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Credit... David Guttenfelder for The New York TimesZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine — Increasingly frequent explosions near a vast nuclear complex in southern Ukraine and the shelling of a nearby town where many of the complex’s workers reside have accelerated a civilian exodus from the area. The company said the shelling killed an employee of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex and injured two others. While Russia controls the nuclear complex, Ukrainian technicians continue to operate it under increasingly difficult circumstances. The shift boss intended to drive his family out of the area and was considering not returning, Mr. Orlov said. “Nobody knows what’s going on in their heads,” he said of the Russian soldiers stationed at the nuclear plant.
Persons: Natalia Lytvenenko, David Guttenfelder, Dmytro Orlov, Mr, Orlov, ” Mr, , Volodymyr, , Lytvenenko, Oleksandr Organizations: The New York Times, Ukrainian Army, Civilian, ., Plant Locations: Blagoveshenko, Russian, Ukraine, Enerhodar, town’s, Russia, Ukrainian, Zaporizhzhia
How Frustration Over TikTok Has Mounted in Washington
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In an interview, Mr. Beckerman called TikTok’s data collection “all very minor” compared with other social apps. The White House may be preparing to act soon on broader policy around apps that could expose data to foreign adversaries. Federal courts eventually ruled that Mr. Trump’s order blocking TikTok was illegal, along with another blocking the Chinese-owned app WeChat, and last summer, Mr. Biden rolled both back. But the government has continued trying to reduce risks associated with TikTok. TikTok has said its plan is to store all its U.S. user data on Oracle’s servers in the United States, as opposed to TikTok’s servers in Singapore and Virginia.
Persons: Beckerman, Biden, , , Saloni Sharma, ” TikTok, Trump, ByteDance, TikTok Organizations: National Security Council, Mr, Apple, Google, Oracle, Federal Locations: United States, China, American, Singapore, Virginia
​Mr. Yajima said he ​became interested in feminism and Japan’s colonial era when he studied history at Waseda University in Tokyo. He began visiting the House of Sharing in 2000, initially working ​there as a translator and photographer from 2003 to 2006. “In my photos, I try to show the women’s collective image as victims, but also the women as individuals with personalities,” ​Mr. By the time he returned to the House of Sharing in 2019, what he saw deeply troubled him. In a manager’s desk drawers, the whistle-blowers found cash donations from abroad that were not ​properly ​registered in the books.
Persons: Ms, Lim, ​ Mr, Yajima, , Organizations: Waseda University, , Germany ​ Locations: Tokyo, Germany
It was a long-shot bet on liquid natural gas, but it paid off handsomely — and turned the United States into a leading fossil-fuel exporter. The journalist Jake Bittle delves into the storied career of Charif Souki, the Lebanese American entrepreneur whose aptitude for risk changed the course of the American energy business. The article outlines how Mr. Souki rose from being a Los Angeles restaurant owner to becoming the co-founder and chief executive of Cheniere Energy, an oil and gas company that specialized in liquefied natural gas, and provides an insight into his thought process: “As Souki sees it,” Mr. Bittle writes, “the need to provide the world with energy in the short term outweighs the long-term demand of acting on carbon emissions.”
Persons: Jake Bittle, Charif Souki, Souki, ” Mr, Bittle Organizations: Cheniere Energy Locations: United States, Lebanese American, Los Angeles
WASHINGTON — Former President Donald J. Trump’s claim that he had declassified all of the documents that the F.B.I. seized in the search of his Florida home last week — including those marked as top secret — has heightened interest in the scope of a president’s power to declassify information. On Friday, Mr. Trump’s office claimed that when he was president, he had a “standing order” that materials “removed from the Oval Office and taken to the residence were deemed to be declassified the moment he removed them,” according to a statement read on Fox News by a right-wing writer Mr. Trump has designated as one of his representatives to the National Archives. Apart from whether there is any evidence that such an order actually existed, the notion has been greeted with disdain by national security legal specialists. Glenn S. Gerstell, the top lawyer for the National Security Agency from 2015 to 2020, pronounced the idea that whatever Mr. Trump happened to take upstairs each evening automatically became declassified — without logging what it was and notifying the agencies that used that information — “preposterous.”
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The author Salman Rushdie, who was stabbed roughly 10 times on Friday, has been removed from a ventilator and is on the mend, his agent said Sunday. “The road to recovery has begun,” Andrew Wylie said in a text. “It will be long; the injuries are severe, but his condition is headed in the right direction.”Mr. Rushdie, who had spent decades under proscription by Iran, was attacked onstage minutes before he was to give a talk at the Chautauqua Institution in western New York.
Persons: Salman Rushdie, ” Andrew Wylie, Mr, Rushdie Organizations: Chautauqua Institution Locations: proscription, Iran, New York
The Norwegian authorities killed a 1,300-pound walrus named Freya on Sunday who had spent the past weeks off the coast of Oslo climbing onto boats and lounging on piers, saying that moving her was “too high risk.”“In the end, we couldn’t see any other options,” said Olav Lekver, a spokesman for the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries. “She was in an area that wasn’t natural for her.”Mr. Lekver said walruses needed a lot of rest and people had been bothering Freya by swimming with her and taking photos of her. The Oslo Fjord is busy in summer, with swimmers, boaters and other water recreationists. Walruses are social animals and rarely venture somewhere alone, which may have been why Freya had spent time in a highly populated area.
Persons: Freya, , , Olav Lekver, ” Mr, Lekver, walruses Organizations: Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries Locations: Oslo
Worse, Ms. Kraemer noticed that the software did not come close to capturing her labor. Each morning, Ms. Richardson and her colleagues had to project how many “productivity points” they would accumulate during the day’s work. Ms. Kraemer, the executive, said she sometimes resorted to doing “busywork that is mindless” to accumulate clicks. Though WorkSmart allowed payment requests for offline work, employees said managers did not always encourage them. Soon the company began gauging its workers’ productivity using a program called Monitask, according to Mr. Baratta and several former colleagues.
Persons: “ You’re, , Kraemer, , didn’t, Carol Kraemer, Tommy Weir, we’re, Paul Wartenberg, , Marisa Goldenberg, Richardson, Margo Richardson, Tamir Kalifa, Ryan Fuller, Grocery cashiers, . Kraemer, UnitedHealth, Megan Polney, Christie Hemm Klok, , Morgan, Kroger cashiers, Matthew Phillp, Mr, Phillp, Sarah Blesener, ESW, Federico Mazzoli, Mazzoli, Tali Kimelman, Workdays, ” Ms, WorkSmart, McDonald’s Terrence Wise, Wise, Chase Castor, Prep Dora Potts, Ms, Potts, Jenn Ackerman, Patrick Baratta, Baratta, Matthew Hastings, AlphaBrook Patrick Baratta, Hilary Swift, Jessica Hornig, Hornig, Linda Eusebi, Isaac Sorensen, Ifeoma Ajunwa, Ritu, Chatuvedi, Adriana Zehbrauskas, Brian Kropp, Jason Corsello, Amazon’s, Kelly Nantel Organizations: Fortune, The New York, Microsoft, UnitedHealth, The New York Times Architects, The Times, Barclays Bank, UnitedHealth Group, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York Times, Enron, ESW, The New York Times, Workers, Kansas City McDonald’s, Employers, Deloitte, Software, Union, Prep, University of Virginia, , University of North, Fair Labor, Gartner, Investment, Amazon Locations: Minneapolis, Britain, New, Texas, mull, Kansas, The, Upwork, Washington, Rhode, Garden Grove, Calif, University of North Carolina, York, California, American, Staten
“What he doesn’t have the right to do is possess the documents; they are not his,” Jason R. Baron, a former director of litigation at the National Archives for more than a decade, said. A spokesman for Mr. Trump did not respond to a message seeking comment. Mr. Trump used Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified material, as seen in a Justice Department investigation into her email practices in 2015 and 2016, as political fodder during his first campaign. After officials with the National Archives tried for several months to retrieve material from Mr. Trump, he turned over 15 boxes of documents in January. The next month, the National Archives confirmed the discovery of the classified information and referred the matter to the Justice Department.
Persons: Department’s, Trump, ” Jason R, Hillary Clinton’s Organizations: SCI, National Archives, Records Administration, Mar, Mr, Department, Justice Department
The man accused of stabbing acclaimed novelist Salman Rushdie at a lecture series in southwestern New York was charged with attempted murder and assault, New York state police said Saturday. Hadi Matar , a 24-year-old from Fairview, N.J., jumped on to the stage at the Chautauqua Institution on Friday and attacked Mr. Rushdie moments after he was introduced to the crowd, police said.
Persons: Salman Rushdie, Hadi Matar, Mr, Rushdie Organizations: Chautauqua Institution Locations: New York, Fairview , N.J
The Stabbing of Salman Rushdie
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The author Salman Rushdie was supposed to discuss the U.S. as a refuge for exiled writers. As he was about to begin Friday at the Chautauqua Institution in western New York, a man rushed the stage and stabbed Mr. Rushdie in the neck. But Mr. Rushdie has spent decades facing precisely this kind of threat. In 1989 the ayatollah of Iran issued a fatwa calling on Muslims to kill Mr. Rushdie for allegedly insulting Islam with his novel “The Satanic Verses.” Mr. Rushdie went into hiding for years but had lived more openly in New York in recent years. Perhaps he was beginning to hope that it all had faded into history.
Persons: Salman Rushdie, Mr, Rushdie, Hadi Matar, ” Mr Organizations: Chautauqua Institution Locations: New York, Iran
Image A Ukrainian artillery unit firing toward Russian infantry troops advancing around the eastern Ukrainian town of Pokrovske on Wednesday. Ukraine has been able to stem Russian advances recently and force Russia to sustain heavy losses, with up to 500 Russian troops killed or injured every day, according to some estimates. “They have also made Russians expend resources that they can’t replenish,” Mr. Spencer said. Ben Wallace, Britain’s defense minister, said the aid would include additional multiple-launch rocket systems and long-range missiles. With that, the United States will have sent more than $9 billion in aid to Ukraine since Russia invaded the country on Feb. 24.
Persons: David Guttenfelder, John Spencer, Mr, Spencer, they’re, Ben Wallace, Wallace, Morten Bodskov, Bodskov, Volodymyr Zelensky, Zelensky, ” “ They’ve, , Organizations: ., The New York Times, Army, Madison Policy Forum, Ukraine, Pentagon, Crimea — Locations: Ukrainian, Pokrovske, Ukraine, U.S, Russia, Britain, Denmark, United States, Russian, Crimea, Moscow
Mr. Trump returned 15 boxes of material in January of this year. In the spring, the Justice Department issued a subpoena to Mr. Trump seeking further documents believed to be in his possession. In an effort to resolve the dispute, Mr. Bratt and other officials visited Mar-a-Lago in early June, briefly meeting Mr. Trump. Two of Mr. Trump’s lawyers, M. Evan Corcoran and Christina Bobb, spoke with Mr. Bratt and a handful of investigators he traveled with, people briefed on the meeting said. Mr. Corcoran and Ms. Bobb showed Mr. Bratt and his team boxes holding material Mr. Trump had taken from the White House that were being kept in a storage area, the people said.
Persons: Trump, Bratt, Evan Corcoran, Christina Bobb, Mr, Corcoran, Bobb Organizations: National Archives, White, Presidential, Mr, Justice Department, The Times Locations: Lago
After the author Salman Rushdie was stabbed on Friday at the Chautauqua Institution in western New York, state and federal investigators were trying to determine the suspect’s motivation, plans, communication and movements as Mr. Rushdie remained in a precarious condition on Saturday. Mr. Rushdie, who had spent decades under proscription by Iran, was on a ventilator after undergoing hours of surgery and could not speak, Andrew Wylie, his agent, said in an email on Friday evening. Efforts to reach Mr. Wylie on Saturday were unsuccessful. Mr. Wylie said on Friday that the author’s condition was “not good.” Mr. Rushdie might lose an eye, his liver had been damaged and the nerves in his arm were severed, he said.
Persons: Salman Rushdie, Rushdie, Andrew Wylie, Wylie, Mr Organizations: Chautauqua Institution Locations: New York, proscription, Iran
But Mr. Reddy, 71, said most of his Indian American friends saw the Republican Party as “all white.”“That’s the only popular perception,” he said. National Democratic organizations, including the advocacy group Indian American Impact, mounted a fierce campaign targeting Asian American voters with information about Mr. Perdue’s insulting conduct. A supporter of Mr. Trump for years, Mr. Reddy said it had grown difficult to justify his behavior. Republicans in Georgia have taken something of a divide-and-conquer approach to the Asian American vote. The governor appointed the first Asian American justice to Georgia’s Supreme Court and Republicans have recruited a few Asian American candidates to run in state legislative seats.
Persons: Reddy, Au’s, , , ” Mr, George W, Bush, Mitt Romney, , David Perdue, Harris’s, Trump, Au Organizations: Au’s Republican, Republican Party, Georgia Senate, Republican, National Democratic, Asian, Mr, Republicans, Senate, Democratic Locations: Duluth , Ga, Johns Creek, Georgia, American
Most of those released from Tora prison on that hot day in June had waited three years for that moment, never getting formally charged, never going on trial. But for the dozens of friends and family members waiting outside Tora, the releases were long overdue. “This is the first time since 2018 that no one I really, really care about is in prison,” said Lobna Monieb, a podcast producer whose father, cousin and friend had all been detained in recent years. Now she was waiting for the release of her friend, Kholoud Said, a translator and researcher at the famed Great Library of Alexandria. Like thousands of other political detainees, she was accused of joining a terrorist group, spreading fake news and misusing social media.
Persons: Mr, Lotfy, , Lobna Monieb, , Kholoud Said, Said Organizations: Great Library of Alexandria, Facebook
A Trump lawyer said investigations into the former president would stop if he didn't run for office in 2024. The Department of Justice executed an FBI raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, seeking classified documents. President, if you would like me to resolve all your litigation, you should announce that you are not running for office, and all of this will stop,'" Trump attorney Alina Habba said on Real America's Voice on Friday. Trump has teased his interest in running for president in 2024, though he has not publically confirmed his plans. As reported by Insider's Tom Porter, Garland broke precedent by commenting on the raid and announcing that the Justice Department would move to unseal the warrant.
Persons: Alina Habba, , Donald Trump, I've, Mr, Trump, Habba, Kevin McCarthy, General Merrick Garland, Insider's Tom Porter, Garland Organizations: Trump, The, Justice, FBI, Service, Real America's, Department of Justice, Democratic, Justice Department Locations: Trump's, Lago
Salman Rushdie’s Most Influential Work Card 1 of 5 Salman Rushdie’s Most Influential Work “Midnight’s Children” (1981). Salman Rushdie’s Most Influential Work “The Satanic Verses” (1988). Today, the Chautauqua Institution, which is about an hour south of Buffalo, is largely unchanged from its heyday a century ago. Moments after Mr. Rushdie took the stage on Friday, the assailant rushed down an aisle of the amphitheater, pushing aside startled guests. The attacker faced no apparent resistance as he took the stage and began stabbing Mr. Rushdie, who was seated and waiting for the talk to begin.
Persons: Lewis Miller, John Heyl Vincent, Salman Rushdie’s, , Booker, Saleem Sinai, Prophet Muhammad, Rushdie’s, Ruhollah Khomeini, Rushdie, Indira Gandhi, Malik, Rushdie “, “ Joseph Anton ”, — Joseph Conrad, Anton Chekhov, Mark Twain, Sandra Day O’Connor, Sheryl Crow, Hispánico, Mr Organizations: ” Chautauqua, Chautauqua Institution Locations: Iran, India, New York, London, , Chautauqua, Colorado , Ohio, Michigan, Buffalo
Henry Kissinger Is Worried About ‘Disequilibrium’
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At 99 years old, Henry Kissinger has just published his 19th book, “Leadership: Six Studies in World Strategy.” It is an analysis of the vision and historical achievements of an idiosyncratic pantheon of post-World War II leaders: Konrad Adenauer , Charles DeGaulle , Richard Nixon , Anwar Sadat , Lee Kuan-Yew and Margaret Thatcher . In the 1950s, “before I was involved in politics,” Mr. Kissinger tells me in his midtown Manhattan office on a steamy day in July, “my plan was to write a book about the making of peace and the ending of peace in the 19th century, starting with the Congress of Vienna, and that turned into a book, and then I had about a third of a book written on Bismarck, and it was going to end with the outbreak of World War I.” The new book, he says, “is a kind of continuation. It’s not just a contemporary reflection.”
Persons: Henry Kissinger, Konrad Adenauer, Charles DeGaulle, Richard Nixon, Anwar Sadat, Lee Kuan, Margaret Thatcher, , ” Mr, Kissinger, It’s Locations: Manhattan, Vienna, Bismarck
His allegations are part of a federal complaint filed by 16 civil rights organizations against practices at the detention center, which is located in Macclenny, Florida. The federal complaint is calling for ICE to terminate the contract with Baker County, which runs the facility. Noticias Telemundo Investiga interviewed several immigrant detainees including De León Serrabi, whose allegations are included in the federal complaint. "Remembering his time at Baker," the federal complaint states, 'it was a living hell.'" Other immigrant detainees have described incidents of racism against Latino and Black migrant detainees, including racist slurs, saying they were told to speaking English.
Persons: Guillermo De León Serrabi, , De León Serrabi, De León, Sofia Casini, Baker, Eric Martinez, Mr, Martinez, Sergeant Griffiths, , ” Casini, Andrea Jacoski, Casini, Cosme Alfredo Frías, Telemundo Investiga Cosme Alfredo Frías, Frías Organizations: Immigration, Customs, Detention, Telemundo Investiga, of Homeland Security, Miami ICE, ICE, Noticias Telemundo Investiga, for Immigrants, Department of Homeland Security, Telemundo, Justice Detention, Noticias Telemundo, NBC, Facebook, Twitter Locations: Salvadoran, Baker, Macclenny , Florida, Colombian, United States, Colombia, U.S, Miami
Merrick Garland’s Mar-a-Lago Warrant Gambit
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The Attorney General emerged briefly from Main Justice on Thursday to defend the FBI’s search of Donald Trump’s residence without saying much at all. Instead he put the burden on Mr. Trump to let a federal judge release the judicial warrant that allowed the search of Mar-a-Lago. Mr. Garland said he had asked the judge to release the warrant and property list presented by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago, which gives the appearance of transparency. The magistrate will no doubt consult Mr. Trump’s attorney, and if the former President declines his assent the warrant may stay sealed. That could make it look as if Mr. Trump is trying to hide something, though a warrant is nothing more than a license to search a premises.
Persons: Merrick Garland, Donald Trump’s, Trump, Garland Organizations: Main Justice, Mr, FBI, Mar
Author Salman Rushdie Attacked at New York Event
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Salman Rushdie , whose book “The Satanic Verses” led to death threats against him in the 1980s, was attacked Friday at a lecture series in upstate New York. New York State Police said Mr. Rushdie appeared to have been stabbed in the neck. He was taken by helicopter to a local hospital. Information on his condition hasn’t been made available.
Persons: Salman Rushdie, Mr, Rushdie, hasn’t Organizations: New York . New York State Police Locations: New York .
Salman Rushdie , who spent years under police protection after Iranian leaders called for his execution over the 1988 book “The Satanic Verses,” was stabbed Friday while speaking at a lecture series in southwestern New York. New York State Police said Mr. Rushdie was stabbed at least once in both the neck and abdomen. The 75-year-old was taken by helicopter to the nearest trauma hospital and immediately went into surgery, police said at an afternoon press conference.
Persons: Salman Rushdie, , Mr, Rushdie Organizations: New York . New York State Police Locations: New York .
FBI agents searched the Florida home of former President Donald Trump on Aug. 8. Here’s what we know so far about the search—an escalation of the investigation into Mr. Trump’s handling of classified White House documents. Why did the FBI search the residence of former President Donald Trump? People familiar with the search say it was part of a long-running investigation into whether White House records—some of them classified—were taken to Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s private golf club and residence, when he left office.
Persons: Donald Trump Organizations: White, Mr Locations: Florida
In the U.K., several supermarket companies this year abandoned various date labels on certain foods. Packaged produce sold without date labels will instead feature a code that store workers will use to assess when to take products off the shelf, the company said. The U.S., however, has no federal law on date labels for food other than baby formula, making for a hodgepodge of state laws and guidance. Photo: Alisha Jucevic for The Wall Street JournalSome analysts said getting rid of date labels could backfire. U.S. lawmakers have long sought to pass legislation to simplify and standardize date labeling.
Persons: , , John Lewis, Ben Thomas, Mr, Thomas, Emily Broad Leib, Alisha Jucevic, Andrew Busby, ” Mr, Busby, Ignacio Gavilan, Chellie Pingree, Broad Leib, Katie Deighton Organizations: Morrison Supermarkets PLC, CMO, Spencer, Waitrose, British, John, John Lewis Partnership PLC, John Lewis Partnership, Harvard Law School’s Food Law, Policy Clinic, Wall, “ Consumers, Harvard Food Law, Clinic, U.S . Food, Drug Administration, Consumer Goods Forum, Walmart Inc Locations: Bradford , England, U.S, , Maine, katie.deighton
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