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The decision could define the party and shape American democracy for generations to come. The impeachment measure is likely to sail through the Democratic-led House, with or without Republican support. And for some who want to make a break from Trump and chart a new path for the Republican Party, time is running short. The outcome may center on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., a Trump ally who broke with him on Jan. 6 when making an impassioned plea to affirm President-elect Joe Biden's victory. "I think there is a sizeable majority in both chambers that desires an outcome where Trump cannot run for public office again," Cooper said.
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These attacks, delivered without overt references to race, may prove enough to persuade the multiracial coalition of suburbanites who swung to Joseph R. Biden Jr. in the presidential contest to vote next month for the two Republicans and ensure a G.O.P.-controlled Senate. Mr. Warnock recognized the onslaught coming his way and quickly released an ad previewing the attacks, suggesting Republicans would even claim he didn’t like puppies. “I love puppies!” he declared as he stroked one in the commercial. Mr. Warnock, though, did not have any such line at the ready on Sunday night to defuse Ms. Loeffler’s unrelenting portrayal of him as a radical. Instead, he sought to change the focus to his rival’s wealth and the stock trades she made while serving in the Senate this year.
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