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Internal memos seen by The Intercept shows Facebook has made niche exceptions to this ban. The Intercept viewed internal Facebook memos that mentioned times when the company allowed branches of Afghanistan's government to post. From late August to early September, users were allowed to post Taliban public statements without having to "neutrally discuss, report on, or condemn" them, The Intercept reported, citing an internal memo. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to The Intercept that the company had made some exceptions to its Taliban ban. Ashley Jackson, codirector of the Centre for the Study of Armed Groups, told The Intercept that Facebook's approach to deciding which Taliban content to allow seemed arbitrary.
Persons: , we've, Ashley Jackson, codirector, Jackson Organizations: Intercept, Facebook, Service, Ministry of, Ministry of Health, The Intercept, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, Ministry, Public, Afghan, Centre, Armed Groups, Financial Times, YouTube, Twitter Locations: Afghanistan, Islamic Emirate
Benazir, for example, is an 8-year-old girl from Afghanistan whose family sold her for $2,000. The money will go toward keeping the rest of the family, including eight kids, alive, Benzari's father told NBC News. I'm trying to keep 10 alive by sacrificing one," Muraad Khan, 55, told NBC News. Benazir will be married to a boy from a family in Iran, Khan told NBC News. Afghanistan faces "a crush on local banking" because of the Taliban takeover, Wignaraja said.
Persons: Benazir, Benzari's, Muraad Khan, Khan hasn't, Khan, Saliha, Saliha's, Parwana Malik, Saleha, Kanni Wignaraja, Wignaraja, Joe Biden's, Biden, Shah Mehrabi Organizations: NBC, NBC News, United, Federal Reserve Bank, Da, Da Afghanistan Bank, Bloomberg Locations: Afghanistan, Iran, United Nations, UNDP's Asia, Pacific, Taliban, Islamic Emirate, New York, Da Afghanistan
Kampala, Uganda (CNN) The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for two separate suicide attacks that killed three people and injured 36 in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, on Tuesday. Two civilians and a police officer were killed in the blasts, police spokesperson Fred Enanga told reporters at a news conference in the city. The ISIS-affiliated Amaq News Agency reported the incident on its Telegram channel on Tuesday, saying three fighters set out with bags loaded with explosives. Two headed toward the Kampala Central Police Station, and the third to the parliament building, where they detonated, it reported. He said three attackers died while detonating their bombs and seven were killed while resisting arrest.
Persons: Fred Enanga, Yoweri Museveni, Museveni, Read Organizations: CNN, ISIS, Amaq News Agency, Kampala Central Police Station, Police, Allied Democratic Forces Locations: Kampala, Uganda
WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III is expected on Wednesday to make his first public comments about a U.S. airstrike in Syria in 2019 that killed dozens of women and children, Pentagon officials said. Mr. Austin, who became secretary earlier this year after the Biden administration began, received a briefing on Tuesday about the strike and the military’s handling of it from Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., the head of the military’s Central Command, which oversaw the air war in Syria. The Pentagon has scheduled a news conference for 2:30 p.m. The defense secretary requested the briefing after reading an investigative report published over the weekend by The New York Times detailing the strike and allegations that top officers and civilian officials had sought to conceal the casualties. It was one of the largest civilian casualty incidents of the yearslong war against ISIS but had never been publicly acknowledged by the U.S. military.
Persons: Lloyd J, Austin III, Austin, Biden, Kenneth F, McKenzie Jr, John F Organizations: WASHINGTON —, Pentagon, military’s, Command, The New York Times, Kirby, Islamic State, ISIS, U.S . Locations: Syria, Baghuz, Iraq
KAMPALA, Uganda—Suicide bombers set off to two powerful explosions in the center of Uganda’s capital during Tuesday morning rush hour in what police said was a terrorist attack carried out by a local ally of Islamic State. At least three people were killed and 33 were injured in the twin attacks, which took place within about 550 yards and three minutes of each other in Kampala’s heavily guarded business district, said police spokesman Fred Enanga. Three suspected suicide bombers also died in the blasts.
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Ugandan Capital Kampala Hit by Double Suicide Bombings
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KAMPALA, Uganda—Suicide bombers set off to two powerful explosions in the center of Uganda’s capital during Tuesday morning rush hour in what police said was a terrorist attack carried out by a local ally of Islamic State. At least six people—including three suspected suicide bombers—died and 33 were injured in the twin blasts, which detonated within about 550 yards and three minutes of each other in Kampala’s heavily guarded business district, said police spokesman Fred Enanga.
Persons: , Fred Enanga Organizations: Tuesday, Islamic Locations: KAMPALA, Uganda, Islamic State
KAMPALA, Uganda—Suicide bombers set off two powerful explosions in the center of Uganda’s capital during rush hour in an attack later claimed by Islamic State. At least three people were killed and 33 were injured in the Tuesday morning attacks, which took place within about 550 yards and three minutes of each other in Kampala’s heavily guarded business district, police spokesman Fred Enanga said. Three suspected suicide bombers also died in the blasts.
Persons: Fred Enanga Organizations: Islamic Locations: KAMPALA, Uganda, Islamic State
GAZA CITY — Forty-five minutes into his first seminar of the morning, a Palestinian professor at Islamic University in Gaza City had a question for his 70 literature undergraduates: Who had written the unsigned poem they’d spent the class reading? This was a text about Jerusalem, a city that they, as young Palestinians unable to leave Gaza for most of their lives, had long cherished but never visited. And the poem was written from the perspective of a wistful onlooker who, like them, loved but could not enter the city. The poem was by a Palestinian, gazing from a distance at an Israeli’s laundry, reckoned Ms. Alfayoumi, 19. “A man working in the occupied territories.”
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Christopher Miller became acting defense secretary just as Trump was contemplating attacking Iran. Miller purposefully took on the role of "fucking madman" to prevent Trump from following through, according to a new book. He didn't want to attack Iran, and he told Karl that if Trump could see exactly what it would all take, he wouldn't go for it. "I would play the fucking Madman," Miller told Karl. "I have found oftentimes with provocative people, if you get more provocative than them, they then have to dial it down," Miller told Karl.
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SULAIMANIYA, Iraq — As the Taliban closed in on the Afghan capital, Kabul, in August, what had been a privileged education at the American University of Afghanistan suddenly became a dangerous liability. Iraq, though, was not the first destination that came to the students’ minds as a refuge. “OK, now I’m leaving the Taliban behind,” said Mashall, 24, a master’s student in information technology. “And now I’m going to face ISIS,” she said, describing her concern over the Islamic State when told her evacuation flight would end up in Iraq. Those fears have proved unfounded for Mashall and her classmates, who are among the first Afghan students to arrive at the American University of Iraq in the Kurdish city of Sulaimaniya, a liberal metropolis dotted with parks, filled with cafes and restaurants, and considered the safest major city in Iraq.
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The Times investigation found that the bombing had been called in by a classified American special operations unit, Task Force 9, which was in charge of ground operations in Syria. The task force operated in such secrecy that at times it did not inform even its own military partners of its actions. In the case of the Baghuz bombing, the American Air Force command in Qatar had no idea the strike was coming, an officer who served at the command center said. In the minutes after the strike, an alarmed Air Force intelligence officer in the operations center called over an Air Force lawyer in charge of determining the legality of strikes. But the Air Force lawyer, Lt. Col. Dean W. Korsak, believed he had witnessed possible war crimes and repeatedly pressed his leadership and Air Force criminal investigators to act.
Persons: Bill Urban, , Dean W, Korsak, I’m, Organizations: Task Force, American Air Force, Air Force, The Times, The New York Times, U.S . Central Command, Islamic, Defense, Armed Services Committee Locations: Syria, Qatar, U.S, State, ” “
Task Force Argo, which connects Afghans with flights out of Afghanistan, said it's run out of money. According to the Wall Street Journal, the volunteer group is now asking Afghans to return home. The group, Task Force Argo, has instructed hundreds of struggling Afghans to return to their homes because it's no longer able to provide support for those seeking to flee the country. Such factors are pushing out Afghans, but escape routes are partly constricted by the lack of financial support at Task Force Argo. "We are just volunteers," a spokesperson for Task Force Argo told the Journal.
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Throughout the contentious trial of Eddie Gallagher, a Navy SEAL chief accused of killing a prisoner in Iraq in 2017, Navy prosecutors never mentioned the name of the Islamic State fighter he had actually been charged with murdering. “The Line,” a docuseries on Apple TV+ that was inspired by The Times’s reporting on the case, premieres on Nov. 19. (In May 2020, Eddie Gallagher filed a lawsuit accusing the Navy of illegally leaking information to Mr. Philipps and alleging that his articles were defamatory. A judge dismissed most of the lawsuit’s claims against Mr. Philipps last month.) The book paints a picture of Chief Gallagher that contradicts the image presented by his defenders in court and by some conservative media outlets.
Persons: Eddie Gallagher, , John Doe, , David Philipps, Philipps, Gallagher Organizations: Navy SEAL, Islamic State, Alpha, Navy, New York Times, ISIS, The Times, Apple Locations: Iraq, Mosul
Indonesian Islamic body forbids crypto as currency
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Indonesia, the world’s biggest Muslim majority country, bans the use of crypto as a currency, but investment in and trading of the digital tokens are allowed in the commodities and futures market. The total value of cryptocurrency trading in the commodity bourse has reached 370 trillion rupiah ($25.96 billion) this year to May, according to the trade ministry. The total trading at the end of 2020 was valued at 65 trillion rupiah. However, the MUI allows trading of cryptocurrencies that meet Islamic rules, have an underlying asset and carry clear benefits, Asrorun said. The commodities exchange allows trading of hundreds of cryptocurrencies that meet requirements of safety and good governance of the blockchain system.
Persons: Asrorun Niam Sholeh, MUI, Asrorun Organizations: Indonesian Ulema, bourse, Reuters Locations: JAKARTA, Islam, Indonesia
Image A vigil outside the main conference venue this week for those experiencing the most severe impacts of climate change. Credit Credit... Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images China’s top climate change envoy, Xie Zhenhua, apologized as he entered late for a weekend meeting at the United Nations climate summit. Outside the climate talks, there is a mounting frustration over the disconnect between policymakers and those most affected by climate change. — Lisa Friedman Question: Is the tremendous impact of cryptocurrency on climate change being discussed at COP26? — Brad Plumer Question: Every time there is a new administration, countries change their stance on climate change (for example, the United States in 2016).
Persons: Yves Herman, Rich, Alok Sharma, Kevin Frayer, Paul Ellis, ’ ”, Saleemul Huq, , , Ian Forsyth, ” Alok Sharma, “ There’s, Sharma, ” Teresa Anderson, we’ve, Jeff J Mitchell, Xie Zhenhua, Mr, Xie, John Kerry, Kerry, Biden, Xi Jinping, Tamir Kalifa, , Money, Ali Salajegheh, Salajegheh, Ibrahim Raisi, Kaveh Madani, Madani, Afolabi Sotunde, Titus Gwemende, Gwemende, Kieran Dodds, Sayantan Ghosal, “ They’re, they’re, Pope Francis, Riccardo Antimiani, Shutterstock Pope Francis, Scotland’s, Francis, ” Francis, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Patrick T, Fallon, — Lisa Friedman, Brad Plumer, — Lisa Friedman Read Organizations: U.S, GLASGOW, United Nations, ., Getty, British Conservative, ” Diplomats, Environmental, Action, COP26, Credit, United, Wednesday, The New York Times, Union of Concerned Scientists, Conservative, City College of New, Delta State, Open Society Foundation, Glasgow . Credit, University of, Glasgow, Vatican, Times, New York Times Locations: China, Glasgow, Clyde, Shanxi, , United States, Bangladesh, United Nations, States, Nations, Washington, Beijing, Taiwan, Scotland, U.S, Texas, Paris, Iran, City College of New York, Islamic Republic, Ughelli, Africa, Libya, Nigeria, Algeria, Mozambique, COP26, Zimbabwe, Finnieston, Glasgow ., Scotland’s, Britain, Shutterstock, Los Angeles , California, Cities, Berlin, Colombian, Bergen, Norway, cryptocurrency
A city in Michigan is apparently the first in the nation to elect an all-Muslim City Council, reflecting a more racially diverse landscape in local governance. Three candidates — Khalil Refai, Amanda Jaczkowski and Adam Albarmaki — won election to the City Council in Hamtramck last week and will be joining three current members. “This City Council truly represents all the elements of Hamtramck history, whether they are Arabs, South Asian or European descendants,” El-Deen said. "The City Council reflects both a new religious reality and a diverse racial reality that increasingly marks our cities. And New York elected five Asian Americans to its City Council, including its first Muslim woman, Shahana Hanif.
Persons: — Khalil Refai, Amanda Jaczkowski, Adam Albarmaki —, Khalil Refai, Khalil Refai Hamtramck, Amer Ghalib, ” Jaczkowski, Adam Albarmaki, Adam Albarmaki Albarmaki, Baqir Mohie El, Deen, ” El, , Rummi Khan, ” Khan, James Morone, it's, Shahana Hanif, El, MPAC Organizations: Muslim City Council, City, Muslim Public Affairs, Detroit Free Press, Free Press, Muslim Public Affairs Council, , Council, Islamic, D.C, Institute for Social Policy, Muslim, Brown University, New York, City Council Locations: Michigan, Hamtramck, Detroit, American, United States , Michigan, Wayne County, United States, Arab, Islam, South, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Washington, Muslim City, America, Boston, Cincinnati, Seattle
Some of the evacuees Roshan has spoken to were people with significant education and career backgrounds in Afghanistan. Evacuees tell Roshan they're exhausted from "traveling for weeks and weeks." In some cases, it might take months for them to arrive in the US due to security screenings that hold them up, according to the Wall Street Journal. Those who arrive in Pennsylvania have so far told Roshan that they're hopeful of a better future in the US. And the DHS on Friday announced that it would waive fees for Afghans seeking work permits and US residency.
Persons: Afghani Roshan, Roshan, Joe Biden's, who's, They're, Roshan they're Organizations: Service, Geisinger, Philadelphia International, Wall Street, The State Department and Department of Homeland Security, Department of Homeland Security Locations: United States, Afghanistan, Taliban, Islamic Emirate, Kabul, Pennsylvania, East, Europe, Africa
Philip D. Murphy, a Democrat, in New Jersey. Mr. Durr’s improbable victory has also led to an immediate shift in the discussion of priorities in Trenton. “I give the voters my promise I will fight the tyranny that Phil Murphy is, beginning on Day 1,” he said. Mr. Durr has spoken about his opposition to Mr. Murphy’s mandates related to mask-wearing and vaccination, and he would not say whether he had been inoculated against Covid-19. The group remained inside for about two hours; Mr. Durr left carrying a paperback copy of the Quran.
Persons: Philip D, Murphy, , Phil Murphy, , Durr, Prophet Muhammad Organizations: Republican, Gov, Democrat, Covid, Al Minhal Academy of Islamic, Islamic Locations: Virginia, New Jersey, Trenton, Charlottesville, Va, Washington Township
At a hearing in September, the FBI director described what the agency sees as the top four threats to the US. FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs that foreign terrorist organizations, homegrown violent extremists, cyberattacks, and malign foreign influence present the biggest threats to the US. Foreign terrorist organizationsMembers of ISIS-K in front of their weapons during their surrender to the government in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, November 17, 2019. Kremlin Press Office / Handout/Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesMalicious foreign influence is probably the least detectable of the major threats facing the US. Foreign influence operations include subversive, undeclared, coercive, and criminal activities to influence political sentiment and public discourse.
Persons: Christopher Wray, Alfred P, Rick Bowmer, Al Qaeda, Wray, Wali Sabawoon, Al, Renae Pittman, cyberattacks, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Gerald R, Ford, that's, Stavros Atlamazoglou Organizations: FBI, Service, Homeland Security, Governmental Affairs, Department of Defense, Oklahoma City, Murrah Federal Building, AP, ISIS, Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, Quds Force, US Air Forces, Europe Regional Training Center, Ramstein Air Base, US Air Force, National Counterintelligence and Security, Beijing, Russian, Kremlin Press, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Ford, US Navy, Hellenic Army, 575th Marine Battalion, Army, Johns Hopkins University Locations: China, Russia, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, United States, Jalalabad, Afghanistan, Al Qaeda, Iran, Europe, Germany, Moscow, Beijing, Osaka, Japan, Russian, East Asia
The military admitted it was a tragic mistake, but doubled down on one claim: that Ahmadi stopped at an alleged Islamic State safe house and that’s why they started tracking him. To this day, the Pentagon is still unsure about the exact location of that safe house. The morning after the drone strike, the Islamic State did fire rockets at the Kabul airport. They started with the wrong house, followed the wrong car and ended up killing the wrong person. A senior military official told The Times that they see no links between Walid and the Islamic State.
Persons: Zemari Ahmadi, Ahmadi, , Ahmadi’s, Walid Organizations: ISIS, The Times, Islamic, Pentagon, Times, Toyota, The, Military Locations: U.S, Islamic State, Kabul
An Afghan father trying to provide food for his family sold his kid daughter to a 55-year-old man. Parwana Malik sold for $2,200, according to CNN. A few ago, Abdul Malik sold his 12-year-old daughter, also to make ends meet. The family has lived in a northwest province of Afghanistan for years, struggling to pay for basic needs like food. A few months ago, Parwana's father sold her 12-year-old sister to make ends meet.
Persons: Parwana Malik, Abdul Malik, Parwana's, Abdul, Saleha, Kanni Wignaraja, Wignaraja, Joe Biden's, Biden, Shah Mehrabi Organizations: CNN, Service, United, Federal Reserve Bank, Da, Da Afghanistan Bank, Bloomberg Locations: Afghan, Afghanistan, United Nations, UNDP's Asia, Pacific, Taliban, Islamic Emirate, New York, Da Afghanistan
Niamey, Niger Gunmen killed 69 people including a mayor in an attack in a remote area of southwest Niger, the interior minister said on Thursday, part of a wave of violence against civilians that has swept the country this year. A delegation led by the mayor of Banibangou was ambushed on Tuesday about 50 km (30 miles) from the town, near the border with Mali. The area is overrun by militants associated with a local affiliate of Islamic State that has killed hundreds of civilians in rural communities this year. Fifteen people survived and a search operation was underway, Interior Minister Alkache Alhada said on state television. Thousands of civilians have been killed and millions have been displaced.
Persons: Alkache Alhada, al, Read Organizations: Niger Gunmen, Islamic Locations: Niamey, Niger, Banibangou, Mali, Islamic State, West Africa, Burkina Faso, al Qaeda
JALALABAD, Afghanistan — Aref Mohammad’s war against the Islamic State ended earlier this fall when his unit of Taliban fighters was ambushed by the terrorist group in eastern Afghanistan. A bullet shattered his femur, leaving him disabled and barely able to walk, nevermind fight. But for the Taliban movement he served under, now the government of Afghanistan, the war against the Islamic State was just beginning. “If we knew where they were from, we would pursue them and destroy them,” Mr. Mohammed, 19, said from his hospital bed in Jalalabad, the capital of Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar Province where the Islamic State has maintained a presence since 2015. In the two months since the Taliban took control of the country, the Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan — known as Islamic State Khorasan or ISIS-K — has stepped up attacks across the country, straining the new and untested government and raising alarm bells in the West about the potential resurgence of a group that could eventually pose an international threat.
Persons: ” Mr, Mohammed, Organizations: Islamic State, Islamic Locations: JALALABAD, Afghanistan, Islamic State, Jalalabad, Afghanistan’s, Nangarhar Province, Khorasan
At around 3:38 p.m., a colleague moves Ahmadi’s car further into the driveway. A U.S. official told us that the strike on Ahmadi’s car was conducted by an MQ-9 Reaper drone that fired a single Hellfire missile with a 20-pound warhead. In the days after the attack, the Pentagon repeatedly claimed that the missile strike set off other explosions, and that these likely killed the civilians in the courtyard. They pointed to the small crater beneath Ahmadi’s car and the damage from the metal fragments of the warhead. This plastic melted as a result of a car fire triggered by the missile strike.
Persons: Ahmadi, Zemari Ahmadi, “ NEI, , hadn’t, I’m Evan Organizations: United, Pentagon, Islamic, Toyota, Nutrition and Education, ., U.S Locations: Afghanistan, United States, Kabul, Islamic State, U.S, California, That’s, Taliban, America’s
American and Iranian officials both said Wednesday that Iran had seized an oil tanker in the Sea of Oman last month after an encounter with the U.S. Navy, but the two sides gave widely differing accounts of whose tanker it was and what, exactly, had happened. Iranian officials said the United States had seized a tanker carrying Iranian oil on Oct. 24 and that an assault by Iranian commandos had taken the tanker back. A statement by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps said that “the brave I.R.G.C. naval unit landed on the tanker that had the stolen oil, seized it and brought it back to Iranian waters.”Two U.S. officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss confidential intelligence assessments, said that Iran had seized a Vietnamese-flagged tanker, the MV Southys.
Organizations: U.S . Navy, Iranian, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Locations: Iran, Oman, United States
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