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Myanmar army ruler pledges elections, ASEAN cooperation
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Commander-in-Chief of Myanmar's armed forces, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers his speech at the IX Moscow conference on international security in Moscow, Russia June 23, 2021. "Myanmar is ready to work on ASEAN cooperation within the ASEAN framework including the dialogue with the ASEAN Special Envoy in Myanmar," Min Aung Hlaing said. read moreMin Aung Hlaing also repeated a pledge to restore democracy, though again without detailing a time frame. "At present, the whole country is stable except for some terrorist attacks," Min Aung Hlaing said in his speech. The military said the number of protesters killed is far lower and members of the armed forces have also died in violence.
Persons: Min Aung Hlaing, Alexander Zemlianichenko, Min Aung, Nobel, Aung, Kyi's, Aung Hlaing, Hlaing, Kyi, Kay Johnson, Christopher Cushing Organizations: IX, REUTERS, Sunday, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN, Association for Political Prisoners, Reuters Staff, Thomson Locations: IX Moscow, Moscow, Russia, REUTERS BANGKOK, Myanmar, ASEAN
Boxing-France's Aliev protests with sit-in after disqualification
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His opponent, Briain's Frazer Clarke, suffered cuts above on his face in what the referee deemed an intentional headbutt by Aliev, winning the match with four seconds left in the second round. "It's totally unfair - I was winning the match," the 26-year-old told a throng of reporters after finally abandoning his spot at the Kokugikan arena in Tokyo. "I was just stopped without any warning and they just told me that 'you lost' - just like that. "Often you're not thinking with your head, you're thinking with your heart and your emotions are all over the place. I've had a lot of downs in my career, a lot of ups and a lot of downs.
Persons: Mourad Aliev, Frazer Clarke, Andrew P, Scott, Briain's Frazer Clarke, Aliev, motioned, pugilist, Clarke, Frenchman, I've, they're, he's, Chang, Ran Kim, Himani Sarkar Organizations: Kokugikan, USA, Sports TOKYO, Briton, Thomson Locations: Tokyo, Japan, Moscow
Commander-in-Chief of Myanmar's armed forces, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, delivers a speech at the IX Moscow conference on international security in Moscow, Russia, June 23, 2021. Alexander Zemlianichenko/Pool via REUTERS/File PhotoBANGKOK, Aug 1 (Reuters) - Myanmar's military ruler Min Aung Hlaing has taken on a new title as prime minister of a newly formed caretaker government, state media reported on Sunday, six months after the army seized power from a civilian government. Min Aung Hlaing has chaired the military-backed State Administration Council (SAC) that has run Myanmar since it was formed just after the Feb. 1 coup, and the caretaker government will replace it. “In order to perform the country’s duties fast, easily and effectively , the state administration council has been reformed as caretaker government of Myanmar,” a newsreader on state Myawaddy television said. Writing by Kay JohnsonOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Min Aung, Alexander Zemlianichenko, Min Aung Hlaing, , Kay Johnson Organizations: IX, Administration Council, SAC, Thomson Locations: IX Moscow, Moscow, Russia, BANGKOK, Myanmar
Russian cosmonauts give video tour of module that jolted space station
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The Nauka (Science) Multipurpose Laboratory Module is seen docked to the International Space Station (ISS) next to next to Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft on July 29, 2021. Oleg Novitskiy/Roscosmos/Handout via REUTERSMOSCOW, Aug 1 (Reuters) - Russian cosmonauts have given a video tour of the interior of a research module which briefly threw the International Space Station out of control on Thursday a few hours after docking. Russian space officials said a software glitch and possible lapse in human attention were to blame for the mishap that caused the entire space station to pitch out of its normal flight position 250 miles above the Earth with seven crew members aboard. read moreFootage published late on Saturday showed cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Pyotr Dubrov opening the hatches and giving a short tour inside the Nauka module, the Russian space agency Roscosmos said. NASA and Roscosmos each said that the seven crew members - two Russian cosmonauts, three U.S. astronauts and two others from Japan and France - were never in any immediate danger.
Persons: Oleg Novitskiy, Oleg Novitsky, Pyotr Dubrov, Roscosmos, Alexander Marrow, Giles Elgood Organizations: Module, International Space, Soyuz, REUTERS, Russian, Space, NASA, Vostochny, Thomson Locations: Handout, REUTERS MOSCOW, Nauka, Russian, U.S, Japan, France
MOSCOW — Russia’s Olympic team is competing abroad in unmarked uniforms without the country’s flag — not unlike the Russian Army on its unacknowledged military incursions, as one joke making the rounds in Moscow notes. When a Russian wins a gold medal and takes the top spot on the podium, the country’s national anthem doesn’t play. Instead, a portion of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. “Let them listen to classical music,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said in a video the ministry released to cheer on the not-exactly-Russian team. With humor and pride, Russians are gloating over their athletes’ many medals this summer despite a prohibition on national symbols at the Tokyo Summer Olympics — a punishment for egregious past doping infractions.
Persons: , , Maria Zakharova Organizations: MOSCOW, Russian Army, Foreign Ministry, Tokyo Locations: Moscow, Russian
Russia reports pressure drop in space station service module
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MOSCOW, July 31 (Reuters) - The head of Russia's Roscosmos space agency said on Saturday that pressure in a Russian service module on the International Space Station had dropped as a result of an air leak. "It was an expected and not a 'sharp' drop in the still problematic Zvezda and it is not linked to the research module," Rogozin tweeted in response to media reports. Pressure in the service module dropped on July 29, the day the Nauka research module docked, to about one third of its level on July 14 but would be increased, Rogozin tweeted. The air leak in the Zvezda module, which provides living quarters for crew members and life support systems, was detected last year. Russia said on Friday that a software glitch, and possible lapse in human attention, were to blame for an emergency caused by inadvertently reignited jet thrusters of the Nauka research module.
Persons: Dmitry Rogozin, Roscosmos, Rogozin, Maria Tsvetkova, Giles Elgood Organizations: Space, Zvezda, Russian ISS, Thomson Locations: MOSCOW, Russian, Nauka, Russia
American swimmer complains about doping after losing to Russians
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TOKYO — After losing to Russian swimmers in two races at the Olympics, American backstroke star Ryan Murphy said Friday that doping remains a huge problem in the sport and he wonders if all his competitors are clean. Maddie Meyer / Getty ImagesRylov, who has long been one of the world’s top backstrokers, denied being involved in any doping schemes. After Murphy's comments, the Russian Olympic Committee issued a scathing statement on social media saying their country was the victim of “English-language propaganda” spread by “athletes offended by defeats.”“Yes, we are here at the Olympic Games. Not everyone has that gift.”Most Russian athletes were allowed to compete at Tokyo, even though they officially represent the Russian Olympic Committee — not their country. His country's swimmers were involved in a massing doping scandal in the 1990s, and China's best-known swimmer, Sun Yang, was banned from the Tokyo Games because of a doping violation.
Persons: Ryan Murphy, Murphy, Evgeny Rylov, Murphy —, , Kliment Kolesnikov, ” Murphy, Rylov, Luke Greenbank, , , Evgeny, Luke, they’ve, Maddie Meyer, “ I’m, I’ve, “ Ryan, ” Rylov, Grigory Rodchenkov, Tchaikovsky, Alexandr Kudashev, Veronika Andrusenko, Andrusenko, Kudashev, China's Wang Shun, Sun Yang, ” Wang, I’m Organizations: Olympics, Team ROC, Team Great Britain, , Games, Russia, Doping Agency, Sport, Russian Olympic, Olympic, FINA, Tokyo Games Locations: TOKYO, Britain, Tokyo, ” Russia, Sochi, Russia, Russian, Moscow
Big Oil Is Vulnerable to Climate Change. Literally.
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That is exactly what it will soon need, though, to prevent one of the world’s largest oil pipeline systems from sinking into melting permafrost. Recent wildfires, floods and droughts across the world are bringing the spotlight once again to the contribution that the oil-and-gas industry has made to climate change. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System received permission earlier this year to construct a cooling system to keep permafrost on parts of its pipeline frozen, according to a report from Inside Climate News. All told, the Russian economy could lose more than $67 billion by 2050 due to permafrost damage on infrastructure, according to the report. There is no shortage of ways in which the oil-and-gas industry is impacted by climate change.
Persons: Alexander Kozlov Organizations: Shareholders, Alaska Pipeline System, Climate, Resources, Environment, Moscow Times, Weekly, U.S . Energy Information Administration Locations: Alaska, Russia, Russian, Texas, Gulf
Viewers can request online tours of other locations through Japan Online Tour. Companies such as Tokyo Localized and Japan Online Tour send Japanese products to online tourists' homes. John S Lander | LightRocket | Getty ImagesVisitors can explore the virtual walkways of the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo, Japan. A virtual tour of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum lets viewers examine objects recovered from the wreckage in 3D. Carl Court | Getty Images News | Getty ImagesOne of the better online park tours in Japan is of Hiroshima’s Shukkeien Garden.
Persons: , Allan Baxter, Dai Miyamoto, Nikhil Shah, Kazue Kaneko, Didier Marti, Napoleon, John S Lander, Christopher Jue, Tokyo’s, American John Daub, , Carl Court, Yue Yoshida Organizations: Bank, Getty, Japan, Kobe . Companies, Kyoto, CNBC, Deemed, imagenavi, Google, Museum, National Museum of Nature, Science, Japan’s National Museum of Nature, YouTube, Olympic Games, Olympic, Hiroshima Peace, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, EyeEm Locations: Japan, Asakusa, Tokyo, Kobe, Los Angeles, London’s, Shibuya, Settsu, Osaka Prefecture, Sand, Tottori Sand, Buckingham Palace, Angkor Wat, Moscow, Tottori Sand Dunes, Tokyo’s Ueno, Yokohama, Shinjuku, Ginza, American, Hiroshima
Review: Turning Beijing’s playbook against it
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But 60 pages of painstaking footnotes, many of them quoting internal statements by Communist Party leaders and intellectuals, make it rather compelling. That terrified Chinese officials who were convinced the Americans aspired to repeat in Beijing what they had accomplished in Moscow. The United States and allies like Japan should join China-led institutions, including the Belt and Road infrastructure initiative, and then seek to dilute Beijing’s influence. Even as admirals fret about armed Chinese drone swarms, American venture capitalists shower money on mainland artificial intelligence startups. China was the third-largest market for American goods in 2019, and a critical part of the U.S. supply chain.
Persons: Xi Jinping, Mao Zedong, Carlos Garcia Rawlins, Zhou Enlai, Zhou, Doshi, Joe Biden’s, Yale University’s Paul Tsai, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, “ blunting, Donald Trump, Goldman Sachs, Xi, , Rush Doshi, Peter Thal Larsen, Oliver Taslic Organizations: Communist Party of, REUTERS, Reuters, American, Joe Biden’s National Security Council, Brookings Institution, Yale, Yale University’s Paul Tsai China Center, Communist Party, United, People’s, World Trade Organization, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, U.S . Pacific Fleet, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Pentagon, People’s Liberation Army, Pacific, Treasury, Starbucks, Oxford University Press Locations: Communist Party of China, Beijing, China, Carlos Garcia Rawlins HONG KONG, United States, Soviet Union, Moscow, America, Japan, Republic
Belarus leader would 'not hesitate' to invite Russian troops if needed
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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko talk during a meeting in Saint Petersburg, Russia July 13, 2021. Sputnik/Alexei Nikolskyi/Kremlin via REUTERSMOSCOW, July 30 (Reuters) - Belarus would not hesitate to invite Russian troops if needed, President Alexander Lukashenko said on Friday, although he said there was no need for them now. Lukashenko said Belarus had coped with the unrest without any external forces and could muster around 500,000 personnel in a short period of time, but was prepared to bring in Russian armed forces if necessary. If it is not enough, Russian armed forces will be introduced.... If it is necessary, we will not hesitate," Belarus' state-run news agency Belta cited Lukashenko as saying.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Alexander Lukashenko, Alexei Nikolskyi, Lukashenko, Belta, Dmitry Peskov, Alexander Marrow, Gleb Stolyarov, Peter Graff Organizations: Belarusian, Sputnik, REUTERS, Minsk, Thomson Locations: Saint Petersburg, Russia, Kremlin, REUTERS MOSCOW, Belarus, Minsk
The Nauka (Science) Multipurpose Laboratory Module is seen docked to the International Space Station (ISS) next to next to Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft on July 29, 2021. Oleg Novitskiy/Roscosmos/Handout via REUTERSMOSCOW, July 30 (Reuters) - Russia sought to reassure international partners on Friday that an incident which briefly knocked the International Space Station (ISS) off course had been contained and said it would press ahead with integrating a newly-attached Russian module. The ISS was thrown off course on Thursday after the engines of the Russian Nauka, or 'science', research module fired up about three hours after it had latched on. Our work at the International Space Station to integrate the newly arrived Nauka module continues! It did not say what had prompted Nauka's engines to unexpectedly roar into life.
Persons: Oleg Novitskiy, Oleg Novitsky, Dmitry Rogozin, Elon Musk, Rogozin, Roscosmos, Alexander Marrow, Andrew Osborn, Giles Elgood Organizations: Module, International Space, Soyuz, REUTERS, Space, ISS, Twitter, Nauka, Vostochny, Thomson Locations: Handout, REUTERS MOSCOW, Russia, Russian Nauka, Russian, Nauka
Russia opens case against WhatsApp for violating personal data law
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WhatsApp app is seen on a smartphone in this illustration taken, July 13, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File PhotoMOSCOW, July 30 (Reuters) - Russia on Friday launched administrative proceedings against Facebook's (FB.O) WhatsApp for what it said was a failure to localise data of Russian users on Russian territory, the Interfax news agency reported. A day earlier, a Russian court fined Alphabet Inc.'s Google (GOOGL.O) 3 million roubles for violating personal data legislation and registered administrative proceedings against Facebook and Twitter (TWTR.N) for the same offence. read moreWhatsApp could be fined between 1 million and 6 million roubles ($13,700 to $82,250), Interfax reported, citing court documents. ($1 = 72.9350 roubles)Reporting by Alexander Marrow; Editing by Alison WilliamsOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Dado Ruvic, Alexander Marrow, Alison Williams Organizations: REUTERS, Facebook's, Facebook, Inc, Twitter, Big Tech, Thomson Locations: MOSCOW, Russia, Moscow
"What we did is not comparable to what modern gymnasts do," she told Reuters at her home two hours outside Moscow on Friday. "Looking at what gymnasts today do, I'm a little afraid. Latynina did not remember the Soviet gymnastics team turning to psychologists or other formal tools to improve concentration and mental performance. Latynina said Soviet Olympic gymnasts competing at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics lived in military barracks with communal bathrooms, striking a sharp contrast with the hotel rooms used by the U.S. gymnastics team. But Latynina said Soviet authorities' desire for the country's athletes to top medal tables was not perceived as coercion.
Persons: Larisa Latynina, Simone Biles, Latynina, Evgenia Novozhenina, Alexander Reshetnikov, Gabrielle Tétrault, Farber, Christian Radnedge, Stephen Coates Organizations: REUTERS, Reuters, Soviet Olympic, Thomson Locations: Kalyanino, Moscow region, Russia, KALYANINO, Soviet, Moscow, Tokyo, U.S, Soviet Union
MOEX has already started trading foreign currency, gold and derivatives three hours earlier from March 1 to attract Asian investors and is now preparing to adopt this practice on the stock market. The bourse expects to have 204 foreign firms trading on the exchange in early August. As of early August, MOEX will have 204 foreign stocks on offer. The bourse is also looking at trading foreign shares in U.S. dollars, Blokhin said. It currently trades foreign stocks in Russian roubles but dividends are paid in their native currency.
Persons: MOEX, Boris Blokhin, , ” Blokhin, Blokhin, Elena Fabrichnaya, Anna Rzhevkina, Andrey Ostroukh, David Holmes Organizations: bourse Moscow Exchange, bourse Locations: MOSCOW, Asia, Moscow, Hong Kong, China, Europe
WASHINGTON — Frustrated with the U.S., Ukraine is cutting deals with a rival superpower, inviting China to build infrastructure while holding back criticism of Beijing's human rights record. Just days before the cooperation deals were clinched, Kyiv chose to stay silent about China's alleged human rights abuses. "When Ukraine signed the declaration, China started asking [Ukraine] to withdraw it. Brad Adams, executive director of the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch, said China has a pattern of coercing governments to refrain from criticizing Beijing's human rights record. Oleg Nikolenko, the spokesperson for Ukraine's foreign ministry, said Ukraine remained committed to a trans-Atlantic future.
Persons: WASHINGTON —, Andriy Sharaskin, Sharaskin, Dmytro Kuleba, Oleksiy Arestovych, Arestovych, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Biden, Zelenskyy, Xi Jinping, Xi, Aleksandar Vučić, Jim Townsend, Brad Adams, Adams, Aleksey Filippov, Evelyn Farkas, Farkas, Oleg Nikolenko Organizations: U.S, Kyiv, Human Rights, NBC, Associated Press, Embassy, European Union, NATO, White, White House, Initiative, Center, New, New American Security, Asia Division of Human Rights, Ukraine, Motor Sich, Authorities, Skyrizon, Motor, Getty, Strategic and Security Studies, State Department, Moderna Locations: Ukraine, China, Xinjiang, Ukrainian, Central, Eastern Europe, Canada, China's, Washington, Russia, Moscow, Crimea, Europe, U.S, Piraeus, Serbia, Hungary, Balkans, Serbian, Beijing, New American, Kyiv, Motor Sich, Russian, Marinka, Donetsk, AFP, People's Republic of China, United States, Eurasia
Last year, Sberbank missed its pre-pandemic target with a 10% decline in net profit owing to provisions against bad loans, but it pledged to maintain its dividend payout and promised a “significant” rise in 2021 profit. Sberbank said on Thursday its net profit jumped 95.1% year on year in April-June, while net interest income rose 10.3% to 439.5 billion roubles. “In the second quarter we saw high consumer and transactional activity and improved dynamics in corporate lending,” Chief Financial Officer Alexandra Buriko said in a statement. Sberbank’s net credit loss allowance charge for debt financial assets, or provisions against bad loans, shrank to 30.2 billion roubles in the second quarter of 2021 from 126.5 billion roubles a year earlier. Sberbank’s non-financial business, which includes e-commerce, taxi services, a online cinema and food delivery among others, posted a revenue of 41.1 billion roubles in the second quarter.
Persons: Sberbank, Alexandra Buriko, Buriko, ” Buriko, Andrey Ostroukh, Tatiana Voronova, Katya Golubkova, Anil D’Silva, Mike Harrison, David Evans Organizations: Locations: MOSCOW, Russia, Russian
Sberbank made 325.3 billion roubles in net profit in the second quarter, a record quarterly result amid the country’s economic recovery and a sharp cut in provisions against bad loans. Last year, Sberbank missed its pre-pandemic target of 1 trillion roubles with a 10% decline in profit owing to provisions against bad loans, but maintained its dividend payout. Sberbank said on Thursday its net profit jumped 95.1% year on year in April-June, while net interest income rose 10.3% to 439.5 billion roubles, due to high consumer and transactional activity and improved dynamics in corporate lending. Sberbank’s net credit loss allowance charge for debt financial assets, or provisions against bad loans, shrank to 30.2 billion roubles in the second quarter of 2021 from 126.5 billion roubles a year earlier. Sberbank sees its corporate portfolio growing by 6% to 8% this year and retail loans expanding by 18-20%.
Persons: Sberbank, Alexandra Buriko, Buriko, Sberbank’s, ” Buriko, Andrey Ostroukh, Tatiana Voronova, Katya Golubkova, Anil D’Silva, Mike Harrison, David Evans, Jonathan Oatis Locations: MOSCOW, Russian
Russia's Sberbank Q2 net profit jumps to 325.3 bln roubles
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MOSCOW, July 29 (Reuters) - Russia’s largest lender Sberbank made 325.3 billion roubles ($4.44 billion) in net profit in the second quarter, up from 166.7 billion roubles in the same period of 2020, the bank said on Thursday. Sberbank’s net interest income rose 10.3% year on year to 439.5 billion roubles in April-June. ($1 = 73.3100 roubles) (Reporting by Andrey Ostroukh and Tatiana Voronova; Editing by Alex Richardson)
Persons: Andrey Ostroukh, Tatiana Voronova, Alex Richardson Locations: MOSCOW
Russia says U.S. wants China included in arms control talks - Ifax
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U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman (L) and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov pose in front of their national flags before a meeting at the U.S. diplomatic mission in Geneva, Switzerland July 28, 2021. U.S. Mission Geneva/Handout via REUTERSMOSCOW, July 29 (Reuters) - Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday that the United States wanted China to be included in wider talks on nuclear arms control, the Interfax news agency reported. Ryabkov made the comments a day after senior U.S. and Russian officials restarted talks in Geneva to ease tensions between the world's largest nuclear weapons powers. read moreReporting by Maria Kiselyova; writing by Tom Balmforth; Editing by Kevin LiffeyOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Wendy Sherman, Sergei Ryabkov, Ryabkov, Maria Kiselyova, Tom Balmforth, Kevin Liffey Organizations: Mission, REUTERS, U.S, Thomson Locations: Geneva, Switzerland, Mission Geneva, Handout, REUTERS MOSCOW, United States, China
Armenia wants Russian army outposts on Azerbaijan border amid tensions
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MOSCOW, July 29 (Reuters) - Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Thursday proposed that Russian border forces be stationed along the length of Armenia's border with Azerbaijan amid rising tensions between Yerevan and Baku, the TASS news agency reported. Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other earlier on Thursday of flouting a Russian-backed ceasefire that both sides had accepted the previous day to halt deadly clashes over their joint border which Yerevan wants demarcated. "Given the current situation, I think it makes sense to consider the question of stationing outposts of Russian border guards along the entire length of the Armenian-Azeri border," Pashinyan was quoted as saying at a government meeting. Azerbaijan's defence ministry said that Armenian forces had opened fire with machine guns and grenade launchers in the direction of a village in the Kelbajar region, and had thrown hand grenades. The ceasefire was called on Wednesday after one of the deadliest border incidents since last year's six-week war between ethnic Armenian forces and Baku over the Nagorno-Karabakh region and surrounding areas.
Persons: Nikol Pashinyan, Pashinyan, Tom Balmforth, Andrew Osborn Organizations: TASS, Thomson Locations: MOSCOW, Russian, Azerbaijan, Yerevan, Baku, Armenia, flouting, Moscow, Kelbajar, Nagorno, Karabakh, Russia
Russia fines Google 3 mln rbls for violating personal data law
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A man walks past a logo of Alphabet Inc's Google in front of at an office building in Zurich, Switzerland July 1, 2020. REUTERS/Arnd WiegmannMOSCOW, July 29 (Reuters) - Russia on Thursday fined Google 3 million roubles ($41,017) for violating personal data legislation, Google's first fine for that offence, Moscow's Tagansky District Court said. read moreRussia has previously fined Google for not deleting banned content. Google has also irked the Russian authorities by blocking some YouTube accounts owned by pro-Kremlin figures and media. ($1 = 73.1390 roubles)Reporting by Maria Kiselyova and Maria Vasilyeva; Writing by Alexander Marrow; Editing by Carmel CrimminsOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Google's, Moscow's, Roskomnadzor, Maria Kiselyova, Maria Vasilyeva, Alexander Marrow, Carmel Crimmins Organizations: REUTERS, Google, Big Tech, Alphabet Inc, Thomson Locations: Zurich, Switzerland, Arnd, MOSCOW, Russia, Moscow's Tagansky, Moscow
Roman Badanin, chief editor of investigative news outlet "Proekt", speaks during an interview with Reuters in New York, U.S., July 27, 2021. REUTERS/Maria TsvetkovaSummary Russia banned investigative outlet as 'undesirable'Chief editor leaves Russia, has no plans to returnKremlin denies targeting media over politics, cites lawNEW YORK, July 29 (Reuters) - Roman Badanin, chief editor of investigative news outlet Proekt, has left Russia with no plans to return and is evacuating his staff to avoid possible prosecution after Proekt was outlawed in a media crackdown, he told Reuters. The move was part of a widening crackdown ahead of September's parliamentary election that has targeted media regarded by authorities as hostile and foreign-backed. Badanin, in an interview in New York, said he had no plans to return to Russia soon since he could face criminal prosecution. Badanin said Proekt would continue to function in some form, although details of how that would work in practice remain unclear.
Persons: Roman Badanin, Maria Tsvetkova, Badanin, Proekt, Mikhail Rubin, Rubin, Anton Zverev, Tom Balmforth, Andrew Osborn, Mark Heinrich Our Organizations: Reuters, REUTERS, YORK, Kremlin, Police, Thomson Locations: New York, U.S, Russia, September's, Proekt, Badanin, Moscow
U.N. arms embargo on CAR extended for year, China abstains
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The 15-member Security Council imposed the arms embargo on CAR in December 2013 when mainly Muslim Selaka rebels ousted then president Francois Bozize, prompting reprisals from mostly Christian militias. "There appears to be a growing disconnect between the Security Council sanctions and the evolving situation on the ground," China's deputy U.N. In reality, however, the arms embargo has increasingly become an obstacle that hampers the CAR government's efforts to strengthen security capabilities," he said. The remaining 14 Security Council members voted in favor of extending the arms embargo. The CAR government is able to import weapons with the approval of the U.N. Security Council's CAR sanctions committee.
Persons: Mike Segar, Selaka, Francois Bozize, Geng Shuang, Dmitry Polyanskiy, Michelle Nichols, Alexandra Hudson Organizations: Nations, United Nations, General Assembly, REUTERS, United Nations Security, African Republic, Security, CAR, France, Reuters, Alexandra Hudson Our, Thomson Locations: New York, U.S, African, China, Moscow, Russian, Russia
The Senate unanimously passes a $2.1 billion emergency spending bill to secure the Capitol and aid Afghan refugees. The Infrastructure Plan: What’s In and What’s Out Comparing the infrastructure plan President Biden proposed in March with the one the Senate may take up soon. But the money for provisions to cut the pollution fueling climate change is a fraction of the $2 trillion that Mr. Biden once vowed to spend. But Mr. Schatz, who has pushed Mr. Biden to follow through on his ambitious climate pledges, issued a warning. In the presidential race, President Biden carried the county with more than 72 percent of the vote and more than 380,000 votes.
Persons: T.J . Kirkpatrick, Biden, , Chuck Schumer, , Patrick Leahy, Tom Cotton, Mitch McConnell of, Luke Broadwater, Joe Raedle, MacGuineas, Biden’s, you’re, Ted Kennedy, Mitch McConnell, We’ve, Brian Schatz, “ It’s, Schatz, Coral Davenport, Read, Bill de Blasio, Desiree Rios, The New York Times WASHINGTON —, Mr, de Blasio, Elisa Sobo, ” Rebecca Robbins, Sharon Otterman, O.A.S, Francisco O . Mora, Mora, Lynne Sladky, Manny Diaz, Diaz, ” Mr, Frank, Kimberly Green, Obama, Carlos Trujillo, Donald J, Joint Base Andrews, Kenny Holston, Andrew M, Cuomo, Karine Jean, Pierre, ” Read, Nicole Craine, Butch Miller, Richard Barron, Miller, Fulton, Chuck Martin, Jan Jones, Martin, Barron, Bill, Lauren Groh, Brad Raffensperger, John Moore, , Brett M, Kavanaugh, Jen Psaki, Biden “, Sen, Patrick J . Toomey, Ms, Psaki, Russia Paul Whelan, Maxim Shemetov, Paul, Whelan, “ He’s, Haley Stevens, ” Ms, Stevens, Trevor Reed, Reed, Vladimir V, Putin, there’s, ’ ”, Elizabeth Whelan, Whelan’s, Joey Reed, Reed’s, Trevor, August Pfluger, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Hassan Rouhani, Hassan Rouhani —, Rouhani’s, Ebrahim Raisi, Khamenei, Khamenei’s, Rouhani, Raisi, Qin Gang, Qin, China’s, Xi Jinping, Washington’s, Xi’s, Xi, you’ve, Drew Thompson Organizations: Capitol, Capitol Police, The New York, Democrats, U.S . Capitol Police, U.S, National Guard, White, Trump, Republican, U.S ., Read, ., Lawmakers, Senate, Federal Budget, Management, The New York Times, Investments, East, Capitol ., United States Senate, Republicans, Analysts, New York City, Credit, The New York Times WASHINGTON, Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Health, Human Services, San Diego State University, Treasury, Cuban, Cuban American Democrat, Mr, Florida International University . Credit, Associated Press, Organization of American, Western, Cuban American Democrats, Communist, Florida Democratic Party, Florida International University, Caribbean Center, Joint Base, Gov, New, Veterans Affairs Department, Georgia Republicans, The New York Times Republicans, Georgia’s, Assembly, Democratic, The Atlanta, State Senate, State, , Supreme, Getty, Centers for Disease Control, U.S . Marine, Embassy, Democrat, CNN, American, IK, Texas Republican, EPA, Iran’s, Iran’s Fars News Agency, Qin, Chinese Foreign Ministry, Kyodo, Stills, Pentagon Locations: United States, New York, Vermont, Arkansas, Afghanistan, U.S, America, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Miami, . Credit, Washington, Boston, East Coast, United States of America, Hawaii, States, Glasgow, New, New York City, Cuban American, Organization of American States, Cuba, Haiti, Florida, Caribbean, South Florida, Cuban, Lower Macungie Township, Pa . Credit, California, Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, Fulton, State, Fulton County’s, Georgia’s, Maricopa County, Phoenix, Pennsylvania, Russia, Moscow, Michigan, Mordovia, Tehran, Iran’s Fars, Chinese, Beijing, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, China
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