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Thousands of nonviolent federal prisoners eligible for early release under a promising Trump-era law remain locked up nearly four years later due to inadequate implementation, confusion and bureaucratic delays, prisoner advocacy groups, affected inmates and former federal prison officials say. The problem, advocates say: They are identifying inmates whose time credits aren’t getting applied, and in some cases, the inmates aren’t getting released as early as they should be. President Donald Trump, with Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, by his side, signs the First Step Act on Dec. 21, 2018. In order to collect time credits for early release under the First Step Act, inmates must be at a “minimum” or “low” risk of re-offending and not have been convicted of certain serious crimes. She said she was given no guidance by the prison, other than being told in December 2019 that she was a minimum-risk offender eligible under the First Step Act.
Persons: Biden, Michael Carvajal, Carvajal, , Kevin Ring, it’s, aren’t, Courtney Curtis, Courtney Allen Curtis, Tim Bommel, hasn’t, “ I’ve, Curtis ’, , Walter Pavlo, Holly Harris, Donald Trump, Sen, Chuck Grassley, Jabin, they’ve, Department’s, Pavlo, ” Pavlo, Jim Felman, Merrick Garland, Dianthe Brooks, José, Alvarado Jr, Brooks, “ It’s, Alice Phillips, Phillips, hasn't, “ I’m Organizations: Trump, Justice, of Prisons, Department, NBC News, AP Curtis, Federal Correctional, Bureau of Prisons, Prisonology, Action Network, Washington, Getty, Justice Department, , Prisons, NBC, Danbury, Economic Locations: Missouri, Jefferson City, Elkton, Ohio, Iowa, Florida, Danbury , Connecticut, Danbury
After an intense battle, he said his fighting group had little choice but to surrender and he was taken captive. The oldest prisoner was a 70-year-old man, who had been taken captive after he admitted to having military identification, he said. Mykhaylo, 20, said he was held in a few locations after being captured by Russian forces. On Wednesday, 144 Ukrainian soldiers were released as part of a prisoner exchange -- the largest since the start of the war. Russia’s Defense Ministry did not respond to a request for comment about the allegations of mistreatment of captured Ukrainian soldiers.
Persons: hadn’t, Mykhaylo, , , GUR, Mykahlo, Russia’s, Stryzhko, Olena, ’ ” Organizations: NBC News, NBC, Javelin, Mariupol, Russia’s Defense Ministry Locations: ODESA, Ukraine, Kyiv, Russia, Russian, Mykahlo, Ukrainian, U.S, Belarus, Kursk, , Forest, Mariupol, Geneva, Crimea, Zaporizhzhia
The driver of a jet-powered semitruck died when the vehicle crashed in a fiery accident in Michigan on Saturday, police said. In a post on the Jet Truck Facebook page, Darnell's father, Neal Darnell, blamed mechanical failure for the accident. The truck was created by the late Les Shockley, said to be the pioneer of jet trucks, and operated by the Darnell's since 2012, according to the International Council of Air Shows. The vehicle is based on a 1985 Peterbilt and powered by three J-34 jet engines, according to the council. Chris Darnell claimed to hold the jet truck speed record, 375 mph, achieved in his team's Flash Fire jet-modified pickup in 2005 in Florida.
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The decomposing bodies of 31 people along with the cremated remains of 16 were discovered by officers inspecting a funeral home in Indiana, police said Saturday. A recorded message directed callers to contact the Clark County coroner’s office. The Clark County coroner's office is helping investigators identity the remains. The Clark County Health Department is also involved in the case. Indiana State Police, the Office of the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney, and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security have joined the probe, Parker said.
Persons: Isaac Parker, Randy R, Lankford, Parker, Clark Organizations: Family Center, Jeffersonville Police Department, Police, Clark County Health Department, Indiana State Police, Indiana Department of Homeland Security Locations: Indiana, Jeffersonville , Indiana, Louisville , Kentucky, Clark County, Clark
The alarming hospitalization of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker on Tuesday was prompted by "life threatening" pancreatitis, he said Saturday. Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian attend the 2022 Met Gala in May in New York City. "This resulted in severe life threatening pancreatitis," he said. Pancreatitis is the severe inflammation in his pancreas, a gland that contributes to digestion. "Travis has a beat the odds numerous times and I know with his support system he will do it again," she said.
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Embattled Texas Police Chief Pete Arredondo is reportedly resigning from his seat in the Uvalde City Council, roughly a month after being sworn in to the position. The mayor, the city council, and the city staff must continue to move forward without distractions. I feel this is the best decision for Uvalde,” Arredondo told the Uvalde Leader-News. NBC News has reached out to Arredondo’s attorney and the Uvalde City Council for comment. Arredondo was elected to represent District 3 in the Uvalde City Council on May 7 and officially sworn in a week after the school shooting.
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WASHINGTON — Gail Curley, the Supreme Court’s marshal, has written to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and the top official in Montgomery County, just outside Washington, asking them both to enforce state and county laws that prohibit picketing at private homes. When the demonstrations began, after the draft Supreme Court abortion decision was leaked in May, Hogan said he was “deeply concerned” that hundreds of people were picketing outside the homes of some justices who live in his state. “This is exactly the kind of conduct that Maryland and Montgomery County laws prohibit.”In late June, the high court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed a constitutional right to abortion. The court’s marshal is ultimately in charge of court security and the Supreme Court’s own police force.
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The body of a second child was recovered overnight by authorities who have been searching a lake in Minnesota since Friday afternoon, local officials said Saturday. The body of the first child was recovered on Friday afternoon, police said. The search for the mother and a third child remains ongoing. As they investigated the man’s death, information from family members led police to Vadnais Lake that afternoon for a potential murder-suicide, Steiner said. Vadnais Lake is located in Vadnais Heights, about 7 miles north of St. Paul and 9 miles northwest of Maplewood.
Persons: Paul, KARE, Bob Fletcher, Joe Steiner, Steiner Organizations: Office, ” Authorities, Authorities Locations: Minnesota, Minneapolis, St, Maplewood, Ramsey, Ramsey County, Vadnais, Vadnais Heights
A 1-year-old has died after being left inside a hot car parked outside a Walgreens store in Danielsville, Georgia. According to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, which is assisting Danielsville police in the case, the child's mother worked at the Walgreens store. Authorities believe the inside car temperature was over 100 degrees. The 1-year-old received emergency aid before being rushed to a hospital in Athens, where the child was eventually pronounced dead, WXIA reported. The sheriff’s office said it’s working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to process evidence, WXIA reported.
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Disgraced former track star Oscar Pistorius met last month with the father of his ex-girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, whom he murdered in 2013. Barry Steenkamp “met with Oscar on 22 June 2022 for the Victim Offender Dialogue,” the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation, said Saturday in a statement posted on Facebook. The trust operated by Reeva’s mother, June Steenkamp, also thanked South African officials for their help in setting up the meeting. “(I can) confirm Barry Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius participated in a victim-offender dialogue on 22 June 2022,” Koen said in a statement. Although Pistorius became eligible for parole last year, a hearing was canceled because his meeting with the Steenkamps had not yet occurred.
Persons: Oscar Pistorius, Reeva Steenkamp, Barry Steenkamp “, Oscar, Rebecca Steenkamp, Steenkamp, Tania Koen, Barry Steenkamp, ” Koen, Pistorius, Singabakho, Julian Knight, Knight, Organizations: Facebook, South, NBC News, Associated Press, NBC Locations: London, South, Pretoria, Gqeberha
HONG KONG — Extensive efforts by Apple and other Western tech companies to curtail their business with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine have raised a question for product users in China: Could the same thing happen there? Chinese officials reject any comparison between Taiwan and Ukraine, saying only Ukraine is an independent country. Schaefer pointed out that Chinese regulations require Apple and other companies to store Chinese customers’ information on servers inside the country. Before the war in Ukraine, China was already pursuing a national strategy of “tech independence,” emphasizing indigenous innovation and the recruitment of overseas talent. “Now I’m really worried that if anything happened, a company like Apple would deactivate my phone and my data,” he said.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, , Kendra Schaefer, Schaefer, Xi, ” Angela Zhang, Zhang, I’m, Organizations: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sputnik, NBC, Trump, Biden, Huawei, ZTE, Center for Chinese Law, University of Hong, Twitter Locations: HONG KONG, Russia, Ukraine, China, Asia, Taiwan, Beijing, United States, Europe, U.S, University of Hong Kong, Weibo
An H&M spokesperson said the company's "employee financial assistance program is for eligible U.S. employees who may reside in a state that restricts or prohibits abortion services." Employees typically start with HR because they are looking for HR to "direct them to the appropriate resource," Roy said. “If you want employees to feel comfortable being able to access funds for healthcare out-of-state then don’t exceptionalize abortion,” she added. Texas attorney general Ken Paxton has already said he plans to prosecute companies that provide funds for employees’ out-of-state abortion care. “If a state specifically crafts a law that saying insurance plans cannot fund abortion services,” some employers may be bound by these bans, Clark said.
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The signal was actually found to have been radio interference, Werthimer clarified. At its heart, SETI research aims to answer the question: Are we alone in the universe? It's a conundrum that astronomers are all too familiar with, said Andrew Siemion, director of the Berkeley SETI Research Center and the Bernard M. Oliver Chair for SETI Research at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California. Betts said these improvements in processing should ensure that SETI research can continue in the years ahead. Yet in spite of technical and funding challenges, interest in SETI research has grown over time, according to Betts.
Persons: Dan Werthimer, Werthimer, Carl Sagan, Jodie Foster, Paul Horowitz, Andrew Siemion, Bernard M, Oliver, Siemion, Stephen Hawking, Yuri Milner, Bruce Betts, Betts, they're, Horowitz, you’ve Organizations: Berkeley SETI Research Center, SETI, Harvard University, SETI Research, Planetary Society Locations: that's, Mountain View , California
A Supreme Court case that will decide the power state legislatures wield over congressional and presidential elections could have far-reaching implications for American democracy, some voting rights experts said. The Supreme Court said Thursday it would take up a North Carolina case that centers on whether the state's Republican-led Legislature is the only entity that can set the rules for federal elections. The state Supreme Court said Republicans had "systematically" made it harder for Democrats to elect members of their choosing and barred the Legislature from using its preferred map. For example, in Michigan, an independent commission of citizens now draws the state’s redistricting maps instead of state legislators. If the Supreme Court were to endorse the independent state legislature doctrine wholeheartedly, all these commissions and procedures could be subject to legal challenges that could unravel their power over federal elections.
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The body of one child was recovered from a Minnesota lake Friday as officials continued to search the area for two more children and their mother, officials said. As they investigated the man's death, information from family members led police to Vadnais Lake around 4 p.m. for a potential murder-suicide, Steiner said. Authorities found a vehicle and other items connected to the family at the lake, leading authorities to believe they are still in the area, he said. Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher said they were treating the case at the lake as a "potential triple-homicide." Vadnais Lake is located in Vadnais Heights, about 7 miles north of St. Paul and 9 miles northwest of Maplewood.
Persons: Paul, Joe Steiner, Steiner, Bob Fletcher, Fletcher Organizations: Maplewood, Authorities, Prevention Locations: Minnesota, Minneapolis, St, Maplewood, Ramsey County, Vadnais Heights
An ex-boyfriend has been arrested in the killing of a woman who was shot in the head at point-blank range as she pushed her baby in a stroller in New York City, police said Friday. Azsia Johnson, 20, was shot in the head around 8:20 p.m. Wednesday, in a targeted killing that the city's mayor called horrific. On Friday police arrested Isaac Argro, 22, who is charged with murder and criminal possession of weapon, the city’s police commissioner, Keechant Sewell, announced. Argro, of Brooklyn, is Johnson's ex-boyfriend and the father of the baby in the stroller, a spokesman for the New York City Police Department said. New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Friday said in a statement after the arrest said that “All New Yorkers stand with the Johnson family in this difficult time.”
Persons: Azsia Johnson, Isaac Argro, Keechant Sewell, Argro, Johnson, Eric Adams, Organizations: Friday, New York City Police Department, Police, New York City, Yorkers Locations: New York City, Brooklyn, New York
Two Arizona state lawmakers who promoted former President Donald Trump's stolen election falsehoods have been issued subpoenas by the Justice Department as federal investigators ramp up their probe of the Jan. 6 insurrection. The subpoenas seek information related to the Justice Department's investigation into the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, Quintero told NBC News in an email Friday. "President Fann and Senator Townsend are fully cooperating in releasing whatever emails and text messages they are requesting," Quintero said. State Rep. Kelly Townsend speaks at the Arizona Capitol in Phoenix on May 8, 2019. Bob Christie / AP fileThe subpoenas were delivered the same day Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers testified before the congressional committee investigating the Capitol riot.
Persons: Donald Trump's, Karen Fann, Sen, Kelly Townsend —, Republicans —, Kim Quintero, Quintero, Fann, Townsend, Kelly Townsend, Bob Christie, Rusty Bowers, Bowers, Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Doug Ducey, Joe Biden’s, Giuliani, Biden Organizations: Justice Department, Republicans, FBI, Arizona Senate Republicans, NBC News, Washington D.C, State, Arizona Capitol, Capitol, Republican, Republican Gov, Democrats, GOP, Trump, Electoral, Arizona . Justice Locations: Arizona, Washington, Phoenix, Florida, Arizona’s, Maricopa
But a raft of GOP candidates looks ready to take him on, a sign he’s losing some of his dominance in Republican circles. Trump’s former U.N. ambassador, Nikki Haley, publicly floated a possible presidential bid Thursday in early state Iowa. But Jan. 6 is only one factor in the jockeying to take on the undisputed leader of the GOP, sources say. Of the Republicans who might run in 2024, DeSantis and his team have denied the rumors the most. “It would be a lie to say he’s not watching DeSantis and that DeSantis might be a big reason Trump announces early,” the Republican said.
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R. Kelly has been placed on suicide watch for "purely punitive reasons," his attorney said Friday, days after the disgraced R&B superstar was sentenced to 30 years in prison in sex trafficking case. Well-known inmates, including convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, are often put on suicide watch, said Bonjean, who insisted her client wouldn't harm himself. Suicide watch typically means a prisoner is placed in a bare-bones cell and issued a tear-resistant, one-piece smock to wear. "For safety and security reasons, the Bureau of Prisons does not provide information about conditions of confinement or internal security practices for any particular inmate," Murphy said. Epstein had been taken off suicide watch in the days before his death.
Persons: Kelly, Jennifer Bonjean, Ghislaine Maxwell, Bonjean, Donald Murphy, Murphy, Jeffrey Epstein, Epstein Organizations: Metropolitan Detention, MDC Brooklyn, Bureau of Prisons, Prisons Locations: Brooklyn, Manhattan
A Florida teenager fatally shot another teen because he feared being outed as gay, police in Daytona Beach said. Jakari Webb, 19, was arrested Wednesday in connection with the shooting death of Telan Mann, also 19, in the early hours of June 23, police said. Telan Mann. Daytona Beach Police Dept. Police said it was during that first encounter that Webb shot Mann.
Persons: Jakari Webb, Telan Mann, Mann, Webb, Jakari Young, Mann’s, ” Webb, Bryan Shorstein, Organizations: Daytona, Daytona Beach Police, Police, State Attorney’s Office, Florida’s 7th, NBC, Twitter, Facebook Locations: Florida, Daytona Beach, Volusia
TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew responded in a lengthy letter to the concerns of nine Republican senators about data privacy and access to U.S. user data in China, which they outlined in a June letter to the company. The senators’ letter, led by Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., expressed concern over a recent BuzzFeed News investigation which indicated that China-based TikTok employees had access to data from U.S. users. TikTok announced on June 17 that 100% of U.S. user data will now be stored in the U.S. via Oracle, with some backups held in Singapore. Chew’s letter assures that in addition to the storage of data, TikTok will be working to make all data sharing outside of the U.S. compliant with the terms of the U.S. government. We have not provided U.S. user data to the CCP, nor would we if asked.”
Persons: Shou Zi Chew, Sen, Marsha Blackburn, Chew, , TikTok, , ” Sen, Blackburn, ” Chew Organizations: NBC News, BuzzFeed News, Oracle, ., “ Employees, U.S, Communist Party, Law, Chinese Communist Party, CCP Locations: China, Beijing, Texas, U.S, Singapore, Communist China
He knows you’re loyal, and you’re going to do the right thing when you go in for your deposition,” the message said. A source familiar with Hutchinson's deposition said the unnamed individual referred to as "a person" in the message was Meadows, Hutchinson's old boss. A spokesperson for Meadows said the former congressman, who's snubbed a subpoena to sit for an interview with the committee, denied meddling in Hutchinson’s testimony. “No one from Meadows’ camp, himself or otherwise, has ever attempted to intimidate or shape Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony to the committee,” the spokesperson said. The message to Hutchinson was one of two Cheney referred to during the hearing.
Persons: Cassidy Hutchinson, Mark Meadows, Hutchinson, Donald Trump, Liz Cheney, Cheney, Meadows, who's, , Trump, White, Pat Cipollone, Mike Pence, Pat, Mike, I’m, I’ll, , untruthfully Organizations: White House, NBC News, Politico, Secret Service, Trump Locations: Meadows, Meadows ’, Jan, Trump
It captures the reason Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell used extraordinary tactics to engineer the right's 6-3 majority, which is seen as the most conservative Supreme Court in nearly a century. Some are calling for passage of the Judiciary Act, which would add four seats to the Supreme Court. Biden, who opposes Supreme Court expansion, labeled the abortion ruling decision "destabilizing" and called for a filibuster exception to codify the right to end a pregnancy. His calculation has panned out, with scores of Democratic lawmakers saying they don't support Supreme Court expansion. "This is a radical, out-of-control Supreme Court.
Persons: WASHINGTON — Joe Biden, Roe, Wade, Mitch McConnell, Sen, Lindsey Graham, McConnell, Barack Obama, I’ve, , Antonin Scalia, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Amy Coney Barrett, Ginsburg, , ” McConnell, institutionalists, Biden, Elena Kagan, Kagan, Scalia's, Donald Trump’s, Neil Gorsuch, Anthony Kennedy, Brett Kavanaugh, McConnell wagered, Barrett, Brian Fallon, Ketanji Brown Jackson, John Della Volpe Organizations: Supreme, Republican, Court, Committee, assail, Republicans, White, Liberal, Democratic Party, Democratic Locations: Kentucky, America
“I was there, daughter,” The Associated Press said he told her, referring to the trip he himself once made across the border. “There are no special trips.”She told him the smuggler would be making $15,000, the AP reported. The tragic deaths have stirred emotions in San Antonio, a city with a large Latino population that is mostly Mexican American. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio held a memorial Mass on Thursday evening at the historic San Fernando Cathedral in downtown San Antonio, founded in 1731. Eric Gay / APArchbishop Gustavo García-Siller, who presided at the Mass, called for immigration reform in his bilingual homily, The San Antonio Express-News reported.
Persons: Yazmín, she’d, , José Santos Bueso, Jaser Daniel Ortiz, Delmer Martinez, Bueso’s, Erik Rodríguez, Minor Cardona, , Roberto Quintero, Hector Zamorano Jr, Christian Martinez, Paola Martinez, Mary, Eric Gay, Gustavo García, Siller Organizations: Telemundo News, Associated Press, AP, Telemundo, Washington Post, Federal, American, Roman Catholic Archdiocese, San, San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio Express, NBC News, NBC, Facebook, Twitter Locations: Honduras, San Antonio, , El Progreso, Latin America, U.S, Guatemala, Mexico, San Fernando
Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Jaylon Ferguson, whose death last week at the age of 26 sent shockwaves through the NFL, died from the “combined effects of fentanyl and cocaine,” authorities said Friday. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, a statewide agency in Maryland, also determined Ferguson’s manner of death was an accident. The status of the police department's investigation into Ferguson's death was unclear Friday. Fentanyl and opioids were blamed for the record number of overdose deaths in 2020, according to a U.S. government report released in July 2021. After Ferguson's death, the NFL and his teammates shared their shock and condolences on social media, too.
Persons: Jaylon Ferguson, Safarrah Lawson, fiancé, Ferguson, ” Ferguson, Organizations: Baltimore Ravens, NFL, Medical, NBC News, Ravens, Baltimore, Louisiana Tech, NCAA Locations: Maryland, Louisiana, U.S
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