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A judge dismissed Katie Hill's lawsuit against the Daily Mail over the outlet publishing nude photos of her. The former congresswoman accused the judge of thinking "revenge porn is free speech." "I sued the Daily Mail for their publication of my nonconsensual nude images," Hill wrote in the tweet on Wednesday. "Today, we lost in court because a judge - not a jury - thinks revenge porn is free speech." In late October, the Daily Mail published nude photos of her with a campaign aide, which prompted the Hill's lawsuit against the tabloid.
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"At this point, I am finally seeking a restraining order because I am afraid that he will not give up until I am dead." The judge imposed an order effective until at least Dec. 30, when there is a hearing scheduled to determine whether the order should be extended. Heslep is ordered to say at least 100 yards away from Hill, Hill's mother and sister and Hill's goat, dog and horse. The judge deferred a decision on whether to enjoin Heslep from disseminating "confidential information" about Hill to the media or the public until the Dec. 30 hearing. Hill said her ex-husband is “obsessed with guns and, at last count, had a least a dozen.
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