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The manager of a New York City Shake Shack restaurant said he was unlawfully detained by police and "taunted" after he was falsely accused last year of poisoning three officers' milkshakes. It's not clear if Gilliam is still employed with Shake Shack, and the company could not immediately be reached Tuesday. After sipping the shakes, the officers said they did not taste right, threw them in the trash and told Gilliam. The suit says that police tested the officers' discarded shakes "and found no evidence of any bleach or other toxic substances." The detectives union tweeted out that the three officers had been "intentionally poisoned" by workers at a Lower Manhattan Shake Shack.
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The manager of a New York Shake Shack who was falsely accused of poisoning New York Police Department officers' milkshakes with bleach is suing the officers and NYPD unions. Marcus Gilliam filed the lawsuit on Monday against the Police Benevolent Association, Detectives' Endowment Association, unnamed NYPD officers, and the City of New York. In the lawsuit he says the accusations of milkshakes being poisoned tarnished his reputation. The NYPD ultimately found "no criminality" on behalf of Shake Shack employees in the incident last year, in which three police officers said they were hospitalized after consuming an "unknown substance" inside their milkshakes. Please check back for updates.
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(CNN) Actress Lisa Banes, who appeared in numerous television series and films like "Gone Girl," died Monday after suffering injuries sustained from being hit by a scooter in New York City earlier this month, the NYPD and a law enforcement official told CNN Tuesday. Banes suffered severe head trauma after being struck by a scooter that ran a red light in Manhattan's Upper West on June 4. She was hospitalized immediately following the incident, police said. There are no arrests and the investigation remains ongoing," the NYPD said in a release. Her manager, David Williams, previously told CNN his understanding was that Banes was on her way to visit Juilliard, her alma mater, and Lincoln Center Theater when she was injured.
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The New York Police Department has set up a mobile command post and increased patrols in the heart of Midtown Manhattan following a surge in robberies, assaults and shootings along a corridor popular with tourists and office workers. The command post was installed on June 4 at the intersection of Eighth Avenue and West 38th Street near several hotels, stores and offices. The setup includes an NYPD truck and metal barricades that run along the city block to carve out a staging area for police. An additional 24 officers have been dispatched on daily patrols along Eighth Avenue and Ninth Avenue from West 36th Street to West 46th Street to reassure the public and deter crime, according to NYPD Assistant Chief Stephen Hughes. There were about 150 robberies in the Patrol Borough from January through May, triple the number last year.
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"Technically, with the advent of this facial recognition technology, that trope has become a truth." Ingram said he was "taken aback" and "shaken" to learn that facial recognition tools seemed to be involved in his investigation. A new Virginia law restricting facial recognition by local law enforcement will soon put an end to the facial recognition system, the Post later reported. Reining in facial recognition technologyMomentum for facial recognition laws has seemed to wax and wane over the past year and a half. California now has in place a three year moratorium on the use of facial recognition technology in police body cameras.
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Democratic candidate for New York City Mayor Maya Wiley speaks to voters and media while campaigning at the Co-op City housing complex in the Bronx borough of New York City, New York, U.S., June 7, 2021. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File PhotoFor months, a trio of liberal Democratic candidates in New York City's mayoral race has vied for the mantle of progressive standard-bearer in a crowded field. "New York is not a progressive city," said Christina Greer, a political science professor at Fordham University. "We know there are a lot of Democratic voters who call themselves progressive and support progressive values but think AOC is a little too far left." "She's clearly the progressive candidate that can win in this race," said Gabby Seay, the political director for the union, which represents healthcare workers.
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Eric Adams, the former NYPD captain and president of the Borough of Brooklyn, answered questions about his residency status on Wednesday, allowing local reporters to tour his Central Brooklyn home. "If I'm not at Borough Hall, I'm here," Adams, a Democrat, told reporters inside his ground-floor, red-brick home. The tour came after a Politico New York report raised serious questions about Adams' main residency, which is a requirement to be mayor of the city. Adams said he has used the New Jersey property occasionally but said the Brooklyn home is his main residence. Adams, who has criticized Yang, saying he left the city during the pandemic, was joined by his 25-year-old son, Jordan, during the tour.
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Yang's second political campaign has resurrected discussions around what it means to represent the racial group in city politics. I think that people have to be true to themselves, and do what they think is best,” he said. Surrounded by the diversity of the city for decades, identity did not become a focal point of his political career until recently, with the rise of anti-Asian racism amid the pandemic, including several violent attacks in New York City. "My experience as an Asian American has changed over the last number of months, as it has for just about all of us. For the candidate, one moment that underscored the importance of physical representation was when he saw himself on stage.
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New York City will have a new mayor as Bill de Blasio hits his term limit. Controversies and notable items: Since launching his mayoral campaign, Yang has been under much heavier scrutiny than he faced while running for president. Eric AdamsBrooklyn Borough President and Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams. Dianne MoralesNonprofit executive and Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Dianne Morales. Shaun DonovanNew York City mayoral candidate Shaun Donovan.
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New York City police faced criticism from Democratic mayoral candidates after they cracked down while enforcing a curfew in a city park Saturday evening. The NYPD couldn’t protect him, but they could march through a park in riot gear, terrorizing people to enforce an arbitrary curfew. Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang, a former presidential candidate who has called for more police presence on subways, said: "Washington Square Park has always been a place to gather and enjoy summer nights. Sending officers in riot gear and militarizing a public park should never be the answer." The city Parks Department, the Washington Square Park Conservatory and the mayor's office also did not respond to requests for comment.
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In a weak field, Kathryn Garcia stands out as the candidate best prepared to run New York City. In a race that was supposed to be a clash between progressive and moderate visions for the city, Garcia has been managing to sidestep that fight with a message about competence. "Garcia gets it done" is her slogan, and she's widely praised for her track record as a manager in unglamorous city agencies including sanitation, environmental protection, and the New York City Housing Authority. Garcia does not have a lot of charisma, nor does she have an especially grand ideological vision. For eight years, New York City has had a mayor who seems bored.
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The number of students removed from New York City schools has increased, a new report finds. The number of police interventions in New York City public schools has risen with Black students and students with severe disabilities disproportionally removed from classrooms, a new report has uncovered. And all 33 children between the ages of five and seven who were handcuffed were students of color, according to the report. Campaigners are now calling on the city to implement a new strategy that can reduce school interventions. "As a city, we need to start treating all students as we want our own children to be treated."
Persons: Dawn Yuster, , Kim Sweet Organizations: Children of New York, AFC, NYPD, School, Children, Spectrum, NY1, of Education Locations: New York City
Can the Next Mayor Make New York Safe Again?
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“We need a plainclothes unit to go after illegal guns,” Mr. Adams says, adding that he’d fund it by eliminating clerical jobs in the department. We hired them to go after violent crime.”Like his opponents, Mr. Adams opposes widespread stop and frisk. “It is unconscionable that three out of four shooters are still on the loose in Brooklyn.”Mr. Yang’s critics, including Mr. Adams, write him off as unserious. That’s the case for many attendees at an Asian-American rally for Mr. Adams in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens on a Sunday morning. Mr. Jiang notes that many Chinese residents of Flushing support Mr. Yang, whose parents immigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan.
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Emmy-winning actor Jimmy Smits has been recognized with a star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame. Because of the pandemic, the ceremony on Wednesday for the 2,696th star was virtual instead of a traditional in-person event. "So does it matter that I’m Hispanic, Latino, Latinx? Smits became famous for his role in the TV series “L.A. Smit's star was placed near the star of the late actor Gregory Peck, who he co-starred with in the film "Old Gringo" in 1989.
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Bratton said Giuliani has "made a caricature of himself" due to his close ties to Trump. "I can't understand how he allowed himself to be subsumed by Trump," Bratton said. Former New York Police Department commissioner William "Bill" Bratton said in a recent interview that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has "made a caricature of himself" by his close association with former President Donald Trump. "As somebody who's got a big ego, speaking about another guy with a big ego, I can't understand how he allowed himself to be subsumed by Trump," Bratton said. Throughout much of the 1990s, New York City battled high rates of violent crime.
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FBI Joins NYPD to Address Rise in Anti-Semitic Crimes in New York City
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Federal agents and the New York Police Department are fighting a rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes by launching new investigations and increasing community outreach and patrols in affected neighborhoods. Federal Bureau of Investigation officials said agents discussed anti-Semitic crimes with Jewish groups and held meetings and conference calls with community leaders in May as more than two dozen crimes with anti-Semitic motivations were reported to the NYPD. The push includes posters with instructions for reporting hate crimes in languages including Yiddish, Hebrew and Mandarin. The FBI defines hate crimes as crimes in which perpetrators act on a bias against the victim’s race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or other categories. Hate crimes potentially carry a more severe penalty than crimes without the designation.
Persons: William Sweeney Organizations: New York Police Department, Federal Bureau of, NYPD, FBI, York Field Office, Hamas Locations: New York, Israel, Palestinian
A Fox News guest baselessly claimed that rising COVID-19 vaccinations will cause mass shootings. "You can be sure they probably got vaccinated," retired NYPD detective Pat Brosnan said of shooters. Mass shootings and gun violence overall actually increased during the pandemic. A Fox News guest baselessly claimed that mass shooters "will come out exactly in tandem with the number of vaccinations" in commenting on a mass shooting at a San Diego, California rail yard on Wednesday. He then claimed, without evidence, that more Americans getting vaccinated will cause more mass shootings, arguing that mass shooters were previously too scared of COVID-19 to commit violence.
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A second man suspected of attacking a Jewish man in New York's Times Square last week was arrested Monday, police announced. Faisal Elezzi, 25, of Staten Island, is charged with assault as a hate crime, menacing as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime, the New York City Police Department said. Elezzi is one of five men suspected of assaulting Joseph Borgen, 29, while making antisemitic statements during rival pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian protests in Midtown on Thursday, according to the NYPD. ⚠️One of these individuals has been arrested and charged with Assault as a Hate Crime. Thursday's protests near Times Square led to 26 arrests in all.
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Many departments do not track the use of the hobble device, or when it is used to hogtie, in their use-of-force data. They use phrases like maximal restraint, four-point restraint, hobble, RIPP Hobble or Total Appendage Restraint Procedure (TARP). Joelle DeVane owns the company that makes the original hobble device, the RIPP Hobble. A RIPP Hobble. DeVane noted that the instructions that accompany the RIPP Hobble say "NEVER Hog-Tie a Prisoner."
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The AP on Friday released additional footage of Greene’s arrest and details about this autopsy, which showed high levels of cocaine and alcohol in his system. This image from video from Louisiana state police state trooper Dakota DeMoss' body-worn camera, shows troopers holding up Ronald Greene before paramedics arrived on May 10, 2019, outside of Monroe, La. “I want the public to move toward healing," Louisiana State Police Superintendent Lamar A. Davis said at a news conference announcing the planned release of evidence. The footage of Greene's arrest proves “we have so much work to do to improve how police respond to difficult situations," Taylor said. Ronald Janota, a retired lieutenant colonel with the Illinois State Police, called Greene’s arrest “appalling."
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Dan Bongino is one of the most influential figures in conservative media. Out of power, on the airwavesBongino is no stranger to conservative media. AP Photo/Brian K. DiggsIn December 2019, Bongino launched the Bongino Report, a conservative-news aggregator that explicitly presented itself as a Drudge-slayer. Bongino painted the creation of the Bongino Report as a reaction to Drudge's change of heart toward Trump, saying then: "Drudge has abandoned you. Comscore data showed traffic to Drudge Report falling 45% between September 2019 and September 2020.
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New York Police Investigate Beating of Jewish Man During Pro-Palestinian March
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The New York Police Department has opened a hate-crime investigation into the beating of a Jewish man during a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Manhattan’s Times Square on Thursday night, police officials said. A video of the incident posted to social media shows several people kicking and beating the man near a parked car as protesters moved through the area, the officials said Friday. The attack happened as dozens of pro-Palestinian marchers clashed with pro-Israeli counterdemonstrators and police, the officials said. Police made 26 arrests on charges including disorderly conduct and criminal possession of a weapon, the officials said. The NYPD is also investigating two incidents of commercial fireworks being fired at counterdemonstrators on West 47th St., the officials said.
Organizations: New York Police Department, NYPD, Police, St, Hamas Locations: counterdemonstrators, New York City, Israel, Palestinian
A man suspected of punching and biting part of an Asian American man's finger off while allegedly yelling "go back to your country" in New York City has been arrested, police announced Thursday. The department's hate crimes unit announced Thursday that the suspect, who has not been publicly identified, was arrested and charged with assault as a hate crime. Andrew Cuomo said he had directed the New York State Police Hate Crimes Task Force to assist in the investigation. A recent analysis of hate crime data revealed that the increase in anti-Asian attacks has remained consistent. New York City accounted for the largest surge, from 13 hate crimes in the first quarter of 2020 to 42 in the same period this year — a 223 percent jump, according to the research.
Persons: PYsMZG9bdf, Andrew Cuomo, Cuomo Organizations: New York City Police Department, NYPD, Police, NBC, New York, Force, West, Center, California State University, San Locations: American, New York City, New York, NBC New York, Manhattan, San Bernardino
NYPD Sees Increase in Minority Applicants for Entrance Exam
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More minority applicants have signed up for the New York Police Department’s coming entrance exam than for any of the previous four entrance tests administered since 2016, police officials said Tuesday. The officials said 14,502 people, including at least 7,553 minorities, signed up to take next month’s exam, which is the first step in being admitted to the police academy to become an NYPD cadet. The officials said 15,422 people, including at least 6,710 minorities, signed up for the test then. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said at a press conference Tuesday that attracting a diverse pool of applicants to take the exam was “incredibly important” for the NYPD. “This was one of the priorities from day one,” Mr. Shea said.
Persons: Dermot Shea, Mr, Shea Organizations: New York Police, NYPD, Police
New York City Adds Officers to Subway Patrols to Combat Crime
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Three months ago, the city added more than 500 officers to patrol the subway following two fatal stabbings in the system. Mr. de Blasio said Monday the NYPD would dedicate another 250 officers to subway patrols. NYPD officials said the latest deployments would be staffed by officers working extra shifts and by redeploying officers from administrative posts to patrols. Mr. de Blasio and NYPD Chief of Transit Kathleen O’Reilly have sparred with MTA officials over crime in recent months. They accused MTA officials of fearmongering and said the problem was a perception of crime, rather than actual crime.
Persons: Bill de Blasio, de Blasio, Andrew Cuomo, , , Transit Kathleen O’Reilly, O’Reilly, Patrick Foye, Paul Berger, Ben Chapman Organizations: The New York Police Department, Gov, NYPD, Transportation Authority, Transit, MTA, North Railroad, Paul.Berger Locations: York City, Manhattan, Long, Metro, Ben.Chapman
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