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WARSAW—In a sprawling factory complex surrounded by derelict buildings, hundreds of technicians are working around the clock on one of the biggest challenges of Ukraine’s war: repairing artillery and heavy armor and returning it to the front line. Mechanics buzz around the football-field-sized workshop housing three AHS Krab guns, the air thick with the smell of metal dust and automotive grease. Two of the Krabs, which look like tanks but are self-propelled 155-caliber howitzer guns, are missing parts of their caterpillar tracks and are riddled with bullet holes and contorted metal.
Coal use in Europe rose this month when icy, calm weather quieted wind farms and strained electricity systems. Europe passed its first winter test without Russian energy, keeping the lights on through this month’s cold blast. The secret to its success: burning more coal than it has in years. Consuming large amounts of coal represents a difficult choice for European nations that had promised to ditch the carbon-intensive fuel to contain climate change. Russia’s cut to natural-gas supplies after invading Ukraine and outages at French nuclear plants have spurred the revival.
PRZEWODÓW, Poland—Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Poland has been at the leading edge of NATO’s efforts to arm its neighbor against Russian forces—without letting the war spill onto the alliance’s own territory. Now, the stray missile that killed two Polish nationals and prompted high-level discussions within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, puts the spotlight back on a country that has been Ukraine’s biggest champion in Europe and is at the greatest risk should the conflict spill over into a wider war.
WARSAW—Polish army engineers began building a razor-wire fence across the country’s 130-mile border with Russia, the latest country in Europe’s east to construct such a barrier, in what Poland’s government described as a bid to prevent Moscow from encouraging asylum seekers to cross overland into the European Union. The fence will span the entire length of Poland’s border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told reporters Wednesday. The construction began, he said, in response to concerns that Moscow would seek to encourage asylum seekers to fly into the exclave and enter the EU via the Polish border.
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TechThe grocery-delivery company is one of the few companies in Silicon Valley moving toward a public listing in what may be one of the slowest years for IPOs in decades.
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