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White House Expands List of Potential FDA Commissioners
  + stars: | 2021-04-14 | by ( Thomas M. Burton | ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: +1 min
WASHINGTON—The Biden administration has expanded its shortlist of candidates to lead the Food and Drug Administration, according to people familiar with the situation, who say several women of color are now in the running. Acting Commissioner Janet Woodcock was once considered likely to be nominated for the job permanently, but that prospect has been clouded by Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) and other senators calling on President Biden to bring in new FDA leadership. The White House has also been under pressure to name more Asian-Americans to high-ranking posts following a recent series of attacks on that population. One of the candidates for FDA Commissioner is Katherine Luzuriaga, a Filipina-American who is director of the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science, said one person familiar with the process. Dr. Luzuriaga didn’t respond to a request for comment.
Persons: WASHINGTON —, Biden, Janet Woodcock, Sen, Joe Manchin, Tammy Duckworth, Mazie, Katherine Luzuriaga, Luzuriaga Organizations: Food and Drug Administration, FDA, Filipina, University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center Locations: Hawaii
The Senate GOP will meet next week to decide on bringing earmarks, funding members can use for their districts, back. Some GOP Senators opposed bringing earmarks back because of past abuses with the funding measure. Almost a month after House Republicans voted to approve the restoration of earmarks, Senate Republicans are expected to meet next week to discuss bringing back the so-called community funding measures. But now, both House Democrats and House Republicans have voted to bring them back, and Senate Republicans are set to meet next Wednesday to ratify their rules and discuss earmark usage, according to Bloomberg. On March 17, House Republicans voted by secret ballot to bring earmarks back as well.
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Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema are working together on a minimum wage proposal. Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema are working together on their own minimum wage proposal, after an increase to $15 was stricken from reconciliation for the American Rescue Plan. Last month, an attempt to bridge Democrat moderates and progressives on the minimum wage did not make much progress. Sinema was one of the eight Senate Democrats to vote against including the $15 minimum wage in reconciliation. President Joe Biden campaigned on a $15 minimum wage, and reiterated his support for it in his first presidential town hall.
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One of the executive actions President Joe Biden announced to curb gun violence could make it more difficult to obtain such accessories. Gun violence experts and advocates pushing for tighter firearm restrictions say that Biden's unilateral actions could lead to some reduction in gun violence but that congressional action would be needed for substantial changes — a prospect that appears dim in the closely divided Congress. The Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit group that tracks gun violence in the U.S., found that more than 19,000 people died in gun homicides last year, the most in more than two decades, up by nearly 25 percent from 2019. Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Prevention and Policy, said that if authorities "don't act swiftly, I think it is going to really elevate rates of a number of forms of gun violence — both urban gun violence as well as potential more politically driven, basically, domestic terrorism. "Ending gun violence can't solely be addressed through executive action," Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, said last week.
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Sen. Roger Wicker downplayed the odds of an infrastructure deal that included rolling back Trump's tax cuts. The law slashed it to that level from 35%, and Biden wants to lift it to 28% to generate federal dollars for his infrastructure plan. Biden administration officials said it was part of an effort to shore up support for their infrastructure plan. The Biden infrastructure plan includes major funding to repair roads and bridges and set up clean energy incentives. Republicans are lining up in opposition to the Biden infrastructure plan.
Persons: Sen, Roger Wicker, Wicker, Biden, Roger Wicker of, Joe Biden's, Psaki, Mitch McConnell, Joe Manchin Organizations: Monday, Republican, Senate, White, Democratic Locations: Roger Wicker of Mississippi, China, West Virginia
FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Joe Biden holds first Cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington, U.S., April 1, 2021. He is expected to host Republicans and Democrats from both chambers of Congress at the White House on Monday to discuss a way forward on infrastructure. “Even before the American Jobs Plan was announced, the President himself and White House senior staff were briefing Republican lawmakers on the proposal,” said a White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity. ‘NOT AN INCH’But Biden angered 10 Senate Republicans last week by saying they had been unwilling to compromise. “The administration’s words ring hollow.”Biden’s infrastructure bill is already a hard sell for Republicans.
Persons: Joe Biden, Tom Brenner, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Joe Manchin, Biden, , , regrettably, Kevin Brady, ” Biden, Biden’s ‘, Donald Trump’s, Chris Coons, Coons, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Manchin Organizations: WASHINGTON, Republicans, White, REUTERS, Democratic, Senate Republicans, Senate, American Jobs Plan, White House, Republican, Democrats, Biden, House, Liberal Democrats Locations: Washington , U.S, Biden’s, West Virginia
FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Joe Biden holds first Cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington, U.S., April 1, 2021. He is expected to host Republicans and Democrats from both chambers of Congress at the White House on Monday to discuss a way forward on infrastructure. “Even before the American Jobs Plan was announced, the President himself and White House senior staff were briefing Republican lawmakers on the proposal,” said a White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity. This infrastructure bill isn’t about infrastructure,” said Representative Kevin Brady, the top Republican on the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee set to play a key role in the infrastructure battle. ‘NOT AN INCH’But Biden angered 10 Senate Republicans last week by saying they had been unwilling to compromise.
Persons: Joe Biden, Tom Brenner, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Joe Manchin, Biden, , , regrettably, Kevin Brady, ” Biden, Biden’s ‘, Donald Trump’s, Chris Coons, Coons, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Manchin Organizations: WASHINGTON, Republicans, White, REUTERS, Democratic, Senate Republicans, Senate, American Jobs Plan, White House, Republican, Democrats, Biden, House, Liberal Democrats Locations: Washington , U.S, Biden’s, West Virginia
FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Joe Biden holds first Cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington, U.S., April 1, 2021. “Even before the American Jobs Plan was announced, the president himself and White House senior staff were briefing Republican lawmakers on the proposal,” said a White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity. Biden also angered the 10 Senate Republicans last week by saying they had been unwilling to compromise. “The administration’s words ring hollow.”None of the 10 Senate Republicans will join Biden at the White House on Monday. A three-page memo issued by the Senate Republican Conference dismisses the Biden infrastructure proposal as “a partisan plan to kill jobs and create slush funds on the taxpayer dime” that devotes “just 5%” of spending to roads and bridges.
Persons: Joe Biden, Tom Brenner, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Joe Manchin, Biden, , ” Biden, Biden’s ‘, Roger Wicker, Deb Fischer, Don Young, Garret Graves, Donald Trump’s, Chris Coons, Nancy Pelosi Organizations: WASHINGTON, Republicans, White, REUTERS, Democratic, White House, American Jobs Plan, Republican, Biden, , Senate Republican Conference, Senate Locations: Washington , U.S, Biden’s
The Democratic president appears to be losing political capital with 10 Senate Republicans who have signaled an openness to working with Democrats, according to aides and observers. But they afterward showed little sign of lending support to his sweeping infrastructure proposal or the corporate tax increases he would use to pay for it. “Clearly there are parts of this program that are non-starters for Republicans,” Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Roger Wicker told reporters after the meeting. He said he told Biden it would be “almost impossible” for Biden to get a bipartisan agreement on corporate tax hikes. Biden asked Republicans at the meeting to come to him with a “serious” counter proposal, a Democratic aide with knowledge of the meeting said.
Persons: Joe Biden, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Joe Manchin, Biden, Roger Wicker, , Deb Fischer, Donald Payne, Wicker, Donald Trump’s Organizations: WASHINGTON, Republicans, White House, Democratic, Senate, , Democratic U.S, Republican
Last week, Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida died at 84. This week, Republican Rep.-elect Julia Letlow of Louisiana is expected to be sworn in, cutting Democrats' edge to 218-212. "Senate Democrats must avoid the temptation to abandon our Republican colleagues on important national issues. Without Manchin's vote, Democrats have no path to change the filibuster. Asked about her fragile majorities Sunday, Pelosi said that the U.S. has "a big need" to tackle infrastructure and that Democrats have extended a hand to Republicans.
Persons: Joe Biden's, Alcee Hastings, Julia Letlow of, Nancy Pelosi, Matt House, Chuck Schumer, Pelosi, Schumer, Sen, Joe Manchin, Manchin, You've, Lincoln, Susan Collins, Biden, Grace Meng, Mazie Hirono, Steny Hoyer, Gary Gensler, John Lewis, Mitch McConnell, Biden's, Chris Murphy, Conn, I've, Kevin McCarthy, William Evans Organizations: WASHINGTON, Democrats, Democratic, Republican, DREAM, CBS, Rep, Asian Americans, Senate, Securities and Exchange Commission, John Lewis Voting, Republicans, United States Senate, Capitol Police Locations: Florida, Julia Letlow of Louisiana, Washington, Maine, Hawaii, China, Ky, U.S, Mexico
Byrd did not believe he was weakening the filibuster rule when he engineered successful revisions to it. Byrd also supported exemptions to the filibuster rule in voting to create fast-track trade authority and the defense base closing process. Senate Republicans succeeded in killing Byrd's campaign finance reform bill — using the filibuster. Byrd made it clear just how important he believed campaign finance reform was:"The integrity of this institution is at stake. Led by McConnell, the GOP wants to kill the reform bill — just as it killed Byrd's reform bill in 1988.
Persons: Joe Manchin, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden's, Manchin, Robert C, Byrd, , Sen, Mitch McConnell, filibusters —, McConnell, Barack Obama's Organizations: Senate, Republican, GOP, The New York Times, Republicans, Democrats Locations: West Virginia, Washington, Ky, Kentucky
Opinion | Can Biden Be Our F.D.R.?
  + stars: | 2021-04-12 | by ( Jonathan Alter | ) + 0.00   time to read: +4 min
Meeting Mr. Roosevelt was like, as Winston Churchill said, “opening your first bottle of champagne”; meeting Mr. Biden is like one’s first encounter with a tail-wagging therapy dog. Mr. Roosevelt essentially invented intimacy in mass communications. He recalled that when he was writing his first Fireside Chat, he looked out the window of the White House and saw the inaugural scaffolding being taken down. Whatever the future holds, Mr. Biden and Mr. Roosevelt are now fused in history by the size and breadth of their progressive ambitions. Mr. Biden was lucky enough to have been elected when what the historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. called “the cycles of American history” are spinning left.
Persons: Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Biden, Bing Crosby, , , Doc Roosevelt, Mr, storekeepers, Joe Manchin, John Lewis, George W, Bush, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Arthur M, Schlesinger Jr, Lyndon Johnson, , we’ll, Jonathan Alter Organizations: White, Recovery Administration, Senate, John Lewis Voting, Democrats, Democratic, Mr, Big Government, New York, Facebook, Twitter Locations: Roosevelt’s, , West Virginia
Democrats have a limited window of opportunity to pass landmark voting rights legislation before losing their majorities. If HR 1 (the For The People Act) and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act don't become law, Georgia's anti-voting law will become just one of many. Among other things, the bill would establish automatic voter registration, in which citizens are automatically registered on their state's voter rolls when getting state-issued driver's licenses and ID cards. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which was introduced in the Senate in the 116th Congress, is the perfect companion to HR 1. Democrats will have to decide relatively soon whether they'd rather keep a Jim Crow relic like the filibuster, or have new federal voting rights legislation.
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"I'm prepared to negotiate as to the extent of my infrastructure project as well as how we pay for it. It would also hike the corporate tax rate and seek to deter offshoring of corporate profits. Republicans have signaled they will support an infrastructure bill only if Biden slashes the scope and price tag of his proposal. GOP lawmakers have also criticized Biden's plan to increase the corporate tax rate to 28% to offset the investments. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., has urged Biden to raise the corporate rate to 25% rather than 28%.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, I'm, It's, Maria Cantwell, Roger Wicker, Don Young, Peter DeFazio, Biden's, Sen, Joe Manchin Organizations: White, Democratic, Republicans, Democrats, Alaska Republican, NBC News, Transportation, NBC, CNBC, YouTube Locations: Washington , DC, Washington, Alaska
Yet the path ahead for Democrats looks very different from the one that produced a $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package, which Biden signed into law in March. Here are four reasons Democratic push for a huge infrastructure package will be tougher than their scramble to pass stimulus. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has suggested she wants the House to approve an infrastructure plan by July 4. The coronavirus relief package was geared to provide immediate relief to cash-strapped families and laid-off workers. Biden's infrastructure plan forms a pillar of his Build Back Better agenda, designed to be a series of long-term initiatives.
Persons: they're, It's, Joe, Biden, Mitch McConnell, we've, Sen, Angus King, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Manchin, Goldman Sachs Organizations: Democratic, Politico, Jobs Plan, Democrats, GOP Locations: Maine, West Virginia
Biden held his first official meeting with eight bipartisan lawmakers to discuss infrastructure. Republican lawmakers argue his plan is too focused on things aside from physical infrastructure. For the first time since unveiling his $2.3 trillion infrastructure package two weeks ago, President Joe Biden met with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Monday to discuss the proposal. And with regards to the size of the plan, Republican lawmakers have said the $2.3 trillion price tag, along with Biden's proposed tax hikes, are too high. Psaki emphasized in the Monday press briefing that Biden genuinely wants to work with both parties to create a bipartisan infrastructure bill.
Persons: Biden, Joe Biden, Transportation Maria Cantwell, Sam Graves, Don Young, Kamala Harris, I'm, Jen Psaki, it's, Mitch McConnell, Biden's, Transportation Roger Wicker, Moderate Democratic Sen, Joe Manchin, Psaki, Donald M, Payne , Jr, Republican Sen, Deb Fischer, Democratic Sen, Alex Padilla, David Price of Organizations: Science, Transportation, Committee, Biden, White House Press, White, Commerce, ABC News, Moderate Democratic, West, Democratic Rep, Republican, Nebraska, Democratic Locations: Alaska, West Virginia, United States, New Jersey, Alex Padilla of California, David Price of North Carolina
Joe Manchin’s path to becoming the Democrats’ most confounding U.S. senator started with a rejection within his own party. Mr. Manchin, then a state senator and small-business owner, was running for West Virginia governor in 1996, his first bid for statewide office. Banking and insurance groups endorsed him, along with the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the National Rifle Association. At union gatherings, coal miners wore T-shirts with Mr. Manchin’s name crossed out. Mr. Manchin lost the Democratic primary to a union-backed candidate.
Persons: Joe Manchin’s, Manchin, “ Don’t, Organizations: West Virginia, Banking, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, National Rifle Association, , Democratic, Republican
Corporate America is going through growing pains on political activism — but it's still trying to fight off higher taxes. At nearly the same time, corporate America has been far less aligned with the progressive agenda of funding a large infrastructure and jobs plan with a boost to the corporate tax rate. Biden wants to jack the corporate tax rate up to 28%. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said that the company is supportive of a rise in the corporate tax rate, although he didn't specify what rate he supports. Lyft president and cofounder John Zimmer has thrown his support behind the 28% rate.
Persons: it's, Biden, Trump, Donald Trump, Neil Bradley, Josh Bolten, Jeff Bezos, John Zimmer, Alex Wong, Vanessa Burbano, Doug Schuler, Burbano, Rep Don Beyer, Beyer, Sen, Joe Manchin, who's, Don Beyer, Gary Cohn, Mitch McConnell, Schuler Organizations: Republicans, Business, Bloomberg, Amazon, Politico, Companies, Microsoft, HP, Dow, Columbia Business School, Rice University, Rep, Senate, US, Economic Committee, Economic Council Locations: America, Georgia, Texas
Boehner described several fellow Republicans as "political terrorists," including Rep. Jim Jordan. "I never saw a guy who spent more time tearing things apart ― never building anything," he said. Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner in an upcoming CBS interview scorches several members of his own party for being "political terrorists," including fellow Ohioan and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan. When asked by reporter John Dickerson who would fall under his definition of a political terrorist, Jordan's name immediately sprang up. "I just never saw a guy who spent more time tearing things apart ― never building anything, never putting anything together."
Persons: Boehner, Jim Jordan, , John Boehner, Ohioan, John Dickerson, Jordan, Donald Trump, Read, Todd Young, you've, GOP Sen, Ted Cruz, — it's, Cruz, Democratic Sen, Joe Manchin, Trump, Boehner wouldn't, I'm Organizations: Trump, GOP, CBS, Republican, Capitol, Committees, Democratic, Senate Locations: Ohio's, Ohio, Ted Cruz of Texas, West Virginia
Live Updates: Biden’s Budget Plans Will Reveal His Priorities
  + stars: | 2021-04-09 | by ( Jim Tankersley | ) + 0.00   time to read: +12 min
Live Live Updates: Biden’s Budget Plans Will Reveal His Priorities On Friday, the White House will release a document of overall funding levels for agencies and some detail on proposed spending in areas like combating climate change. President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris during a White House appearance on Thursday. Credit... Amr Alfiky/The New York Times The White House budget office will release the first fragments of President Biden’s budget proposals to Congress on Friday, providing a fresh sense of his priorities as lawmakers wait on his administration’s full budget. Shalanda D. Young, who was confirmed by the Senate last month to be deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, is serving as Mr. Biden’s acting budget director. Officials have promised that Mr. Biden’s full budget will be released later this spring.
Persons: Joe Manchin’s, Biden, Kamala Harris, Amr Alfiky, Biden’s, Neera Tanden, Shalanda, Young, Trump, ” Jen Psaki, , Manchin, Joe Manchin III, Erin Schaff, West, Manchin’s, Mr, “ I’m, ” Mr, , Jim Tankersley, Daniel Berehulak, ” Andrés Alfonso Ramírez Silva, Donald J, Oscar Lopez, Natalie Kitroeff, Pete Buttigieg, Al Drago, Jennifer M, Granholm, Gina Raimondo, Buttigieg, , Ms, Raimondo, Marcia L, Fudge, Martin J, Walsh, Annie Karni Organizations: ., New York Times, White House, Social, Treasury and Defense Department, White, Management, , Democrat, Senate, Credit, The New York Times, Republicans, bipartisanship, Democratic, Republican, Central, Transportation, United Parcel Service, American Jobs, Capitol Locations: West Virginia, Washington, America, Mexico, United States, Chihuahua, The New York Times MEXICO, Mexican, Latin America, Caribbean, Landover, Md, South Bend, Ind, Michigan, Rhode Island, Indiana
Joe Manchin says the Capitol insurrection 'changed' him
  + stars: | 2021-04-09 | by ( Grace Panetta | ) + 0.00   time to read: +3 min
Sen. Joe Manchin told CNN the January 6 insurrection "changed" him. Manchin will be key to shepherding Biden's proposed infrastructure plan through the Senate. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia opened up about the impact of the January 6 insurrection on his approach to politics and shed light on his relationship with the Biden administration in a Thursday interview with CNN. Manchin told CNN he has a good relationship with open lines of communication with Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Regarding voting rights, Manchin told CNN that he'd like to meet with some of the leaders on the issue in Congress, like powerful House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (who has publicly pressed Manchin on the issue) and Sens.
Persons: Sen, Joe Manchin, Manchin, shepherding, Biden, CNN's Lauren Fox, CNN's Stephen Collinson, Read, Joe Biden, Joe Biden's, Elizabeth McDonough, Kamala Harris, We've, David Chipman, Biden's, Jim Clyburn, Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock of Organizations: CNN, Trump, NRA, Energy, Commerce, Senate, Alcohol, Tobacco Locations: West Virginia, Washington, Sens, Raphael Warnock of Georgia
Partially to quell funding concerns, Biden has offered a "Made In America" tax plan that includes hiking the corporate tax rate to 28% and removing incentives for corporations to offshore factories and profits. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced on Wednesday that the tax plan would generate about $2.5 trillion over 15 years. Biden, in a speech addressing infrastructure Wednesday, rejected those concerns but said he was open to negotiating on the corporate tax rate. Debt financingTo Tony Fratto, opposition to an infrastructure plan based on cost concerns doesn't make much sense. Income TaxA possible alternative to a corporate tax hike would be adjustments to individual income taxes as Biden proposed during his 2020 campaign.
Persons: David Paul Morris, Joe Biden, Biden, Mitch McConnell, Janet Yellen, Donald Trump's, Democratic Sen, Joe Manchin, We've, Tony Fratto, George W, Bush, Fratto, Pete Buttigieg, Republican Sen, Roy Blunt, Gretchen Whitmer, Donald Trump, Buttigieg, Peter DeFazio, Sam Graves, Graves, we've Organizations: Bloomberg, Getty, GOP, American Jobs, Republicans, Democratic, Republican, Treasury, Wharton School, Federal, Trust Fund, Transportation, CNBC, Fox, U.S . Energy Information Administration, Infrastructure Committee, Trust, Republican Party Locations: Rio Vista , California, Ky, America, West Virginia, U.S, States, Ohio , Alabama, Arkansas
Biden’s Democrats hold half the 100-seat Senate, claiming a majority thanks only to Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote. While raising concerns over reconciliation, Manchin did not specifically say if he would vote against the infrastructure bill in that scenario. The White House said that it wanted to have “an open dialogue” with lawmakers. More than a dozen White House and corporate officials interviewed by Reuters this week said they could live with a 25% rate. While Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has a difficult balancing act in moving Biden’s initiatives through the evenly split Senate, Manchin walks a political tight-rope as well.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, Joe Manchin, Kevin Lamarque, , Kamala Harris ’, Manchin, , Kate Bedingfield, Chuck Schumer, Donald Trump Organizations: WASHINGTON, Congressional, Republican, House, Capitol, REUTERS, West, Washington Post, Democratic, Manchin, CNN, U.S, White, Reuters, Administration Locations: Washington , U.S, West Virginia
Sen. Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat from West Virginia, said in an op-ed published Wednesday that he would not, under any circumstance, vote to weaken or abolish the Senate filibuster. Although Manchin has made his thoughts about keeping the filibuster clear, he goes further. Manchin said that both parties need to compromise and that using the budget reconciliation process to push major legislation is unacceptable. President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan was passed using reconciliation. Democrats don't have the 50 Senate votes required to abolish the filibuster, as some prominent holdouts support the effective supermajority requirement to pass bills.
Persons: Sen, Joe Manchin, Manchin, Joe Biden's, Biden, don't Organizations: Washington Post, Republican Locations: West Virginia, Washington
Jim Watson/Pool via REUTERSManchin also said he would not support any step to weaken the ability of Republicans to mount filibusters to block legislation. Some Democrats want to toss aside the filibuster rule, which requires 60 votes in the 100-member chamber to approve most bills. “I simply do not believe budget reconciliation should replace regular order in the Senate,” Manchin said in an opinion piece in the Washington Post. That is why I have said it before and will say it again to remove any shred of doubt: There is no circumstance in which I will vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster,” Manchin said. The Senate parliamentarian ruled on Monday that Democrats could use reconciliation to pass more legislation this year, and Democrats were considering using the process to pass Biden’s infrastructure investment package.
Persons: Joe Manchin, Joe Biden’s, Jim Watson, REUTERS Manchin, , ” Manchin, Biden’s, Biden, Manchin, Kamala Harris Organizations: WASHINGTON, Democratic, Energy, Capitol, REUTERS, Senate, Washington Post, , Republican, Democrat, Republicans Locations: Washington , DC, U.S, Washington, West Virginia
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