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Facebook has banned false claims about COVID-19 vaccines in its latest attempt to stop the spread of misinformation. The news comes as the UK became the first Western nation in the world to approve a COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer this week. Facebook has banned false claims about COVID-19 vaccines in its latest attempt to stop the rapid spread of misinformation on the platform. "This is another way that we are applying our policy to remove misinformation about the virus that could lead to imminent physical harm." YouTube, owned by Google, and TikTok have also said they will remove false claims about COVID-19 vaccines, NPR reported.
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So she created Side Hustle Stack, a resource site that helps workers find more fulfilling and flexible employment options. But Jin told Business Insider that the website comes with an added perk: it will help her spot hot startups to invest in. VC Li Jin has launched a new website to help people struggling to make a living in this pandemic economy launch new careers. It's called Side Hustle Stack, a comprehensive resource guide for helping people build a career out of their passions, whether that's in gaming, cooking, content creation, fitness instruction or other fields. For example, you can use Side Hustle Stack to learn how to make money as a pet caretaker through platforms like Rover and Wag.
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Facebook announced Thursday it will remove fake claim about COVID-19 vaccines from the platform and on Instagram. Health experts warn misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines could discourage Americans from getting immunized. Facebook will remove posts sharing false claims about COVID-19 vaccines, the company announced on Thursday. Facebook announced earlier this year it would remove fake claims about COVID-19, but reports have indicated that virus misinformation had already reached thousands of people. Health experts have warned misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines could discourage Americans from getting immunized.
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"It's all just art," founder Gabriel Whaley told Business Insider. The Push Party app does one thing and one thing only: it allows people to push a button which notifies every other user of the app. Push Party was one of MSCHF's biweekly "drops," stunts and projects that are so ridiculous that they almost always blow up online. Push Party Push PartyBut the VC buzz is realStill, the company appears to be awash with venture capital money. Multiple VCs told Business Insider that it's one of the buzziest, venture-backed companies out there.
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SEOUL (Reuters) - From avoiding family members to skipping extra study at “cram schools”, the coronavirus has forced nearly half a million South Korean test-takers and proctors to rethink their strategies ahead of a hyper-competitive university entrance exam this week. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji/File PhotoThe gruelling, almost eight-hour test on Thursday is seen as a life-defining event for high school seniors. South Korea reported 511 new cases as of midnight Tuesday, bringing the country’s total to 35,163 with 526 deaths. STRESSFUL TIMESAuthorities have urged students to stop attending cram schools and private lessons, and pleaded with citizens to halt all non-essential outside activity ahead of the exam. “The college entrance exam itself is already a huge barrier, but now there is another barrier called the coronavirus.”
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While equity crowdfunding is on the rise, there are those who believe it comes with risks. That was the year when legislation first passed enabling startups to offer equity in exchange for retail investments through a process called equity crowdfunding. The legislation applied to non-accredited investors, allowing virtually anyone to put their money in private companies, regardless of their income or net worth. Today, crowdfunding platforms like Republic, WeFunder and StartEngine allow anyone to invest in startups like Nada, Popshop, and Upshift. What's more, the opportunity for equity crowdfunding today may be greater than it was four years ago.
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So he's starting an online publication, Tech Worker, dedicated exclusively to telling the stories of tech workers. Carr says he hopes Tech Worker will keep misbehaving tech CEOs "awake at night." The decision came after years of covering Silicon Valley, where he published scathing critiques of big tech executives and elite tech culture. This "relentless drumbeat" of events, as Carr described it, was what pushed him back into journalism—this time as the creator of a new tech publication called Tech Worker. Carr believes that tech workers today have more power than ever before to hold misbehaving, high-level executives to account.
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Fans of K-pop sensations BTS were relieved to learn that one of the seven-member band wouldn’t have to quit to join South Korea’s military for his mandatory service for another two years. The country’s National Assembly on Tuesday amended South Korea’s conscription law in a way that would allow BTS’s oldest member, Kim Seok-jin, who is just shy of turning 28, when he would be required to report for duty, to postpone his military service until he is 30. Currently top of the Billboard Hot 100 with their song “Life Goes On,” the members of BTS already were riding high. Many took to Twitter, Instagram and other social-media channels to celebrate, posting images and videos of the seven members together along with various emoji. “I hope I will be able to experience a BTS concert before Seok-jin begins his military service.
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Founders Fund general partner Keith Rabois is a political conservative and self-proclaimed contrarian. Rabois cited one of his latest finds, homeschooling startup Primer, as an example as well as controversial drone startup Anduril Industries. In fact, he says those two questions are also asked by every Founders Fund investor before making an investment. For example, his conservative viewpoint led him to back homeschooling startup Primer, whose seed round Rabois led through Founders Fund this year. Unicorn investor Keith Rabois says tech talent is fleeing Silicon Valley and successful startups will now be built elsewhere
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Instead, you can be an investor yourself through the equity crowdfunding platforms like Republic, WeFunder and StartEngine, where you can invest in startups for as little as $10. While equity crowdfunding is on the rise, there are those who believe it comes with risks. That was the year when legislation first passed enabling startups to offer equity in exchange for retail investments through a process called equity crowdfunding. Today, crowdfunding platforms like Republic, WeFunder and StartEngine allow anyone to invest in startups like Nada, Popshop, and Upshift. What's more, the opportunity for equity crowdfunding today may be greater than it was four years ago.
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Rabois believes that the Bay Area is losing its concentration of tech talent, perhaps permanently. Rabois was referring to the tremendous concentration of founder and engineering talent in the Bay Area, which has made Silicon Valley the undisputed center of the tech universe for decades. Rabois, however, says this list only scratches the surface of a much larger exodus of tech talent from the Bay Area. That self-image as a "contrarian" is also key to his success as an investor, Rabois says. Now read:Is Silicon Valley finally dead?
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Read on for more on the future of Silicon Valley, a private-equity titan's relationship with a Texas investor embroiled in a political scandal, and the rise and fall of the world's oldest advertising agency. Tony Hsieh, the former CEO of shoes and clothes retailer Zappos, has died at age 46 following injuries sustained in a fire. Is Silicon Valley over? From Meghan Morris and Berber Jin:Some tech elites are making moves out of San Francisco, as they rethink the area's costs, political climate, safety, and more. Silicon Valley, and San Francisco, have long been the capital of America's tech economy thanks to a variety of important factors.
Persons: Matt Turner, Read, Tony Hsieh, Hsieh, shay, Kedar Deshpande, Alfred Lin, Zappos, Meghan Morris, Berber Jin, Keith Rabois, Ben Ling Organizations: Zappos, Amazon, Twitter, Downtown Locations: Silicon Valley, Texas, Las Vegas, Berber, San Francisco, Miami, Austin, Silicon, America's
Silicon Valley, and San Francisco, have long been been the capital of America's tech economy thanks to a variety of important factors. and , who have all recently left the Bay Area, per a report from The Information. Silicon Valley has been a fertile breeding ground for launching and growing tech companies in a self-perpetuating ecosystem that's survived cycles. Other cities have tried to woo tech dollars and founders, from Salt Lake City's "Silicon Slopes" to New York's "Silicon Alley." Twitter headquarters on April 26, 2017 in San Francisco, California.
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But this month, Huachen stands on the brink of bankruptcy, defaulting on 6.5 billion yuan ($987.48 million) in debt obligations. Huachen and its Hong Kong-listed Brilliance unit, which also has a joint venture with Renault SA, did not respond to requests for comment. Last year, Huachen sold just 1,184 Huasong MPVs, while GM sold around 150,000 GL8s in China. The group sold just 800,000 vehicles last year - the majority from the BMW Brilliance joint venture. ($1=7.7529 Hong Kong dollars)($1 = 6.5824 Chinese yuan renminbi)
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Founders Fund general partner Keith Rabois was an early investor in seven of the multibillion-dollar companies that have gone public or are filing to go public this year. They include Airbnb, Palantir, Wish, and DoorDash. Keith Rabois says he decided to invest in Airbnb within three minutes of his first meeting with cofounder Brian Chesky in 2010. REUTERS/Mike SegarThe statistic that made Airbnb so appealingIt was one number, 30, that convinced Rabois to invest in Airbnb, he said. "It reminds you of how long term the horizon of building an important, iconic company is," Rabois said.
Persons: Keith Rabois, Rabois, I'm, Brian Chesky, Peter Thiel, Mike Segar, Chesky, Joe Gebbia, Nathan Blecharczyk, Kevin Hartz, Y, Sam Altman, OpenDoor, It's, Carolyn Kaster, Tony Xu, Tony, Max Levchin, Thiel, Palantir, Ben Ling, Vinod Khosla Organizations: Fund, Business, YouTube, Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, PayPal, COVID, Trump, Craigslist, eBay, Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp, PayPal Mafia, Social Locations: Silicon Valley, Airbnb, Bay
LG to spin off affiliates as break-up looms at South Korean conglomerate
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SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea’s LG Corp said on Thursday it would spin off five affiliates into a new holding company next year, the latest reorganisation at one of South Korea’s family-led conglomerates as they pass to a new generation of leaders. Around the turn of the century, LG Group and other South Korean conglomerates broke up into several companies led by children of the groups’ founders. LG Corp, the holding company of South Korea’s fourth-largest conglomerate, said the spinoff would allow it to focus on existing core businesses such as electronics, chemicals and telecommunications services. Affiliates that will be spun off in May 2021 include trading company LG International Corp, LG Hausys Ltd, maker of interior parts for housing and automobiles, display chip maker Silicon Works Co Ltd and unlisted chemical manufacturer LG MMA Corp, a regulatory filing said. The existing LG holding firm will have assets of 9.8 trillion won ($8.85 billion), while the proposed new holding firm will have assets of 900 billion won, according to an LG Corp presentation.
Persons: Sergio Perez, Koo Bon, LG’s, Koo Kwang, , Chung, 1,106.9300 Organizations: Korea’s LG Corp, LG, Mobile, REUTERS, LG Corp, LG Group, General Motors, Tesla, Apple, LG International Corp, LG Hausys Ltd, Silicon Works Co, LG MMA Corp Locations: SEOUL, Barcelona, Spain, South
The defaults have angered investors, who say their faith in the firms’ top-notch ratings, seemingly sound finances and implicit state backing has been violated. Huachen boasted a AAA issuer rating when it launched its 1 billion yuan ($151.93 million) three-year, privately placed bond in October 2017. SOE defaults are not new, but blocking bondholders from liquid assets is, said Rocky Fan, economist at Sealand Securities. In a separate instance, Tsinghua Unigroup, a chipmaker backed by Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University, defaulted on a three-year, 1.3 billion yuan bond on Nov. 15, shortly after a rating agency warned of debt risks at the company. The defaults sent other bonds issued by Yongcheng, Huachen and Tsinghua Unigroup to about a tenth of their face value.
Persons: naivety, , Vincent Jin, Huachen, Jin, Jin didn’t, “ It’s, Andrew Collier, Rocky Fan, ” Fan, Yongcheng, Fraser Howie, , Michel Lowy, Liu Ning, Zhang Guoqing, it’s, Tiansi Wang Organizations: Huachen Automotive Group Holdings Co, AAA, China Automotive Holdings Ltd, BMW, Communist Party, Orient Capital Research, Yongcheng, Electricity Holding, Zhongyuan, Sealand Securities, Tsinghua, Beijing’s, Tsinghua University, SC Lowy, Secretary Locations: SHANGHAI, SINGAPORE, Beijing, Shanghai, Liaoning, Hong Kong, COVID, China, Henan, Zhongyuan Bank, Sealand, Huachen, Qinghai province, Tianjin
These entrepreneurs are all part of the "passion economy," a phrase coined in an article by Li Jin, then a partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. The passion economy treats idiosyncrasy as a feature, not a bug, and counts on personality to produce value. Jin says that passion economy creators, in particular, should focus on something they do well and unlike anyone else. The passion economy presents specific challenges and opportunities, and is embodied by a handful of digital businesses. The future of the passion economy lies in finding new ways for solopreneurs to collaborate and discovering new purposes for existing technologies.
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The new funds helped make 2020 the biggest year yet for US venture fundraising, putting the total number at a record $69.1 billion. Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has closed two new mega funds totalling $4.5 billion, bringing its total assets under management to nearly $16.5 billion, it announced in a blog post Friday. The new funds include a $1.3 billion early-stage fund (Fund VII) focused on consumer, enterprise, and fintech, and a second, $3.2 billion growth fund (Growth II) to target more mature companies. Andreessen Horowitz may also benefit from Visa's acquisition of fintech company Plaid, whose Series C round it joined in late 2018. The 2020 fundraising record was set by just 287 funds, compared with 589 funds in 2018, the year that held the old US fundraising record of $67.8 billion, Pitchbook said.
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And now they’ve done it again, with a new album recorded entirely during a global pandemic. BTS’ first Korean studio album (following three single albums or EPs in 2013 and 2014), “Dark & Wild,” dropped in 2014, and showcased a heavier rap sound on songs like “힙합성애지 (Hip Hop Phile)” that has carried through the rest of their later work; their first Japanese studio album dropped later that same year. That garnered them a performance slot at the American Music Awards and on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” in 2017. BTS’s popularity despite the America music industry’s xenophobic gatekeeping speaks only to the corporate gatekeepers’ inability to welcome the world in. Music is a universal concept and its representation as such, especially within the United States, has been a long time coming.
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Just a week ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised Americans not to travel to see family or friends outside their households. A Chinese tourist wears a mask as she arrives at Suvarnabhumi Airport during a welcome ceremony of Chinese Lunar New Year travellers in Bangkok, Thailand, January 22, 2020. Passengers wait to board trains at Shanghai's Hongqiao Railway Station ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year in February 2018. Still, AAA predicts that Thanksgiving travel will decrease by 10% overall in the US relative to last year, the largest drop since the recession in 2008. Keep gatherings as small as possible," Emma Hodcroft, a scientist from Basel, Switzerland who tracks coronavirus mutations, previously told Business Insider.
Persons: Henry Walke, Anand Swaminathan, Swaminathan, Kim Kyung, Soe Zeya Tun, Jin Dong, Yan, Jin, Aly Song, Ye Shen, Shen, John Minchillo, Caitlin Ochs, Eli Perencevich, we're, I'm, Perencevich, Emma Hodcroft, Hilary Brueck, David Slotnick Organizations: Centers for Disease Control, Joseph's, Reuters, US, University of Hong, University of Georgia, AAA, Minneapolis - Saint Paul International Airport, AP, Cirium, Ohio State University Wexner Medical, University of Iowa Locations: St, New Jersey, Beijing, Wuhan, Hubei province, China, Bangkok, Thailand, Hubei, University of Hong Kong, Shanghai's, Western Europe, Japan, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brooklyn , New York, Basel, Switzerland
She felt lonely as a young investor so she sent a tweet asking to meet other Gen-Z VCs. She created a Slack channel where everyone could meet each other and two days after making the channel public, over 700 young VCs joined, creating a new network for young investors. "I could count the amount of other young VCs I knew on one hand," she told Business Insider. Loyst also felt that young VCs like herself could add lots of value to their firms. So she created the GenZ VCs Slack community.
Persons: Loyst, Lerer, VCs, Hippeau, Nik Sharma, Pitbull, Priyanka Chopra, Sharma, Sarah Cone's, Alex Wilhelm, Taylor Lorenz, It's, Li Jin, Andreessen Horowitz — Organizations: Social Impact, Microsoft, Twitter, Z, New York Times Locations: GenZ, Silicon
Ben Ling was an exec at Google when legendary investor Vinod Khosla called him out of the blue to woo him into taking a job at Khosla Ventures. Today, Ling is a seasoned investor, founder of his own fund, Bling Capital, an early-stage venture firm he started in 2018. Vinod Khosla, the billionaire investor who founded Khosla Ventures in 2004. That kicked off a five-year tenure at Khosla Ventures, where he backed multiple unicorns, including Lyft, GitLab, and Instacart. That's because Silicon Valley is now awash with venture capital, adding pressure on venture firms to differentiate their money by showcasing the talents of their investors.
Persons: Ben Ling, Vinod Khosla, Khosla, Ling, Steve Jennings, Keith Rabois, Rabois, He's, it's, Evan Moore, DoorDash, Mike Vernal, Jin, Li Jin, Andreessen Horowitz — Organizations: Google, Khosla Ventures, Khosla, Sequoia, Bling, Facebook, Getty, TechCrunch, Founders Fund Locations: Silicon, bjin
Despite encouraging updates on a potential coronavirus vaccine, disappointing unemployment data and a spike in coronavirus cases have spooked investors. One approach is to take a cue from the analysts with a proven track record of success. TipRanks analyst forecasting service attempts to pinpoint Wall Street's best-performing analysts. These are the analysts with the highest success rate and average return per rating. With a 66% success rate and 24.9% average return per rating, Martin scores the #67 position on TipRanks' list of best-performing analysts.
Persons: Jin Lee, Bill de Blasio, John Stoltzfus, Laura Martin, Martin, Matthew Hedberg, Bentley, CY20, Hedberg, Biden, Gus Richard, Richard, Cytokinetics, Wainwright's Joseph Pantginis, omecamtiv, Pantginis, Yelp Organizations: Bloomberg, Getty, Pfizer, Bentley Systems, RBC Capital, Autodesk, Bentley, Solutions, Northland, GALACTIC, AHA, TipRanks Locations: New York City, CY21, H.C, CYTK
Hyundai faces lawsuit over EV fires as GM launches recall
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The plaintiffs want Hyundai to replace the entire battery pack - the most expensive part of the vehicle - of their Kona EVs, not just update the software, as the company’s recall provides. GM said on Friday it was recalling 68,677 EVs with LG Chem batteries, after five reported fires and two minor injuries. Hyundai has recalled globally more than 74,000 Kona EVs, its top-selling electric car, after 16 of them caught fire in South Korea, Canada and Europe in two years. Tesla was investigated by a U.S. safety authorities over a battery software upgrade of some vehicles following vehicle fires. ‘SCARED’Hyundai and LG Chem are at odds over the root cause of the fires as South Korea’s safety agency investigates the case.
Persons: Aly, Kim, , ” Hyundai, , Cheol Shin, Tesla, , Shin, ” Shin, EVs Organizations: Hyundai, General Motors Co, LG Chem, Shanghai, REUTERS, Hyundai Kona EV, Reuters, EV, Tesla Inc, South, GM, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, BMW, Ford Motor Co, Kona, LG, Hyundai Motor, General Motors, Ford, Samsung SDI Co, Samsung SDI, ’ Hyundai, Kona EV Locations: SEOUL, Shanghai, China, Korean, Seoul, Kona, South Korean, South Korea, Canada, Europe, U.S
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