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MediaTek chips are seen on a development board at the MediaTek booth during the 2015 Computex exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan, June 3, 2015. REUTERS/Pichi ChuangTAIPEI, Nov 25 (Reuters) - Taiwan is looking at cooperating with three Eastern European countries on semiconductors, a minister said on Thursday, a move likely to find favour in Brussels which has been courting Taiwanese semiconductor firms to manufacture in the bloc. Taiwan will set up working groups with the three countries to work out how to cooperate on chips, while Taiwan will also give scholarships for technical training, he added. The European Commission has proposed legislation to boost chip production, and has angled for Taiwan's involvement. Register now for FREE unlimited access to RegisterReporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Jacqueline WongOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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Lukas Vanagaitis wanted to flip homes but didn't have the funds to do it. He began by wholesaling property and then began to buy and flip homes. Costly mistakesHe had partnered up with three other people and they began flipping property that had been damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Plus our renovations took way longer than expected. He took all the lessons he had learned along the way and began to flip homes there.
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Taiwan talks chips, Chinese 'coercion' in U.S. meeting
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Flags of Taiwan and U.S. are placed for a meeting in Taipei, Taiwan March 27, 2018. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu/File PhotoTAIPEI, Nov 23 (Reuters) - Taiwan and the United States discussed chip shortages and how to respond to China's economic "coercion" during the second session of an economic dialogue launched last year, Taiwan Economy Minister Wang Mei-hua said on Tuesday. The talks came a week after a virtual meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. After that meeting, Xi warned that supporters in the United States of Taiwanese independence were "playing with fire". Taiwan hopes the dialogue may lead eventually to a free-trade agreement with the United States and hailed last year's inaugural meeting as a step forward.
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Crises are multiplying on Russia's western border, and Vladimir Putin appears to be stirring the trouble. By exercising self-discipline, political and military leaders conserve resources for commitments that matter most. In other words, what strategic leaders want and how much they want it dictates the price they pay for it. Well, Russian leaders covet the dominant say-so in the near abroad. Putin has a weak hand to play; but he plays it well.
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By contrast, of the 2,639 asylum requests Lithuania processed from non-Belarusians since the start of the influx, Ms. Gudzinskaite said, only 10 were granted. Migrants have been prevented from entering the country some 7,000 times since August, according to Lithuania’s border guard service. But Belarusians are not pushed back; when they are caught entering the country illegally, they are allowed to stay and request asylum, the commander of the service, Rustamas Liubajevas, said. “This is a totally different situation from the migrants coming in,” Gen. Liubajevas said. But even Caritas, a Roman Catholic charity supporting detained migrants, said that many may not.
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soil, many said they were beaten back by Polish forces — only to then face further violence when they tried to return to Belarus. Ahmed said he wanted to warn others not to risk the journey "because it is never possible to cross to the Polish border." “When we tried to cross the fence between Poland and Belarus, the Polish forces beat us to go back," he said. While much of the focus has been on the Polish-Belarusian border, asylum seekers have also described being taken to the Lithuanian border by Belarusian forces. Both said Belarusian forces removed the SIM cards from their phones and broke them, so they had no way of reaching others.
Persons: Alexander Lukashenko, Hussein Saadi Ahmed, Ahmed, , Khalid Razak, , ” Ahmed, Muhammad Hadi, ” Hadi, Poland’s, , Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin, Antony Blinken, Blinken, Putin, Katarzyna Staszewa, it’s, Maciej Szczęsnowicz, Szczęsnowicz, Ali Kazem Hussein, Ali, ” Ali Kazem Hussein, ” Hussein Organizations: NBC News, NATO, European Union, NBC, BBC, Reuters, Western Locations: BAGHDAD, Belarus, Europe, East, Iraq, Baghdad, Minsk, Poland, United States, Belarusian, E.U, Polish, Belarus’s, Lithuania, Latvia, , Ukraine, U.S, Nigeria, Bohoniki, Lithuanian
During a speech Thursday to Russian diplomats, Mr. Putin signaled more openly than before that he was using his military to coerce the West to respect Russia’s interests in the region. He said that Western countries were finally recognizing that Russia was serious about defending its “red lines” that relate to the presence of NATO forces near its borders. “Our recent warnings have indeed been heard and are having a certain effect: tensions have risen there, after all,” Mr. Putin said. “It’s a regional security situation which is very worrying at the moment,” said Asta Skaisgiryte, the foreign policy adviser to the president of Lithuania, an E.U. and NATO member that has faced a wave of migration from neighboring Belarus in recent months.
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Image Migrants near a hotel on Wednesday in Minsk, Belarus. The New York TimesThe Iraqi government said that a plane was expected to leave Belarus on Thursday to bring home migrants who are caught in the middle of a dispute between the Belarusian leader and the European Union. The flight bans come after an intense diplomatic campaign by European Union members alarmed by the arrival of thousands of mostly Iraqi migrants into Belarus after it loosened its visa rules in August. Hoping for a path into the European Union, the migrants instead found themselves in freezing forest camps on the borders with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Iraq and the European Union are considering offering incentives for migrants to return home, including cash payments.
Persons: Aleksandr G, Lukashenko, Yemenis Organizations: New York Times, European Union, Iraq’s, Ministry, European Union —, United, United Arab Emirates, European Locations: Minsk, Belarus, Iraq, Belarusian, Union, Poland, Erbil, Iraq’s, Kurdistan, Baghdad, Turkey, Iran, Dubai, United Arab, Latvia, Lithuania, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Tashkent, European Union
Hundreds of migrants, marooned in freezing weather on the Belarus side of the Poland-Belarus border, tried to rush into Poland. Polish border forces used water cannons and tear gas to drive them back. Polish border forces used water cannons and tear gas to drive them back. As the crisis escalated, migrants reported being beaten by Belarusian soldiers and being directed to different areas along the Polish border. “But I won’t be intimidated.”Advertisement Continue reading the main storyAs border crisis escalates, Poland and Belarus employ different tactics to shape the narrative.
Persons: James Hill, , Rebas Ali, Aleksandr G, Lukashenko, ” Mariusz Blaszczak, Balia Ahmed, Maria Ancipuk, Maciek, Ancipuk, , Ms Ancipuk, Belarus —, Maciek Nabrdalik, Nabrdalik, Mr, ” Mr, Artis Pabriks Organizations: Cross, Emergency Ministries, ., The New York Times, European Union, Polish, City Council, European, New York Times, Times, , Police, Polish Press Agency, Poland’s Ministry of Defense, The New York Times Migrants, New York Locations: Belarus, Poland, Polish, Belarusian, Bruzgi, “ Poland, Syria, Iraq, East, Michalowo, Wiejki, Poland’s, Minsk, Europe, Turkey, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Kurdistan
LONDON — European stocks are set for a muted open on Tuesday as investors await key economic data and digest a slew of corporate earnings. Markets in Asia-Pacific were mixed during Tuesday's trade as investors monitored virtual talks between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Stateside, stock futures were flat in overnight premarket deals as investors assessed a jump in yields, with inflation concerns continuing to weigh on global markets. Significant corporate earnings and economic data releases are expected later in the day. On the data front, U.K. employment and wage figures for September are due before the opening bell on Tuesday.
Persons: Germany's DAX, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Alexander Lukashenko Organizations: CAC, U.S, NATO, European Union, Imperial Brands, Bouygues, Vodafone, Asda, CNBC PRO Locations: Asia, Pacific, Europe, Ukrainian, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Minsk
WARSAW — The Polish authorities said that border guards used water cannons and tear gas on Tuesday to repel what they said was an attempt by migrants moving en masse from Belarus to breach the heavily guarded frontier. Tensions have been building along the European Union’s eastern front for weeks as thousands of migrants, mainly from the Middle East, have flown to Belarus in the hope of finding a path into the bloc. member states that share a border with Belarus — Latvia, Lithuania and Poland — have accused the government of Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, the Belarus leader, of orchestrating what they say is a “hybrid attack” using human beings as weapons. After several nights of tense standoffs, tensions flared on Tuesday morning. “As a result of an attack by people inspired by the Belarusian side, one of the policemen was seriously injured.”
Persons: Poland —, Aleksandr G, Lukashenko, Organizations: WARSAW, Belarus — Locations: Belarus, Belarus — Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarusian
European foreign ministers met in Brussels on Monday to discuss possible sanctions against Belarus as the humanitarian crisis at its border deepens. Thousands of migrants, many from Syria, Yemen and Iraq, have been gathered at the border with EU member Poland in freezing temperatures for several weeks. Last week, in light of speculation about a fresh round of EU sanctions against Belarus, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko threatened to choke off a key gas supply from Russia to Europe. 'A cry for help'Anna Rosenberg, head of Europe and U.K. at advisory firm Signum Global, told CNBC Monday that existing EU sanctions on Minsk were partially successful. These airlines include Belarus's Belavia, Turkish Airlines and Russia's Aeroflot, and Rosenberg noted that sanctions against such entities are rather complex.
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Migrants gather around a fire in a makeshift camp on the Belarusian-Polish border in the Grodno region, Belarus November 14, 2021. The 27-nation EU slapped sanctions on Minsk for violating human rights. Minsk would retaliate against any new EU sanctions, he was quoted as saying. At least eight people have died along the 200-kilometre-long land border between Poland and Belarus, including from cold and exhaustion. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also dismissed as "wrong" a U.S. State Department statement that the Belarus border crisis was meant to distract attention from increased Russian military activity close to Ukraine.
Persons: Oksana Manchuk, Alexander Lukashenko, Haiko Maas, Josep Borrell, Lukashenko, Maas, Vladimir Putin, Putin, Dmitry Peskov, Poland's Andrzej Duda, Gabrielius Landsbergis, Robin Emmott, Sabine Siebold, Maria Kiselyova, Dmitry Antonov, Tom Balmforth, Olzhas Auyezov, Gabriela Baczynska, Alexander Ratz, Thomas Escritt, Pawel, Andrius, Catherine Evans Organizations: Union, EU, European Union, Belarus, RIA, Belta, U.S . State Department, Turkish Airlines, Thomson Locations: Belarusian, Polish, Grodno, Belarus, Handout, Middle East Belarus, Poland, Kremlin, Minsk, Moscow, BRUSSELS, WARSAW, MOSCOW, Brussels, Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Cameroon, Lithuania, Latvia, East, Africa, Russian, Maas, Borrell, Warsaw, Europe, U.S, Ukraine, Estonia, Turkish
"The Belarusian government knows very well that these people are not tourists, but that they are going to the Polish border." Several migrants near the border told Reuters that Belarusian border guards helped them try to cross into Poland or turned a blind eye when they did so. Hussein al-Asil is an Iraqi based in Ankara who provides travel services to would-be tourists and migrants. 'EVERY DAY FRIENDS LEAVE'Once migrants arrive in Minsk, most move quickly to the border. Some migrants who made it to Poland said they were beaten by Belarusian border guards and chased back and forth across the frontiers.
Persons: Kacper, Kamaran Mohammed, Mohammed, Alexander Lukashenko, Lukashenko, Hussein, Asil, Umm Malak, Fabrice Leggeri, Said Sadiq, Warzer Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Charlotte Bruneau, Joanna Plucinska, Yara Abi Nader, Ako Rasheed, Ali Sultan, Alan Charlish, Abdallah Issam, Natalia Zinets, Dmitry Antonov, Andrius, Mike Collett Organizations: REUTERS, State, EU EU, Minsk SULAIMANIYA, European Union, Reuters, West, European, EU, Belavia, Turkish Airlines, Cham Wings Airlines, Polish Border Guard, Frontex, Andrius Sytas, White, Thomson Locations: Poland, Belarus, Nomiki, Middle, Russia, Iraq, HAJNOWKA, Minsk, Iraqi, Sulaimaniya, Belarusian, Polish, EU, Moscow, Lithuania, Turkey, Russian, Syria, Europe, Ankara, Asil, Istanbul, Brussels, Baghdad, Yemen, Bialystok, East, Kurdistan, Suleimaniya, Hajnowka, Warsaw, Beirut, Kyiv, Vilnius
The body of a young Syrian man has been found in Poland near the border with Belarus, Polish police said on Saturday, amid mounting international tension over a migrant crisis the European Union says has been orchestrated by Minsk. “Yesterday, in the woods, near the border, near Wolka Terechowska, the body of a young Syrian man was found,” Podlaska Police said on Twitter. The Polish Border Guard said Belarusian soldiers had torn up a section of the temporary fence erected by Poland to deter migrants during the night. The Polish Border Guard said there were 219 attempts to illegally cross the border on Friday. The Lithuanian border guard says 144 migrants attempted to enter on Friday.
Persons: Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, Alexander Lukashenko, Mariusz Kaminski, National Intelligence Avril Haines Organizations: European Union, Minsk, ” Podlaska Police, Twitter, Polish Border Guard, NBC, Polish, U.S, National Intelligence Locations: Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, , Wolka Terechowska, Syrian, ” Podlaska, Belarusian, Austria, Latvia, Estonia, Polish, Lithuanian
But on Friday the European Commission announced that Turkish Airlines suspended sales of one-way tickets to Minsk and that Iraqi airlines would not resume their flights to Belarus. The Belarusian airline, Belavia — which operates joint flights with Turkish airlines from Istanbul —- also announced that Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni citizens would no longer be allowed to board flights to Belarus. There are people who came, legally, to Belarus, and who want to enter the European Union countries. On Friday those routes appeared to be closing for citizens of some countries under pressure from the European Union on the airlines involved. Moreover, we find it deliberate that Turkish Airlines, one of our globally respected companies, is being targeted, despite sharing information on the matter transparently,” the ministry said.
Persons: Aleksandr G, Lukashenko, Mr, Dmitri S, Vladimir V, Putin, Dmitry Polyanskiy, John Minchillo, , Sven Jürgenson, Russia —, Russia’s, Polyanskiy, , ” Mr, Umit Bektas, Ursula von der Leyen, , Bayar Awat, Awat, Barzan, Sangar Khaleel Organizations: Migrants, ., New York Times, European Union, Russian Defense Ministry, European Commission, Turkish Airlines, Turkish, Istanbul —, . Security, United Nations, United Nations Security, Security, United, Airlines, Turkish Civil Aviation, Belavia, Twitter, NATO, Foreign Ministry, Wings, EPA, United Arab Emirates, airfare, Belarus police Locations: Poland, Belarus, Russia, Europe, Moscow, Minsk, Belarusian, Western Europe, “ Russia, Grodno, Polish, Lithuania Minsk Grodno, Belarus Warsaw ukraine Poland, Istanbul, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russian, concocting, Britain, France, Norway, United States, Albania, E.U, Turkish, Germany, United Nations, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Syrian, Ankara, , Belavia, Iraq’s Kurdistan, Dubai, Kurdistan
Capitol riot suspect Evan Neumann is seeking political asylum in Belarus after fleeing the US. Neumann is on the FBI's most-wanted list and faces six charges including assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. On Thursday, Belarusian state broadcaster ATN aired an extended interview with Neumann in which he claimed that he was seeking political asylum in Belarus because he believed he would be tortured in the US. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has mocked the Capitol riot and said in January: "In our country, protesters and other dissatisfied people don't storm government agencies and capitols." Belarus is known for its violence repression of political dissent, including those who protested against Lukashenko's re-election in August 2020.
Persons: Evan Neumann, Neumann, I'm, Alexander Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin, Department's, saidin, Lukashenko Organizations: Capitol, Belarusian, Service, US, ABC, ATN, of Justice, US Department of Justice, Lukashenko's, NBC Locations: Belarus, California, Russia, EU, Washington, Mill Valley , California, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarusian, Lithuania, States
In one sense, the border crisis between Poland and Belarus is a tit-for-tat geopolitical conflict in which refugees and migrants just happen to be the weapons. The European Union, as punishment, imposed economic sanctions on Belarus. Those countries must then either process them — or allow them to freeze at the border, which has so far been their preference. The European Union has made it clear for years that it will go to incredible lengths to prevent migrants and refugees from reaching its external borders. This gives countries on the European periphery the leverage, and incentive, to use those refugees as pawns.
Persons: Mateusz Morawiecki Organizations: European Union, European Locations: Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania
The goal was to prevent migrants from making their way to the border of Poland, an E.U. Poland says it has moved some 17,000 soldiers, border guards and police officers to the border to keep migrants from crossing. Advertisement Continue reading the main storyThe European Union is preparing new sanctions against Belarus. On Friday some of those routes were closing after the European Union put pressure on some of the airlines involved. Where Migrants Gathered at the Belarus-Poland Border N BELARUS Migrants Border POLAND Border crossing Kuznica BELARUS POLAND Kuznica BELARUS N Migrants Border POLAND Border crossing Kuznica BELARUS POLAND Kuznica BELARUS Migrants Border POLAND Border crossing N Kuznica BELA.
Persons: Aleksandr G, Lukashenko, Mr, Dmitri S, Vladimir V, Putin, Istanbul —, “ I’m, Poland’s, Mateusz, , Marc Santora, Eric Schmitt, Monika Pronczuk, Ursula von der Leyen, Doug Mills, Lukashenko’s, Heiko Maas, Maas, , Pawel Zerka, Maciek, Marysia Złonkiewicz, Grupa, Iwo, Hans Kluge, Umit Bektas, BELA, POL Organizations: ” Airlines, European Union, Migrants, ., New York Times, Russian Defense Ministry, Turkish Airlines, Iraqi Embassy, Belarus’s Defense, Belarusian Defense Ministry Press Service, Associated, West, NATO, Pentagon, Belarus, European Commission, E.U, Union, European Council, Foreign Relations, Granica Group, The New York Times, Minsk —, , World Health Organization, Europe, Airlines, United, Turkish Civil Aviation, Belavia, Twitter, Foreign Ministry, BELARUS Migrants Border, Kuznica BELARUS POLAND Kuznica, Kuznica BELARUS POLAND Kuznica BELARUS Migrants Border Locations: , Belarus, Russia, Europe, Minsk, Belarusian, Poland, Western Europe, “ Russia, Grodno, Polish, Lithuania Minsk Grodno, Belarus Warsaw ukraine Poland, Istanbul, Iraqi, Moscow, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Baltic States, Russian, Kaliningrad, Moscow’s, Britain, Lithuanian, Crimea, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Washington, E.U, Iraq, Jordan, Paris, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Baltic, Turkish, Germany, United Nations, Turkey, Dubai, FlyDubai, Ankara, , BELARUS, BELARUS Migrants Border POLAND, Kuznica BELARUS POLAND, Kuznica BELARUS POLAND Kuznica BELARUS, POLAND, Kuznica BELARUS POLAND Kuznica BELARUS Migrants Border POLAND
Brussels may impose new sanctions as early as Monday on Belarus and airlines it blames for ferrying the migrants. read moreThe spokesperson said Iraqi Airways had also agreed to halt flights to Belarus. However, the head of the EU's border agency Frontex said he saw no swift end to the migrant crisis on Poland's border. Polish authorities said they had foiled 223 attempts to cross the border illegally from Belarus overnight, including two large groups. The Baltic nations bordering Belarus fear the crisis could escalate into a military confrontation.
Persons: Frontex, Fabrice Leggeri, Alexander Lukashenko's, Lukashenko, Grupa, Andrzej Duda, Robin Emmott, Marine Strauss, Pawel Florkiewicz, Anna Wlodarczak, Andrius, Dmitry Antonov, Andrew Osborn, Ahmed Rasheed, Jan Lopatka, Tomasz Janowski, Peter Graff Organizations: Iraq Airlines, EU, Minsk, Turkey's Civil Aviation, Soviet Union, European, Iraqi Airways, Reuters, Police, REUTERS, Kremlin, Thomson Locations: Turkey, Yemenis, Minsk, Moscow, BRUSSELS, ANKARA, Syrian, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Brussels, Istanbul, Iraqi, EU's, Kuznica, Policja Podlaska, Handout, REUTERS Belarus, Europe, Russia, Polish, Warsaw, Ukraine, Baltic, Latvia, Estonia, Vilnius, Ankara, Kapciamietsis, Baghdad
Belarus' neighbors say migrant crisis risks military clash
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Countries bordering Belarus on Thursday warned the migrant crisis on the European Union's eastern borders could escalate into a military confrontation while Ukraine said it would deploy thousands more troops to reinforce its frontier. member, Ukraine is wary of becoming another flashpoint in the escalating migrant crisis. Kyiv announced drills and the deployment of 8,500 additional troops and police officers to the country's long northern border with Belarus. He also said there were attempts to transfer weapons to the migrants, in what he described as a provocation in comments carried by Belarus state media. Poland has reported at least seven migrant deaths in the months-long crisis and other migrants have expressed fear they would die.
Persons: Alexander Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin, Lukashenko Organizations: Migrants, NBC, Kremlin, Aeroflot, EU, Turkish Airlines, United Locations: Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Kyiv, Warsaw, Minsk, Russia, Moscow, Europe, Germany, Russian, Turkey, Turkish, Ankara, Poland, United Nations
Image Migrants on the border between Poland and Belarus received help from a coalition of humanitarian groups on Thursday. Polish border guards said Thursday that 150 migrants had tried to cross the border from Belarus en masse overnight. “Russia has nothing to do with what’s happening on the border between Belarus and Poland,” Mr. Peskov said. “We must constantly monitor the situation on the border,” Mr. Lukashenko said. “Belarus, Poland and Lithuania are playing with people,” he said.
Persons: , Maciek, Mateusz Morawiecki, Aleksandr G, Lukashenko, Lukashenko’s, Mr,, , Vladimir V, Putin, Shamil Zhumatov, Dmitri S, Peskov, Putin’s, ” Mr, , Underscoring, Wojtek, Michelle Bachelet, Morawiecki, Charles Michel, Reben Sirwan, Laura Boushnak, Hajar, , ” Hajar, Reben, Sirwan, ” Sangar, Barzan Jabar Organizations: European Union, ., The New York Times WARSAW, Independence, Facebook, Minsk Grodno Kuznica Belarus Poland Warsaw, European, Kremlin, RIA Novosti, Belarusian Defense Ministry, Police, Agence France, Law, Justice, Catholic Church, United Nations, European Council, Ministry of Information, The New York Times, Lithuanian, Locations: East, Belarus, Poland, Europe, Iraq, Warsaw, Russia, Western Europe, Lithuania, Minsk Grodno Kuznica Belarus Poland, Minsk Grodno Kuznica Belarus Poland Warsaw ukraine, Belarusian, Białowieza, Moscow, “ Russia, Russian, Kuznica, , Sulaimani, Lithuanian, Minsk, Iraqi, Turkey, Britain, Sulaimaniya, Kurdistan, Syria, “ Belarus
Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia said Belarus posed serious threats to European security by deliberately escalating its "hybrid attack" using migrants to retaliate for EU sanctions. Poland has reported at least seven migrant deaths in the months-long crisis and other migrants have expressed fear they would die. None of around 150 migrants gathered near the town of Bialowieza managed to breach the border, with 468 attempted crossings on Wednesday, according to the Polish border guard service. EU foreign ministers may approve more Belarus sanctions on Monday that could include individuals and companies, according to one diplomat. Lukashenko and Russia have said the EU was not living up to its humanitarian values by preventing migrants from crossing.
Persons: Alexander Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin, Lukashenko, Putin, Angela Merkel, Olaf Scholz, Alan Charlish, Joanna Plucinska, Andrius, Sabine Siebold, Robin Emmott, Jan Strupczewski, Maxim Rodionov, Tom Balmforth, Andrew Osborn, Pavel Polityuk, Matthias Williams, Philippa Fletcher, Tomasz Janowski, Andrew Heavens Organizations: Russia, EU, Migrants, Kremlin, Polish Ministry of Defence, REUTERS Read, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Turkish, United, Thomson Locations: Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Belarus, WARSAW, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Warsaw, Minsk, Moscow, Europe, Russian, Kuznica, Turkey, Bialowieza, Polish, United Nations, Iraqi, Germany, Suprasl, Kapciamiestis, Brussels, Kyiv
He sent a fighter jet to intercept a European airliner carrying a prominent dissident. Dubbed “Europe’s last dictator,” Aleksandr G. Lukashenko of Belarus, the mercurial leader at the center of the border conflict with Poland and Lithuania that is roiling Europe, has a long history of defying the West. He also made his landlocked country, bordered by Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia, a reliable buffer between Russia and its twin rivals, the European Union and NATO. But his longstanding pattern of rigging elections, silencing dissent and violently suppressing opponents has taken a toll. Mass protests erupted in August of last year after he declared a landslide victory in presidential elections that many viewed as fiction.
Persons: “ Europe’s, ” Aleksandr G, Lukashenko, Organizations: Soviet, Kremlin, European Union, NATO Locations: Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Europe, Soviet Union, Soviet, Belarusian, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia
REUTERS/Kacper PempelUNITED NATIONS, Nov 11 (Reuters) - Russia traded barbs with Western members of the U.N. Security Council on Thursday over a crisis on the border between Belarus and Poland, with Russia's deputy U.N. envoy suggesting his European colleagues have "masochist inclinations." Estonia, France, Ireland, Norway, the United States and Britain raised the migrant crisis during a closed-door meeting of the 15-member body. Belarus has warned the crisis could escalate into a military confrontation, while Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia said Belarus posed a serious threat to European security. When asked if Russia or Belarus were helping move the migrants to the Polish border, Polyanskiy said: "No, absolutely not." Russia is a council veto-power so can shield Belarus from any possible attempts to impose U.N. sanctions.
Persons: U.N, Alexander Lukashenko, Dmitry Polyanskiy, Polyanskiy, Michelle Nichols, Alistair Bell Organizations: REUTERS, UNITED, . Security, EU, Security Council, Thomson Locations: Bialowieza, Hajnowka, Belarusian, Polish, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, France, Ireland, Norway, United States, Britain, Lithuania, Latvia
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