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The U.S. builds only a little more than one nuclear submarine a year. Photo: U.S. Navy/Zuma PressWhen the Center for Strategic and International Studies simulated a war between the U.S. and China over Taiwan, the wargame ended with Taiwan still free, at grievous cost. The U.S. loses two aircraft carriers and up to 20 destroyers and cruisers; China sees more than 50 major surface warships sunk. As Eric Labs, a navy analyst for the Congressional Budget Office explains, China can replace lost ships far more quickly. In the past two years, its navy has grown by 17 cruisers and destroyers; it would take the U.S. six years to build the same number under current conditions, he said.
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Israel has a plan to flood Hamas tunnels in Gaza using seawater pumps, per The Wall Street Journal. Israel's military said the tunnel system is used to transport Hamas weapons and militants. Hamas' tunnel system, known as the "metro," is believed to extend some 300 miles. AdvertisementWim Zwijnenburg, who works for PAX, a Netherlands-based peace organization, told the Journal that flooding the tunnels could exacerbate that pollution. He added that hazardous substances stored by Hamas in the tunnels could also seep into the ground.
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China claims almost all of the 1.3 million-square-mile South China Sea as its sovereign territory. In daylight hours in the South China Sea, from Ottawa’s flight deck or outdoor bridge wings, Chinese warships are often visible to the naked eye. Aviator Gregory Cole/Canadian Armed Forces PhotoOn October 29, things take a potentially dangerous turn, one that could have cost lives and ratcheted up tensions in the South China Sea to new levels. Radar operators scan their instruments in a Canadian antisubmarine warfare helicopter over the East China Sea. Hammerhead targets drones await their fate on the deck of the frigate HMCS Ottawa in the South China Sea.
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Below is a fact check of 102 of Trump’s false claims from the 12 speeches. But contrary to Trump’s claim, it’s not true that people had been attempting for decades to create such an initiative. Trump’s aid to farmersIn speech after speech, Trump claimed that he had given US farmers $28 billion from China. Even if the poll result is off, it’s clear that Trump’s claim that “nobody wants them” is not true. He said he was an airline pilot.”Facts First: Trump made a false claim while mocking Biden for making false claims.
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U.S. officials, after learning about the plot in late July, demanded that India investigate, a senior administration official said. High-level meetings and pledges of closer cooperation have continued, with Biden's secretaries of state and defense visiting Delhi this month. A senior U.S. administration official called the assassination plot a "serious matter" and said Washington expects India to stop such activities, even as the Biden administration pursues "an ambitious agenda to expand our cooperation" with India. Biden has made a priority of nurturing ties with India, hoping to counter China’s ambitions in Asia while drawing India away from Russia as the U.S. seeks to isolate Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine. "Both the U.S. and India realize that they need each other, perhaps the U.S. a bit more than India."
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UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United Nations Security Council voted Friday to end its political mission of a few hundred people dedicated to ending the civil war in Sudan. Russia abstained from the unanimous vote to end UNITAMS, the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan. The conflict has wrecked the country and forced more than 6 million people out of their homes, either to safer areas inside Sudan or to neighboring countries. Political Cartoons View All 1277 ImagesUnited Nations officials say that the U.N. will keep trying to help Sudanese people with the continuing presence of various humanitarian agencies. “What is clear and what should be clear to everyone is that the United Nations is not leaving Sudan,” U.N. spokesman Stéphane Dujarric told reporters on Thursday.
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“China and the United States’ relations will forever be linked to the name ‘Kissinger,’” Mr. Xi said to Mr. Kissinger as the two men sat side by side in cream-colored armchairs. It was the same building where half a century earlier Mr. Kissinger had met Zhou Enlai, who was then China’s premier: Villa No. When Mr. Xi was on the cusp of power in 2012, he met Mr. Kissinger twice — once in Beijing and then in Washington. In a sign of the high regard in which he was held, Mr. Xi respectfully cited Mr. Kissinger’s views in speeches. “It is understandable that he cared about the interests of the United States,” Professor Lu said.
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“Farewell, old friend of the Chinese people,” said a top comment with thousands of likes. In July 1971, Kissinger became the first high-ranking US official to visit Communist China. Long after Kissinger left office, Beijing had regarded the well-connected diplomat as a potential helping hand in navigating the increasingly hawkish views towards China in Washington. State broadcaster CCTV called him a “living fossil” who witnessed the development of US-China relations. The tectonic shift in US-China relations that was formalized some eight years later opened the door for extensive economic engagement starting from the early 1980s.
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Ukraine is already racing to catch up with Russia when it comes to electronic warfare. Electronic warfare, or EW, involves weapons or tactics using the electromagnetic spectrum. Pavlo Petrychenko, drone commander with Ukraine’s 59th Motorized Brigade, says destroying Russia's electronic warfare systems is crucial to Ukraine's war effort. Otherwise, there’s a real risk that electronic warfare systems can work against you, downing your own drones, Fedorov added. It’s a future where “electronic warfare capabilities, tactics are integrated into conventional force operations,” she added.
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For many in China, Henry A. Kissinger represented a now-bygone chapter in relations between China and the United States, when the countries seemed to be moving inexorably closer. In July, China laid out a red-carpet welcome for Mr. Kissinger, including an audience with Xi Jinping, the top leader. “China and the United States’ relations will forever be linked to the name ‘Kissinger,’” Mr. Xi said to Mr. Kissinger as the two men sat side by side in cream-colored armchairs. When Mr. Xi was on the cusp of power in 2012, he met Mr. Kissinger twice — once in Beijing and then in Washington. In a sign of the high regard in which he was held, Mr. Xi respectfully cited Mr. Kissinger’s views in speeches.
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Russia may be losing more soldiers in Ukraine now than at any other time in the war, per UK intel. The UK Ministry of Defence put it down to those killed and injured in Russia's attacks on Avdiivka. Russian casualties in November are outpacing those of its March offensive in Bakhmut, Ukraine said. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Russia's military has suffered heavy losses in the region because of its reliance on Soviet-era military tactics, according to military analysts.
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Russia has faced a slaughter fighting for the eastern city of Avdiivka. Ukrainian forces say they've destroyed heaps of armor, equipment, and personnel. War experts say the slaughter around Avdiivka bears similar hallmarks to the months-long battle for Bakhmut, where Moscow's catastrophic tactics badly bloodied its army, even though it eventually captured the city. There, it added, Russian forces are suffering "particularly heavy casualties." George Barros, a Russia analyst at the Institute for the Study of War, said Avdiivka presents a similar situation for Ukraine as Bakhmut did.
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Many countries are working on them — and neither China, Russia, Iran, India or Pakistan have signed a U.S.-initiated pledge to use military AI responsibly. Another AI project at Space Force analyzes radar data to detect imminent adversary missile launches, he said. One urgent challenge, says Jane Pinelis, chief AI engineer at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Lab and former chief of AI assurance in Martell’s office, is recruiting and retaining the talent needed to test AI tech. Testing and evaluation standards are also immature, a recent National Academy of Sciences report on Air Force AI highlighted. Might that mean the U.S. one day fielding under duress autonomous weapons that don’t fully pass muster?
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AdvertisementUkraine fought tooth and nail for months to defend the eastern city of Bakhmut from a never-ending onslaught of Russian soldiers and Wagner Group mercenaries. The risky decision to stay there came with significant costs, and Moscow eventually captured the city in May. AdvertisementThe Bakhmut fight also greatly contributed to the ultimate downfall of the notorious Wagner Group, Barros and Cancian said. Members of Wagner group sit atop of a tank in a street in the city of Rostov-on-Don, on June 24, 2023. AdvertisementAn aerial view of Bakhmut, Ukraine, on April 26, 2023.
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Ukraine got the Leopard, Challenger, and Abrams tanks it asked its Western partners for. It's up to Ukraine to either use the tanks to defend against Russian offensives or preserve them for next spring, experts told Business Insider. AdvertisementNow, almost two years into the war, Ukraine has a force of advanced Western tanks at its disposal. Advertisement"These Western type of tanks are qualitatively superior to even the best Russian tanks that the Russians are using in Ukraine," Gentile told Business Insider. There are also questions of whether or not these will be the only Western tanks Ukraine gets, or if there are more in the pipeline.
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[1/4] Olympic and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius leaves court after appearing for the 2013 killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, South Africa, June 14, 2016. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko/Files Acquire Licensing RightsJOHANNESBURG, Nov 24 (Reuters) - South African former Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius, jailed nine years ago for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, was granted parole on Friday effective from Jan. 5. His total sentence was lengthened to six years in 2016, less than half the 15-year minimum term sought by prosecutors. In 2017, the Supreme Court more than doubled his total sentence to 13 years and five months, saying the six-year jail term was "shockingly lenient". Pistorius was denied parole in March after it was ruled that he had not completed the minimum detention period required to be considered for parole.
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Olympic and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius leaves court after appearing for the 2013 killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, South Africa, June 14, 2016. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko/Files Acquire Licensing RightsJOHANNESBURG, Nov 24 (Reuters) - South Africa's former Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius, jailed in 2014 for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, will get another chance for an early release at a parole hearing on Friday. He was sent back to jail for six years in 2016 after a High Court sentence, which was less than half the 15-year minimum term sought by prosecutors. Several factors are typically taken into account by a parole board before inmates are released on parole. Pistorius was denied parole in March after it was ruled that he had not completed the minimum detention period required to be considered for parole.
Persons: Oscar Pistorius, Reeva Steenkamp, Siphiwe, Pistorius, Steenkamp, Singabakho Nxumalo, Conrad Dormehl, Bhargav Acharya, Olivia Kumwenda, Ken Ferris Organizations: North, North Gauteng High Court, REUTERS, Rights, Paralympic, Appeal, South Africa's Department of Correctional Services, Correctional, Reuters, Atteridgeville Correctional, Constitutional, Thomson Locations: North Gauteng, Pretoria, South Africa, Rights JOHANNESBURG, Atteridgeville
Ukraine has not used US-made Abrams tanks since they arrived in September, analysts said. AdvertisementThe US sent 31 advanced M1A2 Abrams tanks to Ukraine in September — but they've been notably absent from an actual fighting there. AdvertisementSince receiving its first batch of Abrams in September, Ukraine has likely mixed them with the US-made M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, Cancian told BI. Sergej Sumlenny, founder of the European Resilience Initiative Center in Germany, said the US missed its moment to send its Abrams tanks. Now, with Russia's defensive lines stretching over 1,000 kilometers, or 745 miles , he said the 31 US-provided Abrams tanks are too few to play a "decisive" role in the war.
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What to know about North Korea's spy satellite launch
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WHAT ARE THE CAPABILITIES OF NORTH KOREA'S ON-ORBIT SPY SATELLITE? To launch a more-capable satellite, North Korea will most likely need to develop a larger rocket, which it appears to be doing, he said. South Korea's spy agency has said North Korea may have overcome technical hurdles with the help of Russia, which in September publicly pledged to help Pyongyang build satellites. The United States and its allies called North Korea's latest satellite tests clear violations of United Nations Security Council resolutions, which prohibit development of technology applicable to North Korea's ballistic missile programs. "North Korea is no longer shy about testing ICBMs, so no - this really is an SLV," he said.
Persons: Jonathan McDowell, Hong Min, Kim Jong Un, Vann Van Diepen, Van Diepen, Jeffrey Lewis, Chang Young, Lee Choon, Pyongyang’s, Lewis, Hyun Young Yi, Hyonhee Shin, Josh Smith, Angus MacSwan Organizations: Reuters, KCNA, REUTERS Acquire, Rights, Harvard – Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, U.S . Space Force, Korea Institute for National Unification, Stimson, North, Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Korea Aerospace University, South Korea's Science, Technology Policy, United Nations, Thomson Locations: North Gyeongsang Province, North Korea, Rights SEOUL, North, Korea, Pyongyang, U.S, Washington, South Korea, RUSSIA, Russia, Moscow, United States
U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping at Filoli estate on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Woodside, California, on Nov. 15, 2023. Kevin Lamarque | ReutersBEIJING — U.S. President Joe Biden's meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping last week has set a bottom line in the relationship which reduces uncertainty for businesses, analysts said. In conversations with Xi, Biden did not budge on export controls, enacted out of national security concerns. Wedding versus marriageAfter meeting Biden, Xi spoke at a dinner with top U.S. business executives in which he said the fundamental question was whether the two countries are "adversaries or partners." No 'splashy deliverables'Long-standing issues for U.S. business operations in China remain, and deals aren't made overnight.
Persons: Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Kevin Lamarque, Joe Biden's, Biden, Xi, Wang Dong, Jake Colvin, Gabriel Wildau, interlocutors, Ian Bremmer, Gary Dvorchak, it's, Jin Canrong, Jin, aren't Organizations: Economic Cooperation, Reuters, Reuters BEIJING —, Institute for Global Cooperation, Peking University, D.C, Foreign Trade Council, Summit, U.S, Biden, Eurasia Group, Mastercard, Monday, People's Bank of, Blueshirt Group, School of International Studies, Renmin University of China, Center for American Studies, Max, Boeing Locations: Filoli, Asia, Woodside , California, Reuters BEIJING, Reuters BEIJING — U.S, San Francisco, U.S, China, United States, Washington, Beijing, People's Bank of China, Taiwan
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden promised to visit Africa this year, but 2023 is drawing to a close with no trip in sight yet. “I’m eager to visit your continent,” Biden said at the summit almost a year ago. “We’re hoping that President Biden will also be here to restore that trajectory,” he said. Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan told Harris that her country was excited for a Biden visit. “Tanzanians are now anxiously waiting for President Joe Biden’s visit in Tanzania,” she said to the U.S. vice president.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, “ I’m, ” Biden, , , Jideofor Adibe, John Kirby, Xi Jinping, ramping, Daniel Russel, Inger Andersen, “ Joe Biden, Mohamed Adow, Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, Antony Blinken, Janet Yellen, Lloyd Austin, Harris, Nana Akufo, Donald Trump —, , Barack Obama, George W, Bush, Bill Clinton, “ We’re, Samia Suluhu Hassan, Joe Biden’s, Seth Borenstein, Chinedu Asadu, Asadu Organizations: WASHINGTON, Africa, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Nigeria’s Nasarawa State University, White House, Administration, Associated Press, Pacific, Hollywood, Asia Society Policy Institute, U.S ., Republican, Biden Locations: Africa, Dubai . U.S, Israel, Vietnam, Ukraine, Washington, U.S, California, Glasgow, Scotland, Egypt, China, Dubai, United States, Ghana, Tanzania, , Abuja, Nigeria
US Navy/MCS 1st Class Anthony W. WalkerNaval Special Warfare Command announced in September that it would start testing its personnel, including Navy SEALs and Naval Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen, for performance-enhancing drugs. The initiative comes after several drug-related incidents in the Naval Special Warfare community and is designed to protect the force's health and readiness. Special Forces Assessment and Selection candidates carry a telephone pole during a ruck march at Camp Mackall in North Carolina in March 2020. The Navy Special Warfare Community has swelled to about 4,000 SEALS — 10 times as many as at the height of the Cold War. A US Special Forces soldier free falls over a drop zone in Germany in March 2015.
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China is the world's electric vehicle leader, with 64% of total production and 59% of global EV sales in 2022, according to the World Economic Forum. One of its biggest EV producers, BYD , looks set to topple Tesla's position as the world's top seller of electric cars. AdvertisementCheaper EVsTesla sells just four cars – the Model S and Model 3 sedans, and the Model X and Model Y SUVs. Advertisement"2023 is set to be another banner year for China in terms of EV sales," the data company said. Seeing BYD overtake Tesla in the EV race may not bring any festive cheer for Elon Musk this holiday season.
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A Vietnamese naval soldier stands quard at Thuyen Chai island in the Spratly archipelago in the South China Sea on January 17, 2013. China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan all claim territory in the sea, which covers important shipping routes and is thought to hold untapped oil and gas reserves. China claims sovereignty over vast swathes of the South China Sea, including the areas where Vietnam has been building up islands. China, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam have lodged competing claims for some or all of the Spratly Islands. In August, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam rejected a map released by China that denotes its claims to sovereignty including in the South China Sea.
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Chinese President Xi Jinping waves as he walks with U.S. President Joe Biden at Filoli estate on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, in Woodside, California, U.S., November 15, 2023. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsSAN FRANCISCO/HONG KONG, Nov 16 (Reuters) - When Chinese President Xi Jinping met executives for dinner on Wednesday night in San Francisco, he was greeted with not one, but three standing ovations from the U.S. business community. All three were outcomes the United States had sought from China rather than the other way around, said two people briefed on the trip. Biden administration officials have acknowledged that creating functional military relations won't be as easy as semi-regular meetings between defense officials. That's not going to be a favor to us," one senior Biden administration told Reuters in October in the run-up to the Xi-Biden meeting.
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