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Read previewA museum in London is recruiting Taylor Swift superfans to become paid official advisors on the pop star. The V&A Museum will pay a set rate per session to hardcore Swifties who can provide their expertise on Swift's fan culture and memorabilia. According to the V&A's job description, successful candidates will collaborate with its curatorial experts and will get to go behind the scenes at the museum to review relevant items from its existing collection. Information gathered from their sessions may be used to develop future programming at the museum, the job description said. The superfan roles will help position the museum as "cultural trendspotters on what to collect next," the job description said.
Persons: , Taylor Swift, Swift, it's, It's, Toby, Tristram Hunt Organizations: Service, BBC News, Business, BBC, Swift, USA Locations: London
Google cofounder Sergey Brin is facing a wrongful-death lawsuit stemming from a plane crash last year that killed two crew members en route to a private island in the South Pacific. The lawsuit also alleges that Brin intentionally delayed the recovery process. The suit identifies Brin, Google, and Bayshore Global Management — Brin's family office — as the "owner/operators" of the aircraft. While the lawsuit does mention various recovery efforts conducted by Brin's team, it alleges frequent and drawn-out delays. Olarte Maclean alleges that Brin's representatives cited weather conditions at the crash site and their interactions with the USCG as excuses.
Persons: Sergey Brin, Brin, Lance Maclean, Dean Rushfeldt, Olarte Maclean, Steven C, Marks, Larry Page Organizations: South Pacific, Business, Coast Guard, Los Angeles Times, Google, Bayshore Global Management, Bayshore, LA Times, Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, Brin's, Seafly LLC, Southern Cross Aviation, BI Locations: South, California, Hawaii, Santa Rosa , California, Fiji, Honolulu, Fiji's Mamanuca
Read previewA Spanish-Dutch artist is set to marry an AI hologram this summer, with the groundbreaking union ushering in a weird new era of human-robot relationships. The press release said that the unconventional ceremony will take place at the Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. "It's interesting how we can get a mortgage to buy a new car, and now we can have a mortgage to buy a new companion," she said in the press release. According to the press release, Framis, who has posted videos of her cooking and eating with AILex, previously had a relationship with a mannequin named Pierre. None of his family attended the wedding ceremony.
Persons: , Alicia Framis, AILex, Framis, Pierre Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Google says it will fix Gemini, its answer to OpenAI's GPT-4, after people complained the multi-modal AI model's image-generating feature was "woke." On Thursday, the company said in a statement sent to Business Insider that it was pausing Gemini from generating AI images of people while it makes the changes. AdvertisementNew game: Try to get Google Gemini to make an image of a Caucasian male. Woke AI Gemini is awkward… it keeps inserting the word “diverse” into its responses even though the prompt isn’t for such content. Google; Business InsiderThe spokesperson added that Google will "re-release an improved version soon."
Persons: , OpenAI's, Gemini, 1LAzZM2pXF — Frank J, Fleming, @IMAO_, Mike Wacker, Medvin Organizations: Service, Google, Business, BBC News Locations: @m_wacker
Donald Trump might have feuded with his onetime protégé Ron DeSantis during the GOP primaries. But he now says DeSantis is on his VP shortlist, which also includes Tim Scott and Vivek Ramaswamy. Ron DeSantis may have been one of the worst presidential candidates in recent memory, but he could still find himself in the White House next year. That is if his frenemy, former President Donald Trump, picks him as his vice president. On Tuesday, the GOP presidential frontrunner said in a Fox News town hall that DeSantis was on his vice presidential shortlist.
Persons: Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Trump, Laura Ingraham, Organizations: GOP, Fox News, Service Locations: Florida
Malia Obama made her directorial debut at the Sundance Film Festival with the short film 'The Heart.' In the 18-minute short film "The Heart," Malia is credited with writing and directing under the name 'Malia Ann,' conspicuously omitting her well-known surname. The Daily Beast called the short film "solid but mostly forgettable" in a section called "Nepo Baby of the Week." Glover, who mentored Malia Obama, told GQ last April that he'd said to her: "You're Obama's daughter. Malia Obama has, in fact, been working in the industry since graduating from Harvard.
Persons: Malia Obama, Malia Ann, Malia, , Barack Obama, Letterboxd, Obama, Steven, Kate, Spielberg, Michelle Obama, Donald Glover's, Glover, he'd Organizations: Sundance, Service, New York Times, Productions, GQ, Harvard, Halle, Weinstein Company
A cleaner at a London law firm was fired for eating a leftover tuna sandwich. The law firm and the private contractor that employed her are being taken to an employment tribunal. AdvertisementA cleaner was fired for eating a leftover tuna sandwich she found in a meeting room at the top London law firm, according to the legal affairs website RollOnFriday. The website said that the woman's employer, private contractor Total Clean, fired Gabriela Rodriguez, a single mother from Ecuador, just before Christmas last year. It said Rodriguez was fired after eating a discarded tuna sandwich from British supermarket chain Tesco, worth about $1.90, which was left behind after a meeting.
Persons: , Gabriela Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Devonshires, RollOnFriday, UVW, Petros Elia, UVW's, Elia, Gabriela Organizations: Service, Tesco, Devonshires Solicitors, Business, United, Guardian Locations: London, Ecuador
Read preview"Hostile elements" tried to seize control of the communication network of an El Al plane flying from Thailand to Israel over the weekend, The Jerusalem Post reported. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. The Post reported that this was the second time in a week that such an incident occurred to an El Al flight. In a statement provided to Kan, El Al said that the disruptions were not aimed solely at its planes. The airline did not respond to a request for comment by Business Insider.
Persons: , Kan, El Al Organizations: Service, Jerusalem Post, Ben Gurion, Business, El, Horn Observer Locations: El, Thailand, Israel, Jerusalem, Phuket, Tel Aviv, Iran, Yemen, Red, Gaza, Somaliland, Somalia, Mogadishu
Read previewCondominiums in Manhattan branded with the name of former President Donald Trump are selling for far less than buildings that have removed his branding, according to The New York Times. Van Nieuwerburgh told The Times that this indicates that Trump-branded condos became a "bargain" in the Manhattan real-estate market. In contrast, The Times reported that condominiums in four buildings where the Trump logo has been removed at the request of residents have seen their value shoot up. "This analysis cleanly identifies that it is the Trump brand that is responsible for the value deterioration," Van Nieuwerburgh told The Times. Overall, Van Nieuwerburgh's analysis found a "huge" 25% fall in value for Trump-branded properties compared with like-for-like properties from their peak in 2013, according to The Times.
Persons: , Donald Trump, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, Trump, Van Nieuwerburgh, Ondel Hylton, Hylton, Van Organizations: Service, The New York Times, Columbia University, Business, Times, Trump, The Times, Trump Organization Locations: Manhattan, Trump, CityRealty, Florida, Lago
Read previewThe CEO of the Enhanced Games — dubbed the "Olympics on steroids" by some — said that in addition to allowing performance-enhancing drugs, they are also open to athletes using tools like Apple's Vision Pro. "Imagine a javelin thrower using Vision Pro," he said, referring to the recently launched mixed-reality Apple headset. Earlier this week, retired Australian swimmer James Magnussen said he'd accepted an offer to compete at the Enhanced Games, making him the first athlete to do so. D'Souza said that the use of AR, VR, and mixed-reality technology might not be approved in time for the first Enhanced Games. Ultimately, the Enhanced Games are about "the future, technology, about progress," D'Souza said, contrasting it with the Olympic Games, which he described as being about Ancient Greece and the past.
Persons: , Peter Thiel, Aron D'Souza, D'Souza, Elon Musk, James Magnussen, he'd, Magnussen, there's, that's Organizations: Service, Business, Olympic Games Locations: Greece
A retired swimmer has accepted an offer to compete in the Enhanced Games. He agreed to "juice to the gills" for a $1 million prize for beating a swimming record. The Enhanced Games, with the backing of Peter Thiel, wouldn't be subject to anti-doping rules. AdvertisementMagnussen said: "If they put up a $1 million for the 50-freestyle world record, I'll come on board as their first athlete." SEN EXCLUSIVE | @james_maggie91 agrees to compete in the @enhanced_games after founder agrees to a $1 million prize if he breaks a world record.
Persons: Peter Thiel, wouldn't, , James Magnussen, Magnussen, he's, César, Aron D'Souza, it's, D'Souza, Sydney's SEN, SEN, @james_maggie91, Brandy SEN 1170AM, James Organizations: Service, Doping Agency Locations: Brandy SEN 1170AM Sydney
Regardless, the Democratic Party could have avoided this altogether. But the same poll suggested that if the choice was between Trump and another Democratic candidate, 40% would probably vote for Trump and 48% would vote for the Democratic candidate. David Axelrod, a former strategist for Barack Obama, said at the time the polls would "send tremors of doubt" through the Democratic Party. If he continues to run, he will be the nominee of the Democratic Party," he wrote on X. The Democratic Party did not seriously consider putting up a candidate other than Biden in 2024, and it's left them with next to no alternative options.
Persons: , Joe Biden's, Biden, they're, Insider's Bryan Metzger doesn't, Metzger, Donald Trump, Trump, David Axelrod, Barack Obama, There's, Kamala Harris, Dean Phillips, he's, it's Organizations: Service, Democratic Party, Business, NBC News, Democratic House Member, Democratic, Republicans, NBC, Republican, The New York Times, Siena College, Trump, Reuters, CNN Locations: Minnesota
Read previewClimbers attempting to scale Mount Everest, the world's tallest peak, will be ordered to buy poop bags and bring their waste back down with them for proper disposal, according to a new regulation. "Our mountains have begun to stink," Sherpa told BBC News. At lower altitudes, climbers typically dig holes in the snow to dispose of waste. But at higher elevations, with limited snow cover, climbers are often forced to relieve themselves in the open, BBC News reported. The news outlet said that the bags contain chemicals and powders to solidify human waste and minimize the odor.
Persons: , Sherpa Organizations: Service, Sherpa, BBC News, Business, BBC, Sagarmatha Pollution Control, National Geographic Locations: Everest
A woman says she was almost barred from a Delta flight for not wearing a bra. She claims was escorted off the plane and was only allowed to reboard if she put a jacket on. The woman, a DJ, was wearing a baggy white t-shirt, according to a photo shared on X. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementA woman claims that she was escorted off a Delta Air Lines plane and almost barred from the flight because she wasn't wearing a bra.
Persons: , Lisa Archbold Organizations: Service, Delta Air Lines, DJ, Sundance Film, New Zealand Herald, Business Locations: Salt Lake City, San Francisco
A Florida school asked parents to sign off on their kids attending Black History Month events. One concerned parent told WPLG she was "shocked" when she received the permission slip. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementParents at a Florida school were asked to sign off on their students attending Black History Month events, according to a report. WPLG reported that parents at iPrep Academy in Miami received permission slips asking them if they wanted their kids to participate in February's Black History Month activities.
Persons: WPLG, Organizations: Black, Service, iPrep Academy, Business Locations: Florida, Miami
Appleby Castle in the UK is on the market for around $12 million. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. AdvertisementNestled on picturesque parkland near England's Lake District, Appleby Castle boasts a rich history spanning almost a millennia. If you're after a piece of history, UK Sotheby's International Reality has the property listed for £9,500,000, or roughly $11,900,000. AdvertisementTake a look inside.
Persons: Norman, Organizations: Service Locations: Appleby, England's Lake
Read previewA professor fired for his anti-Zionist beliefs was unfairly dismissed, an employment tribunal ruled on Monday. Miller claimed that the university unfairly and discriminatorily mistreated him during the course of the procedures, which ultimately resulted in his dismissal. The employment tribunal said in its 108-page ruling on Monday that Miller had been wrongfully fired and had been subjected to prejudice because of his philosophical beliefs in violation of the UK's Equality Act 2010. The Union of Jewish Students, which represents Jewish societies at UK universities, said in a statement that it is "disappointed" by the judgment which it said would "ultimately make Jewish students less safe." AdvertisementThe UJS added: "This may set a dangerous precedent about what can be lawfully said on campus about Jewish students and the societies at the center of their social life."
Persons: , David Miller, Miller, discriminatorily, Elizabeth Magill, Claudine Gay Organizations: Service, UK's University of Bristol, Business, University of Bristol, Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Penn, Jewish Students, Security Trust Locations: Israel, Palestine, Britain, British
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewA former employee will receive $105,000 in back pay and damages after her company of nearly 20 years fired her when she refused to retire at 65, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said last week. According to a discrimination lawsuit filed by the federal agency, J&M Industries, Inc., a manufacturing and distribution company in Louisiana, violated federal age discrimination laws by firing the employee. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or ADEA, prohibits discrimination against individuals aged 40 or older based on age. Advertisement"It provides relief for the former employee and will help protect others from age discrimination," he added.
Persons: , Rudy Sustaita Organizations: Service, Employment, Commission, M Industries, Inc, Business, Miami Herald, Eastern District of, EEOC's, Office Locations: Louisiana, Eastern District, Eastern District of Louisiana, EEOC's Houston
An Uber Eats delivery driver in New Jersey was arrested over an outstanding warrant. A police officer then decided to complete the delivery himself, according to WABC-TV. AdvertisementIn New Jersey, a police officer completed an Uber Eats delivery after the delivery driver was arrested over an outstanding warrant. The driver, 60, who worked for Uber Eats, was arrested, and her car was placed in a parking spot to ensure it wouldn't get towed, WABC-TV reported. After the arrest, according to the local news outlet, Officer Alex Tredy wanted to make sure the Uber Eats customer wouldn't go without their order, so he decided to deliver it himself.
Persons: Jionni LaValle, Jersey Shore's Nicole, Snooki, , Uber, Alex Tredy, we're, Mike Zvolensky, Tredy Organizations: WABC, Service, Police Department Locations: New Jersey
An Oklahoma GOP lawmaker is proposing a bill that would make sexting illegal unless you're married. The bill, if passed, would target those involved in "unlawful pornography" with harsh punishments. AdvertisementOklahoma's senate is set to consider a bill that would make it illegal to send nudes before marriage. Oklahoma Senate Bill 1976, pre-filed by Republican State Sen. Dusty Deevers ahead of its planned formal introduction on February 5, primarily targets child pornography, though a section of it prohibits other forms of "unlawful pornography."
Persons: , Republican State Sen, Dusty Deevers Organizations: Oklahoma GOP, Service, Republican State Locations: Oklahoma
Paul Gibbons was unhappy with the results of his $32,000 kitchen renovation. In protest, he parked a tank outside the store responsible. The store responded by banning him from branches across England and issuing a notice to remove the tank. AdvertisementAn unhappy customer parked a decommissioned tank outside a home-improvement store that fitted his kitchen and intends to keep it there until he gets a refund. Paul Gibbons, 63, spent £25,000, or around $32,000, on a kitchen installation by Wickes in Basingstoke, England, last February.
Persons: Paul Gibbons, It's, Organizations: Service, Wickes, Basingtonstoke Gazette, Business Locations: England, Basingstoke
A Florida mom drove her kids to a private Christian school with a decal advertising her OnlyFans. Now the woman is barred from dropping off her kids in the school's parking lot. AdvertisementA Florida mom has been barred from dropping off her kids at their private Christian prep school's parking lot over a car decal promoting her adult content on OnlyFans, Fox 12 Oregon reported. The local news outlet reported that Michelle Cline, who goes by Piper Fawn on OnlyFans, has a large decal promoting her page on the vehicle's rear windshield. Concerned parents at Liberty Christian Preparatory School in Tavares did not want their children to see adult content promoted outside the school.
Persons: , Michelle Cline, Piper Fawn, Tavares Organizations: Service, Fox, Liberty Christian Preparatory School, Business Locations: Florida, Oregon, OnlyFans
A customer used a 46-year-old ticket to enter Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Park. The ticket had no expiration date, so the amusement park honored it and let him in. The ticket originally cost $8. AdvertisementA man successfully used a nearly 50-year-old ticket to gain access to Walt Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando. Matthew Ables, who has more than 600,000 followers on TikTok, discovered a 46-year-old ticket in his family home.
Persons: , Matthew Ables Organizations: Walt Disney World's, Service, Walt Disney Locations: Orlando
Read previewA convoy of vehicles headed to Texas, organized by a group called "Take Our Border Back," has had a chaotic start, including slashed tires and a stranded participant, according to WIRED. According to WIRED, it all started to go wrong even before the convoy had set off. 4 cars had their tires slashed overnight at the Hotel where participates of the #TakeOurBorderBack convoy were staying. The group stated that one of its goals is to stop illegal immigration immediately and secure the border. How exactly the convoy plans to confront migrants at the border and stop them from entering the US remains unclear.
Persons: , Craig Hudgins Organizations: Service, WIRED, Business Locations: Texas, Mexico, , Norfolk , Virginia, Canada, Florence , South Carolina
Venice is deploying aquatic speed cameras to enforce speed limits on its iconic canals. AdvertisementVenice will use speed cameras along its iconic waterways, with fines given to boats that violate speeding rules, following the approval of an amendment by the city's transportation committee. According to Venice Insider Guide, the amendment permits using "barcaveloxes" to monitor the speed of boats and gondolas navigating the canals. Barcaveloxes are speed cameras adapted to aquatic environments that can detect when boats are going too fast. However, the speed cameras, some of which had already been installed, could not be fully activated due to a lack of regulatory infrastructure.
Persons: , Martina Semenzato, MailOnline Organizations: Service, Venice, The Telegraph, UNESCO Locations: Venice, Belgian
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