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Speaker McCarthy said Medicare and Social Security cuts were "off the table" as it related to debt ceiling talks. The White House has rejected GOP-led efforts for spending cuts tied to increasing the debt limit. "If you read our Commitment to America, all we talk about is strengthening Medicare and Social Security. What I'm talking about — Social Security, Medicare, you keep that to the side," he reaffirmed. The White House has repeatedly said that it would not negotiate spending cuts as it relates to the debt ceiling, but McCarthy appeared optimistic regarding a breakthrough.
Rep. Jim Jordan said not "enough good people" want to be cops because of attacks on law enforcement. When asked about federal police reform efforts, Jordan said it was best left at the state and local levels. "There's been this attack on law enforcement, and you're not getting the best of the best," he added. "And again, I don't think these five guys represent the vast, vast majority of law enforcement. "This is a law enforcement issue.
Trump on Saturday stepped up his criticism of DeSantis as the GOP presidential campaign heats up. As he spoke to reporters, the former president took credit for DeSantis' rise: "I got him elected." Ron DeSantis of Florida — a potential competitor for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination — stating that the Sunshine State leader "won't be leading" in polling and continuing to take credit for the former congressman's political ascent. Ron DeSantis of Florida at a news conference in Miami, Fla., on January 26, 2023. Polling in South Carolina has been murkier, with both Trump and DeSantis coming out on top in two separate polls released in the past few months.
Putin sees Ukraine as part of his "destiny" to "recreate the Russian Empire," said ex-Defense Secretary Gates. The US and other military allies are sending tanks to Ukraine to aid the country against Russia's advances. download the app Email address By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider as well as other partner offers and accept our Terms of Service and Privacy PolicyRussian President Vladimir Putin believes it's his "destiny" to recreate the Russian Empire, according to former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates. "Putin believes it's his destiny to recreate the Russian Empire. And as my old mentor, Zbig Brzezinski, used to say, 'Without Ukraine, there can be no Russian Empire,'" Gates said.
"She doesn't speak to Arizonans anymore. This is why she is where she is," he said, arguing that she would have been unable to win a Democratic Party primary. Since the announcement, Sinema has so far continued to caucus with Senate Democrats, but her switch still puts the party in a bind. Such a contest would pit Gallego and Sinema against a Republican candidate — creating an unpredictable three-way race. Potential GOP entrants into the 2024 Senate election include Kari Lake, the party's gubernatorial nominee last fall, along with 2022 Senate nominee Blake Masters and 2022 gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson.
Ron DeSantis leads Donald Trump in the critical early-voting state of New Hampshire, according to a UNH poll. The survey showed DeSantis leading Trump 42% to 30%, with many GOP voters desiring a fresh face. Trump on Saturday will visit New Hampshire and South Carolina as he seeks to stake his claim to the GOP nomination. Ron DeSantis of Florida in the early-voting state of New Hampshire, according to a new poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire. In what could be a highly competitive presidential primary, likely New Hampshire Republican voters in the survey preferred DeSantis over Trump by a 12-point margin — 42% to 30%, respectively.
REUTERS/Randall HillIn the pivotal 2016 South Carolina primary, Trump won the contest — beating Bush, Rubio, and Cruz in their own Southern backyard. AP Photo/Richard Drew, FileTrump is no longer a Washington outsiderIn 2016, Trump was a novelty to many Republican voters. And in recent months, DeSantis has increasingly eclipsed Trump as the top presidential choice among GOP primary voters. Haley and Scott could potentially be competitors to win the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. By the time the Florida GOP primary was held, Jeb Bush had already suspended his campaign, humbled by his fourth-place showing in South Carolina.
Mike Pence on Friday said he took "full responsibility" for classified documents found at his home. Classified files were also discovered in the ex-DC office and Wilmington home of President Biden. CNN first reported on Tuesday that an attorney for Pence discovered roughly a dozen classified files at the former vice president's residence in Carmel, Indiana. On Friday, Pence said a "small number of documents marked classified or sensitive interspersed in my personal papers" were found, and that he and his attorney "immediately" secured the files. "And while I was not aware that those classified documents were in our personal residence, let me be clear: Those classified documents should not have been in my personal residence.
AOC could potentially be the vice ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, per Politico. "There's been conversations, but nothing's been finalized," Ocasio-Cortez told the news outlet. If AOC were to assume the role, she'd work closely with Rep. Jamie Raskin, the ranking member. "There's been conversations, but nothing's been finalized," Ocasio-Cortez told Politico of the position. If she were to assume the role, she would help to craft messaging to counter the Republican majority on the panel.
Former Rep. Peter King in a New York Times op-ed questioned the effectiveness of George Santos. How do committee members sit still for this guy in their midst?" "Except perhaps for a few ineffective congressional outliers, I can't imagine a member of either party working or cooperating with Mr. Santos," the former congressman wrote. "And when you don't have that, you're just faking your way through the workday — something Mr. Santos is apparently pretty good at." "As long as Mr. Santos remains in Congress, he is dead man walking and will be unable to get anything done for his constituents.
A Florida Democratic legislator told The Washington Post of the party's struggles in the state. A party operative told the paper that the GOP continues to organize in the state, while Democrats have "regressed." Bush carried Florida for the GOP, but in 1996 then-President Bill Clinton flipped the state into the Democratic column in his successful reelection bid. The GOP governor, last fall, won reelection in a 19-point landslide over his Democratic rival, former Gov. In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Democratic state Rep. Anna AskMen said that the party had to "go back to basics" and overhaul its door-knocking and get-out-the-vote operations.
President Biden has tapped Jeff Zients to be his next chief of staff, per The Washington Post. Zients would replace Ron Klain, a longtime aide who has been chief of staff since January 2021. A former White House counselor, Zients led the administration's coronavirus response efforts. Zients — a one-time White House counselor — oversaw the administration's COVID-19 response efforts, which included the massive push to vaccinate millions of Americans across the country. He then came onboard at the start of the Biden administration in January 2021, serving as both a counselor and the coronavirus response coordinator until April 2022.Insider reached out to the White House for comment.
Adam Kinzinger said he "thanked God" he didn't have to endure the marathon of votes to elect a House speaker. "I knew what it would be like to be on the floor and I just thanked God that I was not there," he told Charlie Sykes. Kinzinger, who left Congress earlier this month, was highly critical of McCarthy during his last term in office. "I knew what it would be like to be on the floor and I just thanked God that I was not there," he continued to say. "This couldn't happen to a nicer guy," Kinzinger said of McCarthy's struggles in rallying the far-right wing of the party shortly after the midterm elections.
White House chief of staff Ron Klain is expected to depart his role in the coming weeks, per The New York Times. Klain worked as President Barack Obama's White House Ebola response coordinator and also previously served as chief of staff to former vice president Al Gore. He also was chief of staff to then-Vice President Joe Biden during the first two years of the Obama administration. Anita Dunn — who rejoined the White House last year after having previously served in the White House as a senior advisor from January 2021 to August 2021 — has been a name long rumored to be a contender upon a Klain departure. Other individuals thought to be under consideration include former Delaware governor Jack Markell, White House counselor Steve Ricchetti, and White House domestic policy director Susan Rice.
Pompeo said Trump floated the idea of him serving as secretary of state and defense secretary, per his new memoir. In July 2020, Trump told Mark Meadows that he wanted his secretary of state to have a "dual hat," per Pompeo. Pompeo made the revelation as he explores a potential 2024 White House campaign against his ex-boss. According to Pompeo's book, Trump told Meadows that Esper was "not going to make it" for much longer while helming the Defense Department. That July, Trump told Meadows that he wanted his secretary of state to have a "dual hat" and "take on leading the department of defense as an additional duty," per Pompeo.
The DOJ told Jim Jordan it wouldn't be able to share all information about ongoing criminal probes. In a letter to Republicans, the DOJ said it needed to preserve the "integrity" of its investigations. "We are committed to cooperating with the Committee's legitimate efforts to seek information," the DOJ said. "The Department will be better able to meet your needs at hearings if your request is specific concerning the information the Committee seeks," the letter read. On Friday, House Judiciary Republicans expressed their disapproval at the response from the Department of Justice.
Rep. Stewart rejected the notion that President Biden was unaware of classified documents in his possession. Biden last week said that he did not realize that he was in possession of the Obama-era documents. "I've dealt with classified documents almost my entire life. "This isn't the kind of thing that you just sit on your desk and you think, 'Oh, I forgot that they're classified.' The House Judiciary Committee on Friday announced that it would launch an investigation into the unearthing of the Biden materials.
Rep. Crane said he "might wind up in the broom closet" over his opposition to McCarthy's speakership. Crane told The New York Times he simply wanted to see Republicans move in a different direction. "Sir, I'm sorry, we love you out in Arizona, but I've been listening to my voters," Crane told Trump, per the lawmaker's recent interview with The New York Times. In the first 14 ballots, Crane supported conservative alternatives to McCarthy before voting "present" in the 15th and final ballot. Crane told the newspaper that he'd like to serve on the Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, and Natural Resources Committees, but felt that he could be shut out due to his speakership vote.
Matt Gaetz said George Santos shouldn't be shunned in advance of a congressional ethics process. "I think he deserves the chance to at least make his case," Gaetz said of his embattled GOP colleague. "George Santos will have to go through the congressional ethics process. While speaking to Gaetz, Santos did not reveal the source of the money that used to give to his successful House campaign. And top Republicans in Nassau County — the suburban New York jurisdiction that anchors Santos' congressional district — have called on him to resign from Congress.
Former President Trump has claimed credit for helping Kevin McCarthy win the House speakership. However, several ardent conservatives told ABC that Trump had no real impact during the process. "President Trump had no influence on the votes, myself or any of my colleagues," Rep. Bob Good said. However, Trump backed McCarthy's bid and claimed credit for helping get the GOP leader over the finish line. However, McCarthy personally thanked Trump immediately after winning the speakership, stating that no one "should doubt his influence."
Kemp told the outlet that Trump "didn't do a good enough job of telling people what he had done." Kemp, who was inaugurated to a second term this week, has been floated as a potential 2024 presidential contender. Brian Kemp of Georgia for not helping him overturn now-President Joe Biden's victory in the Southern swing state in the 2020 election. "President Trump and his reelection didn't do a good enough job of telling people what he had done and what he wanted to do in a second term," the governor told the outlet. Trump, who lost to Biden in the 2020 presidential election, has continued to allege that voter fraud was the culprit behind his ejection from the White House.
Kellyanne Conway in a new essay wrote that a 2024 Trump White House campaign shouldn't be dismissed. Conway in her New York Times piece also emphasized that GOP leaders needed to embrace early voting. "Republicans must ... invest in and be vocal about early voting," Conway wrote in the essay. "Republicans must ... invest in and be vocal about early voting," Conway wrote in the essay. I don't like it because it's not Election Day, it's election season, election trimester.
More Obama-era classified documents were found at President Biden's Wilmington home, per The Times. The White House on Saturday announced that five additional pages were found on Thursday. "The President's lawyers have acted immediately and voluntarily to provide the Penn Biden documents to the Archives and the Wilmington documents to DOJ. The appointment of the Special Counsel in this matter this week means we will now refer specific questions to the Special Counsel's office moving forward. As I said Thursday, the White House will cooperate with the newly-appointed Special Counsel," the statement read.
Rep. Katie Porter of California on Tuesday officially announced a 2024 Senate bid. Sen. Feinstein is up for reelection in 2024, but hasn't yet announced whether she'll run for another term. "In times like these, California needs a warrior in Washington," she said in her official campaign announcement on Tuesday. In entering the race, Porter is staking out a lane as an lawmaker who would usher in a different sort of governance. In November, Porter won a tough reelection race, edging out former California assemblyman Scott Baugh by four points (52%-48%).
Dan Crenshaw on Sunday walked back earlier comments where he called anti-McCarthy Republicans "terrorists." On CNN's "State of the Union," Crenshaw said he wanted to "sincerely apologize" to his colleagues. "I don't want them to think I actually believe they're terrorists," he told host Jake Tapper. "Things get heated and things get said," Crenshaw said. I don't want them to think I actually believe they're terrorists.
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