh, ” Farsakh, Israel’s, Conricus, Ibraheem Abu Mustafa, Hossein Amir, Abdollahian, Ismail Haniyeh, Issam Abdallah, Dwight D, Eisenhower –, Gerald R, Ford Organizations: Jerusalem CNN, Hamas, Pentagon, Israel Defense Forces, CNN, , Palestinian Health Ministry, Health Organization, Reuters, United Nations, Getty, Palestine Red Crescent Society, World Health Organization, WHO, Aris Messinis, UN, Hezbollah, US Locations: Gaza, Jerusalem, Iran, Lebanon, Al, Gaza City, Israel, Cairo, Palestinian, Egypt’s El, Arish, Rafah, Egypt, Egyptian, AFP, Palestine, Quds, , , Sderot, Syria, Aleppo, Doha, Qatar, Lebanese
“In this situation, we’re afraid that she goes into labor, and we wouldn’t know where to go,” he told CNN. Shelling in Nuseirat is intense, but not as bad as it was in Gaza City, where neighborhoods were “entirely wiped out,” he said. Some of those bodies are on a flatbed trailer that appears to have been used to carry people away from Gaza City. Refaat Alareer, 44, a literature professor in Gaza City, said Thursday – before Israel told Gazans to evacuate – the shelves in his local supermarket are emptying every day. “The gates are closed, and no one is being let through,” he told CNN.
Persons: Israel, Khan Yunis, Mohamed Hamed, Hamed, , Nuseirat, Hashem Al, , ” Al, Beit Hanoun, Salah Al, Deen, Refaat Alareer, Gazans, Alareer, “ I’ve, Aseel Organizations: CNN, Israel Defence Forces, IDF, Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, Saudi, ” CNN, Aris Messinis, Getty, UNRWA, Palestinian Locations: Gaza, Hanoun, Gaza City, Israel, Nuseirat, Deir, Egypt, , Gaza’s, Palestinian, Saudi, Rafah, ” Al, Sderot, AFP, Al, , Palestine, Egypt’s
CNN —Egypt is facing mounting pressure to act as neighboring Gaza gets pummeled by Israeli airstrikes after last weekend’s brutal assault on Israel by Hamas. That has left the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt as the only viable outlet to get people out of the enclave and supplies into it. But Egypt is uneasy about the prospect of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees crossing into its territory. Tens of thousands of Palestinians took refuge in Gaza, which fell under Egyptian control after the war. Israel captured the territory from Egypt in the 1967 war and began settling Jews there, but it withdrew its troops and settlements in 2005.
Persons: Antony Blinken, Biden, Abdel Fattah el, ” Sisi, , Israel’s, Sisi, , ” Jordan’s King Abdullah, Israel, Celine Alkhaldi, Caroline Faraj Organizations: CNN, UN, UN’s, Organization for Migration, Jordanian, Crescent Locations: Egypt, Gaza, Israel, Rafah, Jordanian, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Egyptian, Arish, Sinai
Gaza City is part of the coastal strip and is particularly crowded. A man reacts outside a burning collapsed building following Israeli bombardment in Gaza City on October 11. Atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel last weekend sparked international revulsion and escalated the decades-old conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Hamas militants breached the heavily-fortified border in a coordinated assault, indiscriminately killing men, women and children, and taking as many as 150 hostages back to Gaza. An IDF Artillery solider covers his ears as a shell is fired toward Gaza on October 11, near Netivot, Israel.
Persons: Jerusalem CNN —, , Stephane Dujarric, Dujarric, Mohammed Abed, Israel, Christos Christou, Said Khatib, Foreign Affairs Anniken Huitfeldt, Israel “, , Biden, John Kirby, Jonathan Conricus, Israel Katz, ” Katz, Khan Yunis, paragliders, IDF Artillery solider, Alexi J . Rosenfeld, Antony Blinken, Young, Blinken, unprofessionally ”, CNN Basim Naim, Al, Kfar Organizations: Jerusalem CNN, Hamas, Israel Defense Forces, IDF, UN, United Nations, Palestinian Health Ministry, UN Relief and Works Agency, Health, World Health Organization, Getty Images, Foreign Affairs, White House National Security, Israel Defense Force, CNN, Palestinian, Getty, IDF Artillery Locations: Gaza, Jerusalem, Israel, Gaza City, Wadi Gaza, Egypt, AFP, Rafah, Netivot, Israeli, Kfar Aza, Be’eri
Relief workers warned the health care system in Gaza is crumbling under an Israeli blockade. Palestinian citizens inspect damage to their homes, which were destroyed by Israeli airstrikes in the Karama area, in northern Gaza, on Wednesday. The Palestinian Minister of Health Mai Al Kaila on Thursday called for urgent international help to field hospitals in Gaza. Palestinian officials in Gaza had said two days earlier that the crossing had been closed due to Israeli airstrikes. “They (Hamas) will regret this moment – Gaza will never return to what it was,” Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said earlier.
Persons: Jonathan Conricus, Israel, Mustafa Hassona, Said Khatib, Israel Katz, ” Katz, , Isaac Herzog, ” Herzog, CNN’s Becky Anderson, Dr, Mustafa Barghouti, “ That’s, Israel’s, , Barghouti, Ghassan Abu, ” Abu, Ahmad Hasaballah, Sitta, Cross, Ashraf Al, Qudra, Health Mai Al Kaila, Antony Blinken, CNN’s Matthew Chance, Yoav Gallant Organizations: CNN —, Hamas, Palestinian Ministry of Health, Israel Defense Forces, Medical, Shifa, Getty Images Israeli Energy, Palestinian Medical Relief Society, Rights Watch, CNN, Palestinian National Initiative, West Bank, International Committee, East, Committee, Palestinian, Health, Arish International Airport, Gaza, Jordanian Hashemite Charitable Organization, , IDF, Israeli Locations: Gaza, Israel, Gaza City, Anadolu, Rafah, AFP, Jerusalem, Palestinian, Gaza’s, Geneva, Egypt, Arish, Sinai, Jordanian
Smoke rises following Israeli strikes on the seaport of Gaza City, in Gaza on Tuesday. Tamir Kalifa/The New York Times/Redux Palestinians walk amid the rubble following Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City on October 10. Samar Abu Elouf/The New York Times/Redux Children run for cover as bombs fall near the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on October 9. Erik Marmor/AP Six-month-old Sama Alwadia is rescued from the rubble in Gaza City on October 9. Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters Palestinian citizens inspect damage to their homes caused by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City on October 8.
Persons: Nadine Abdul Latif, Israel, , Nihad, Mohammed Salem, , Yoav Gallant, ” Gallant, Tariq Al Hillu, Eden Guez, Violeta Santos Moura, CNN Sergey Ponomarev, Tamir Kalifa, Fatima Shbair, Ohad, Mohammed Soboh, Said, Belal Khaled, Samar Abu, Amir Cohen, Ilai Bar Sade, Erik Marmor, Ali Jadallah, Mohammed Abed, Oren Ziv, Mohammed Saber, Ronen Zvulun, Majdi, Ilia Yefimovich, Ramez Mahmoud, Mahmud Hams, Roi Levy, Alleruzzo, Tali Touito, Khan, Ibraheem Abu Mustafa, Jalaa Marey, Oded, Khan Younis, Ahmad Hasballah, Mohammed Fayq Abu Mostafa, Tsafrir, Ahmad Gharabli, Baz Ratner, Mustafa Hassona, Ilan Rosenberg, Eyad Baba, Itai Ron, Hadas Parush, General Antonio Guterres, ” Omar Shakir, HRW, Gallant, ” Shakir, Said Khatib, Khan Yunis, Shalom, Nadine Organizations: CNN, Israeli, Israel Defense Forces, Palestinian Ministry of Health, Nova Festival, Reuters, New York Times, Ben Gurion, AP, Anadolu Agency, Shifa, Getty, West Bank, Rockets, Israel's, United Nations, Palestinian, Reuters Police, Reuters Rockets, United Nations Relief, Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, Rights Watch, Islamic, Getty Images Israel, Palestinian Interior Ministry Locations: Gaza, Israel, Al Rimal, Gaza City, Israeli, Al Sudaniya, Ashkelon, Kfar Azza, Kfar Aza, Tel Aviv, Samar, Samar Abu Elouf, Jerusalem, Yassin, AFP, Palestinian, Beitar Ilit, Mount Herzl, Sderot, Ramat Gan, Khan Younis, Kiryat Shmona, Itai, Beit Hanun, Rishon Lezion, Israel’s, Erez, Egypt, Rafah
Hamas: What to know about the group and its strategy
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CNN —The brazen attack by Palestinian militant group Hamas on Israel that began on Saturday will be seen as a turning point in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with far-reaching repercussions, analysts say. Israel pledged revenge, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowing “mighty vengeance.” Hamas said it was prepared for all scenarios. Palestinian Hamas militants attend the funeral of their comrade in the southern Gaza Strip in August 2017. The Israeli military said Monday that Hamas had taken “dozens” of hostages and Hamas has said it has abducted more than 100 people. Hamas’ large-scale offensive shows that the group knows that the coming war may be an existential one, experts say.
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CNN —Israel has declared war on the Palestinian militant group Hamas after it carried out an unprecedented attack by air, sea and land on Saturday. Israel has pledged that Hamas will pay a heavy price and may now be preparing a ground incursion into Gaza. There, Hamas gunmen killed hundreds of people, including civilians and soldiers, and took hostages, sometimes from their homes. While Hamas has kidnapped Israelis before, it has never before taken dozens of hostages at once, including children and the elderly. On Monday, however, Iran’s mission to the United Nations said that the Islamic Republic was “not involved in Palestine’s response,” referring to the Hamas attack.
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