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Start-ups in the continent have raised a whopping 43.8 billion euros ($60.9 billion) in the first six months of 2021, figures from Dealroom show, easily surpassing the record 38.5 billion euros invested in 2020. That's despite the fact that the number of venture deals signed so far is around half the amount agreed in 2020. About 2,700 funding rounds have been raised so far in 2021, versus 5,200 last year, according to Dealroom. On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to see the creation of at least 10 tech companies in Europe worth over 100 billion euros each by 2030. Scale-Up Europe, a group that includes the founders of UiPath and Wise, proposed 21 recommendations to help the region build "the next generation of tech giants."
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France honours last survivor of French D-Day commando unit
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French President Emmanuel Macron listens to French war veteran Leon Gautier, a member of the Kieffer commando, during a D-Day commemoration ceremony in memory of marines and the famed Kieffer commandos who took part in D-Day landings, in Colleville-Montgomery, France June 6, 2019. Francois Mori/Pool via REUTERS/File PhotoPARIS, June 18 (Reuters) - President Emmanuel Macron gave one of France's highest honours on Friday to Leon Gautier, last surviving member of the French commando unit that waded onshore on D-Day alongside allied troops to begin the liberation of Europe. Gautier, who had escaped to Britain when Germany invaded France, was one of 177 French marine commanders chosen to help spearhead the first wave of D-Day landings in Normandy, stepping ashore on June 6, 1945. The last other remaining member of that unit, Hubert Faure, died in April this year, making Gautier the sole survivor. Remembering the D-Day landings in a 2019 interview with Reuters, Gautier recalled how a British commander had let the French unit disembark from their landing craft first, in a symbolic recognition that they were reclaiming their homeland.
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Merkel and Macron urge EU coordination on reopening borders
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BERLIN, June 18 (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron called on Friday for European Union countries to coordinate their COVID-19 border reopening policies and guard against new variants of the virus. Macron said EU countries must be careful not to allow new variants to spread, adding that the EU was watching developments in Britain, which has seen a steep rise in the weekly reported cases of the Delta variant. Turning to EU relations with Russia, Merkel said the bloc should maintain dialogue with Moscow despite major differences on issues of security and the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria. "Russia is a big challenge for us but Russia is also a continental neighbour of the European Union and we need to ensure that all hybrid (cyber) attacks are stopped," Merkel said. On the EU economy, Macron said recovery was the priority now, not discussion about budget rules, enshrined in the Stability and Growth Pact.
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Macron says European defense autonomy and NATO membership are compatible
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French President Emmanuel Macron speaks as he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel give a news statement in Berlin, Germany, June 18, 2021. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt/PoolPARIS, June 18 (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday said that the goal of European defence autonomy could go hand in hand with NATO membership. Macron also said U.S. President Joe Biden had expressed his respect for the European Union on the political level as well as his desire to work with the EU as a partner. Merkel, who prefers to see NATO remain the centerpiece of European defence, said she was happy the U.S. had recreated a "climate of cooperation". Editing by Richard Lough Editing by GV De ClercqOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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FILE PHOTO: France's far-right leader Marine Le Pen delivers a speech for the next year's municipal elections in an end-summer annual address to partisans in Frejus, France September 15, 2019. Polls forecast a repeat of the 2017 presidential run-off next year. They project Macron would win but by a substantially narrower margin, with one showing him securing 53% of the vote and Le Pen 47%. “I would argue that spreads at the moment are not pricing in this risk (of Le Pen winning in 2022),” he said. “... There’s no question that if Le Pen did win ... that’s going to cause a bit of volatility shock for France in particular, but for the euro zone more generally.”
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Macron’s 2030 EU tech push is oddly modest
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French President Emmanuel Macron delivers an address to French startups at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, September 14, 2020. REUTERS/Charles Platiau/PoolLONDON, June 16 (Reuters Breakingviews) - Emmanuel Macron, like most European policymakers, wants the bloc to have more technology giants. The French president on Tuesday laid down a target of 10 companies worth at least 100 billion euros by 2030 read more . The bloc already has two, in 243 billion euro Dutch semiconductor equipment giant ASML (ASML.AS) and 148 billion euro corporate IT specialist SAP (SAPG.DE). Payments group Adyen (ADYEN.AS) and industrial software maker Dassault Systemes (DAST.PA) are close at 58 billion euros and 52 billion euros respectively.
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Facebook scientists say they can now tell where deepfakes have come from
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Artificial intelligence researchers at Facebook and Michigan State University say they have developed a new piece of software that can reveal where so-called deepfakes have come from. Deepfakes are bad news for Facebook, which is constantly battling to keep fake content off of its main platform, as well as Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. The company banned deepfakes in Jan. 2020 but it struggles to swiftly remove all of them from its platform. It's unclear how or indeed if Facebook will look to apply Tassner's software to its platforms. As part of the work, Facebook said it has collected and catalogued 100 different deepfake models that are in existence.
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French President Emmanuel Macron speaks during a conference at the VivaTech startup and tech event which fifth edition is taking place from June 16 to 19 at the Expo Porte de Versailles, and online, in Paris, France June 16, 2021. Alain Jocard/Pool via REUTERSPARIS, June 16 (Reuters) - Whether to break up dominant U.S. technology players is a legitimate question, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday at a panel at France's biggest tech show Viva Tech. Macron on Tuesday outlined an ambitious push for Europe to create 10 technology giants worth 100 billion euros ($121.26 billion) each in valuation by 2030, in a bid to rival U.S. companies that dominate the sector. read moreReporting by Mathieu Rosemain; editing by Mark HeinrichOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron, Versailles, Alain Jocard, Mathieu Rosemain, Mark Heinrich Our Organizations: REUTERS, Viva Tech, Macron, Thomson Locations: Paris, France, REUTERS PARIS, Europe
France's President Emmanuel Macron holds a news conference during the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium June 14, 2021. "So the more ... we elaborate and increase the strength of this place the more you will attract investors coming from the United States an China." Four years on, France's startup scene has prospered, with more than a dozen so-called unicorns, or companies valued 1 billion euros or more. French startups raised a record 5.4 billion euros in 2020, up 7% from a year earlier, according to EY. None of the biggest global digital companies are European, however, and some market debuts of highly anticipated IPOs, like that of French digital music company Believe (BLV.PA), were disappointing.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron, Christian Hartmann PARIS, Macron, Mathieu Rosemain, Matthew Lewis Organizations: NATO, REUTERS, Viva Tech, Thomson Locations: Brussels, Belgium, U.S, Europe, Paris, United States, China
France's Macron calls for European tech company push by 2030
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France's President Emmanuel Macron holds a news conference during the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium June 14, 2021. French efforts to create "unicorns", or companies worth at least $1 billion, are still overshadowed by U.S. equivalents, however. Macron said last year he expected France to have 25 "unicorns" by 2025. They also recommended modernising regulations in Europe as well as creating competitive stock option schemes as part of initiatives to scale up European technology firms. ($1 = 0.8247 euros)Reporting by Sarah White and Matthieu Protard Editing by Alistair BellOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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An investment pact between the European Union and China is still possible, but both sides may wait until 2023 at the earliest to ratify the deal, said an analyst from risk consultancy Eurasia Group. Despite the hiccup, Neil Thomas, China analyst at Eurasia Group, said it's "more probable than not" that the EU and China will in the longer term ratify the deal called the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment. Thomas explained that the benefits of the EU-China investment deal include improved market access for European firms in China, as well as better rules on subsidies, state-owned enterprises and technology transfer. But any ratification of the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment may not happen until 2023 at the earliest, said Thomas. China's geopolitical footingBeyond the economic benefits of the investment pact, China could lose some geopolitical footing if the deal isn't eventually ratified, said Thomas.
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The U.S. and EU are nearing a truce on the Boeing-Airbus dispute
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President Joe Biden and his EU counterparts are keen to show that there is new momentum in the trans-Atlantic relationship. CNBC reported last week that the EU was pressing the White House to reach a deal to end trade tariffs imposed during the Donald Trump presidency, in relation to the Airbus and Boeing dispute that first emerged in 2004. Trump imposed duties worth $7.5 billion on European products after the World Trade Organization ruled that the EU had given unfair subsidies to Airbus. Shortly afterwards, the EU imposed tariffs worth $4 billion on U.S. products off the back of another WTO ruling that said the U.S. had granted illegal aid to Boeing. The EU has been keen to set a date to remove these outstanding tariffs and suggested July 11 last week.
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Russian mercenaries, supported by at least one combat helicopter, attacked the neighborhood as they hunted for rebels known as the Seleka. One 20-year-old man, Abdoulaye, told CNN that he came out with several others, hands in the air. CNN and The Sentry obtained confidential UN documents that support the accusations against the Russian mercenaries made by witnesses and victims. Late in December, Russian mercenaries opened fire on a truck that failed to stop at a checkpoint. One man alleged that Russian mercenaries carried out summary executions of suspected rebels in a village near gold and diamond deposits.
Persons: Fatouma, George Clooney, John Prendergast, Abdoulaye, FACA, Djibrila, Sorcha MacLeod, MacLeod, UNWG, Valery Zakharov, Faustin, Vladimir Putin, Yevgeny Prigozhin, Ange Kazagui, Ivan Mechetin, Malik, MINUSCA, he'd, Nimery, Mankeur Ndiaye, President Touadera, Ndiaye, Jean, Pierre Lacroix, Prigozhin, Wagner, Midas, Touadera, Emmanuel Macron, Dmitri Polansky Organizations: Central African Republic, CNN, CAR, Central African, Sentry, UN, Mercenaries, FACA, Rights, University of Copenhagen, Rwandan, UN Human, Medecins San Frontieres, MSF, MINUSCA, Central African Armed Forces, Human, Sewa Services, Wagner PMC, Lobaye Invest, Ministry of Mines, The Locations: Bambari, Central African Republic, al Taqwa, Libya, Russia, Russian, Bossangoa, Bria, MINUSCA, Bangassou, Moscow, Bangui, Canadian, Ndassima, Central Africa, Russians, Berengo, France
“The president routinely says that we are strongest when we work with our friends and allies,” she said. At the Group of 7 summit meeting in Britain, sitting with President Emmanuel Macron of France, Mr. Biden lavished praise on the European Union. That is a marked change from the expressed views of former President Donald J. Trump, who considered the European Union an “economic foe” and competitor and derided NATO members as free-riders on American military spending. In some ways, the European Union, given its enormous economic power as a market and as a trading bloc, has more impact on American life than any other multilateral institution. Mr. Biden wants more support from the Europeans on restraining the damaging effects of the rise of China, with whom the Europeans do a significant amount of trade.
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French Muslims pay heavy price in COVID pandemic
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But evidence collated by Reuters - including statistical data that indirectly captures the impact and testimony from community leaders - indicates the COVID death rate among French Muslims is much higher than in the overall population. But in France, the pandemic throws into sharp relief the inequalities that help fuel tensions between French Muslims and their neighbours - and which look set to become a battleground in next year's presidential election. There is no official data, but undertakers said around three quarters of French Muslims were buried abroad pre-COVID. Statisticians also use data on foreign-born residents to build a picture of the impact of COVID on ethnic minorities. This shows excess deaths among French residents born outside France were up 17% in 2020, versus 8% for French-born residents.
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Sudan's prime minister warns of risk of chaos, civil war
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REUTERS/Sarah Meyssonnier/PoolKHARTOUM, June 15 (Reuters) - Sudan's prime minister warned on Tuesday of the risk of chaos and civil war fomented by loyalists of the previous regime as he sought to defend reforms meant to pull the country out of a deep economic crisis and stabilise a political transition. "The deterioration of the security situation is mainly linked to fragmentation between components of the revolution, which left a vacuum exploited by its enemies and elements of the former regime," Hamdok said. He said that without reform of Sudan's sprawling security sector, which expanded under Bashir as he fought multiple internal conflicts, Sudan will continue to face internal and external threats. "These fragmentations can lead us to a situation of chaos and control by gangs and criminal groups, just as it can lead to the spread of conflict among all civilian groups and might lead to civil war." Additional reporting by Alaa Swilam Writing by Aidan Lewis Editing by Mark HeinrichOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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China Clouds Biden’s Transatlantic Reunion
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Of all the differences between the U.S. and its allies in Europe, how to deal with China is the most intractable. Fresh from the G-7 love-in in Britain, President Biden is in Brussels this week to meet NATO and European Union leaders. There will no doubt be more warm words of trans-Atlantic harmony on subjects such as Covid-19, climate change and the importance of democracy. The weekend’s G-7 communiqué was mainly hawkish on China, but the accompanying commentary highlighted the balancing act the EU has to pull off. European leaders such as France’s Emmanuel Macron and Italy’s Mario Draghi stressed the need to cooperate with Beijing.
Persons: Biden, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Mario Draghi Organizations: U.S, NATO, European Union, Boeing, Airbus, EU, Initiative Locations: Europe, China, Britain, Brussels, Beijing, Washington, Central, Eastern
Biden Tries to Rally G-7 Leaders to Challenge China
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CARBIS BAY, England—Leaders of the Group of Seven wealthy democracies called on China to respect human rights but stopped short of an outright condemnation of Beijing, as President Biden sought to build momentum for an international coalition to counter Chinese influence in the world. The statement is unlikely to have any immediate practical effect. While it named Beijing despite some initial concerns from several European leaders that forceful language might antagonize China, the U.S. didn’t succeed in naming China in a section of the statement condemning forced labor practices. French President Emmanuel Macron said that he was eager to continue to engage with China on issues such as climate change. “That is unchanged,” he said, adding that nations needed to treat China with respect.
Persons: Biden, , China “, , didn’t, Emmanuel Macron, Mario Draghi, Locations: CARBIS BAY, England, China, Beijing, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, U.S, Italian
Taiwan says will be ‘force for good’ after unprecedented G7 support
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Leon Neal/Pool via REUTERSTaiwan will be a “force for good” and continue to seek even greater international support, the presidential office said, after the Chinese-claimed island won unprecedented backing from the Group of Seven of major democracies. Taiwan and G7 member countries share basic values ​​such as democracy, freedom, and human rights, he added. Taiwan will continue to deepen its partnership with G7 states and other like-minded countries and strive for greater support from the international community, he said. Taiwan will also "firmly contribute the greatest force for good" for peace, stability, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region, Chang added. While most countries, including G7 members, have no formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan, the grouping along with other Western allies have been bolstering their backing for the island.
Persons: Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Scott Morrison, Angela Merkel, Cyril Ramaphosa, Moon Jae, Leon Neal, Xavier Chang, Chang Organizations: British, Canadian, Australia's, REUTERS, Sunday, World Health Organization, Thomson Locations: U.S, German, Carbis Bay, Cornwall, Britain, REUTERS Taiwan, China, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan Strait, Taiwan
United States President Joe Biden's plan to unite Washington's closest allies and take on China just scored a big political win. The G7 confronted China on just about every sore spot, from allegations of human rights abuses and forced labor in Xinjiang to ongoing political disputes over Hong Kong, Taiwan and the South China Sea. China still fired back against the statement, accusing the G7 of deliberately slandering China" and "arbitrarily interfering in China's internal affairs." Under Biden, the United States recently expanded a ban on American investment in dozens of Chinese firms. In his statement reported by Xinhua, the Chinese President said it was important to "maintain overall social stability and create a good atmosphere for the Party's centenary."
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Live NATO Live Updates: Biden’s First Summit Will Focus on Russia and China President Biden is taking part in his first NATO summit as president. Biden’s first NATO summit as president will be a sharp contrast to Trump’s. Activists of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and other peace initiatives staged a protest in Berlin in January. The accord outlaws the use, testing, development, production, possession and transfer of nuclear weapons and stationing them in a different country. “A world where Russia, China, North Korea and others have nuclear weapons, but NATO does not, is not a safer world,” she said.
Persons: Biden, Topping, Brendan Smialowski, Donald J, Trump, ’ ’, Emmanuel Macron, Jens Stoltenberg, Mr, Tobias Schwarz, , Tim Wright, Jessica Cox Organizations: NATO, China, Melsbroek, Sunday ., Agence France, Getty, New, International, Nuclear, Nuclear Weapons, United Nations Locations: Russia, China, Biden’s, Brussels, BRUSSELS, New United States, France, Afghanistan, Asia, Berlin, Geneva, NATO’s, United States, Britain, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, American, Belgium, Italy, Spain
Boris Johnson’s ‘Global Britain’ Makes Shaky Start at G7 Summit
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It was the jarring intrusion of Northern Ireland into the proceedings. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Macron had a tense exchange over post-Brexit trade arrangements for the region. British officials are demanding that the European Union change the current system — designed to avoid new barriers between Ireland, an E.U. member state, and Northern Ireland — because it says that checks on some goods flowing from mainland Britain to Northern Ireland is driving a wedge between two parts of the United Kingdom. British newspapers reported that Mr. Macron suggested Northern Ireland was not part of the union.
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"We had a positive and productive meeting, much of it one-on-one," Biden told a news conference after their meeting in Brussels. Erdogan characterised his talks with Biden on the sidelines of a NATO summit as "productive and sincere." 1/5 U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (L) attends a bilateral meeting with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in Washington March 31, 2016. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/File Photo Read MoreAs president, Biden has adopted a cooler tone than predecessor Donald Trump towards Erdogan. At the start of the main leaders' session at NATO, Biden spoke to Erdogan at length in a small group before they took their seats.
Persons: Joe Biden, Tayyip Erdogan, Biden, Erdogan, Joshua Roberts, Donald Trump, Jens Stoltenberg, Emmanuel Macron, Macron Organizations: NATO, REUTERS, Erdogan, Washington, Thomson Locations: Syria, Libya, Brussels, Turkey, United States, Greece, Cyprus, Washington, Ankara, Russian, Turkish, NATO, Afghanistan, Kabul, Paris
France's Macron says G7 is not hostile towards China
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CARBIS BAY, England, June 13 (Reuters) - The G7 group of nations may have its differences with China over issues such as forced labour and human rights, but it is not a club that is hostile to the Asian economic powerhouse, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday. “China is an economic rival from whom we expect the full respect of (international trade) rules,” Macron told a news conference at the end of a summit of G7 leaders in Britain.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron, ” Macron Locations: CARBIS BAY, England, China, Britain
G7 pledge cooperation on carbon leakage as EU border tariff looms
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"We ... acknowledge the risk of carbon leakage, and will work collaboratively to address this risk and to align our trading practices with our commitments under the Paris agreement," G7 leaders said on Sunday in a joint communique. The leaders said policies to put a price on CO2 will help them decarbonise their economies. A draft of the EU policy would require importers of iron and steel, aluminium, cement, fertilisers, and electricity to buy digital certificates to get their goods over the EU border. We need to address carbon leakage to create (a) global level playing field," European Council President Charles Michel said in a tweet after the G7 meeting. Brussels says the policy is needed to put EU firms on an equal footing with competitors in countries with weaker climate policies.
Persons: Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Joe Biden, Brendan Smialowski, Charles Michel Organizations: Canada's, Britain's, Seven, Sunday, European, Thomson Locations: Carbis Bay, Cornwall, Britain, European Union, Paris, EU, Brussels, Russia, U.S, Europe
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