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Firefighters smashed the front window of a Cruise autonomous car to stop it from running over hoses. Another Cruise car ran over a fire hose when it was in use at an active fire scene in June 2022. The incidents were noted in a letter sent by San Francisco officials to regulators on Wednesday. San Francisco firefighters smashed the front window of a Cruise driverless taxi to stop it from running over their hoses. A similar incident occurred in June 2022 when a self-driving Cruise car ran over a fire hose that was in use, the letter says.
Natasha Root set up a company to sell porn stars' items like breast implants, lingerie, and socks. Fans Utopia sells items from over 30 porn stars and OnlyFans creators, even underwear with urine. I created a company that sells items porn stars have used, everything from used breast implants and butt plugs to panties with urine, blood, or semen on them. The idea came from a dream I had in March 2021 where I was selling my friend's breast implants. In the beginning, I didn't have friends or anyone to introduce me to porn stars or creators, so I used Twitter and Instagram.
Elon Musk has apologized for posting a baseless conspiracy theory about the attack on Paul Pelosi. Musk's apology came a day after bodycam footage of the attack on Pelosi was released. On Saturday, after receiving a question on Twitter about whether or not he should apologize to the Pelosis, Musk said: "I apologize." Musk's apology came after bodycam footage of the assault was released Friday. The bodycam footage shows police arriving at Pelosi's home and Pelosi and his attacker struggling over control of the hammer.
Boeing is set to hire 10,000 workers this year amid its post-pandemic recovery, Reuters reported. The company had made meaningful progress in its post-pandemic recovery but challenges remain, president and CEO Dave Calhoun said Wednesday in a press release. Boeing grew its workforce by almost 15,000 workers last year and its headcount in the US is around 156,000 employees, the company told Insider. The Virginia-headquartered company cut its workforce by 10% – around 16,000 workers – during the pandemic as losses mounted. In a Thursday press release, Airbus announced plans on Thursday to hire 13,000 employees this year to help its "commercial aircraft ramp-up."
Elon Musk met two White House officials to discuss increasing US electric vehicle production. The Tesla CEO talked to Biden's advisors about laws including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. It comes after Musk criticized Biden for not recognizing Tesla's contribution to EV production. Jean-Pierre also said: "The outreach and the meeting says a lot of how important the President thinks the bipartisan infrastructure legislation is." The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill was signed into law in November 2021.
Matthew McConaughey and have taken part in corporate strategy discussions at Salesforce, the FT reported. The FT reported, citing a source familiar with the matter, that actor McConaughey and musician and producer are often included in business conversations. McConaughey, meanwhile, has been heavily involved in Salesforce's advertising in recent years, including appearing in its 2022 Super Bowl commercial. According to a different source cited by the FT, McConaughey and are only involved in informal conversations in the business, not meetings around corporate strategy. Salesforce did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider about and McConaughey's apparent involvement in corporate discussions.
I moonlighted as a financial dominatrix on Twitter to see if I could make money from a "pay pig." A pay pig is told by a findomme to send them cash in return for nothing other than the humiliation of doing so. Sensing the opportunity, I replied: "Is this a pathetic attempt to be my pay pig?" He said what he liked most about being a pay pig was how easily a findomme could take his money. But I'll admit, I did feel a little sorry for my pay pig.
Southwest CEO Bob Jordan told The New York Times that winter storms caused plane engines to freeze. He denied a tech failure caused the meltdown that forced almost 17,000 flights to be canceled. Bob Jordan told the newspaper that its problems quickly mounted after the storm hit and that it couldn't keep up with the volume of cancellations and delays. We just couldn't keep up with the volume — volume we'd never seen before." Jordan denied that its technology failed and told the Times it had just experienced an "overwhelming volume."
Chan performed tricks for PayPal's 20th IPO anniversary last year, with Elon Musk also attending. Two decades later, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to perform magic tricks for my old company at PayPal's 20th IPO anniversary party in August. The invitation said it would be a "tricked-out PayPal reunion party" and I was very excited in the build-up. Daniel ChanMost of the PayPal founders, known as the "PayPal Mafia," were there, including Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, David Sacks, and Max Levchin. I fooled Elon Musk.
A Hawaiian Airlines pilot says a cloud "shot up" and caused flight turbulence, per New York Times. The severe turbulence on the flight from Phoenix to Honolulu in December injured 25 passengers, per the report. The newspaper said the investigator's report stated: "A cloud shot up vertically (like a smoke plume) in front of the airplane in a matter of seconds, and there was not enough time to deviate." The pilot said flying conditions before the cloud shot up were "smooth with clear skies", the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) found, the Times reported. According to the Times, the NTSB report said a thunderstorm warning had been issued by the National Weather Service.
Goldman Sachs staff were emailed calendar invites for fake business meetings, per the New York Post. Meetings were set as early as 7:30 a.m. and some junior bankers were given 30 minutes to leave. An insider told the Post that one colleague was let go after coming in early for a meeting "put on his calendar under false pretenses." The publication reported that many senior staff were told earlier in the week about their roles, while more junior staff were "cut with little fanfare" on Wednesday. A Goldman Sachs spokesperson told Insider in a statement: "We know this is a difficult time for people leaving the firm.
Bill Gates said being rich can "easily make you out of touch" during a Reddit Ask Me Anything. Reddit user mspalandas asked the Microsoft cofounder if it's possible to have "ethical billionaires." Gates responded: "Being rich can easily make you out of touch. Gates invited Reddit users to pose questions related to his work at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, what he's excited about in 2023, or anything else, for his 11th AMA. The Gates Foundation did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.
A Burger King franchise owner was ordered to $2.2 million to workers, per the San Francisco Chronicle. Workers from six Burger King stores say they worked overtime without pay and were denied breaks. An investigation was opened into Golden Gate's Burger King franchises in 2019 and a decision reached the following year that was appealed. A group of workers at a Burger King restaurant in Nebraska resigned in July 2021 over working conditions. Calvert and Burger King did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Insider.
More than 1.4 million copies were sold on the first day in the US, Canada and UK, per New York Times. It's Penguin Random House's fastest-selling non-fiction book, beating Barack Obama's "A Promised Land". "Spare," which went on sale Tuesday, has become the publisher's highest-selling non-fiction title on day one, with more than 400,000 copies sold in Britain alone. His wife Michelle Obama's "Becoming", sold more than 725,000 copies on its first day and took a week to sell 1.4 million, per Penguin Random House. Penguin Random House didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.
JPMorgan Chase is giving 2 new recruits a $30,000 annual allowance to dine at restaurants. They will work for its restaurant review platform The Infatuation in New York and London. The positions come with a $30,000 "annual restaurant budget", according to job ads posted on Tuesday. The job description for the New York role says: "This position is an editing job and also very much an eating job - you'll get a $30,000 annual restaurant budget for dining out. The staff writer in London will get to dine out at restaurants multiple times per week, according to the ad.
Roman Abramovich transferred assets to his children before the Ukraine invasion, per The Guardian. Assets worth more than $4 billion were transferred to his seven children only three weeks before the start of the war, the report said. His children's beneficial interest in the trust's assets – including the Eclipse superyacht worth $700 million and shares in Russian companies – rose from 51% to 100%, per the report. Companies controlled by Abramovich's trusts had assets worth $2.5 billion at the end of 2021, per the reports. Abramovich seemingly reorganized other assets just weeks before the invasion of Ukraine.
A Hooters owner says a woman verbally abused staff at the restaurant, the Liverpool Echo reported. The owner said the woman coughed in her face and jumped on a bar stool before being arrested. A woman came into the Liverpool restaurant, which claims to be the world's biggest Hooters, and acted aggressively towards workers on Thursday, according to the report. The Hooters restaurant became only the second in the UK after opening late last year. The company told Insider there was "no validity" to the claims.
Peloton will pay a $19 million penalty to settle charges by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The CPSC said Peloton failed to immediately report injuries and stop distributing treadmills. Peloton received 150 incident reports, including the death of a child trapped under a treadmill. It also said Peloton violated the Consumer Product Safety Act by distributing 38 recalled treadmills after the product was jointly recalled by the CPSC and the company in May 2021. It added: "We are pleased to have reached this settlement agreement with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and look forward to working cooperatively with the CPSC to further enhance Member safety.
A "nepo baby," or nepotism baby, is someone whose career has benefited from family connections. Now Insider presents a list of 12 nepo babies of big business. That's all the more true for "nepo baby" executives who have bagged high-powered jobs at their family businesses. The term nepo baby — short for nepotism baby — entered popular use last month after New York magazine took a deep dive into the world of Hollywood nepotism. Here's our list of 12 nepo babies from the world of big business: high-flying executives whose family ties have given them a leg up the corporate ladder.
Macy's CEO Jeff Gennette was told being gay would harm his career, per The Wall Street Journal. Gennette, who started at Macys in 1983, said he got pushback for his sexuality. He worked almost his entire career at Macy's, and was made CEO in 2017. Gennette was describing the attitudes to his sexuality in 1983, when he joined Macy's and was open about being gay. In July, Gennette told Time magazine "there were no gay CEO examples" for him to look up to in his early career, and that he felt "like an outsider" while he was the only gay person in Macy's senior leadership.
Passengers were left stranded on New Year's Eve due to marine growth that stopped ship from docking. The Viking Orion cruise ship was turned away from 4 ports and had to get its hull cleaned. The ship ultimately headed to Adelaide to get its hull cleaned, and is expected to finally arrive in Melbourne on Monday. He added: "Our @VikingCruises trip to NZ & Australia missed 4 of 8 ports b/c of dirty/biohazard ship hull. Viking said in a statement that the small amount of "standard marine growth" was being removed on Sunday, and that it was working directly with guests on compensation.
United Airlines passengers will miss celebrating New Year's Eve due to a time zone quirk. Their flight made an emergency landing, leaving them stranded in American Samoa for 21 hours. One newlywed passenger tweeted that she is starting her honeymoon "stranded" in Pago Pago because United couldn't get them a plane "for over 21 hours." Leonie Butta, whose son and two granddaughters were on the flight, told the newspaper she'd been tracking the flight online and praised United's decision to divert to Pago Pago. A passenger's father tweeted that his daughter showered at the airport hangar, got an island tour and was "drinking beers on deserted beach."
Bathrooms at Twitter's San Francisco HQ are dirty amid a lack of janitors, per the New York Times. Twitter failed to negotiate a new contract with a janitorial company after they went on strike. The company's San Francisco headquarters have been left with dirty bathrooms and the office is in disarray, per the publication. The company didn't negotiate a new contract with Flagship, the janitorial company that employs them, according to unions. The Boring Company's CEO Steve Davis, who reportedly slept at Twitter's headquarters with his partner and newborn baby, is supervising the cost-cutting exercise.
Jetstar sent a plane heading to Bali back to Melbourne after several hours of flying, per ABC News. A passenger told the Daily Mail that a fellow traveler noticed on a flight monitor screen that the plane was returning to Melbourne. One passenger on board the flight told ABC News that their fellow travelers were "devastated and angry" when they found out the plane was returning. A spokesperson for the airline told ABC News that the service had been swapped to a larger Boeing 787 plane so it could take more passengers, but the swap was not approved by the Indonesian regulator. "We know this has been an extremely frustrating experience for customers and sincerely apologize for what happened," Jetstar's spokesperson told ABC News.
Mary Jane Copps set up The Phone Lady consultancy to help people improve their phone etiquette. Copps trains Gen Z workers who are afraid to use the phone because they're so used to texting. Her work involves helping people overcome their "phone phobia" and have better conversations. Alison Papadakis, director of clinical psychological studies at Johns Hopkins University, told Insider that phone phobia was more common in younger generations. Her first step is working out why an individual is anxious about phone calls.
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