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These acquisitions are gradually giving Beijing a potential stranglehold on global shipping — with profound military as well as commercial implications. Yet China, having accumulated this unprecedented stake in global shipping and commerce, and its power and profits present ominous possibilities for the future. Five years ago, China, through Cosco, purchased a controlling stake in the Port of Piraeus on Greece’s largest harbor — Europe’s seventh largest. In September, Cosco also took a major stake in the container operator at the port in Hamburg, Germany’s largest. The consequences of doing nothing as China continues to penetrate the world’s ports and shipping are potentially catastrophic.
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Exercises by US and Greek troops in Greece will increase, and the US presence in Greece will grow. "MDCA is the bedrock of our defense cooperation," Blinken said in a statement, referring to what is essentially a bilateral defense agreement. Elliott PageUnder MDCA, exercises between American and Greek troops in Greece will increase in number and duration, promoting interoperability between the two NATO allies in a tense corner of Europe. Turkey is also increasingly antagonistic toward other NATO members, particularly France, which recently signed a defense agreement with Greece. Although the MDCA is not directed against any particular country, "it does provide certain comfort for Greece in its disputes with Turkey," Novo told Insider.
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Greece would never endanger European values, laws and security, minister saysGreek Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Kostas Fragogiannis discusses measures the government is enacting to support economic development and its post-pandemic recovery.
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