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The parents of Tyre Nichols are invited to next week's presidential State of the Union address. Rep. Steven Horsford of Nevada, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, extended the invitation. Rep. Steven Horsford of Nevada, the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, extended the invitation to Nichols' grieving parents. "Everyone should agree people should be safe, safe in our communities and law enforcement has an obligation to do its job," Horsford told host Rev. Reuters reported the war in Ukraine is expected to be a prevalent topic in the annual speech, but Nichols' death has reignited national protests and political conversation about police accountability and reform that may also be highlighted.
Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is celebrating his latest win with his wife Brittany. The Kansas City Chiefs selected Patrick in the first round of the NFL Draft in April 2017. She also became a part owner of Kansas City's women's soccer team when the National Women's Soccer League expanded to the city in 2020. I think the people are what we love the most about Kansas City," Mahomes said. On Sunday, Mahomes led the Chiefs to victory against the Bengals to secure a slot in the 2023 Super Bowl.
He founded Hunt Oil Company in 1936. He saw great success in the oil business and reportedly used profits to invest in other industries like publishing, cosmetics, and even pecan farming. Bettmann/Contributor/Getty ImagesSource: Encyclopedia Britannica, The New York Times
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has faced criticism for delaying the delivery of tanks to Ukraine. Scholz's indecision became the topic of Ukrainian memes that coined the term "Scholzing." "Scholzing" means to communicate good intentions, but find or invent reasons to delay action. As Scholz spent weeks hesitating — and facing international pressure — over sending advanced Leopard 2 tanks to battle Russian forces in Ukraine, his name took on a new meaning. He also insisted the move be tied to a United States commitment to send their own Abrams tanks to the frontlines.
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On January 8, Memphis Police released a statement about a "confrontation" with a reckless driver. New bodycam video shows officers beating Nichols, which is omitted in the police version of events. But bodycam footage of the incident, released Friday, revealed a different story of the brutal beating that left the 29-year-old dead. —Memphis Police Dept (@MEM_PoliceDept) January 8, 2023The statement continued: "Officers pursued the suspect and again attempted to take the suspect into custody. Later in the footage, Nichols' cries become less coherent, his speech slurs, and he struggles to stand up.
"We gotta build a better Memphis for Mr. Nichols," Jones said. "Don, we have to do something," Jones told Lemon in the clip, which has since gone viral on social media. "Not that we were immune to anything, but this wasn't supposed to happen in our community. This was a traffic stop, it wasn't supposed to end like this." "We gotta do something," Jones told Lemon.
A Swiss hacker says she found a copy of the FBI's "no-fly" list on an unsecured server. "The ever-expanding scope of these lists are due to the revelations of people in the course of investigations," Gray told Insider. When looking at the list, crimew told Insider, "you start to notice just how young some of the people are." crimew told Insider. "I just hope they maybe learned their lesson the second time," crimew told Insider.
Easily accessible secretsCrimew told Insider it took just minutes for her to access the server and find credentials that allowed her to see the database. When looking at the list, Crimew told Insider, "you start to notice just how young some of the people are." crimew told Insider. The outcome of the 2021 case is still pending, crimew told Insider. And that really just shows like where the priorities lie," crimew told Insider: "I just hope they maybe learned their lesson the second time."
Former Pentagon policy analyst Paul Scharre discusses global power and AI in his upcoming book. He writes that Marines trained the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's robots. The robots, trained to identify humans, were fooled by Marines doing somersaults and hiding in boxes. In the passages, Scharre details how, at the end of their training course, the Marines devised a game to test the DARPA robot's intelligence. Another took branches from a fir tree and walked along, grinning from ear to ear while pretending to be a tree, according to sources from Scharre's book.
A study in the Journal of Sleep Research found poor sleep correlates with paranormal beliefs. People with insomnia and sleep paralysis more often believe in ghosts, aliens, and an afterlife. The study's authors told Insider the results could improve health care, but there's more to learn. Those who see them may have one thing in common, according to a new study published in the Journal of Sleep Research: sleep disturbances. Sleep paralysis was also highly associated with the belief that near-death experiences are evidence of life after death.
Ivana Trump's last will is now a matter of public record, following her death last July. She left a majority of her estate to her children: Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, records show. Ivana left her dog and a $1 million condo to her former nanny, and donated her clothing. Curry spoke at her funeral last July, alluding to Ivana Trump feeling isolated and in pain. Ivana Trump went on to marry twice more before her death at age 73.
Climate activists in Germany are protesting a coal deal between energy company RWE and the Green party. Protesters used delayed officers in deep mud but were met with "pure violence," organizers said. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest on the culture & business of sustainability — delivered weekly to your inbox. The deal, made between the left-leaning political Green party and the largest German coal company, RWE, has been toted as a climate-saving agreement by the politicians who brokered it. Climate activist Greta Thunberg (r) stands between Keyenberg and Lützerath under police guard on the edge of the open pit mine and dances.
Truffle foragers in Italy have long sought to get rid of competition in search of "black gold." "It's all about getting rid of the competition," The Wall Street Journal reported Saverio Dogliani, a 57-year-old truffle hunter whose dog, Floki, has been poisoned twice, said. PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP via Getty ImagesThe poisoned treats claim the lives of multiple dogs and wildlife such as deer and foxes, each year. A group of truffle hunters wearing camouflage searched the area where Brando was poisoned, hoping to rid the brush of leftover poison. "It's getting worse," Agent Emanuele Gallo told The Wall Street Journal.
Elon Musk's tunnel infrastructure company has completed just one known project. While reporters and consumers immediately questioned whether Musk was serious about creating The Boring Company, early progress on its development silenced critics for several years. It's unclear whether The Boring Company will submit additional bids for tunnel projects in the future or complete the scheduled additions to the Vegas Loop. Despite its failed plan to materialize the Dumbarton Rail Bridge project, Facebook has continued massive infrastructure undertakings, largely in the form of submarine cable acquisition and development. Representatives for Facebook and The Boring Company did not immediately respond to Insider's requests for comment.
Apple quietly launched dozens of audiobooks narrated by AI-generated digital voices. The voices, "Jackson" and "Madison" narrate dozens of audiobook titles on the Books app. Critics say the voices lack nuances that humans have and aren't "what customers want to listen to." According to a statement released by Apple, the digital voices are "natural sounding" and "based on a human narrator." "The narrator brings a whole new range of art in creating audiobook, and we believe that's a powerful thing.
Elon Musk faces a class action lawsuit over tweets saying he secured funding to take Tesla private. His attorneys say the trial should be held in Texas instead of California to ensure fairness. Since Musk's Twitter takeover, prospective jurors are biased against the billionaire, they argued. Northern California Senior District Judge Edward M. Chen, who will oversee the class action trial, ruled last year that Musk knowingly made the false statements, which may have impacted Tesla's share price. Since the October 27 acquisition of Twitter, Tesla's stock price has fallen from $225.09 to $113.06 per share, its lowest point since August 2020.
Shankar Mishra, a former Wells Fargo VP, was arrested in India on Saturday, local outlets reported. Officials accused Mishra of drunkenly urinating on a 72-year-old woman on an Air India flight in November. After a search to locate him, Mishra now faces charges including sexual harassment for the incident. In response to the incident, Air India is reconsidering its policy of serving alcoholic beverages, Mirror Now reported. Representatives for Wells Fargo did not immediately respond to Insider's requests for comment.
Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, is the GOP nominee for Speaker of the House. But the GOP House leader's bid for Speaker hangs in the balance as he scrambled for support to lock down the role. Democratic nominee for Speaker Hakeem Jeffries didn't lose a single Democratic vote in the House, getting 203 votes, but also failing to meet the 218-vote threshold to become Speaker. The last time a speaker election has gone to multiple votes was in 1923 when a Speaker of the House was elected after nine ballots. Just hours before the vote, McCarthy delivered an impassioned speech to his party in a last-minute attempt to secure support to cement the role.
Trump's tax returns were released by the House Ways and Means Committee after years of legal battles. They reveal details about years he paid more in foreign taxes than US income tax. In several years, according to AP, he paid more in foreign taxes related to his international business dealings than he did in income tax to the United States. AP reported Trump paid $641,931 in federal income taxes in 2015, as he began his campaign for president, but paid just $750 in 2016 and 2017. While the recently released tax documents reveal previously unknown information about the former president's finances, they are not proof of legal wrongdoing.
Software engineer Brian Feldman created an archive of topics that trended on Twitter this year. The project revealed themes of global political unrest alongside memes and pop culture trends. The list of 457 different trending topics each highlighted a moment that Twitter showed Feldman users commenting en masse about a singular topic. From "Adidas" to "Ted Lasso," the trending topics revealed pop culture fads and memes that moved Twitter users to conversation — and often argument — about their preferences and opinions. Internationally, trends like "Cold War," "Russian Warship," and "Taiwan" also demonstrated how political unrest is being felt around the globe.
The House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday voted to release Donald Trump's tax materials. While the full files have not yet been released, a summary report showed the IRS failed to audit. During his first two years in office, Trump was not subjected to mandatory audits, the report said. The preliminary report on his taxes contradicts that any such audit was conducted. Representatives for the IRS and Trump did not immediately respond to Insider's requests for comment.
The Vatican will return three Parthenon fragments to the Greek Orthodox Church as a "donation." The Vatican Museum has kept the fragments since 1803, when Greece says they were stolen. For years, Greece has sought to regain Parthenon marbles from The Vatican and British Museums. Elgin sold the relics to the Vatican Museum in 1803 and additional fragments to the British Museum in 1816. The British Museum did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
Japanese researchers and Peruvian archeologists have discovered new geoglyphs in the Nazca lines. A general view shows one of the Nazca lines images found in the Nazca plain as part of research led by Peruvian and Japanese researchers from Yamagata University. A general view shows one of the Nazca lines images found in the Nazca plain as part of research led by Peruvian and Japanese researchers from Yamagata University. A general view shows one of the Nazca lines images found in the Nazca plain as part of research led by Peruvian and Japanese researchers from Yamagata University. A general view shows one of the Nazca lines images found in the Nazca plain as part of research led by Peruvian and Japanese researchers from Yamagata University.
"I think the trajectory of technology is still a force for good," he told Politico. Despite his concerns about Twitter, Khanna remains optimistic about the potential for technology companies to benefit society. "I think we need technology to solve climate," Khanna told Politico. We need technology to democratize voice in America. The office of Rep. Khanna did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
In one initiative, Amazon sent suitcase-sized computer drives to back up critical data to the cloud. Using suitcase-sized solid-state hard drives, called Snowball Edge units — delivered to Ukraine through the Polish border — Amazon has helped back up critical infrastructure and economic information beginning the day Russia launched its invasion. In July, Amazon was awarded the Ukrainian peace prize for its work assisting the invaded country in backing up essential files to the cloud. "It's a tense moment around the baggage carousel," The Los Angeles Times reported Maxwell said. "You can't take out the cloud with a cruise missile," The Los Angeles Times reported Maxwell said.
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