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November US payrolls gain falls short, threatens recovery
  + stars: | 2020-12-04 | by ( Reuters Staff | ) + 0.00   time to read: +5 min
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. economy in November added the fewest workers since the jobs recovery started six months ago, hindered by a resurgence in new COVID-19 cases that, together with a lack of more government relief money, threatens to reverse the recovery from the pandemic recession. REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File PhotoNonfarm payrolls increased by 245,000 jobs after rising by 610,000 in October, the Labor Department said on Friday. JAMES MCDONALD, CEO AND CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER, HERCULES INVESTMENT, LOS ANGELES“Friday’s report confirms that the recent labor market recovery is decelerating. For now, the job market recovery is over until the winter wave of COVID-19 is behind us. We’re still trending powerfully upward in November, but the risk is that this moderating trend continues in December and January.”
Persons: Brian Snyder, RYAN DETRICK, ” “, , MARVIN LOH, JAMES MCDONALD, ” PETER CARDILLO, It’s, ” MICHAEL ENGLUND Organizations: YORK, Revival International, Centro Internacional de, REUTERS, Labor Department, STATE, BOSTON, Federal Reserve, NEW, ACTION Locations: U.S, Centro Internacional de Avivamiento, Chelsea , Massachusetts, Santa Claus, BOULDER , COLORADO
REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File PhotoNonfarm payrolls increased by 245,000 jobs after rising by 610,000 in October, the Labor Department said on Friday. “The calculation is that the slowing jobs market will spur US lawmakers into agreeing a fiscal stimulus to match the Fed’s monetary support. JAMES MCDONALD, CEO AND CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER, HERCULES INVESTMENT, LOS ANGELES“Friday’s report confirms that the recent labor market recovery is decelerating. For now, the job market recovery is over until the winter wave of COVID-19 is behind us. We’re still trending powerfully upward in November, but the risk is that this moderating trend continues in December and January.”
Persons: Brian Snyder, ULAS AKINCILAR, MIKE BELL, GUY LEBAS, JANNEY MONTGOMERY SCOTT, ” RYAN DETRICK, ” “, , MARVIN LOH, JAMES MCDONALD, ” PETER CARDILLO, It’s, ” MICHAEL ENGLUND Organizations: YORK, Revival International, Centro Internacional de, REUTERS, Labor Department, LONDON, NORTH, STATE, BOSTON, Federal Reserve, NEW, ACTION Locations: U.S, Centro Internacional de Avivamiento, Chelsea , Massachusetts, PHILADELPHIA, CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, Santa Claus, BOULDER , COLORADO
U.S. trade deficit widens less than expected in October
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REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File PhotoWASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States’ trade deficit increased less than expected in October, suggesting trade could contribute to economic growth in the fourth quarter. The Commerce Department said on Friday the trade gap rose 1.7% to $63.1 billion in October. Data for September was revised to show a $62.1 billion deficit instead of $63.9 billion as previously reported. Trade was a drag on gross domestic product in the third quarter for the first time since the second quarter of 2019. That followed a record 31.4% pace of contraction in the second quarter.
Persons: Paul W, Brian Snyder Organizations: Shipping, Conley, REUTERS, WASHINGTON, United, Commerce Department, Data, Reuters, Goods Locations: Boston , Massachusetts, U.S, United States
Marshals and a suspected gunman were wounded in a shooting early Friday in New York City, according to three law enforcement sources. Deputies were in the Bronx when they were searching for a suspect believed to be linked to shooting a State Trooper in Massachusetts last month during a traffic stop, the sources said, based on preliminary information. Three U.S. Marshalls were shot by a wanted suspect in the Bronx. The shooting left the suspect critically wounded and multiple U.S. Marshals were hospitalized at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, according to the station.
Persons: Andre Sterling Organizations: U.S, Marshals, State Trooper, Marshalls, Bronx . WNBC, NBC, Jacobi Medical, NBC Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital, Police Locations: New York City, Bronx, Massachusetts, U.S, NBC New York, Hyannis, Cape Cod
How to Build a Home on the Moon
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The work will help inform how humans build a lasting presence on the moon. NASA, with the help of international and commercial partners, plans to return people to the moon in 2024. In the following decade, the agency wants to establish “a sustained long-term presence on the lunar surface,” and build up infrastructure such as communications, power generation and waste disposal. She expects a structure to be built on the moon late this decade or in the early 2030s. Jan Woerner, the European Space Agency’s director general, in 2016 kicked off Moon Village, an international, collaborative initiative for moon exploration.
Persons: Artemis Base, Ariel Ekblaw, Jan Woerner, Jessy Kate Schingler Organizations: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, Artemis, Massachusetts Institute of, Exploration Initiative, Space, Foundation Locations: China, San Francisco
Second day of 200,000-plus Covid cases in the U.S.
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Second day of 200,000-plus Covid cases in the U.S. The U.S. counted more than 200,000 Covid-19 cases for the second day in a row with a record 219,394 cases Thursday. The U.S. is averaging 179,171 cases and 1,826 deaths per day the past week. Four weeks ago, the U.S. averaged 133,824 cases and 1,073 deaths per day. Thursday was the third straight day the U.S. reported more than 2,000 deaths in a day.
Persons: Fauci, Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden's, Biden, , Emanuel Goldman, Dean Winslow, , John Carney, Black, Trump, hasn't, Joe Biden Organizations: U.S, The U.S, NBC News, National Institute of Allergy, Rutgers University ., Stanford Health Care, Gov, Allied, Essential Medicines, Centers for Disease Control, Defense Department, NBC Locations: U.S, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wyoming, DOVER, Del, Black, Covid
But nine months after the first Covid-19 case was confirmed in Kansas, she finishes many workdays in tears. In one case, the infected person overlapped with a diner for only five minutes who later tested positive, according to the study. He died with Covid-19, and his final days were harder, scarier and lonelier than necessary. Share this -Second day of 200,000-plus Covid cases in the U.S. The U.S. counted more than 200,000 Covid-19 cases for the second day in a row with a record 219,394 cases Thursday.
Persons: Jennifer Bacani McKenney, Bob McKenney, McKenney, Courtney Farr, Marvin J, Farr, Marvin, , , Julia Pollak, Fauci, Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden's, Biden, Emanuel Goldman, Dean Winslow Organizations: Fredonia, Facebook, Korean Medical Science, CDC, WHO, , Lane Nursing, Bureau of Labor Statistics,, U.S, The U.S, NBC News, National Institute of Allergy, Rutgers University ., Stanford Health Care Locations: Kansas, Rural Kansas, FREDONIA, Kan, Wilson, South Korea, Jeonju, Korea, Scott City , Kansas, U.S, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wyoming
FILE PHOTO - White House senior advisor Brian Deese (L) walks with U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern (R) to attend a meeting during the COP 21 United Nations conference on climate change at Le Bourget on the outskirts of Paris, France December 10, 2015. “I’m asking Brian Deese to do this job because he’s someone who looks at hard problems and finds solutions that help make life better for American families,” Biden said in a video posted by his transition team. He served as deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget and the National Economic Council and as a senior climate and energy advisor to Obama. Deese’s work at BlackRock prompted an outcry by several environmental and progressive groups who have criticized the appointee for working for corporate interests and said he was not aggressive enough on climate change. “Along with @JoeBiden and @BarackObama Brian Deese shepherded the rescue of the auto industry.
Persons: Joe Biden, Brian Deese, Barack Obama’s, Todd Stern, Le Bourget, Mandel Ngan, Deese, Biden, I’m, he’s, ” Biden, “ He’ll, ” Deese, Obama, Evan Weber, , , Ed Markey, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio, Jennifer Granholm Organizations: National Economic Council, NEC, White House, U.S ., United Nations, Le, REUTERS, U.S, Management, Budget, BlackRock Inc, BlackRock, Sunrise, White, Democratic, Green New, New York Representative, Cortez . Former Michigan, Twitter Locations: WILMINGTON, Del, Paris, France, U.S, Massachusetts, Cortez ., Michigan
Instead, Folx patients tell care providers what their goals are, whether that's gender confirmation surgery or conception and maintaining sexual health. "I'm not a big believer in the primary care provider model, because it's a general store on the prairie model," Breitenstein said. Rebuilding the LGBTQIA+ healthcare model from 'top to bottom'The healthcare system in the United States is "unnecessarily messy and ugly" for LGBTQIA+ patients, Breitenstein said. "We would like to be the health and lifestyle brand for the queer and trans community for all things healthcare," Breitenstein said. "That's not delivering the traditional model of healthcare but rebuilding it top to bottom."
Persons: A.G, Breitenstein, Folx, Maven, Read, it's, UnitedHealth's Organizations: Business, Define, Bessemer Venture Partners, Polaris Partners, Medicaid, Optum Ventures, Investors Locations: United States, Boston, — California, Florida , Massachusetts , Texas, Virginia, Washington
Reinstating the expired $600 weekly jobless benefit alone could save or create 3.3 million jobs, the report finds, and boost personal income by more than $290 billion over the next year. Without this supplement, the average worker received $318 per week in unemployment benefits in October, according to the Labor Department. Two more CARES Act provisions, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, extend jobless benefits to those who traditionally don't qualify, such as the self-employed and gig workers, as well as those who've used up the traditional 26 weeks of state-provided benefits. Following the aftermath of the Great Recession, long-term unemployment exceeded 40% of total unemployment for three years. President-elect Joe Biden has previously said he will work with Congress to extend the extra $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits that expired at the end of July for "however long this crisis lasts."
Persons: Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, McConnell, Joe Biden Organizations: Economic, Institute, Labor Department, The Century Foundation, Economists, Republican, Democratic Locations: Hawaii , California , New York , Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Washington
Walmart is rolling out $700 million in bonuses to workers this holiday season, the company announced Thursday. Walmart and Sam's Club are rolling out $700 million in special cash bonuses for frontline workers ahead of the holiday season, Walmart announced Thursday. Part-time workers will receive an extra $150 and full-time workers will receive $300 in their December 24 paycheck, the company said. It's Walmart's fourth round of special cash bonuses for frontline workers since the outbreak of the pandemic. Amazon has also said it would give frontline workers $150 and $300 bonuses in December, and Lowe's has promised workers the same amount too.
Persons: It's, I'm, John Furner, we're, COVID, Lowe's Organizations: Walmart, Sam's, FOX Business, Brookings Institution Locations: Massachusetts, Worcester, Quincy
A new Bloomberg Intelligence investor survey revealed which biotechs are most likely to be bought in 2021. Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Blueprint Medicines, Neurocrine, Trillium Therapeutics, and Global Blood Therapeutics rank among the top takeout targets highlighted by investors. They asked investors what biotechs they thought made for the best acquisition targets for five large drugmakers — Pfizer, Sanofi, Biogen, Gilead Sciences, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Some of the top vote-getters across the board to be acquired were Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Blueprint Medicines, BioMarin, Mirati Therapeutics, and Trillium Therapeutics. The top three choices for Pfizer to buy were Trillium Therapeutics, Mirati Therapeutics, and Blueprint Medicines — all biotechs specializing in cancer research.
Persons: Paul Hudson, Alexion, Biogen, Gilead, Daniel O'Day, Gilead's, AATD Organizations: Bloomberg Intelligence, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Blueprint Medicines, Trillium Therapeutics, Pfizer, Sanofi, Business, Bloomberg, Gilead Sciences, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Mirati Therapeutics, Trillium, New York pharma, Medicines, Pharmaceuticals, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Food and Drug Administration, Neurocrine Biosciences, Sage Therapeutics, Investors, Therapeutics Locations: Biogen, Gilead, Cambridge , Massachusetts, Ontario, Canada, Regeneron, Massachusetts, San Diego, Mirati, Clovis
Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen on Thursday expressed confidence about the distribution of coronavirus vaccines at its pharmacies, telling CNBC the grocer was "ready and anxious to get started." Cincinnati-based Kroger, the nation's largest supermarket chain, also operates almost 2,000 pharmacies in 37 states. The logistics of delivering a vaccine throughout the country are complex, especially given the low storage temperatures required for some of them. McMullen, for his part, expressed optimism about how the process would play out once a vaccine can begin to be shipped. While noting that the ultra-cold storage temperatures needed for Pfizer's vaccine, in particular, add to the complexity, Elnahal echoed McMullen's outlook.
Persons: Rodney McMullen, BioNTech, McMullen, Shereef Elnahal, Elnahal, Phil Murphy Organizations: CNBC, Kroger, Department of Health, Human Services, Albertsons, CVS, Walgreens, Costco, HHS, Pfizer, Food and Drug Administration, FDA, U.S . Centers for Disease Control, University Hospital, New Jersey Department of Health, Democratic Gov, Trump Locations: Cincinnati, Massachusetts, U.S, Newark , New Jersey, New Jersey
NEW YORK/LONDON/MILAN/MELBOURNE (Reuters Breakingviews) - Corona Capital is a column updated throughout the day by Breakingviews columnists around the world with short, sharp pandemic-related insights. But Merck’s share price is down almost 10% this year, so reallocating capital makes sense. And with multiple vaccines likely to be approved and distributed in 2021 from competitors like Pfizer and BioNTech, it’s safe to assume that another sevenfold share price boom isn’t in the cards. The small WeWork rival on Wednesday raised 300 million pounds in funky debt that converts into equity, having tapped investors for 320 million pounds in fresh equity in May. But following the May fundraising he had nearly 900 million pounds to deploy.
Persons: Brian Snyder, Merck, It’s, Anna Szymanski, Alexey Mordashov, Neil Unmack, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Philippe Bénacin’s, Christopher Thompson, Mark Dixon, Aimee Donnellan, Lisa Jucca, Josh Frydenberg, Jeffrey Goldfarb, Karen Kwok Organizations: Reuters, Corona, Moderna Therapeutics, REUTERS, Merck, Moderna, Pfizer, BioNTech, Benetton, Australian Bureau, Statistics, Group, SoftBank Group Locations: MILAN, MELBOURNE, Cambridge , Massachusetts, U.S, Moderna, sunseekers, Paris, Asia, France, United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Genoa, Rome, Italy, Victoria, China, Swedish, London
More than 270,000 people in the United States have died of COVID-19, which is resurgent across the country. The United States leads the world in the number of infections as well as the number of deaths reported every day. “I don’t want you to give up hope,” Biden told the workers. ‘VIOLENT RHETORIC’On Wednesday, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Biden was headed for victory after the state’s second recount and criticized Trump for fomenting false claims. Biden told the New York Times in an interview on Tuesday evening that he would try to help resolve the standoff in Congress over the coronavirus aid.
Persons: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Brian Snyder, Biden, coronavirus shutdowns, ” Biden, we’ll, ” Trump, Trump, , Jan, William Barr, Brad Raffensperger, , ’ ”, Raffensperger, you’re, Mitch McConnell Organizations: Wednesday, White House, Revival International, Centro Internacional de, REUTERS, Congress, Republicans, Republican, Justice Department, Fund, New York Times, Pfizer Inc, U.S Locations: WILMINGTON, Del, WASHINGTON, Centro Internacional de Avivamiento, Chelsea , Massachusetts, U.S, Delaware, United States, Georgia, America, Britain
Massachusetts lawmakers approve major police reform bill
  + stars: | 2020-12-02 | by ( Nate Raymond | ) + 0.97   time to read: +2 min
BOSTON (Reuters) - Massachusetts lawmakers on Tuesday approved a major police reform bill in the wake of protests over George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis that creates a new system for officer accountability, restricts no-knock warrants and bans chokeholds. FILE PHOTO: Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker speaks to incoming U.S. citizens during an official Naturalization Ceremony at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., May 6, 2019. The Massachusetts legislation faced strong opposition from police unions. The House voted 92-67 to approve the legislation after the Senate voted 28-12 in favor. The Massachusetts legislation also creates what lawmakers say would be a first-in-the-nation statewide moratorium on biometric surveillance systems, including facial recognition technology.
Persons: George Floyd’s, Charlie Baker, Brian Snyder, Baker, , That’s, , Breonna Taylor Organizations: BOSTON, Museum of Fine Arts, REUTERS, Democratic, The, Republican, Commission Locations: Massachusetts, Minneapolis, Boston, Boston , Massachusetts, U.S, Louisville , Kentucky
Countries such as Britain, Canada, France, Iceland, and Sweden have all proposed some sort of emission-free vehicle legislation for the coming years. California is thus allowed to set much stricter emission standards, meaning a car that passes emissions in Missouri might not pass in California. Currently, there are 12 states — plus the District of Columbia — that use the California standards, including Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts. The 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 is the automaker's first EV in the US that's built on its new MEB platform. It's on automakers to give us attractive, functional EV options that are priced affordably and don't feel like hobbled compliance cars.
Persons: It's, Biden, Gavin Newsom, Kristen Lee, Trump, Joe Biden's, Trump's, Mary Barra, Bill Pugliano, EVs, Ford, there's, they'd, Gene Liao, it's, Sam Abuelsamid, Abuelsamid Organizations: Volkswagen, Mercedes, Benz, Union of, US, Ford, General Motors, E News, Gov, Act, Environmental Protection Agency, Business, Green Technology, of Columbia, California Air Resources Board, Honda, BMW, Reuters, Motors, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, Suburban, Chevrolet Tahoe, Little Caesars Arena, Daimler, GM, GMC, Hummer EV, AAA, CNBC, Wayne State University, EV Locations: Britain, Canada, France, Iceland, Sweden, California, United States, ABC10 . California, Missouri, Colorado , Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Detroit , Michigan, North America
CVS to Give Out Covid-19 Treatment in Nursing Homes
  + stars: | 2020-12-02 | by ( Rebecca Robbins | ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: +1 min
The major pharmacy chain CVS has reached a deal with the federal government to give out a Covid-19 antibody treatment in patients’ homes and long-term care facilities, the company announced on Wednesday, providing a new way for certain high-risk patients to get a drug aimed at keeping them out of the hospital. The treatment, called bamlanivimab and developed by Eli Lilly, has been administered mainly at hospitals since it received emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration less than a month ago. The three-month pilot with CVS involves just 1,000 doses of the treatment, enough to treat 1,000 Covid-19 patients. It’s not clear how much impact that will have as the virus is spreading rapidly and demand for treatments is surging. “We still don’t have a way to deliver it equitably, and I’m not sure that the CVS partnership is necessarily going to improve equity in distribution.”
Persons: Eli Lilly, we’re, , Robert Goldstein, , I’m Organizations: CVS, Food and Drug, Massachusetts General Hospital Locations: United States, Massachusetts
Parents eager to raise their kids to compete in a competitive job market are investing heavily in digital learning and tech for their children — even toddlers. "In addition to their school studies, there is 'tech learning time,'" said Sarah Evans, owner of Sevans Strategy and Sevans Digital PR. And when many industries rely on even entry-level employees having a solid understanding of technology, parents become concerned about their children's ability to compete with their more tech-savvy peers. Over the past 12 months, she said they've spent $1,500 on tech learning opportunities for the kids. Sarah Evans"In addition to their school studies, there is 'tech learning time,'" Evans said.
Persons: Mathew Abraham, Mona Stone, Sarah Evans, he's, Joe Pinsker, Alina Adams, they'll, Cindy Chanin, Rainbow EDU, Chanin, Adams, York City's, Abraham, Richard Ginn, Ginn, she's, Stone, Olivia Angelescu, they've, Angelescu, Olivia Angelescu Angelescu's, Jennifer Walden, Walden, we'll, Evans, it's, they're, Gregory Wickham, Organizations: Sevans, YouTube, US Department of Education, The, High School, Rainbow, Rainbow EDU Consulting, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rocket, ABC Mouse Academy, ABC, Business Locations: Plano , Texas, Europe, Asia, Los Angeles, York
Google Cloud announced Wednesday that it plans to acquire the data backup and recovery startup Actifio, which has been backed by VCs including Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, and TCV. Google Cloud plans to use Actifio's technology to help customers with managing their data both on the cloud and in private data centers, showing their investment in the so-called hybrid cloud. Under CEO Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud has already made several acquisitions, including a $2.4 billion deal to buy the data analytics company Looker. With Actifio, Google Cloud plans to help its customers protect their data both on the cloud and on-premises. More recently, Salesforce's plan to acquire Slack could pressure Google Cloud to acquire a cloud collaboration startup within the next several months, an analyst said.
Persons: Andreessen Horowitz, Thomas Kurian, we've, Ash Ashutosh, Brad Calder, Slack Organizations: Google Cloud, Greylock Partners, Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, AWS Locations: Massachusetts, 646.376.6106
Truvada currently costs American users roughly $1,700 a month; Teva’s generic, which debuted in October, is marketed for around $1,455 per month. Gilead's all-but-proprietary access to sell Truvada is the equivalent of Hershey’s controlling who has access to chocolate milk. Meanwhile, generic versions of Truvada — Ricovir, Tavin-EM, or Tenof-EM — elsewhere in the world cost $210 to $720 per year. (Until Teva’s generic debuted, Gilead owned 100 percent of the Truvada market in the U.S, pulling in roughly $3 billion a year.) The problem with patents thus persists because toxic agents in soulless systems have created a ruthless market for its ostensible solutions.
Persons: it's, Teva, Gilead, Emory, Bayh, Sen, Birch Bayh, Robert Dole, , alafenamide, Obama, Trump, Biden, America’s Organizations: University of California, Emtricitabine, Emory University, NIH, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, Dole, FDA, Harvard, Big Pharma Locations: States, America, U.S, Gilead, Truvada, , California, Massachusetts, Czech, San Francisco
That's why Thinkful offers an ISA, to help students "bet on themselves and launch high-growth careers" without having to invest upfront, he added. With General Assembly's ISA, students can stop making payments if they lose or have to leave their job for any reason, he added. "Had I needed to pay upfront, it would have been almost impossible to sustain my lifestyle for upwards of a year." Most of the program's students find a job within two months of searching and 100% of the roles accepted were within the tech field. Flatiron School offers students a career coach to help with personal branding, the job search process, and interview skills.
Persons: they're, Rosalie Chan, Elizabeth Warren, Betsy DeVos, Read, MBAs, Thinkful, Dan Friedman, Francisco Escobar, Assembly's, Assembly's bootcamps, Tom Ogletree, it's, Angil Tate, Angil, I've, Slack, Kush Patel, Phelipe Fernandes, Grace Hopper, Chloé Jandsten, Grace, Chloé, Insider's Meghan Morris, Alex Nicoll, Madison Goerend, Madison, Alison, Goerend, Caleb Hicks, Lola Heffernan Organizations: Google, IBM, Microsoft, Software, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US News, Thinkful, General Assembly, Twitter, Adobe, Assembly's, General, ISA, Viget Labs, App Academy, Facebook, App, Grace Hopper Fullstack Academy, Spotify, Chicago and, Grace Hopper Fullstack, Flatiron School, Citi, Pandora, Madison Goerend, Lambda School, Amazon, eBay, Cisco, Elsevier, Business Locations: Silicon Valley, Thinkful, Silicon, Chicago, Chicago and New York City, New York City
Restaurant workers say they're afraid to enforce COVID-19 safety protocols for fear of losing out on tips. The findings mirror a broader trend of outbursts, threats, and even assault against food service workers and retail employees since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurant workers say they're afraid to enforce COVID-19 safety protocols for fear of losing out on tips, according to a new survey. The nonprofit One Fair Wage and the UC Berkeley Food Labor Research Center surveyed food service workers' experiences during the coronavirus pandemic. Overall, food service workers are making less in tips than they were prior to the pandemic, with 83% reporting that tips have declined.
Persons: , they're, Kate Taylor, Áine Cain, Avery Hartmans Organizations: UC Berkeley Food Labor Research Center, Pennsylvania —, Kroger, Costco, Waffle House, Walmart, for Disease Control, Twitter Locations: — New York , Massachusetts , New Jersey , Illinois, Pennsylvania, Washington
WASHINGTON — President-elect Joe Biden on Monday will receive his first presidential daily briefing since winning the 2020 election after the Trump administration delayed approving the transition process. It’s prepared by the director of national intelligence and includes information from the CIA and other elements of the intelligence community. Outgoing Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates are also under consideration. Former Obama administration national security adviser Tom Donilon is no longer in the running to be Biden’s CIA director. After receiving the President's Daily Brief, Biden and Harris are expected to meet separately with transition team advisers.
Persons: Joe Biden, Trump, Kamala Harris, It’s, Biden, Neera Tanden, Cecilia Rouse, Deval Patrick, Sen, Doug Jones, General Xavier Becerra, Sally Yates, Tom Donilon, Donilon, Harris, Jen Psaki, Obama, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Camp David Organizations: WASHINGTON, CIA, Center for American, Management, of Economic Advisers, Wilmington . Former Massachusetts Gov, NBC News, Obama, White, Camp Locations: Wilmington ., California
A front-runner coronavirus vaccine candidate developed by Massachusetts biotech firm Moderna will be submitted for regulatory approval Monday, the company said — the second leading drug to pass the milestone this month. Moreover, Moderna said the vaccine was 100 percent effective at preventing severe cases of the disease. Ten days ago another vaccine candidate, developed by the U.S. pharma giant Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech, also applied for regulatory approval having observed a similar level of efficacy. So of the 15,000 people given the vaccine, not one became seriously ill with Covid-19 during the trial period, the company said. Even if these drugs get regulatory approval, rolling out the shots to billions of people around the world will involve a byzantine supply-chain challenge at a scale never been attempted before.
Persons: , Moderna, BioNTech, Moderna's, Joe Biden, lockdowns Organizations: Moderna, United, United States Food, Drug Administration, Covid, U.S . pharma, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Oxford University Locations: Massachusetts, United States, U.S, Europe
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