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By Duncan MiririNAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya pledged on Thursday to reinforce security measures against Somali militants as it commemorated a deadly mall attack which security analysts say led to improvements in the country's readiness to counter threats. Kenyan security forces were widely criticised by the public and local media at the time for their chaotic, uncoordinated response to the attack. After the siege, Kenya worked to improve its security agencies' coordination and readiness to respond to emergencies. Kenyan security forces were praised for ending that siege in less than a day. The government has also been deploying the military and other security forces to fight cattle rustlers and armed bandits in several counties in East Africa's Rift Valley.
Persons: Duncan Miriri, Raymond Omollo, Richard Maige, al, Nicolas Delaunay, Estelle Shirbon, Emelia Organizations: Somali, East, Southern Africa, Crisis Locations: Duncan Miriri NAIROBI, Kenya, Somalia's al Shabaab, Westgate, Nairobi, Somalia, al Shabaab, Kenyan, Southern, Lamu, East
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Congo’s president wants the world’s second largest United Nations peacekeeping force to move up its departure from the country, starting this December, saying it has failed to rein in conflicts in the country's east. After a quarter-century of peacekeeping efforts, “it’s time for our country to take its destiny fully in hand” and become the leading security force in Congo, he said. Eastern Congo, far from the capital, has long been overrun by dozens of armed groups seeking a share of the region’s gold and other resources. A separate East African regional force is also present in eastern Congo but has seen protests as well. A visit by Pope Francis to eastern Congo planned for early this year was cancelled because of the worsening security situation there.
Persons: , Felix, Antoine Tshisekedi, , Pope Francis Organizations: United Nations, Wednesday Locations: NAIROBI, Kenya, Congo, Eastern Congo, Congolese, Goma
GENEVA, Sept 18 (Reuters) - War crimes and crimes against humanity are still being committed in Ethiopia nearly a year after government and regional forces from Tigray agreed to end fighting, U.N. experts said in a report published on Monday. Thousands died in the two-year conflict, which formally came to an end in November last year. "I must admit the worst of this was that perpetrated by Eritrean forces in Tigray. Though, of course, Ethiopian forces were also responsible," she said, adding that Tigrayan forces had also perpetrated sexual violence in Amhara. Authorities from the Ethiopian region of Amhara have also denied that their forces committed atrocities in neighbouring Tigray.
Persons: Thousands, Mohamed Chande Othman, Yemane Ghebremeskel, spokespeople, Radhika Coomaraswamy, Gabrielle Tétrault, Farber, Andrew Heavens, William Maclean Organizations: International Commission of Human, Eritrean Defence Forces, EDF, Ethiopian, Reuters, Eritrean, Ethiopian National Defence Forces, Hereward, Thomson Locations: GENEVA, Ethiopia, Tigray, Eritrea, Amhara, Ethiopian, Geneva, Hereward Holland, Nairobi
The second senior EU official confirmed that. A third source, also an EU official, said the Commission was "cooperating actively with WFP to resolve systemic defects" but said no aid was suspended at this stage. Last year, it contributed more than half of the $2.2 billion of funding that went to the humanitarian response there. The U.N. report did not attempt to quantify the amount of aid that was diverted but said its findings "suggest that post-delivery aid diversion in Somalia is widespread and systemic". In all, investigators collected data from 55 IDP sites in Somalia and found aid diversion in all of them, the report said.
Persons: Ayenat, Balazs Ujvari, Antonio Guterres, Devex, Jessica Jennings, gatekeepers, Gabriela Baczynska, Michelle Nichols, Aaron Ross, Emma Farge, Daphne Psaledakis, Joe Bavier, Howard Goller Organizations: REUTERS, UNITED NATIONS, European Union, Food Programme, Reuters, European Commission, EU, WFP, U.N, U.S . Agency for International Development, USAID, European, Somali Disaster Management Office, United Nations, Thomson Locations: Dollow, Somalia, NAIROBI, GENEVA, Ethiopia, United States, Nairobi, Geneva
Organizers of the protests expect global turnout over the weekend to total more than a million people. "This is directed at world leaders," said Mitzi Jonelle Tan, a climate activist with youth movement Fridays for Future in Manila, the Philippines. We need a just transition, and we need to phase out the fossil fuels causing the destruction of our environment," she told Reuters. The burning of fossil fuels is the main cause of climate change, but countries have never agreed in U.N. climate talks to phase out fossil fuels - though they have committed to phase down use of coal power. Despite having plentiful solar energy resources, Africa received only 2% of global investments in renewable energy over the last two decades, the International Renewable Energy Agency has said.
Persons: Greta Thunberg, Mitzi Jonelle Tan, Eric Njuguna, U.N, General Antonio Guterres, Kate Abnett, Katy Daigle, Aurora Ellis Organizations: United States, Organizers, Reuters, Governments, International Renewable Energy Agency, General Assembly, Thomson Locations: COP28, BRUSSELS, Pakistan, Nigeria, United, Swedish, Manila, Philippines, Nairobi, Kenya, U.N, Africa, New York
Instead, it will explore the technology developed by Dual Fluid Energy Inc. to address the need for cleaner sources of energy. Much of the country's electricity comes from hydropower and diesel plants, according to the Rwanda Energy Group, and only about 68% of people have access to electricity. The CEO of the Rwanda Atomic Energy Board, Fidel Ndahayo, said the deal is part of a strategy of partnerships with startup companies developing small modular nuclear reactor technologies. “The Dual Fluid technology has nuclear safety design features that make it accident-free," Ndahayo asserted in the statement. “Living near a nuclear energy plant is like living near a nuclear bomb which can explode and cause more damages," The New Times reported.
Persons: Götz Ruprecht, , Juan Matthews, Matthews, Fidel Ndahayo, Ndahayo, ” Ndahayo, Frank Habineza, ___ Anna Organizations: Dual Fluid Energy Inc, Rwanda Energy Group, Fluid Energy, Organization for Economic Cooperation, Development's Nuclear Energy Agency, International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, Energy, Dalton Nuclear, University of Manchester, New Times, Africa Climate Summit, Rwanda Atomic Energy Board Locations: KIGALI, Rwanda, Canada, Africa, Russia, Nairobi, Kenya
Demand for fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal will hit an all-time high before 2030, according to Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency. "Despite recurring talk of peak oil and peak coal over the years, both fuels are hitting all-time highs, making it easier to push back against any assertions that they could soon be on the wane. The IEA is a global intergovernmental energy agency founded in 1974 after the oil crisis in 1973, and which now includes in its energy charter clean energy and the global energy transition. Also, China's slowing economy will decrease its use of coal, Birol said. The surge in adoption of electric vehicles, including in China, contributes to the IEA's forecast that oil demand will peak before 2030.
Persons: Fatih Birol, Birol Organizations: International Energy Agency, AFP, Africa Climate, Kenyatta International Convention, Financial Times, IEA, World Energy Locations: Africa, Nairobi, China
At the Nairobi orphanage, program manager Paul Mulongo has a message for Washington. Without that, the virus could come back, ”and about 20 million lives might be lost in the coming years,” he said. But Reach Out helps anyone who walks in needing HIV drugs, Kaleebi said. “Sometimes it’s so crazy when you hear people saying that these HIV drugs should be bought by the local government,” he said. Some are among the 1.4 million children and adults living with HIV in Kenya, according to UNAIDS.
Persons: George W, Bush, Paul Mulongo, , Mulongo, , Tom Hart, PEPFAR, Biden, Chris Smith, Smith, ” Smith, John Nkengasong, we’ve, Josephine Kaleebi, ” Kaleebi, Kaleebi, Mark Dybul, Bernard Mwololo, David Shitika, “ Nobody, ” Shitika, ” ___ Amiri, Knickmeyer, Rodney Muhumuza Organizations: Republican U.S, President’s, AIDS Relief, Republicans, Democrats, ONE, Heritage Foundation, State Department, ” Conservatives, PEPFAR, Republican, Foreign, Associated Press, AP, Health Initiative, Uganda’s Catholic, AIDS, UNAIDS Locations: NAIROBI, Kenya, United States, Africa, Ukraine, Brazil, Indonesia, Nairobi, Washington, , Uganda, Kampala, Russia, China
The continent is rich in the commodities needed for the green energy transition and has abundant solar power, but many governments are also burdened with cripplingly high debts. "Eighty percent of the infrastructure Africa needs by 2050 has not yet been built," Gamboa said at the IMPACT conference. "They've come to a recognition that it is good development to leapfrog and go into the clean energy transition now." "We cannot and will not run away from doing fossil fuel-based investing because the development needs of the continent are so huge," the AFC's Gupta said. "The world still needs energy security, the world still needs energy source diversity.
Persons: John Muchucha, it's, Andrew Steer, Freddy, we've, Tom Mitchell, Sanjeev Gupta, Gupta, Cristina Gamboa, " Gamboa, ActionAid, Gloria Dickie, Jane Wardell, Sharon Singleton Organizations: REUTERS, Earth, Reuters IMPACT, International Institute for Environment, Development, London, African Finance Corporation, International Energy Agency, IMPACT, AFC, Thomson Locations: Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, London, Horn of Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Madagascar, Sharm el, Sheikh, Lagos, Global South, Paris
CNN —The inaugural Africa Climate Summit drew to a close on Wednesday, with the host, Kenya’s president William Ruto, saying that a total of $23 billion had been pledged to green projects by governments, investors, development banks and philanthropists. Among the most eye-catching finance announcements, the United Arab Emirates pledged $4.5 billion to clean energy initiatives in Africa. “It is our ambition that this will launch a new transformative partnership to jumpstart a pipeline of bankable clean energy projects in this important continent,” Al-Jaber said, adding that the investment could lead to the generation of 15 gigawatts of clean energy by 2030. At the Africa Climate Summit, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres noted that the continent was responsible for less than four per cent of global carbon emissions. LUIS TATO/AFP/AFP via Getty ImagesGermany announced 450 million euros (about $481 million) of climate finance pledges, and and the US pledged $30 million to support climate resilient food security efforts across Africa.
Persons: William Ruto, Sultan Al, Jaber, ” Al, Yemi Osinbajo, , General Antonio Guterres, LUIS TATO, , Osinbajo, greening Organizations: CNN, Africa Climate Summit, United Arab Emirates, COP28, Global Energy Alliance for People, UN, Getty Images Locations: Africa, Nairobi, Dubai, , jumpstart, Nigeria, AFP, Copenhagen
CNN —Mary Achieng’s family is in the malaria ward at Nightingale Hospital in western Kenya almost every month. Mary Achieng and her child on the malaria wars at the Nightingale Hospital in western Kenya. Now with the introduction of the world’s first malaria vaccine, hailed as a breakthrough, there is talk of one day reaching eradication. So it’s a bitter irony that as Kenya celebrates hard-earned gains, new malaria species and cases are popping up in areas historically deemed low-risk. We are seeing [malaria] going to places where we didn’t expect,” she said.
Persons: Mary Achieng’s, she’s, , haven’t, Achieng, Mary Achieng, Fred Ooko, Steve Ngugi, Jackson Njehia, Gitahi Githinji, Richard Munang, Ruth Kavere, Faith, Yasuyoshi Chiba, Damaris, , Muhia Organizations: CNN, Nightingale, Malaria, Kenya Medical Research Institute, International, of, Physiology, Reuters, Health Locations: Kenya, Kisumu, Africa, Nairobi, Health Africa, , Saharan Africa, Mukuli, AFP, Ghana, Malawi
Energy investment in Africa needs to more than double by the end of the decade if the continent is to meet its energy and climate goals. “Energy investment on our continent has fallen short,” wrote William Ruto, president of Kenya, in the report’s foreword. Photo: Lucien Kahozi/Bloomberg NewsAll of these are pushing up the cost of capital which makes many African energy projects financially unviable despite ample local resources and proven technologies such as wind or solar power, the report said. PREVIEWCurrently, 600 million people across Africa lack access to electricity and almost one billion have no access to clean cooking fuels. African nations are seeking redress for the effects of climate change they experience despite contributing little to carbon emissions, the main driver of global warming.
Persons: , Fatih Birol, simon maina, William Ruto, Lucien Kahozi, Will Horner, Organizations: International Energy Agency, African Development Bank, IEA, Agence France, West, “ Energy, Democratic, Bloomberg, Sustainable Business, Africa Climate Locations: Africa, Paris, ” Africa, China, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ukraine, Nairobi
REUTERS/John Muchucha Acquire Licensing RightsSummaryCompanies Fossil fuel subsidies hampering green energy rolloutMore clarity needed on rules for carbon marketsCalls echo Africa Climate Summit on faster actionLONDON, Sept 6 (Reuters) - Ditch fossil fuel subsidies, agree the rules for carbon markets and provide more finance to emerging markets. That was the clear message from business leaders at the Reuters IMPACT conference in London on Wednesday about what they say needs to happen at the forthcoming COP28 climate summit. The meeting of world leaders in Dubai beginning late November is seen as a crucial test of countries' willingness to accelerate action to limit global warming, with efforts so far doing little to stem global carbon emissions. Despite this, failure to remove fossil fuel subsidies would make it harder to expand renewable energy in some countries, Ingka's van der Poel said. "My concern is that we have very little hopes for that ambition to be raised during COP28," she said.
Persons: John Muchucha, Peter Van der Poel, Anél Bosman, Ingka's van der Poel, Helena Viñes, Preeti Srivastav, Andy Griffiths, Richa Naidu, William James, Helen Reid, Simon Jessop, Alexander Smith Organizations: REUTERS, Reuters IMPACT, Ingka Investments, Africa Climate Summit, Nedbank Corporate, Investment Banking, Sustainable Finance, Asahi Europe, Diageo, Thomson Locations: Nairobi, Kenya, London, Dubai, Africa
Leaders gather in Nairobi for the African Climate Summit
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailLeaders gather in Nairobi for the African Climate SummitLeaders pledge hundreds of millions of dollars in carbon credits at the Africa Climate Summit. CNBC Africa's Teryanne Chebet and Dan Murphy for more.
Persons: Chebet, Dan Murphy Organizations: African Climate, Africa Climate Summit, CNBC Locations: Nairobi, Africa
Heads of state from across Africa concluded an inaugural climate summit on Wednesday in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, by issuing a declaration that called for an urgent restructuring of the way wealthier nations engage with the continent. The declaration stressed numerous times that rather than being a hapless victim, Africa was primed for leadership on clean energy and environmental stewardship. This lack of financing is one of the biggest issues dividing rich and poor nations as the world struggles to slash carbon dioxide emissions. It will be one of the main points of contention at the United Nations global climate summit starting Nov. 30 in Dubai. The historic gathering in Nairobi was partly an effort by poorer nations to amplify their argument.
Organizations: United Nations Locations: Africa, Nairobi, Kenya’s, Dubai
Renewable energy is more reliable but its promise for the region still remains largely unmet. Most households have depended on gasoline generators for power, but recently the government removed a gasoline subsidy, prompting increased interest in solar power, according to dealers. The Nigerian government has not announced incentives to promote solar energy, such as reducing import taxes on solar equipment as demanded by dealers. “The problem was affordability, but now customers can pay installments over a period of 18 months,” said Tunde Oladipupo, an agent for Sun King, a solar power company. Another example of this shift is the Ford vehicle assembly plant in Silverton, Pretoria, which currently sources over 35% of its electricity from solar power.
Persons: Rashmi Shah, , William Ruto, Tunde Oladipupo, Sun King, Monsurat Qadri, ” Qadri, ” Mohammed Ettu, Shah, ” Shah, ___ Adebayo, Magome Organizations: Climate Summit, World Bank, CP Solar’s, Associated Press, Kenyan, Solutions, Ford, South, CP, Kenya Power, Lighting Company, Supersport, AP Locations: NAIROBI, Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisii County, Kenya, Africa, Nigeria, Oyo, Lagos, Saharan Africa, South Africa, Stillwater, American, Silverton , Pretoria, Mpumalanga, Kenya —, Abuja, Johannesburg
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Climate change is “relentlessly eating away” at Africa’s economic progress and it’s time to have a global conversation about a carbon tax on polluters, Kenya’s president declared Tuesday as the first Africa Climate Summit got underway. He and other leaders urged reforms to the global financial structures that have left African nations paying about five times more to borrow money than others, worsening the debt crisis for many. Africa has more than 30 of the world’s most indebted countries, Kenya’s Cabinet secretary for the environment, Soipan Tuya, said. Africa’s GDP should be revalued for its assets, which include the world's second-largest rainforest and biodiversity, African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina said. “It is an African story, and I daresay it’s a global story, too.”___Follow AP’s coverage of the climate at and of Africa at
Persons: William Ruto, Tuya, John Kerry, Kerry, Joe Biden, ” Ruto, , Ruto, “ It’s, Sahle, Zewde, Akinwumi Adesina, Adesina, Martha Lusweti, Antonio Guterres, Ursula Von der Leyen, lullabies, Sierra, Julius Maada Organizations: Africa Climate Summit, European Union, Kenyan, United, United Arab Emirates, Development Bank, , International Monetary Fund Locations: NAIROBI, Kenya, Africa, China, United States, U.S, United Arab, United Nations, Europe, U.N, Africa's, Nigeria's Niger Delta, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Congo, africa
"Africa is responsible for only a fraction of global greenhouse gas emissions but is suffering disproportionately from climate change," the State of the Climate in Africa 2022 report said. On average, each African produced 1.04 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in 2021, less than a quarter of the global average. The report said the average rate of warming in Africa was 0.3 degrees Celsius per decade in the 1991-2022 period, compared with 0.2 degrees in the world as a whole. The warming has been fastest in North Africa which has been subject to multiple heatwaves since last year. Overall, the report said that agricultural productivity had fallen due to climate change, noting a decline of 34% since 1961 which is set to drive up import needs sharply.
Persons: Thomas Mukoya, Emma Farge, Peter Graff Organizations: REUTERS, Rights, stoke, World Meteorological Organization, Thomson Locations: Industrial, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, North Africa, West Africa
Companies Climate FollowVitol SA FollowNAIROBI, Sept 4 (Reuters) - An initiative to boost Africa's carbon credit production 19-fold by 2030 drew hundreds of millions of dollars of pledges on Monday as Kenyan President William Ruto opened the continent's first climate summit. In one of the most anticipated deals, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) committed to buying $450 million of carbon credits from the Africa Carbon Markets Initiative (ACMI). "There hasn't been any success for an African country in attracting climate finance," said Bogolo Kenewendo, a United Nations climate adviser and former trade minister in Botswana. Many African campaigners have opposed the summit's approach to climate finance, and about 500 people marched in downtown Nairobi on Monday to protest. They say carbon credits are a pretext for continued pollution by wealthier countries and corporations, who should instead pay their "climate debt" through direct compensation and debt relief.
Persons: William Ruto, Ruto, Bogolo Kenewendo, Bogolo, Kevin Kariuki, Patricia Scotland, Esa Alexander, we've, Hassan Ghazali, Britain, Sultan Al Jaber, COP28, Duncan Miriri, Simon Jessop, Jefferson Kahinju, Aaron Ross, Hereward Holland, Angus MacSwan, Susan Fenton Organizations: United Arab Emirates, Africa Carbon Markets, United, African Development Bank, Reuters, International Monetary Fund, REUTERS, Climate Asset Management, HSBC Asset Management, Debt, Green, Thomson Locations: NAIROBI, UAE, Nairobi, Africa, United Nations, Botswana, Muloza, Mozambique, Blantyre, Malawi, Liberia, Tanzania, Germany, Kenya
CNN —Spiro, a startup looking to eliminate fuel-guzzling motorbikes and scooters from the roads by trading them in for electric two-wheelers, is expanding to Kenya. Ahead of the first Africa Climate Summit, which kicked off in Kenya’s capital Nairobi today, the host government announced on Friday that the e-bike and battery-swapping startup would be entering the East African country with its biggest deployment yet: 1.2 million electric vehicles. In Kenya, they will be offered 50,000 Kenyan shillings (about $344) – around a third of the price of a new electric bike – to swap their existing bike for an electric one. Last week, US company Uber also launched an electric motorbike service in Kenya, promising to roll out 3,000 bikes within six months. “We’re surpassing the symbolic but significant milestone of one million electric bikes signed with a government,” says Samain.
Persons: CNN — Spiro, Jules Samain –, polluters, Samain, Spiro, CLEMENT, CLEMENT DI ROMA, , ” Spiro, William Ruto, Ampersand, Uber Organizations: CNN, Africa Climate, CLEMENT DI, AFP, Getty, FIA Foundation, Spiro, McKinsey Locations: Kenya, Africa, Kenya’s, Nairobi, West, Benin, Togo, Rwanda, Uganda, China, Mombasa, Saharan Africa, Swedish, Kenyan, East
[1/5] Uber boda boda riders prepare to ride the first fleet of the company's electric product during their launch in Nairobi, Kenya, August 31, 2023. REUTERS/Monicah Mwangi Acquire Licensing RightsCompanies Uber Technologies Inc FollowNAIROBI, Aug 31 (Reuters) - Ride-hailing firm Uber (UBER.N) on Thursday launched an electric motorbike service in Kenya, its first in Africa, as the company seeks to make its global platform emissions free by 2040. Uber's new green product in Kenya, dubbed Electric Boda in a nod to the Swahili term for motorbike taxis, will comprise 3,000 bikes within six months, or just under a fifth of its fleet. The growth of the electric vehicles market in Africa has been slowed by a lack of adequate electric charging infrastructure and associated equipment. Motorbike transport is a big employer in Kenya, absorbing millions of people who are unable to secure formal jobs.
Persons: Monicah, Uber, Kagiso Khaole, Khaole, William Ruto, Duncan Miriri, Aaron Ross, Alex Richardson Organizations: REUTERS, Technologies, Thomson Locations: Nairobi, Kenya, NAIROBI, Africa, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Saharan Africa
A report last year by the non-profit Climate Policy Initiative found Africa has received only 12% of the finance it needs to cope with climate impacts. The thousands of delegates are expected to debate solutions ahead of a U.N. climate summit next month in New York in September and the COP28 U.N. summit in the United Arab Emirates from the end of November. The summit's organisers also say they expect deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars to be concluded in Nairobi. In June, it hosted an auction where companies from Saudi Arabia bought more than 2.2 million tonnes of carbon credits. One project generating carbon credits in Kenya is BURN Manufacturing's production of clean cooking stoves to replace heavily polluting wood and charcoal-based fires.
Persons: Finbarr O'Reilly, Soipan Tuya, Amos Wemanya, Chris McKinney, Joseph Ng'ang'a, Duncan Miriri, Christophe Van Der, Aaron Ross, Barbara Lewis Organizations: REUTERS, Rights, Initiative, Kenyan Environment, United, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Africa Carbon Markets, Thomson Locations: Haute Uele, Congo, Rights NAIROBI, Africa, Nairobi, New York, United Arab, Gabon, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Egypt
The Johannesburg-based precious metals producer is on the shortlist of potential buyers for the copper mines owned by a unit of the Zambian government. The Chinese company has a presence in copper mining and would be joining Sibanye as an investment partner, Froneman said. The Chinese investor could help derisk the investment at Mopani, Froneman said. "They are an investment partner but technically they understand the copper business and smelting, so it's managing risk," he said. The Mopani assets require significant investment but spending would be spread over a number of years, Froneman said.
Persons: Neal Froneman, we've, Froneman, Felix Njini, Tannur Anders, Sharon Singleton, David Holmes Organizations: Mines, Reuters, China's Zijin Mining, U.S, Rothschild & Co, Thomson Locations: NAIROBI, Stillwater, Johannesburg, Zambian, Southern Africa, Europe, U.S, Mopani, Switzerland, ZCCM
A reflection from the windows show Kenya Airways planes parked at terminal within the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport near Nairobi, Kenya March 7, 2023. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsNAIROBI, Aug 26 (Reuters) - Kenya's transport minister apologised to the country late on Friday night after a widespread electricity blackout left passengers at the main airport in Nairobi grappling in darkness. Power went off in many parts of the country at 9.45 p.m. on Friday, the electricity distribution company Kenya Power (KPLC.NR) said in a statement, attributing the loss to "a system disturbance leading to the loss of bulk power supply". "I'm really sorry for what has happened at the JKIA with the blackout," Transport Minister Kipchumba Murkomen said on social media platform X, formerly Twitter. Kenya Power said it had restored supply to the airport, five hours after the incident began.
Persons: Thomas Mukoya, Power, Kipchumba Murkomen, Kenya Power, Duncan Miriri, Kirsten Donovan Organizations: Kenya Airways, Jomo Kenyatta International, REUTERS, Rights, Kenya Power, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Authority, Kenya, Thomson Locations: Nairobi, Kenya, Rights NAIROBI
Iten, Kenya (CNN) Martin Tirop pumps his fists in the air as Faith Kipyegon wins her third 1,500-meter gold medal at the World Athletics Championships on Tuesday in Budapest. Instead, on October 13, 2021, Martin Tirop made a gruesome discovery inside his sister's three-bedroom bungalow in Kenya's capital of distance running. In October 2021, Martin Tirop found the body of his sister, Agnes Tirop. In fact, their March 2016 marriage had been a secret, with Agnes' family only finding out after her death at 25. "Agnes Tirop.
Persons: Martin Tirop, Kipyegon, Agnes, Agnes Tirop, she'd, Martin, gurney, Jurkenaite, David Blood, Iten, Joan Chelimo, they're, Weeks, Eliud Kipchoge, She'd, Irungu Houghton, Njeri Migwi, Martin Tirop's, Ibrahim Rotich, Rotich, Tirop, Richard Warigi, Ngigi Mbugua, Mutua, CNN's, Houghton, Joan Chelimo's, Agnes Tirop's, Chelimo, Dinah, Vincent Tirop, Dinah Tirop Organizations: CNN, Adidas, Tokyo, Toyota, David Blood Investigators, crowing roosters, Boston Marathon, New, New York City Marathon's, Amnesty International, Kenyan, Criminal Investigations, Bahraini, Investigations, Investigators, Amnesty, Tirop's, Tirop's Angels, UN Locations: Iten, Kenya, Budapest, Kenya's, Switzerland, Germany, Nairobi, It's, Kaptagat, New York, Amnesty International Kenya, Mombasa, Ethiopia, Nandi County
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