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Many Americans unable to buy a home right now are renovating their rentals instead. Resigned to stay in place until the housing market improves and unwilling to live with dull décor, renters are swapping out fixtures, landscaping terraces and ordering custom furnishings. Online furniture retailer Wayfair Inc. said bookings for easily reversible add-on services like installing new doorknobs and drawer pulls have tripled since last year.
Black Friday shoppers at Macy’s in New York in 2021; a spending spree might be riskier this year as the chance of a recession looms, financial advisers said. Americans say they will rein in spending this Black Friday, but to avoid busting their budgets, shoppers should do even more planning than usual, experts suggest. With high inflation and economic uncertainty dampening the usual holiday cheer, shoppers say they want to take a more frugal approach to gift giving, according to The Conference Board, a nonprofit research organization.
Why Powerball Jackpot Jumped to a Record $1.9 Billion
  + stars: | 2022-11-08 | by ( Imani Moise | )   time to read: 1 min
One lucky ticket in Monday night’s Powerball drawing could win someone a $1.9 billion jackpot, the largest lottery prize in U.S. history. If no one picks the right numbers, the game would tie another record: 40 consecutive drawings without a winner. Big jackpots have become more common and harder to win in recent years. The Multi-State Lottery Association, which runs the Powerball game, made changes to the game in 2015 that lowered the odds of hitting the big jackpot, to 1 in 292 million from approximately 1 in 175 million. The Federal Reserve’s interest rate increases further boosted jackpots, because the advertised award is based on the prize money’s investment in a portfolio of bonds over 30 years.
The Federal Reserve is boosting the Powerball jackpot without even buying a ticket. Since there was no winner in Wednesday night’s drawing, the Powerball prize rose to $1.5 billion, the third-largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history. It is a substantially bigger prize than a year ago, before the Fed began raising interest rates this year to tame inflation. That is because the advertised jackpot is the future value of the prize after being invested in government bonds over 30 years.
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