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“I just cry all the time because of my situation,” she said. On Thursday, Idaho state officials expanded “crisis standards of care” across the state, a standard that had been limited to the northern part of the state earlier in the month. With precious few available intensive-care beds, Idaho hospitals had largely stopped providing hernia surgeries or hip replacements before the new order. Now they are postponing cancer and heart surgeries, too, said Brian Whitlock, the chief executive of the Idaho Hospital Association. In Alaska, the state’s largest hospital, Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage, has also begun rationing care as patients wait for hours to get to the emergency room and doctors scramble to find beds.
Persons: , ” Ms, Strong, Dave Jeppesen, Brian Whitlock, Matthias Merkel, emptively Organizations: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Idaho Hospital Association, Providence Alaska Medical Center, Oregon Health & Science University Locations: Georgia, United States, Idaho, Alaska, Providence Alaska, Anchorage, Portland
Cameo Adds Meet-and-Greet Option to App
  + stars: | 2021-09-21 | by ( Ann-Marie Alcántara | )   time to read: +4 min
Cameo believes the live feature, called Cameo Calls, surpasses traditional meet-and-greets because it produces private moments that fans can’t get elsewhere or as easily, said Amanda Glanz, senior product manager at Cameo. “Being able to have this two-minute private conversation really allowed both fans and talent to open up a lot,” Ms. Glanz said. Cameo Live is no longer widely available to consumers, but is still available for some companies via Cameo For Business. Celebrities who participate in Cameo Calls receive 75% of their booking price, the same cut that they get for their traditional prerecorded Cameo messages. “Because it is not anonymous and because you have to pay, you really have weeded out like a lot of the weirdness,” Ms. Glanz said.
Persons: Cameo, can’t, Amanda Glanz, , Ms, Glanz, “ We’ve, Baron, Cameo’s, Gilbert Gottfried, Nikki Blonsky, Gen, Faye Maidment, hasn’t, ” Ms, Maidment, Marie Alcántara Organizations: App Inc, Cameo, Glanz, Facebook Inc, Bitkraft Ventures Management Locations: ann
Transfix Inc. plans to go public through a merger with a special-purpose acquisition company valuing the digital freight startup at $1.1 billion, the latest deal shaking up the middleman freight brokerage business. PREVIEWG Squared Ascend I is sponsored by affiliates of G Squared Equity Management, a growth and venture-capital fund that previously invested in Transfix. Once the deal closes, Transfix’s existing shareholders would own 69% of the combined company, Transfix Holdings Inc., and G Squared Ascend I Inc. shareholders would own 24%. Investors in the forward purchase agreement would own 4% and G Squared Ascend I’s sponsors would own 3%, the companies said. Echo Global Logistics Inc., one of the largest domestic freight brokers, is planning to go private, while Uber Freight said in July it was acquiring logistics service provider Transplace for $2.25 billion.
Persons: , , , Lily Shen, Christian Lee, Zoë Soriano, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Transfix, Ms, Shen, Jennifer Smith Organizations: Transfix Inc, Uber Technologies, G Squared, G Squared Equity Management, Transfix Holdings Inc, Investors, Echo Global Logistics Inc, Uber Freight, Rivals, Convoy Inc, Microsoft Corp, Inc Locations: New York, Transfix, Seattle
Retailers are grappling with ongoing supply-chain disruptions that are keeping inventory low and often causing delays, forcing companies to pay premiums to accelerate shipments. Sales at U.S. retailers climbed 0.7% in August, a rebound from a drop in July, the Commerce Department said. PREVIEWIn August, Dollar Tree said it cut its forecast for the fiscal year ending in January to earnings per share of $5.40 to $5.60, down from its May forecast of $5.80 to $6.05, driven by higher freight costs. Dollar Tree declined to comment further. While some retailers want as much inventory in their stories as they can get, other businesses, typically apparel sellers, are looking to reduce inventory to boost profit margins.
Persons: Adrian Mitchell, Mitchell, Macy’s, “ Let’s, Mr, Michael Mullican, Mullican, , , Janine Stichter, Ms, Stichter, Mark Maurer, Nina Trentmann Organizations: Companies, U.S, Commerce Department, Inc, FactSet Research Systems Inc, Burlington Stores Inc, Macy’s Inc, The, Macy's, Sporting, Academy Sports, Finance, Sports, Abercrombie & Fitch Co, Guess Inc, Jefferies, mark.maurer Locations: Vietnam, Chesapeake, Va, U.S, Canada, The New York, Katy , Texas
Ms. Noriega, 73, was born with glaucoma and has been blind since she was 8. “They know us by name and always treat us with respect and friendliness,” she said of her independent pharmacy. Many independent pharmacies offer personalized services including home delivery to meet customers’ needs. Over the last several years, chain pharmacies have become somewhat more accessible, in part, because of lawsuits and negotiations led by advocacy organizations like the American Council of the Blind. And there have been other agreements reached with Walgreens to offer its Talking Pill Reminder free of charge.
Persons: Ed, Penny Rosenblum, , ” DeAnna Quietwater Noriega, Curtis, Ms, Noriega, Eric Bridges Organizations: , Walmart, American Council of, CVS Health, Sam’s, Walgreens, Amazon Pharmacy Locations: Columbia, Mo
The Lanes describe the process of fighting their surprise bill as frustrating and Kafkaesque. They have spent hours on the phone, sent dozens of emails, and filed complaints with regulatory agencies in two states. But most do not expect to get collection notices for bills that were already paid by their health plan. It usually happens with large medical bills, as with the Lanes, in which the insurer and hospital both have more at stake. “They use it as a tactic to put some pressure on the medical facility to refund the money,” Ms. Jones said.
Persons: Lane, , , Susan Null, Courtney Jones, Ms, Jones Organizations: Systemedic Inc, Advocate Foundation
A Hollywood Producer and a Master of Adaptation
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Freedom, Maine, population 722, is about as far away from Hollywood as you can get. So when Erin French, who runs the uber-popular Lost Kitchen there, had boldface names flocking to her virtual doorstep looking to buy the film rights to her best-selling memoir, she approached them with a lot of trepidation and a bit of awe. It was definitely a wild time.”In addition to Ms. Lively, Ms. French and her husband, Michael Dutton, met with others like MGM and Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment. In the end, Ms. French and Mr. Dutton sold the rights to Bruna Papandrea and her four-year-old company, Made Up Stories. The couple said they were won over by Ms. Papandrea’s passion for the project, her clear vision of how to turn it into a movie and her track record for finding the right talent for projects.
Persons: Erin French, Ms, French, Blake Lively, Lively, Michael Dutton, Ron Howard’s, Dutton, Bruna Papandrea Organizations: MGM Locations: Maine, Hollywood
It is unclear whether release would have kept Mr. Karim alive. In keeping with the standards set by the law, she ordered the release of 191 people from Rikers, 165 of whom had been released by Monday afternoon. Under the new law, which goes into effect fully in September of next year, incarceration would be eliminated for most people accused of technical parole violations — like breaking curfew or missing an appointment. But certain minor violations could still result in up to 30 days in jail. The list of detainees on Rikers who had met the 30-day criteria was created on Sept. 16 — a day before the order and two days before Mr. Karim would have been eligible.
Persons: Karim, Vincent Schiraldi, Ms, Hochul Locations: Rikers
Fearing that growth in California’s solar power sector could grind to a halt, the association representing the industry has filed a lawsuit against the state over a new requirement that installers be “certified electricians.”In the lawsuit filed on Friday, the California Solar and Storage Association asked the Superior Court of California in San Francisco to overturn the rule changes and allow the current training standards to remain in place for those who install increasingly popular solar panels and battery systems. “This is devastating to California’s solar industry and the state’s ability to build a clean energy future,” Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the association, said in an interview. “What they’re saying is, this stuff is so dangerous that only certified electricians can do it. We don’t have any evidence, a shred of evidence, that there’s a problem.”Ms. Del Chiaro said the new rules would affect hundreds of solar companies in the state and 35,000 workers. And with electricians already in high demand for construction projects and other services, finding enough people who meet the requirement, she said, will make it nearly impossible for solar and battery companies to deliver their products.
Persons: ” Bernadette Del Chiaro, Ms, Del Chiaro Organizations: , and Storage Association, Superior, of Locations: California, of California, San Francisco
But it has become ensnared in partisan politics, with Republicans refusing to allow a debt ceiling increase at a time when Democrats control Congress and the White House. Mr. Biden will argue that a lot has, and insist he is not spinning toward a Cold War with China. The allies recognize, of course, the differences between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump. But in conversations over the past two weeks, they say they have new concerns about the United States. Al Sharpton, who said he was nervous that Mr. Biden would not follow up his lofty statements and speeches with action.
Persons: Mitch McConnell, Roy Blunt, John Barrasso, John Thune, Joni Ernst, Al Drago, , Rosa DeLauro, Mitch McConnell of, McConnell, Trump, Biden, Doug Mills, Biden’s, Donald J, , Mr, ’ ’ Jen Psaki, Emmanuel Macron, , António Guterres, Scott Morrison of Australia, Xi, Kenny Holston, I’m, Al Sharpton, ” Mr, Sharpton, Read, Kiana, , Fort, Camp Atterbury, ‘ don’t, Jim Wilson, Barack Obama, Kayla Williams, Ms, Williams, McDonough, Denis R, “ Don’t, Bill Clinton, Acuna, Paul Ratje, D.H.S, ” D.H.S, Jen Psaki, Alejandro N Organizations: Capitol, ., The New York Times, Republicans, Treasury Department, White, Democratic, Treasury, Republican, Democrats, General, Video, Credit, New York Times, General Assembly, Bowl, Trump, United Nations, Assembly, Senate, The New York, Disease Control, White House, United States, Dulles International, Virginia Department, Health’s, Marine Corps Base, Holloman Air Force Base, Joint, McGuire, Dix, Veterans, New York Times Veterans, Department of Veterans Affairs, Public, Intergovernmental Affairs, Security, United States Border Patrol, Acuna Del, AFP, . Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security, Twitter, Border Patrol, Al, U.S . Department of Homeland Security Locations: . Credit, United States, Connecticut, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Afghanistan, Afghan, China, Kabul, France, America, New York, Australia, U.S, Beijing, Washington, United, Virginia, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Fort Lee, Fort Pickett, New Mexico, Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, Fort Bliss, Texas, Lakehurst, New Jersey, Indiana, San Francisco, Rio Grande, Acuna Del Rio, Del Rio , Texas, Mexico, Rio, Al Jazeera, White, Del Rio
S&P 500 - % Dow - % Nasdaq - %Stocks begin to stabilize after a rout set off by China’s property market woes. The global growth outlook for 2021 was revised down slightly to 5.7 percent, from 5.8 percent. Erin Woo Despite having signed an N.D.A., Gangakhedkar printed out some documents and took them home when she left Theranos. Erin Woo Cheung said they were constantly having to recalibrate the machines, which made results take 2-3 days rather than the couple hours promised. Erin Woo Cheung just said she “became concerned about a month in” with the vitamin D samples, in November of 2013.
Persons: Ng Han Guan, Evergrande, hadn’t, ” Lauren Goodwin, , ” Joseph Kalish, Ned Davis, Andy Wong, China Evergrande, Xu Jiayin, , Zhiwu Chen, Adnan Abidi, ” Laurence Boone, Boone, Ms, ” Read, Fortune, Alyson Shontell, Roy Rochlin, Shontell, Alan Murray, “ Alyson, Shontell’s, Clifton Leaf, Brian O’Keefe, Sally Buzbee, Julie Pace, Axios, Sara Kehaulani Goo, Aja Whitaker, Moore, Taylor Swift, Drake, Billie Eilish, Mario Anzuoni, Lucian Grainge, Bob Dylan’s, William A, Vincent Bolloré, Read, Philip Cheung, ” Bernadette Del Chiaro, Del Chiaro, Joyia, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, Biden’s, Audra Melton, Peter S, Goodman, Samuel Darguin, Elizabeth Holmes, Erin Griffith, Erin Woo, , Judge Davila, — Erin Griffith, Gangakhedkar, Holmes, Balwani, Cheung, Surekha Gangakhedkar, Erin Woo Cheung, she’d, Erin Woo Erika Cheung, We’re, Erika Cheung, Erin Griffith That’s, S., O.P., ory Organizations: Dow, Associated Press, Nikkei, Mizuho, New York Life Investments, Federal, Republicans, Ned, Ned Davis Research, Democratic, Associated, Beijing, University of Hong, Reuters, Organization, Economic Cooperation, Development, Business, Washington Post, Vivendi, Universal, Reuters Vivendi, Music, Apple, Spotify, Facebook, Pershing, Universal Music, Securities and Exchange Commission, The New York Times, , and Storage Association, Superior, of, Contractors State, Gov, Energy Department, Utilities, California Public Utilities Commission, Credit, Factories, Haitian American Caucus, Google, Coast, Royal Dutch Shell, ConocoPhillips, Shell, Chesapeake Energy, Activision Blizzard, Activision, Stanford University, Twitter, Walgreens Locations: Beijing, China, Europe, Asia, Hong Kong, Japan, University of Hong Kong, New Delhi, U.S, Paris, United States, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Clifton, Billie Eilish ., Amsterdam, Tencent, California, Los Angeles, of California, San Francisco, Alabama, Haiti, New York, Manhattan, Hudson, St, piecing,
For Ralph and Shamita Etienne-Cummings, the suburbs have long held a certain allure — especially since 2010, when their son, Blaze, was born and Mr. Etienne-Cummings’s mother moved into their 1876 rowhouse in Washington, D.C.“Space became more of a premium,” Ms. Etienne-Cummings said. Image After their son, Blaze, was born, Ralph and Shamita Etienne-Cummings needed more space. But instead of leaving Washington for the suburbs, they bought the rowhouse next door and combined the two homes into a single residence. Credit... Jennifer Chase for The New York Times“Our son grew up walking everywhere with his grandmother,” said Ms. Etienne-Cummings, 52, a lawyer. “We really wanted to stay in our neighborhood, but definitely needed more space, and that was difficult to do in an area that’s already filled up.”
Persons: Ralph, Shamita Etienne, Cummings, Blaze, Etienne, Cummings’s, Ms, Jennifer Chase, , Organizations: Washington , D.C, , The New York Times Locations: Washington ,, Seychelles, India, Washington’s Logan, Washington
Live Covid Live Updates: Adams, N.Y.C.’s Likely Next Mayor, Wants to Turn Empty Hotels Into Housing for Homeless An extra dose of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine raises protection, the company says. The data, presented in a news release, has been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration, Johnson & Johnson said. Up to five months after vaccination, the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against hospitalization remained steady at around 81 percent. Many people got their Johnson & Johnson shot far more than eight weeks ago. Credit Credit...
Persons: Adams, N.Y.C, , Johnson, Eric Adams, Shams DaBaron, James Estrin, Mr, Bill de Blasio, Andrew M, Cuomo, Adams’s, de Blasio, “ Adams, Laura Mascuch, Johnson’s Janssen, Tobias Schwarz, Alex Plavevski, Christina, Deshaun, Tamir Kalifa, Lorena Tule, Romain, , , Michelle Goebel, Goebel, Allison Zaucha, LaBerge, I’m, Covid, Randi Weingarten, Weingarten, Sarah Mervosh, Joe Raedle, Katie Wait, “ It’s, Wait, Biden, hasn’t, wouldn’t, Emma Bubola, Maria Mavropoulou, Vassilis, Michael Probst, Kai Fuhrmann, Fuhrmann, Darrian Traynor, William West, Daniel Andrews, Doug Mills, ” Mr, blindsided, Donald J, , Xi Jinping, ” “ We’re, we’ve, ” Michael D, David E, Sanger, Unvaccinated, Bolsonaro, Jair Bolsonaro, Stefan Jeremiah, Boris Johnson, Britain, “ I’ve, Jantar, — Ministro Luiz Ramos, Luiz Ramos, ’ U.N, General Says António Guterres, António Guterres, Eduardo Munoz Alvarez, Guterres, Peace, John Angelillo, Linda Thomas, Greenfield, Abdulla Shahid, U.N, Joanne Haynes, Imani Khayyam, Diana Espinosa, Adnan Abidi, ” Laurence Boone, lockdowns, Jerome H, Powell, Ms, Boone Organizations: Housing, New York Times, Democratic, Network of New, Covid, Agence France, Food and Drug Administration, Johnson, Pfizer, ., The New York Times, Kaiser Family Foundation, American Federation of Teachers, Travelers, Miami International Airport, European, Bank of Greece, European Union, coronavirus, Associated Press, Police, United Nations General Assembly, United Nations, , Credit, West, AstraZeneca, Oxford University, General, Solidarity, General Assembly, United, New York City, Assembly, V.I.P, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Department of Health, Human Services, telehealth, Health Resources, Services Administration, Centers for Disease Control, Navajo, Organization for Economic Cooperation, Development, Investors, Federal Reserve Locations: New York City, Sunset Park , Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York, Network of New York, United States, Harbin, China, Heilongjiang Province, Russia, San Antonio , Texas, Dallas, Atlanta, Carlsbad, Calif, Katy , Texas, Europe, Florida, Britain, European Union, Brazil, India, Iran, South Africa, St, Augustine, Fla, America, Greece, The New York Times Greece, Germany, Idar, Oberstein, Melbourne, Australia, Victoria, States, U.S, Afghanistan, , Kabul, South America’s, Ethiopia, Yemen, Myanmar, Portuguese, United Nations, Maldives, General, telemedicine, telehealth, Arkansas , Arizona, Maine, , Idaho, Arizona, New Delhi, PARIS, Paris, Europe’s, France, Italy, Spain, Indonesia
But the recovery remains far from normal, as some businesses thrive and others lag behind. The Fed winds up a two-day policy meeting on Wednesday and investors will look for signs of any shift. Central banks should keep monetary policy loose, but offer clearer guidance about how much they can tolerate the increase in inflation, she added. The eurozone, by contrast, was on track to perform better than expected, with growth forecast at 5.3 percent, up from a previous 4.3 percent estimate. Growth across most countries is likely to taper off next year after an extraordinary rebound from the recession, with the global economy expected to expand at a 4.5 percent pace and the United States growing at 3.9 percent.
Persons: Jerome H, Powell, Ms, Boone Organizations: Investors, Federal Reserve Locations: United States, China, India, Germany, Europe’s, France, Italy, Spain
Marc Hearron, senior counsel for the Center for Reproductive Rights, an abortion rights group that represents Dr. Braid, said the doctor performed an ultrasound that detected cardiac activity before performing an abortion, meaning the procedure did in fact violate the new state law. If that defense is accepted on appeal, legal experts said, the cases could yield precedents effectively invalidating the Texas law — a significant loss for the anti-abortion movement. From the anti-abortion movement’s perspective, neither of the two men who filed suits this week is an ideal plaintiff. He also said he filed the suit as part of what he called a “public interest law hobby” that he hoped to pursue in his coming retirement. Mr. Gomez was suspended from practicing law in Illinois because of emails he had sent to other lawyers; he is currently in litigation over the matter, he said.
Persons: Marc Hearron, Braid, Roe, Wade, Casey, , Oscar Stilley, , , Felipe N, Gomez, Ms, Youman Organizations: Center for Reproductive Rights Locations: Texas, Arkansas, Illinois
Art Basel Reasserts Its Importance at Home
  + stars: | 2021-09-21 | by ( Ted Loos | )   time to read: 1 min
Since the coronavirus pandemic began, art fairs have gone through several permutations, from online only to fully in person, along with several varieties of hybrids. To many in the art world, the format and fate of Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland, the fair scheduled to take place from Friday to Sunday, is especially important, given that it is “the mother of all art fairs,” in the words of the London-based dealer Pilar Corrias. “There are too many fairs around the world, and not all will survive,” Ms. Corrias said. “But we need Basel.”The fair first took place in 1970 and now has editions in Miami Beach and Hong Kong. More than 270 galleries are scheduled to show inside the Messe Basel exhibition hall — the first such gathering in Basel since 2019 — and, like the Hong Kong fair that took place in May, this one is actually a hybrid, with a concurrent online viewing room.
Persons: Pilar Corrias, Ms, Corrias Organizations: Basel, Messe, Hong Kong Locations: Basel, Switzerland, London, Miami Beach, Hong Kong, Messe Basel, Hong
An increasing number of companies are tying the interest rates on their corporate loans to environmental and other sustainability targets as they face pressure from investors and regulators to go green. Sustainability-linked loans carry interest rates that adjust based on whether a company meets a predetermined environmental, social or governance goal, such as reducing carbon emissions. U.S. corporate loan volume, including sustainability-linked loans, was $1.7 trillion as of Sep. 16, Dealogic said. Interest rates on sustainability-linked loans often go up or down by a fraction of a percentage point, depending on whether a company meets or misses its targets. Wells Fargo is one of several big banks that offer sustainability-linked loans.
Persons: Dealogic, Philip Morris, Emmanuel Babeau, Anubhav Raj, Mr, Babeau, Wells Fargo, We’re, , David Marks, Krista Tukiainen, Ms, Tukiainen, Raj, Kristin Broughton Organizations: Companies, Securities, Philip Morris International Inc, Data Centers, Fargo & Co, Southwire Locations: U.S, Fargo, Wells, Carrollton, Ga, Dallas, Kristin.Broughton
Pandemic Supercharged the Role of Chief Information Officer
  + stars: | 2021-09-20 | by ( Angus Loten | )   time to read: +6 min
The Covid-19 pandemic has supercharged the role of chief information officers, accelerating a shift from backroom technicians to front-office decisionmakers, as companies’ operations are increasingly shaped by technology. PREVIEWBy contrast, salaries for chief financial officers—who CIOs often report to—are expected to rise 0.3% next year, to $242,000, the firm said. Markus Voss, chief information officer at DHL Supply Chain. Scott Spradley, executive vice president and chief technology officer at Tyson Foods Inc., said the pandemic pushed the meatpacking giant to sharpen its focus on data-based insight and decision-making systems. More CIOs are also getting named to corporate boards, adding vice president or executive vice president to their titles.
Persons: CIOs, “ We’ve, , Rob Alexander, , Mr, Alexander, paychecks, Robert, , Ryan Sutton, Robert Half’s, ” Markus Voss, ” Mr, Voss, Markus Voss, Scott Spradley, Tyson, Chuck Gray, Egon Zehnder, Gray, Nancy Anderson, Jennifer Hartsock, Baker, Ms, Hartsock, Angus Loten Organizations: Financial Corp, International, DHL, Deutsche Post AG, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Gartner Inc, Tyson Foods Inc, “ Technology, U.S . Technology, General Electric Co, Baker Hughes Inc
Last year, with people stuck at home in pandemic lockdowns, many emptied out basements and closets, creating a surge of donated clothing. This year, as schools have reopened, the demand for children’s clothing has exhausted Ms. Ketchum’s supply. “Now, it’s, ‘Do I buy food, or do I buy clothes?’ Clothes is the last thing that a parent who is already stretched is going to do.”Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee oversees a food distribution operation serving about 400,000 people in 46 counties, relying on donations from grocery stores in the area. Second Harvest also distributes purchased food at low cost to sister organizations across the country. That prompted Second Harvest to buy more groceries.
Persons: ’ ”, Ms, Ketchum, Organizations: Harvest Food Bank of Middle Locations: Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee
Signaling support of abortion rights was already gaining purchase with OkCupid users: Between September 2020 and September 2021, the number of users in the United States who wrote “pro-choice” in their bios increased by about 18 percent, the company said. “But I think your partner is the one person in your life who should uphold the same standards and morals. Bumble offers a filter that sorts people based on their politics, such as whether they consider themselves conservative or liberal. Before such features arrived, people on the apps were already creating their own slogans and visual shorthand to express their political beliefs. The red-rose emoji, for instance, could be used to indicate one’s affiliation with the Democratic Socialists of America, while a red hat in a profile photo might signal one’s support of former president Donald Trump.
Persons: Sarah Lynn Robinson, Bill, ” “, Ms, Robinson, Bumble, Donald Trump Organizations: Supreme, Democratic Socialists of America Locations: Texas, United States
Ideological divisions within the party and intransigent Republican opposition will not make any of those tasks easy. That bill might then be paired with a measure to raise the debt limit that must pass before the Treasury can no longer pay its creditors — some time next month. But Senator Bill Cassidy, Republican of Louisiana, showed little willingness to compromise on Sunday. Ms. Pelosi promised moderate Democrats that she would take up a Senate-passed, bipartisan infrastructure bill by Sept. 27, buying some time to advance the party’s social policy measure — a priority for liberal Democrats. “Under the rules, the speaker does not have to actually advance the bill to the president for signature,” he said Sunday.
Persons: Nancy Pelosi, Tom Brenner, Nancy Pelosi’s, James E, , John Yarmuth, , Donald J, , Bill Cassidy, ” Mr, Cassidy, you’re, Hurricane Ida, Ms, Pelosi, Yarmuth, ” Read Organizations: Republican, The New York Times Congressional, , CNN, Treasury, “ Fox, Sunday, Trump, Republicans, Democratic, Press, Senate, Locations: South Carolina, Kentucky, United States, Louisiana
Live Covid Live Updates: F.D.A. Ruling on Boosters Is Expected in Days The agency appears likely to authorize a third Pfizer dose for older Americans and those vulnerable to severe Covid-19. It’s preparing to address other big questions in coming weeks, including vaccines for children under 12. The agency, which often follows the committee’s advice but is not required to, is expected to decide early this week. The minister did not specify which vaccines India would supply to Covax, or how many doses.
Persons: Matthew Busch, Johnson, Moderna’s children’s, Anthony S, Biden, , ” “ They’re, Peter Marks, Fauci, ” Dr, Francis S, Collins, , Atul Loke, Mansukh Mandaviya, Mr, Mandaviya, Phil Walter, Jacinda Ardern, Ardern, Ms Organizations: Pfizer, India, The New York Times, Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control, Moderna, Johnson, Press, National Institutes of Health, ABC, New York Times, , Serum, United Nations, AstraZeneca, Serum Institute of India, Bharat Biotech, Otahuhu, Getty, New Zealand, Auckland Locations: San Antonio , Texas, , Your County, State, United States, India, Pune, Covid, Zealand, Auckland, Auckland , New Zealand, New, Asia, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zealand
Live Covid Live Updates: Biden Administration to Lift Restrictions on Vaccinated International Travelers in November An F.D.A. The Biden administration will lift restrictions on fully vaccinated international travelers in November. Fully vaccinated travelers will also need to show proof of a negative test for the coronavirus within three days before coming to the United States, Mr. Zients said. Authorities will then follow up with the travelers after arrival to ask whether they are experiencing symptoms of the virus. The European Union and Britain both allowed fully vaccinated people from the United States to travel without quarantining and officials there were annoyed when the United States did not reciprocate.
Persons: Biden, Frederic J . Brown, ” Jeff Zients, Mr, Zients, , Boris Johnson, Donald J, Trump, Stephen Castle, Zolan Kanno, Anna Watts, Bill de Blasio, de, Michael Mulgrew, de Blasio, ” Mr, Mulgrew, Matthew Busch, Johnson, Moderna’s children’s, Anthony S, , ” “ They’re, Peter Marks, Fauci, ” Dr, Francis S, Collins, Atul Loke, Mansukh Mandaviya, Mandaviya, Narendra Modi, Modi, caseload, Phil Walter, Jacinda Ardern, Ardern, Ms Organizations: Biden Administration, Pfizer, New, Travelers, Los Angeles International Airport, ., Agence France, United, , Mr, Disease Control, Authorities, Group, European Union, The New York Times New, Democrat, United Federation of Teachers, The New York Times, Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control, Moderna, Johnson, Press, National Institutes of Health, ABC, New York Times, Serum, United Nations, AstraZeneca, Serum Institute of India, Bharat Biotech, India’s, General Assembly, Otahuhu, Getty, New Zealand, Auckland Locations: New York City, United States, Iran, China, Cornwall, England, Caribbean, Britain, Argentina, Europe, London, The New York Times New York City, San Antonio , Texas, , Your County, State, India, Pune, Covid, Australia, Japan, Zealand, Auckland, Auckland , New Zealand, New, Asia, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zealand
Robert York, the editor in chief of The Daily News of New York, is being replaced on an interim and “as-needed” basis by Andrew Julien, the editor and publisher of its corporate sibling The Hartford Courant, who will remain in that job while a search for a permanent editor takes place, an executive at the publisher of the newspapers said. The change, which was effective immediately, was announced on Monday in memos sent to Daily News and Courant staff members by Toni Martinez, a human resources executive at the newspapers’ parent company, Tribune Publishing. A Tribune spokesman confirmed the news but did not give a reason for his departure. Mr. York, who was the editor and publisher of The Morning Call of Allentown, Pa., another Tribune title, before taking The Daily News editorship in 2018, did not immediately reply to a request for comment on Monday morning. Mr. Julien “grew up in New York and is eager to work with the talented staff of The Daily News,” Ms. Martinez wrote.
Persons: Robert York, Andrew Julien, Toni Martinez, York, Mr, Julien “, Ms, Martinez Organizations: The Daily, Hartford Courant, Daily News, Courant, Tribune Publishing, Tribune, Daily Locations: New York, Allentown, Pa
Democrats to pair stopgap spending with debt ceiling increase, testing Republican opposition. That, in turn, could trigger a financial crisis, or at the least, a crisis of confidence in the creditworthiness and governance of the United States. They will need to test negative for the coronavirus one day before traveling to the United States and show proof that they have bought a test to take after arriving in the United States, Mr. Zients said. Britain and several European Union countries allow fully vaccinated people from the United States to travel without quarantining, and officials there were annoyed when the United States did not reciprocate. The right has accused Mr. Gableman of not doing enough to push lies about the 2020 election propagated by former President Donald J. Trump.
Persons: Nancy Pelosi, Tom Brenner, Mitch McConnell, Donald J, Trump, Chuck Schumer, ” Ms, Pelosi, Schumer, Bill Cassidy, Hurricane Ida, , ” Mr, Cassidy, , you’re, Read, Kenny Holston, Roe, Wade, Shawn Thew, Elizabeth MacDonough, Richard J, Durbin, Alex Padilla, MacDonough, Greisa Martinez Rosas, Ms, Biden, Frederic J . Brown, Jeff Zients, Mr, Zients, Biden’s, , Boris Johnson, Giovanni Vincenti, Vincenti, Vincenti’s, Stephen Castle, Zolan Kanno, Michael Gableman, Jessica Reilly, ” Michael Gableman, Gableman, Robin Vos, Republicans ’, David A, Clarke Jr, Vos, Ben Wikler, “ Robin Vos, ’ Michael Gableman, Wikler, It’s, Stefani Reynolds, Jesse Drucker, Danny Hakim, it’s, Stephen Shay, Reagan, Obama, ” Read Organizations: The New York Times Democratic, Republican, Democratic, Democrats, Republicans, Social Security, Press, The New York Times, The Monmouth University Poll, United, House, , Illinois, Immigration, , Travelers, Los Angeles International Airport, ., Agence France, Disease Control, Authorities, European Union, Group, Wisconsin . Credit, Telegraph, Associated Press, Wisconsin Republican, YouTube, Trump, Wisconsin Assembly, Arizona Republicans, Maricopa County . Pennsylvania Republicans, Milwaukee County, State Capitol, Green, Wisconsin Democratic Party, Treasury, Washington . Credit, Treasury Department, The Times, Ropes & Gray Locations: Kentucky, California, New York, Afghanistan, Louisiana, United States, Texas, Washington, Mississippi, Monmouth, Iran, China, Britain, India, Cornwall, England, France, Paris, Australia, Caribbean, Argentina, Europe, Italian, Baltimore, Polish, London, Wisconsin ., Wisconsin, Maricopa County, Milwaukee, Madison, Washington ., The
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