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When Robert Sullivan decided to take his yoga practice up a notch three years ago, he didn’t realize that would take him 20 feet off the floor. Dr. Sullivan, who has a fear of heights, had mistakenly signed up for a class in aerial silks. Unlike aerial yoga, which is typically done while hanging in silks three feet off the ground, aerial silks requires you to climb 15 to 20 feet high and perform circus-worthy feats. Rather than run, he stood captivated by the level of strength, flexibility and discipline the practice required....
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Mr. MacIntyre’s running group surprised him at the finish of his 100th half marathon with a banner listing all 13.1-mile races he’s completed over the years. He ran his first marathon at age 70 and, after completing more than a half-dozen 26.2-mile races in the span of two years, turned his attention to the half marathon. When the coronavirus forced races to go virtual, he convinced six original Seasoned Soles members to join him for virtual 5Ks and 10Ks. He recently completed his 102nd half marathon virtually in 2:50:14, his fastest time since he ran his 86th half in April 2019. After the run, he meets the Seasoned Soles for socially distanced workouts.
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A stable core is just as important as a strong core, says Mrs. Ettel who is 25 and in her third season with the Jaguars. The first three exercises in this workout train core stability, while the latter three build core strength. On an inhale, slowly extend your right arm down toward your head while lowering your left leg toward the floor. Slowly rotate your right hip to the floor while keeping your gaze straight ahead and your upper arms and shoulders stable. Option: Hover your right foot off the ground as you dip your right hip to the floor, then hover your left foot as you rotate your left hip to the floor.
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