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Members of Congress are demanding Asian American and Pacific Islander representation in President-elect Joe Biden’s Cabinet. Given Biden’s own vow to prioritize diversity in his administration, the lawmakers wrote that they’re holding him to his word. No Asian American and Pacific Islander candidates have been announced thus far aside from Vice-president-elect Kamala Harris. The lawmaker pointed out that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders showed up to the ballot box in record numbers this year. Together, the leaders released a statement under the coalition National Council of Asian Pacific Americans.
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Republican lawmakers have been using congressional hearings as an opportunity to grill the CEOs of tech companies whose online platforms, they allege, discriminate against conservative content. Republicans typically use their time during the hearings to demand to know why tech platforms "censor" posts from President Donald Trump, intentionally silence voices on the right, and stifle free speech. These talking points have proven to be effective messaging for senators seeking election, as well as for expanding the Republican Party's reach online. Twitter and Facebook have been fielding accusations over anti-conservative bias for years now, after Republicans' criticism of the tech companies increased soon after Trump's election in 2016. And as the political climate grows more polarized, more platforms will emerge that run on lighter enforcement of online rules.
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WASHINGTON — Democratic senators are calling on President-elect Joe Biden to use executive power to advance goals such as tackling climate change, relieving student debt and creating a more progressive immigration system. "I think President Biden has significant executive power. "From Treasury to State to Interior (departments) and the financial regulators, climate action and climate risk management has to be infused into literally everything," he said. Even if Democrats capture both Georgia seats and take control of the Senate, McConnell would retain the power to filibuster legislation and force a 60-vote threshold. Jamal Brown, a spokesman for Biden's transition team, said his agenda will include executive power.
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