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A Congressman is urging Elon Musk to give SpaceX Starshield access to US forces in Taiwan. AdvertisementElon Musk is facing pressure to provide SpaceX's Starshield satellite network to US defense personnel in Taiwan, according to Forbes. However, the outlet described a "group of US lawmakers" were involved in the calls for Musk to provide satellite access to US defense forces in Taiwan. The letter then called on Musk to brief the select panel regarding Starshield's capabilities in Taiwan by March 8, Forbes reported. The request could present challenges for Musk, who has considerable business ties in China, where Tesla has a significant manufacturing presence.
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JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon sold off $150 million of shares on Thursday. It's the first time in Dimon's 18 years leading the company that he's sold any shares. AdvertisementThe CEO of JPMorgan Chase on Thursday sold $150 million worth of shares in the banking giant, his first-ever sale since taking over the company 18 years ago. According to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Jamie Dimon offloaded about 822,000 shares in the sale. He still holds about 7.7 million shares in the company, Bloomberg reported.
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Smirnov said Russian intelligence passed along the story of the bribery claims, per a court filing. The memo also indicates that Smirnov met with Russian intelligence officials as recently as December of 2023. What this shows is that the misinformation he is spreading is not confined to 2020," the prosecutor's memo in favor of detention reads. "He is actively peddling new lies that could impact US elections after meeting with Russian intelligence officials in November. Impact of Smirnov's indictmentSmirnov's indictment and arrest may have an impact on unrelated gun charges facing Hunter Biden.
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Cryptic intelligence reports this week of Russia building an unspecified nuclear space weapon stoked fear among Americans who worried escalating nuclear threats could mean global catastrophe is near. Experts on space security and the risks posed by nuclear weapons told Business Insider that rumors of Russia creating such a weapon are likely true but that it's not time to panic just yet. NPR reported the White House confirmed that Russia is working on a weapon that could threaten satellites in space but that nothing has been deployed. However, Russia has been developing anti-satellite weapons for years, John Erath, senior policy director at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, told BI. But that's where this gets a little bit complicated because a nuclear weapon isn't really that."
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Though Ozzy Osbourne left Black Sabbath in 1979, his wife, Sharon Osbourne, told Billboard any songs the band wrote — Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward — require the approval of all four members to license. Regardless of the social media feud, legal experts say if true, the unauthorized use of the samples would be a “clear-cut” case of copyright infringement. He didn't dispute it,” entertainment attorney Donald M. Woodard of Carter and Woodard told Business Insider. AdvertisementOsbourne's recent objection to West's sample would be considered a new copyright claim, as the license for use does not permit West to sample the song in perpetuity. In 2022, Chicago artist Marshall Jefferson accused the rapper of using his song “Move Your Body” in the West song “Flowers” without permission.
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A Chinese firm started to build a massive tower plaza in Los Angeles but ran out of funds in 2019. The Oceanwide Plaza towers are now mainly used by graffiti artists and base jumpers. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . The nearly $4 million sum is just the beginning of a massive financial undertaking in the city, Fortune reported City Councilman Kevin de León said in recent council meetings.
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Marco Troper, son of YouTube's former CEO Susan Wojcicki, was found dead in his UC Berkeley dorm at 19. The UC Berkeley freshman was found dead in his dorm room on campus on Tuesday, a spokesperson for the school confirmed to the outlet. Troper was found unresponsive Tuesday at the student housing complex Clark Kerr Campus at about 4:23 p.m. local time, UC Berkeley spokesperson Janet Gilmore told NBC. … One thing we do know, it was a drug," she told SFGATE, calling her grandson "loving" and a "math genius." Wojcicki told the outlet that a toxicology report will take up to 30 days to receive results.
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Read previewAt 81 years old, President Joe Biden is facing criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike that he's too old to be president again. Many draw parallels between Biden and the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who refused to step down from her lifetime appointment to the court while President Barack Obama was in office. The current Supreme Court is comprised of 6 conservative justices and 3 liberals, though Chief Justice John Roberts is often considered a swing vote. Bill Clinton's choice for Supreme Court vacancy, on Capitol Hill, June 15, 1993. Supreme Court justices are appointed, not elected, and the confirmation of Obama's nomination of Garland was blocked by Republicans in the Senate in the wake of Antonin Scalia's death in 2016.
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The report listed technology as a driver behind our isolation, fear of missing out, conflict, and reduced social interaction. Other drivers of loneliness included social policies, cultural norms, the political environment, and macroeconomic factors. In fact, most research demonstrates that loneliness increases with increased use of technology, especially social media sites." "The response is incredible," Kyle Rand, CEO and cofounder of Rendever, told BI. He added: "The trend to solve loneliness through more technology, when technology has not yet reduced the problem, seems to be going in the wrong direction."
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. If what Rossiter said is true, the incident — which Tesla has so far refused to acknowledge publicly — would be the first known fatality linked to the car company's full self-driving technology. Bass and representatives for Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider. Tesla's disclaimer for its current self-driving technology reads: "Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, and Full Self-Driving Capability are intended for use with a fully attentive driver, who has their hands on the wheel and is prepared to take over at any moment. However, the Full Self-Driving technology — meant to maneuver Tesla vehicles through nearly any scenario — has not been definitively tied to any deaths.
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Former GOP Rep. George Santos' vacated House seat was flipped to a Democrat in Tuesday's election. Santos trolled the Republican Reps who supported his ouster, blaming them for losing a GOP seat. Santos' seat will be filled by Democrat Tom Suozzi, shrinking the Republican majority in the House. Santos' former seat will be filled by Democrat Tom Suozzi, shrinking the thin Republican majority in the House. In a separate post, Santos wrote simply "-1," referring to the lost GOP seat.
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Trump-nominated judge Aileen Cannon this week sided again with the former president's legal team when she ruled the government's witness list in the Mar-A-Lago classified documents case should be unsealed. "It's really one after another, and the way she's handled this case shows her clear bias for Trump and the defense," Rahmani said. AdvertisementCannon has already been reversed once on appeal by the 11th Circuit in this case, when she moved to appoint a special master to oversee the review of classified documents seized from Mar-A-Lago. The 11th Circuit court sided with the Department of Justice, ultimately determining that Cannon lacked the authority to assign a special master to the case. The precedent of protective ordersRahmani said the testifying witness list will eventually be revealed to the public, as it should be, but the timing and manner of releasing information is key.
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Read previewJeff Bezos this week unloaded 12 million shares of Amazon stock, netting him about $2 billion in a strategic move that may position him to once again claim the title of "world's richest man." Before this week's sale of Amazon stock, Bezos' net worth was only $5 billion behind Musk's $200 billion fortune, putting the title of #1 billionaire well within reach. This week's stock sale is not Bezos' first time offloading a large portion of his Amazon holdings, though it is the only major sale he's made since 2021. That year, Bezos sold $2.5 billion worth of shares as he prepared to step down as CEO. In 2019, Bezos offloaded roughly $2.8 billion worth of the company's stock.
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Here are five expert tips for keeping your mind sharp into your 80s and beyond. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . With the President's cognitive capabilities making headlines again, here are five top tips from experts to keep your brain sharp for when you get to be Biden's age. A 2019 study concluded that tea drinkers have higher cognitive functions and better-organized brain regions when compared to non-tea drinkers. "But learning new things helps with brain plasticity, and if you are able to keep using your brain in new ways, you can have better mental outcomes as you age."
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Read previewA relative of Amelia Earhart agrees that a recent sonar image could show the iconic pilot's long-vanished aircraft. It sure looks like a plane," Kleppner told The Times of London. AdvertisementEarhart and Noonan likely disappeared about 100 miles from Howland Island, near the site of the sonar images. Romeo and his team hope to retrieve the Electra from a depth of 16,400 feet if it proves to be Earhart's plane. AdvertisementThere's no guarantee it's been found, expert saysA map of the location where Earhart's plane is believed to have gone missing along her presumed flight path.
Persons: , Amelia Earhart, Bram Kleppner, Amelia Earhart's, Earhart, Fred Noonan, Kleppner, Amy Kleppner, Amelia, who's, Tony Romeo, Romeo, it's, Lockheed Electra, Noonan, we've, Katherine Tangalakis, David Jourdan, Andrew Pietruszka, Jourdan Organizations: Service, Business, Times, Lockheed, Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC, Bettmann, US Air Force, Street Journal, Electra, Getty, CNN, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Locations: London, Atchinson , Kansas, Washington, Howland Island, California
Read previewThe race is on to find the wreckage of Amelia Earhart's ill-fated final flight. Tony Romeo and his company, Deep Sea Vision, discovered an object of similar size and shape to Amelia Earhart's iconic plane, deep in the Pacific Ocean. Deep Sea VisionRomeo says he may have solved the mystery with his sonar scans. The same aircraft radio receiver used by Amelia Earhart was recreated by Nauticos as they researched Earhart's final transmissions. Deep Sea Vision now leases its equipment to other ocean explorers to continue funding its mission.
Persons: , Amelia Earhart's, Tony Romeo, Earhart, Fred Noonan, Romeo, he's, we've, there'll, it'll, Lockheed Electra, Nauticos, Jeff Morris, Amelia Earhart, Morris, I'm, David Jourdan, Tony, You'll Organizations: Service, US Air Force, Business, Smithsonian, Lockheed, Lockheed Electra, Coast Guard, Topical Press Agency, Getty Locations: South Carolina, Howland, Hawaii, Australia, Connecticut, Itasca, Howland Island, Norwegian, Kongsberg
The pair officially divorced in October, though the restraining order is the latest in a series of flare-ups between the former couple as they navigate their contentious split. The judge's order Friday for a temporary restraining order, which could be made permanent at a hearing on Thursday, also included protections for the couple's three younger sons. He also accused his ex-wife of using the restraining order to "justify" her move to a new congressional district. Lauren Boebert was not present during that altercation. Jayson Boebert did not directly respond to specific questions about the January 9 incident in the text messages to the AP.
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In the latest manufacturing error to plague Boeing, a supplier of 737 Max aircraft components discovered misdrilled holes on the fuselages of 50 planes that were in production for the aircraft company, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. An employee of Spirit AeroSystems, which creates the fuselage, nacelles, and struts for various Boeing aircraft, alerted their manager to the inaccurate drill holes while the 737 Max planes were making their way through the production process, according to the report. AdvertisementRepresentatives for Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider. The incident involved a Spirit AeroSystems fuselage, per The Journal. In response to the in-flight emergency , the airline grounded its fleet of 65 Boeing 737 Max 9 planes pending a safety inspection.
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Details of the Senate's bipartisan border security & foreign aid package were announced Sunday. If passed, the package will provide $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine, and $14.1B to Israel. The package also includes $10 billion in humanitarian aid to Gaza, the West Bank, and Ukraine. If passed, the package will provide $60.06 billion in military aid to Ukraine and $14.1 billion in "security assistance" to Israel. The package also includes $10 billion in humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine, as well as Gaza and the West Bank, and "populations caught in conflict zones across the globe."
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Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Current and former Tesla and SpaceX directors and board members— some of whom have invested tens of millions of dollars in Musk's companies or have significant stock options tied to their roles — have also used drugs with him, per the report. The "volume" of Musk's drug use has created a culture wherein his closest business associates fear losing their wealth and social status by upsetting the billionaire if they refuse to use drugs with him, The Journal reported. AdvertisementMusk, his lawyer Alex Spiro, and representatives for Tesla and SpaceX did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider.
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Elon Musk's drug use worries his business associates and board members, The Wall Street Journal reported. Former Tesla director Larry Ellison urged Elon Musk to visit Hawaii to "dry out," per The Journal. Ellison's proposal came amid increasing concerns among Musk's friends and associates that Musk's drug use was getting worse, per The Journal. Despite proclaiming that he doesn't "like doing illegal drugs," Musk's drug use has previously put him and his companies on notice. The company spent $5 million in taxpayer money to properly train its employees on the rules, the Journal reported.
Persons: Elon, Larry Ellison, Elon Musk, Musk's, , Musk, Ellison, Alex Spiro, Christopher Muzzi, Joe Rogan Organizations: Street Journal, Service, Elon, Wall Street, Oracle, Hollywood Hills, Business, The, NASA, SpaceX, CNBC Locations: Hawaii, Hollywood, Silicon Valley
Last year, Adweek reported, major advertisers started shifting their Super Bowl strategy away from the X platform in favor of sites like TikTok and Reddit. According to MediaRadar's analysis of this year, the same advertisers slashed spending ahead of Super Bowl LVIII on the platform by 55%, to $21.1 million. The report found that despite the cuts, BetMGM, alongside Oreo, remained among the top spenders for the upcoming Super Bowl. AdvertisementX's advertising exodus comes for the Super BowlOn X, per AdAge magazine, the cost to create a promoted trending topic is $700,000 during the Super Bowl. "It also shows the race to the bottom that the X platform has fallen into," he added.
Persons: , Adweek, MediaRadar, BetMGM, Musk, Todd Krizelman, Jeff MacDonald, Mekanism Organizations: Twitter, YouTube, Service, Sunday, Facebook, Bowl, NFL Enterprises, McDonald's, Oreo, Super, CNN, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, Elon, Insider Intelligence, Business Locations: MediaRadar
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewExperts have rushed to weigh in following news of tantalizing sonar imagery in the hunt for Amelia Earhart's lost plane — which, even if it has not been found, could still be well-preserved in its final resting place. They were taken at a depth of 16,400 feet, about 100 miles from Howland Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which Romeo's team considered one of the likeliest areas for Earhart's plane to have come down. AdvertisementThe plane is made primarily from aluminum, Jourdan told The Washington Post back in 2001, discussing a search at a similar depth and location. At those temperatures, even Earhart's charts and other papers may have been preserved, The Post and Courier reported.
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Elon Musk claimed on X that Neuralink's first human patient received their brain implant. AdvertisementElon Musk on Monday claimed in a post on X that a Neuralink brain implant has, for the first time, been inserted into a human patient's brain. "The first human received an implant from @Neuralink yesterday and is recovering well," Musk wrote. AdvertisementMusk previously said the Neuralink device would record and stimulate brain activity, acting as a "Fitbit in your skull," and claimed the implant would eventually "solve" conditions including autism and schizophrenia . "However, any for-profit medical device company also has a vested interest in generating a consumer base, which is why they make the sometimes grandiose claims they do."
Persons: Elon Musk, Musk, , Elon, Stephen Hawking, Hilary Brueck, Neuralink, Tesla, Lou Gehrig's, Insider's Brueck, Randy Bruno, Bruno, that's, Jason T, Eberl, Albert Gnaegi, Healthline Organizations: Service, Business, SpaceX, FDA, Reuters, Columbia University, Albert Gnaegi Center for Health, Saint Louis University
In December, a jury ordered Rudy Giuliani to pay $148 million for defaming election workers. AdvertisementThese extraordinary judgments are the result of a combination of factors, but social media plays a major role, legal experts said. While in the past, high-profile figures may have been less willing to make defamatory statements, social media can actually provide an incentive for them to do so. Jones also stood to gain from spreading conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook shooting, according to Mattei. Lieb added it's not that any statement made on social media will automatically carry major consequences, but that the size of the person's audience makes a huge difference.
Persons: , Donald Trump, Jean Carroll —, Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Alex Jones, Sandy Hook, We've, Chris Mattei, Jones, Mattei, Infowars, it's, Andrew Lieb, Lieb, Giuliani, Carroll, John Jones Organizations: Service, Business, Carroll, Trump, Dickinson College Locations: New York
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