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In Arizona Senate, Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly is ahead of Republican Blake Masters by 115,000 votes with 80% in. On Dobbs, the national exit poll showed 27% of voters picking abortion as their No. And remember that our final NBC News poll found Trump as one of the most unpopular political figures we measured, especially compared with President Biden. In each state, those Democratic secretaries of state nominees were running against Republicans who cast doubt on the 2020 election result. Two of those five feature Democrat vs. Democrat contests, thanks to the state’s Top 2 primary, so those will stay in the Democratic column.
It’s those two words that best explain what makes Meet the Press, Meet the Press. Nothing is quite so intimidating or humbling than being introduced as the moderator of Meet the Press — the longest-running show on television. Learn more about "Meet the Press" and explore 75 years of history-making interviews. Watch "Meet the Press," Sunday mornings on NBC. Viewers don’t watch Meet the Press to be on the edge of their seats.
This standoff will shift the terrain only by inches, even if it does help change which party has technical control of Congress. As for resolving the larger argument, that’s still a decision that the country makes during presidential elections, not midterms. For Republicans, a populist questionNeither party is currently prepared for the coming 2024 fight because both have unresolved internal issues that the midterm results may put into sharper focus. But the fact of the matter is, they are losing on the crime issue — not by a little, but a lot. But just because the fight is public and ugly, doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary and eventually helpful ahead of 2024.
Every election cycle, the NBC News Political Unit produces our Election Book to assist the network’s anchors, correspondents, producers and reporters in the field for Election Night. It contains essential information on almost every race, historical factoids, timelines, past exit polls, political trends and overarching narratives to help explain the current election cycle. It is our election bible, and we are making it available for you to read. You’ll be reading the material that our anchors, correspondents and producers will be relying on come Nov. 8 — and beyond. And you can keep up to date on the latest midterm elections news with the Meet the Press Blog as well as the NBC News midterm live blog.
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was the only GOP committee member to oppose the bill. Other numbers to know:155 miles per hour: How fast the maximum sustained winds of Hurricane Ian were as of Wednesday morning, per the National Hurricane Center. 23 percentage points: Democrat Beto O’Rourke’s edge over Republican Gov. Last night, Democratic Gov. Tim.”Oklahoma Senate: Former President Donald Trump endorsed Republican Sen. James Lankford in his Senate bid, after conspicuously not endorsing the GOP incumbent in his primary.
... And Joe O’Dea pitches himself as pro-abortion rights in Colorado Senate while Democrats push back. The Republican Party holds all-time high advantages on the economy, crime and border security, while the Democrats have an all-time high on abortion and a double-digit edge on health care. Midterm roundup: Trump hits the trail in OhioFormer President Donald Trump traveled to Ohio over the weekend to boost GOP Senate hopeful J.D. Not every GOP Senate candidate is eager to campaign with Trump. It’s a position on abortion that is different from that of his fellow Republican Senate candidates, many of whom favor stricter bans with few exceptions.
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