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Taliban fighters are now getting used to new artificial limbs alongside soldiers of the army they fought to defeat. Standing near him at a Kabul clinic is one of the soldiers he defeated. That rebellion turned to conquest in August when the hardline Islamist militants advanced on Kabul and seized the capital. Unlike many Afghan women forced from their jobs since the Taliban returned to power, she has been allowed to carry on. But there has been no victory to ease the suffering of defeated soldiers from the ousted administration, some of whose leaders fled when the Taliban approached Kabul and left the city to its fate.
Persons: Abdul Qayum, Khair Mohammad, Jorge Silva KABUL, Mohammad Ishaq, Ishaq, Alberto Cairo, Cross, Mohammad Tawfiq, James Mackenzie, Mike Collett Organizations: REUTERS, Former, Red Cross Hospital, International Committee, Red Cross, Afghan National Army, White, Thomson Locations: Helmand, Kabul, Afghanistan, Former Taliban, Italian, Panjshir
Samira, 9, and other children from the orphanage walk to the school bus in Kabul, Afghanistan, October 12, 2021. Because of her age, Samira is still able to go to school outside the orphanage, and is already taking extra classes in order to get ahead. There are around 130 children at the orphanage aged from three years upwards. The orphanage tried to send a few children back to relatives who were comparatively well off, but one by one they have returned. Mayan said staff have had to reduce food portions and limit the types of food children eat.
Persons: Samira, Jorge Silva KABUL, Ahmad Khalil Mayan, Mayan, Mike Collett Organizations: REUTERS, Reuters, White, Thomson Locations: Kabul, Afghanistan, Badakhshan, Western, United States, Afghan
Taliban fighters walk down the stairs as they take a day off to visit the amusement park at Kabul's Qargha reservoir, at the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan October 9, 2021.REUTERS/Jorge SilvaKABUL, Oct 9 (Reuters) - Strolling casually with their machine guns in hand, Halimi and hundreds of fellow Taliban fighters enjoyed a rare day off with a visit to a popular waterside amusement park in Kabul. The fighters, who were all heavily armed at the park, sipped tea and bought snacks from stalls dotted along the shoreline. Some queued up to try the amusement park rides, which included a pirate ship and a flying chairs carousel. Most of the fighters had never been to Kabul until the Taliban took control of the capital on Aug. 15, and some were eager to visit the amusement park before returning to their duties around the country. The Taliban waged a 20-year insurgency against a Western-backed government before returning to power in August after President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan.
Persons: Jorge Silva KABUL, Ziaul Haq, Halimi, Ashraf Ghani, Helen Popper Our Organizations: REUTERS, Taliban, Qargha, Reuters, Maidan Wardak, Islamic, Thomson Locations: Kabul, Afghanistan, Friday's, Maidan Wardak, Maidan, Khorasan
Afghans gather outside the passport office after Taliban officials announced they will start issuing passports to its citizens again, following months of delays that hampered attempts by those trying to flee the country after the Taliban seized control, in Kabul, Afghanistan October 6, 2021. Taliban officials have said the service will resume from Saturday, after being suspended since their takeover and the fall of the previous government in August, which stranded many of those desperate to flee the country. A spokesman for the Taliban officials running the passport department did not immediately respond to requests for comment. read moreThe hundreds who descended on the passport office came despite advice that distribution of passports would only begin on Saturday, and initially only for those who had already applied. "I am here to receive a passport, but unfortunately I couldn't," said a man in the crowd, Ahmad Shakib Sidiqi.
Persons: Jorge Silva KABUL, Mahir Rasooli, Ahmad Shakib Sidiqi, Sidiqi, Clarence Fernandez Organizations: REUTERS, Nations, Islamabad, Thomson Locations: Kabul, Afghanistan, U.S, Pakistan
Displaced Afghans plead for aid as desperation grows
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Burqa-clad Afghan women and children, who are among displaced families fleeing the violence in their provinces, stand at a makeshift shelter at Shahr-e Naw park, in Kabul, Afghanistan October 4, 2021. "So far, we have not received any aid from anyone," Nori told Reuters on Monday, cradling two sleeping children in his arms. Poverty and hunger have worsened since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, a country already suffering from drought and the COVID-19 pandemic. The Taliban has urged Afghans to remain in their homes and not to migrate to other areas of the country, or abroad. It has also said it welcomes international aid, though many donors froze their assistance after the Taliban came to power.
Persons: Jorge Silva KABUL, Nor Agha Nori, Nori, haven't, Filippo Grandi, Zia Gul, Alasdair Pal, Susan Fenton Organizations: REUTERS, Taliban, Reuters, United Nations, Thomson Locations: Shahr, Kabul, Afghanistan, Afghan, Nor, Takhar province, Kunduz
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