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Jennifer Weisselberg delivered boxes of financial records and a laptop to prosecutors Thursday. Weisselberg is the ex-daughter-in-law of the Trump Organization's longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg. Jennifer Weisselberg handed over boxes of financial records to investigators with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office on Thursday as part of the investigation into former President Donald Trump's finances. Weisselberg is the ex-wife of Barry Weisselberg, son of the Trump Organization's longtime Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg. In addition to being CFO at the Trump Organization, his father, Allen Weisselberg, also manages the Trump family's personal finances.
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A judge dismissed Katie Hill's lawsuit against the Daily Mail over the outlet publishing nude photos of her. The former congresswoman accused the judge of thinking "revenge porn is free speech." "I sued the Daily Mail for their publication of my nonconsensual nude images," Hill wrote in the tweet on Wednesday. "Today, we lost in court because a judge - not a jury - thinks revenge porn is free speech." In late October, the Daily Mail published nude photos of her with a campaign aide, which prompted the Hill's lawsuit against the tabloid.
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Lindell told Insider this could cause a revenue drop but that radio and podcast ads may offset it. MyPillow has traditionally relied on infomercials, and these could help fuel more DTC sales. MyPillow is known for its late-night infomercials and radio ads – and these may help maintain the brand's revenues after retailers cut ties with the brand, CEO Mike Lindell told Insider. "We obviously can't get that back, we're going to lose that," Lindell told Insider on Thursday. It's expanded beyond just pillows, and Lindell told Insider Thursday it had more than 110 different products.
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Mike Lindell told Insider infomercials are working well for MyPillow and are not going anywhere. It doesn't plan on stopping the adverts any time soon, Lindell told Insider in a phone interview Thursday. As the US opens up and people spend less time watching TV, MyPillow will spend more on digital advertising, Lindell told Insider. Lindell told Insider that by using digital media, MyPillow can go beyond its traditional baby boomer market to attract more millennials. The business mogul ultimately seems optimistic about the future of MyPillow, and told Insider its infomercials aren't going anywhere.
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The suit was delayed after Trump filed an appeal saying that a sitting president could not be sued. The court found the issue was now "moot" since Trump has already left office. The New York Court of Appeals on Tuesday ruled that Summer Zervos can file a defamation lawsuit against the former president which she originally filed in 2017. Zervos initially filed the defamation lawsuit against Trump, who was then president, in 2017. While lower state courts rejected the argument, New York's top state court paused the case in March 2020.
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The Manhattan DA's office subpoenaed the bank records of Trump Org. Investigators subpoenaed Weisselberg's records to get him to cooperate because "he knows where the bodies are buried," said one former prosecutor. Manhattan prosecutors have subpoenaed the bank records of the Trump Organization's CFO Allen Weisselberg, The New York Times reported Wednesday. According to The Times, prosecutors subpoenaed Weisselberg's bank records in an effort to get him to cooperate with their inquiry. Vance's probe has ramped up significantly in the last few months, as Jennifer Weisselberg told Insider.
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Parler said it alerted the FBI more than 50 times to threats at the Capitol ahead of the January 6 riot. Conservative social media network Parler asserted in a letter to a Democratic lawmaker that the platform warned the FBI of "specific threats of violence" days ahead of the January 6 Capitol riot. Parler, which has become a mainstay in alt-right communication, has been criticized and scrutinized for its alleged role in the Capitol riot. In the days following the Capitol riot, Apple and Google app stores blocked Parler for violating terms of service. Parler has previously shared information with the FBI during the DOJ's investigation into the Capitol riot.
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However, the news of the historic Democratic victories in Georgia were quickly overshadowed by a pro-Trump mob ransacking the Capitol. His father was famed civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated when King was just 10 years old. But there was little time to celebrate on Wednesday as his attention — and the world's — shifted to a pro-Trump mob ransacking the Capitol. Black activists also called out the disparity between the treatment of the pro-Trump mob and peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters. King also said that the "double standard" that the pro-Trump mob faced when compared to the treatment of Black Lives Matter protesters must be addressed.
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Dominion Voting Systems sent letters to the One America News Network threatening to sue for defamation, accusing the network of spreading unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about the election-technology company. The requests reiterated some of the figures involved in the election conspiracy theories, including the former president of Venezuela Hugo Chávez and the billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros. In response to threats of a defamation lawsuit, the One America News Network is leaning further into some election conspiracy theories that the network has featured on its shows. The material OAN requested be preserved concerns that claim, as well as other baseless conspiracy theories that prompted Dominion's lawsuit threats in the first place. The company has also sent letters to some of Trump's allies, including attorneys Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani.
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All the key battleground states in the 2020 presidential election have now certified their election results, cementing President-elect Joe Biden's victory over President Donald Trump. All the key battleground states in the 2020 presidential race have now certified their election results, cementing President-elect Joe Biden's victory over President Donald Trump. After all the votes come in, election officials thoroughly canvass the votes cast before elected officials can be seated. One day later, the two battleground states of Pennsylvania and Nevada also certified their statewide presidential results. While many states allow campaigns to request recounts after certification, it's much harder for campaigns to legally challenge election results after states have certified those results.
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Michigan's four-member Board of State Canvassers voted on Monday to formally certify the state's 16 Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden. Michigan's four-member Board of State Canvassers voted on Monday to formally certify the state's 16 Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden, marking President Donald Trump's latest failure overturn election results in key states. With the Trump campaign's legal challenges failing in court, Trump and his allies have attempted to directly compel local and state election officials to draw out the process further by declining to certify election results. Michigan's certification of its statewide election results is a major setback for the Trump campaign. Also on Monday, all 15 counties in Arizona certified their election results, setting the stage for state certification by next week, and Pennsylvania's counties are also in the process of certifying results.
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