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California Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger is seen in an undated photo, U.S. Supreme Court of California/via REUTERSJan 26 (Reuters) - Before she turned to law and became one of the youngest justices ever appointed to the California Supreme Court, Leondra Kruger had journalism in her blood. Kruger, considered a potential U.S. Supreme Court nominee for President Joe Biden to replace the retiring Justice Stephen Breyer, was editor-in-chief of her high school's newspaper. "I see her as cautious in her use of judicial power," said David Ettinger, a Los Angeles attorney who is an expert on the California Supreme Court. Kruger previously worked at the U.S. Justice Department under presidents of both parties, arguing 12 cases before the Supreme Court. During seven years on the California Supreme Court, Kruger has participated in a number of other important cases.
Persons: Justice Leondra Kruger, Leondra Kruger, Kruger, Joe Biden, Stephen Breyer, Biden, Breyer, David Ettinger, Clarence Thomas, Thurgood Marshall, Jerry Brown, Kruger's, Paul Clement, George W, Bush, Donald Trump, Scott Peterson, Laci, Joe Mathews, Brian Hauck, Andrew Chung, Will Dunham, Scott Malone Organizations: Supreme, of, REUTERS, California Supreme, Harvard University, Yale Law School, Yale Law, Senate, Republicans, U.S . Justice, Court, Democratic, Republican, Los Angeles Times, Polytechnic, Thomson Locations: California, of California, U.S, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Zocalo, United States, Jamaica, Eastern, San Francisco, New York
Kristina Lawson, a former mayor of Walnut Creek who was appointed to the board by former Gov. The white SUV then followed her to work and parked “head-to-head” with her car in a parking garage, she said. Lawson said that when she left the office building and entered the parking garage later that evening, four men jumped out of the SUV with cameras and recording equipment and confronted her. Lawson contacted Walnut Creek Police, who later told her the men told officers they wanted to interview her. “Instead, they ambushed me in a dark parking garage when they suspected I would be alone,” she wrote on social media.
Persons: Kristina Lawson, Jerry Brown, , , Lawson, Simone Gold, ” Lawson, Holley Connors, Georgia ”, Connors, Bill Prasifka, ” Prasifka Organizations: FRANCISCO, Gov, Walnut Creek Police, America’s, Beverly Hills, U.S . Capitol, Costa County Sheriff’s Office, The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s, Police Department, The Police Department, Medical Locations: Walnut, Georgia, San Miguel, Costa County, The Contra Costa County
President Joe Biden has picked big money political donor and former Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman to be his ambassador to Kenya. Whitman spent decades in high-level corporate roles, but she has also been politically active for years. She ran in 2010 as a Republican for governor in California but lost to Democrat Jerry Brown. She supported now-Sen. Mitt Romney's runs for president in 2008 – before she eventually became Sen. John McCain's national campaign co-chair – and in 2012. Last year, she gave $500,000 to the Biden Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee that benefited the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee.
Persons: Joe Biden, Hewlett Packard, Meg Whitman, Whitman, Jerry Brown, Sen, Mitt Romney's, John McCain's, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Organizations: Hewlett, Republican, Biden, Fund, Democratic National Committee Locations: Kenya, California
These acquisitions are gradually giving Beijing a potential stranglehold on global shipping — with profound military as well as commercial implications. Yet China, having accumulated this unprecedented stake in global shipping and commerce, and its power and profits present ominous possibilities for the future. Five years ago, China, through Cosco, purchased a controlling stake in the Port of Piraeus on Greece’s largest harbor — Europe’s seventh largest. In September, Cosco also took a major stake in the container operator at the port in Hamburg, Germany’s largest. The consequences of doing nothing as China continues to penetrate the world’s ports and shipping are potentially catastrophic.
Persons: Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Jerry Brown, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, , Kostas Fragogiannis, Cosco Organizations: U.S, Washington, Naval, China’s Offshore Shipping Company, U.S . Naval, California Gov, Los Angeles Mayor, Pentagon, U.S . Africa Command, European Union, ASEAN, African Locations: America’s, China, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Seattle, Beijing, California, West, U.S, Cosco, Port, Piraeus, Greece’s, Europe, Asia, Hamburg, Germany’s, Djibouti, Horn of Africa
A California parole board Tuesday recommended the release of convicted murderer Leslie Van Houten, who had been a follower of late cult leader Charles Manson. It's the fifth time since 2016 that the 72-year-old was recommended for parole, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said in a statement. The previous recommendations were rejected by former Gov. Van Houten is serving a life sentence for her role in two consecutive days of violence carried out by the Manson cult’s followers in August 1969. Manson, who died in 2017 while serving a life sentence, organized a "family" of followers to survive a race war he believed would come.
Persons: Leslie Van Houten, Charles Manson, It's, Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, Van Houten, Manson, Leno, Rosemary LaBianca, Sharon Tate, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, Steven Parent, Jay Sebring, Houten, Van Houten's, Rich Pfeiffer, didn't Organizations: California Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation, Gov, Associated Press Locations: California, Los Angeles
She says the health issue stems from her proximity to oil and gas drilling. Magali Sanchez-Hall, 51, who's lived here for more than two decades, is used to the smell of rotting eggs wafting from the hundreds of oil wells operating in the neighborhood. It's surrounded by six oil refineries and wedged in by several freeways and the ports of L.A. and Long Beach. "Oil drilling and refineries were always an ever present background in my life," he said. Newsom's predecessor, Jerry Brown, who held office between 2011 and 2018, approved 21,397 new oil wells.
Persons: Magali Sanchez, Emma Newburger, who's, Sanchez, Hall, Gavin Newsom, Newsom, Hollin Kretzmann, Kretzmann, Josiah Edwards, Kevin Slagle, doesn't, Jerry Brown, Edwards, Jamal Kheiry, It's Organizations: CNBC LOS ANGELES, CALIF, , Capitol Matrix Consulting, CNBC, FracTracker Alliance, Residents, Inglewood Oil Field, Sentinel Peak Resources, UCLA, Research, Environmental, California Gov, California Geologic Energy Management Division, Consumer Watchdog, Center for Biological Diversity, Western States Petroleum Association, state's Department of Conservation, Marathon Petroleum Corp, Sunrise Movement, Wilmington Athletic Locations: Wilmington, Los Angeles, Long Beach . California, U.S, pumpjacks, schoolyards, L.A . County, California, . County, Inglewood, instate, Colorado , Pennsylvania, Texas, West, Carson
California is among the first states in the US to make ethnic studies a required course for high school graduates. The new law will first apply to students graduating from high school in the 2029-30 school year. An ethnic studies guide was finalized and approved by the state Board of Education in March. "Ethnic studies courses enable students to learn their own stories — and those of their classmates," Newsom said in a signing statement. In a statement, Medina made note of the long battle for the implementation of ethnic studies across the state.
Persons: Gavin Newsom, Jose Medina, It's, Newsom, Jerry Brown, Medina, George Floyd Organizations: of Education, Service, Democratic, Associated Press, Democratic Gov, Stanford University Locations: California, Jose Medina of Riverside
These incidents — along with the historically fraught relationship between law enforcement and the LGBTQ community — have led a growing number of police departments across the country to introduce LGBTQ awareness and cultural competency training for their officers. Mallory said there are currently no federal laws that mandate LGBTQ training for law enforcement offers, but two states — California and New Jersey — recently mandated such training. 'We can continue to build trust'A number of law enforcement departments have proactively decided to add LGBTQ programs to their arsenal of training courses. In fact, the largest local police departments in the U.S. — New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Houston and Washington, D.C. — all offer some form of LGBTQ training. “Not only can training help the LGBTQ community, but it can help police departments do their job better, especially those that are really invested in community policing,” she said.
Persons: Black, Jason Rosenberg, Marti Gould Cummings, , Rosenberg, , , Cummings, ” Cummings, Miranda, ” Rosenberg, Lawrence, Christy Mallory, Mallory, Sen, Scott Wiener, Devin English, Bryan R, Smith, Williams, Malory, Nicole Brown, , Nicole Brown Brown, Brown, there’s, Sultan Shakir, ” Shakir, Christin, Johnson, Brian Samson, Randy Huserik, Gustavo Alvarez, Alvarez, Wayne Benitez, Benitez, Cody Salfen, Regrettably, ” “ Alvarez, ” Salfen, James Reifschneider, “ We’ll, Jerry Brown, Bill, Greg Miraglia, Miraglia, It’s, General Gurbir Grewal, Grewal, ” Grewal, it’s, ” Mallory, — Cummings Organizations: AIDS Coalition, ACT, NBC News, NYPD, New, Aid Society, New York, New York City Law Department, Police Department, Marshall, Washington , D.C, Stonewall, UCLA School, Law’s Williams Institute, National Center, Transgender, Transgender Survey, American, of Preventive, Rutgers University, Williams Institute, Getty, Pride, New Jersey —, , D.C, Metropolitan Police Department, The Washington Post, Grand Rapids Office, Grand Forks Police Department, Places, Seattle Police Department, Grand Forks Police, Grand Forks Herald, “ Seattle, Buena Vista Mobile, Palo Alto Police Department, Department, Gov, California Commission, Gay, Action League, Twitter, Facebook Locations: New York, Stonewall, New York City, Manhattan, United States, Washington ,, Palo Alto , California, Greenwich, . Texas, California, — California, New Jersey, U.S, York City, Chicago, Los Angeles , Philadelphia, Houston, Washington, Grand Rapids , Michigan, Grand Forks , North Dakota, Grand Rapids, , Buena, ” California, The State, San Francisco
The recall campaign was long and divisive, political experts say, and the state’s problems increasingly resist simple solutions. Many more straightforward challenges were met last year with a massive state surplus and a flood of pandemic aid from the Biden administration. Now — although Mr. Newsom has the advantage of a unified base, a Democratic supermajority in the Legislature and the state’s attention — what remains are issues that require far more than money. “These are problems that take time,” said Jerry Brown, who governed the state for two eight-year stints in the 1970s and again from 2010 to 2018. And they’re the same old issues that have been around for a long time in modern California.”
Persons: Biden, Newsom, , Jerry Brown, Brown, Locations: California
Recalls in California date back more than a century, to a suite of reforms passed from 1910 to 1913 under Gov. Mr. Johnson’s reforms broke the hold, overhauling the state’s election system and, through a constitutional amendment passed by voters in 1911, instituting the system of referendums, ballot initiatives and the recall. This is particularly true of initiatives, which can be put on the ballot with a few million dollars’ worth of clipboard-holding workers gathering signatures from registered voters. One recent example was Proposition 22, a $200 million initiative by the ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft to prevent their drivers from being classified as employees. “That is the bigger problem here,” said Jim Newton, a historian and lecturer on public policy at the University of California, Los Angeles, who has written biographies of the governors Earl Warren and Jerry Brown.
Persons: Hiram Johnson, Kevin Starr, , Uber, , Jim Newton, Earl Warren, Jerry Brown, “ It’s, Gavin Newsom, Larry Elder, ” Erwin Chemerinsky Organizations: Gov, Republican, Southern Pacific, University of California, School of Law Locations: California, Los Angeles, Berkeley
A growing number of states are enacting measures known as "pay transparency," which force companies to disclose their compensation levels. Crowdsourced sites and searchable databases are far from comprehensive or up-to-date, but they at least give you a general idea of what employers pay for any given position. The first state to compel employers to disclose salary information to job candidates was, predictably, California. (An Insider spokesperson told me that the company is currently reviewing its postings to ensure that they comply with Colorado law.) There, job postings that include salary information have quadrupled since 2019, according to Emsi Burning Glass, which tracks labor-market data.
Persons: it's, you've, Felice Klein, hasn't, I've, Will, who's, Jerry Brown of, Kristopher Skinner, We've, Scott Moss, Moss, It's, Christine Hendrickson, Seyfarth Shaw, they're, Elena Belogolovsky, Belogolovsky Organizations: Bloomberg News, Bloomberg, Boise State University, Area, Tribune, Service, Employers, Colorado Locations: Connecticut, Nevada, Rhode Island, Colorado, California, Jerry Brown of California, Maryland , Washington, Toledo, Cincinnati, Connecticut , Nevada, Rhode, Scott Moss , Colorado
A growing number of states are enacting measures known as "pay transparency," which force companies to disclose their compensation levels. Crowdsourced sites and searchable databases are far from comprehensive or up-to-date, but they at least give you a general idea of what employers pay for any given position. The first state to compel employers to disclose salary information to job candidates was, predictably, California. (An Insider spokesperson told me that the company is currently reviewing its postings to ensure that they comply with Colorado law.) There, job postings that include salary information have quadrupled since 2019, according to Emsi Burning Glass, which tracks labor-market data.
Persons: it's, you've, Felice Klein, hasn't, I've, Will, who's, Jerry Brown of, Kristopher Skinner, We've, Scott Moss, Moss, It's, Christine Hendrickson, Seyfarth Shaw, they're, Elena Belogolovsky, Belogolovsky Organizations: Bloomberg News, Bloomberg, Boise State University, Area, Tribune, Service, Employers, Colorado Locations: Connecticut, Nevada, Rhode Island, Colorado, California, Jerry Brown of California, Maryland , Washington, Toledo, Cincinnati, Connecticut , Nevada, Rhode, Scott Moss , Colorado
He had a team of people he could rely on.”You hear unflattering comparisons with Brown often when you ask around about Newsom. The surplus Newsom is spending is a gift bequeathed by Brown, who persuaded California’s voters to sharply raise taxes on the wealthiest residents. He made housing the primary focus of his 2020 State of the State speech. Still, in February, I was furious watching California’s political class, including Newsom, fail and fail again to pass major housing legislation. It won’t solve the housing crisis, but it’s a start.
Persons: Ben Metcalf, Jerry Brown, Newsom, , Brown, California’s, Nancy Skinner, who’s, ” Newsom, , Newsom couldn’t, can’t Organizations: California’s Department of Housing, Community Development, Gov Locations: Huntington Beach, California
Opinion | The Gentrification of Blue America
  + stars: | 2021-08-27 | by ( Paul Krugman | )   time to read: +1 min
In my latest column, motivated by the California recall, I pointed out that the Golden State’s left turn on policy hasn’t produced the economic collapse that conservatives predicted. On the contrary, the state’s economy has boomed, even as it keeps getting trash-talked by the business press: Between the election of Jerry Brown and the Covid-19 pandemic, both output and employment grew about as fast in California as they did in Texas. It has, however, been a peculiar kind of boom, one in which more Americans have moved out of California than have moved in. Economists trying to understand the rise and fall of regions within a country often rely on some form of economic base analysis. Growth in these industries, however, generates a lot of growth in other sectors, from health care to retail trade, driven by the local spending of the base industries’ companies and employees.
Persons: hasn’t, Jerry Brown Locations: California, Texas, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York
Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, approved a final state budget on Monday that includes $3 million for LGBTQ cultural competency training for public school teachers. The funding will allow the California Department of Education to develop a curriculum aimed at helping teachers support LGBTQ students. Advocates say supportive teachers are important for LGBTQ students, who face unique barriers to a safe education, such as higher rates of harassment. Just as negative experiences in school can affect LGBTQ students' mental health, so can support from school staff. She said she's glad to see California making a commitment to "strengthening the ranks of LGBTQ+ supportive teachers and staff."
Persons: Gavin Newsom, , ” Rick Chavez Zbur, Jerry Brown, Brown, Assemblymember Todd Gloria, GLSEN's, Melanie Willingham, " Willingham, Jaggers Organizations: Equality, California Department of Education, Gov, Democrat, of Education, GLSEN, NBC, Twitter, Facebook Locations: California, Equality California, San Diego, — California, Colorado , Illinois , New Jersey, Oregon, curriculums
Opinion | California Wakes Up From Its Dream
  + stars: | 2021-07-09 | by ( Miriam Pawel | )   time to read: +3 min
The authors called for governments to be restructured to coordinate planning; economic growth predicated on a guaranteed income base; and strategies that stabilized population, protected natural resources and guided and controlled growth through public policies. California was the first state to institute sustainability requirements for buildings. Though the slight population decline in 2020 was partly attributable to the pandemic, California has been losing residents to other states for years. The birthrate in California has also dropped faster than the national average decline. The state is awash in billions of dollars in surpluses, and yet there is a sense of paralysis.
Persons: Gavin Newsom, Wallace Stegner, disconnectedly, Jerry Brown’s Organizations: Locations: vetoing, “ The California, California, Los Angeles
Newsom, a Democrat who faces a recall election in September, expanded a regional drought state of emergency to 50 of California's 58 counties, home to about 42 percent of the population. Large counties like Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco are not included in the emergency proclamation. Aude Guerrucci / Reuters fileThe state of emergency authorizes the California Water Resources Control Board, which oversees the state water supply, to reduce the right to divert water from rivers if there is a shortage. That drought depleted groundwater supplies and changed how residents and businesses use water, including rethinking landscaping to include more drought-tolerant plants. Across the state urban water use is down by 16 percent since before the previous drought, Newsom said Thursday.
Persons: Gavin Newsom, Newsom, Jerry Brown, Donald Trump, Alex Hall, California we've, . California Organizations: Democrat, California Water Resources Control Board, Gov, Center for Climate Science, University of California, U.S . Drought Monitor, California Department of Forestry Locations: ANGELES, California, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo County, Lake Oroville, Aude, California . California, Central, .
As long as nuclear weapons exist, we must have a safe, secure, and effective nuclear deterrent. The current US nuclear modernization strategy includes the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD), the B-21 bomber, the Columbia-class submarine, the Long-Range Standoff (LRSO) air-launched cruise missile, the sea launched nuclear cruise missile, and new nuclear warheads. The costs of these projects are extraordinary: a 2017 Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report estimated that the 30-year cost of nuclear weapons spending would be $1.2 trillion ($1.7 trillion adjusted for inflation). Maintaining and upgrading the current Minuteman III missile is not only technically possible — it is also cost-effective. A B-52H drops an unarmed AGM-86B air-launched cruise missile during a Nuclear Weapons System Evaluation Program sortie, September 22, 2014.
Persons: Bill Perry, Jerry Brown, John Garamendi, Armando Gonzales, Richard M, Clark, Garamendi, Roidan Carlson, sobers, Bill Clinton Organizations: Congressional, Columbia, Office, US Navy, Petty, Air Force, National Nuclear Security Agency, Strategic, Armed Services Committee, Minuteman, III, CBO, US Air Force, Staff, Navy, Trident, National Nuclear Security Administration, Treasury, Armed, Readiness, Atomic Scientists, Congressional District Locations: Russia, China, California, Hiroshima
Biden's administration restored $929 million in grant funding for California's high-speed rail. Trump's administration cancelled the funding after he called the rail project "a 'green' disaster!" President Joe Biden's administration has restored about $929 million in funding for the California high-speed rail project, reversing a cancellation by President Donald Trump's administration. A month later, Biden introduced a sweeping infrastructure proposal with about $80 billion for upgrades to Amtrak and other federal and state rail services, although high-speed rail projects were notably absent. Newsom and Trump traded tweets about high-speed rail in 2019, before the Trump administration cancelled the $929 million.
Persons: Joe Biden's, Donald Trump's, Pete Buttigieg, Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Jerry Brown, Newsom, Trump, We're Organizations: The Federal Railway Administration, Speed Rail Authority, Trump, Reuters, Amtrak, Biden, Harris Administration, Analyst's Office, Twitter, Federal Government Locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles, California
It is crucial to the water supply of 25 million people including in the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas. As of 11 p.m. PDT Wednesday (0600 GMT Thursday), the lake surface fell to 1,071.56 feet above sea level, dipping below the previous record low set on July 1, 2016. Arizona is "in a completely unique situation relative to our historical records," said Michael Crimmins, a University of Arizona climate scientist. The Bureau of Reclamation is likely to declare Lake Mead's most extreme shortage condition for the first time ever, which would cut water supplies to Arizona, Nevada and Mexico, spokesperson Patti Aaron said. That is a year's supply for nearly 1 million households, according to the Arizona Department of Water Resources.
Persons: Lake Mead, Lake, Ben Cook, Devin Jacobson, Jacobson, Arizona's, Michael Crimmins, We're, Patti Aaron, Aaron, Gavin Newsom, Jerry Brown, Jay Lund, University of California Davis, Lund, it's Organizations: Arizona Department of Forestry, Fire Management, U.S, Nevada -, Lake Mead, Northern Plains . Farmers, U.S . Bureau of Reclamation, NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, University of Arizona, Reclamation, Arizona Department of Water, Water Authority, University of California, Watershed Sciences, Thomson Locations: Arizona, U.S, U.S ., Lake, Colorado, Nevada, Nevada - Arizona, Las Vegas, United States, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, California, Pacific Northwest, Nevada , Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, Northern Plains, Kuwait, it's, North Dakota, Crosby, Arizona , Nevada, Mexico, Arizona Department of Water Resources . California, Sacramento
In his executive order, Newsom said he “takes no position" on Cooper's guilt or innocence or whether to grant him clemency. He argued that trial evidence “was manufactured, mishandled, planted, tampered with, or otherwise tainted by law enforcement," according to Newsom's order. Cooper's supporters have said other evidence, including untested hair samples, indicated there were multiple killers who were white or Latino. Jerry Brown ordered DNA retesting for a T-shirt, towel, and a hatchet handle and sheath. There are more than 700 men and women on the nation's largest death row.
Persons: ANGELES — Gov, Gavin Newsom, Kevin Cooper, Cooper, Newsom, , Cooper’s, Norman Hile, Doug, Peggy Ryen, Jessica, Joshua, Christopher Hughes, Nicholas Kristof, Sen, Kamala Harris of, Kim Kardashian, Jerry Brown, weren't, California hasn't Organizations: ANGELES —, San, New York Times Locations: Los Angeles, San Bernardino County, Chino Hills, San Bernardino, Kamala Harris of California, California, U.S
California Governor Gavin Newsom attends the opening of the country's first federal and state-operated community vaccination site during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Los Angeles, California, U.S., February 16, 2021. REUTERS/Mike Blake/File PhotoCalifornia Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday ordered an independent investigation into the high-profile clemency petition of death row inmate Kevin Cooper, who maintains he is innocent of the 1983 quadruple murder for which he was convicted. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a civil rights organization, urged Newsom in a letter in March to order an "innocence investigation." Cooper has professed his innocence for nearly four decades, maintaining that evidence against him was planted by law enforcement. Newsom placed a moratorium on the death penalty in California in March 2019, soon after taking office, saying he was deeply troubled by the possibility of executing an innocent person, even though California voters have repeatedly backed capital punishment.
Persons: Gavin Newsom, Mike Blake, Kevin Cooper, Jerry Brown, Cooper, Newsom, Douglas, Peggy Ryen, Jessica, Christopher Hughes Organizations: REUTERS, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Los Angeles Times, Times, Thomson Locations: Los Angeles , California, U.S, Chino Hills, Los Angeles, California
In the Customer Experience report, we look at the many ways companies and consumers interact and how companies might make those experiences better for consumers. But for companies, they pose a crucial question: How do we fill the subsequent moments so callers don’t give up and walk away? To that end, companies deploy an array of strategies: music, marketing and informational messages, humor, silence and an option to leave hold and get a call back. But whatever companies offer, it will play a large role in how they are viewed by potential or current customers. Businesses with successful hold programs “look at it as part of their overall marketing plan,” says Jerry Brown, president of BusinessVoice, a firm that helps companies create those programs.
Persons: , ” We’ve, don’t, , Jerry Brown
Soon, the secretary of state is expected to announce that a campaign to recall him has officially qualified for a special election. Led by Trump stalwarts, amplified by Republican National Committee money and fueled during the pandemic by Mr. Newsom’s own political missteps, the recall initiative is widely regarded as a long shot. But even if Mr. Newsom prevails, the pandemic has both tested and tarnished him politically. The tall, telegenic heir to the “fifth-largest economy in the world,” as his predecessor Jerry Brown routinely boasted, Mr. Newsom has lost some of the benefit of California’s doubt. Critics even within his own party have questioned whether his recent decisions have been motivated by public health or the recall attempt.
Persons: Gavin Newsom’s, Newsom’s, Newsom, Jerry Brown Organizations: ., Trump, Republican National Committee, Democrat Locations: SACRAMENTO, California, Angeles
President Joe Biden wants to remove the word "alien" from US immigration law. President Joe Biden wants to remove the word "alien" from US immigration laws as a symbolic gesture to acknowledge the US as "a nation of immigrants." Several local jurisdictions have already moved to modify the word used to define immigrants. In 2015, then California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that removed the word "alien" from the labor law. Former President Donald Trump used the term frequently especially as he played up baseless allegations of the dangers of immigration.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, Kamala Harris, it's, Jose Antonio Vargas, Jerry Brown, Read, Trump, they're, Donald Trump, Vargas Organizations: CNN, New York City Locations: United States, California, New York, Mexico
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