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Patients with lingering Covid-19 symptoms should wait even longer, the study suggested. Some experts said seven weeks is too arbitrary a threshold for scheduling surgery for patients who have had Covid-19. The operation to be performed, patients’ medical conditions and the risk of delaying surgery should all be factored in. Oregon Health and Sciences University clinicians developed a protocol a year ago for clearing any patient who had Covid-19 for elective surgery. If the assessment raises no red flags, patients can be cleared for surgery once they have waited the minimum seven weeks since their Covid-19 diagnosis.
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Britney Spears addressed her decision to break her silence in court regarding her conservatorship, explaining to fans on social media Thursday that she pretended to be happy because of her pride. "I’ve lied and told the whole world I'm OK, I'm happy. OK, I’m not happy. Chris Pizzello / APThe testimony provided the first public comments about the conservatorship Spears has made amid scrutiny heightened in the wake of documentaries released this year. Spears also alleged that her father continually forced her to perform, took pleasure in having control and forced her into a $60,000-a-month treatment facility.
Persons: Britney Spears, Spears, Albert Einstein, ” Spears, she’s, , , Instagram, Brenda Penny, conservatorship, I’ve, I’m, Chris Pizzello, Penny, , James “ Jamie ” Spears Organizations: Las, Stanley Locations: Los Angeles, Las Vegas
When we were dressing the original set for Agent Mulder’s office on “The X-Files,” I came up with the poster with a U.F.O. Now videos from Navy aircraft tracking unidentified aerial phenomena (as they’ve been relabeled) suggest that maybe we have seen them. But as a result of “The X-Files” I’ve met many people who claim they have. I have seen grainy videos of gray aliens on someone’s back patio. The plot of “The X-Files” was built on a conspiracy theory: The government is lying to you about the existence of U.F.O.s and extraterrestrials.
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Nearly 100 people are still unaccounted for in the small Miami Beach community. Scientists, however, have long noted the risk of building on the shifting sands of a barrier island like Miami Beach, especially with rising sea levels. Surfside’s mayor, Charles Burkett, told reporters that he often jogged by the condo building, which was built in the early 1980s. “I’ve been here since 1993, and I’ve never seen something like this happen,” Zalewski added, referring to Thursday’s condo collapse. ‘A real awakening’Another issue at hand for the Surfside community is one shared with all of Miami Beach: The towns are built on a barrier island.
Persons: Charles Burkett, Joe Raedle, ” Burkett, NBC’s, Kenneth Direktor, Becker, ” Direktor, Peter Zalewski, “ I’ve, I’ve, Zalewski, , Orrin Pilkey, Gilbert Gaul, , ” Pilkey, wouldn’t Organizations: Miami Herald, Miami, Miami Beach, Beach, Duke University, Coastal Management Locations: Surfside , Florida, Miami Beach, Surfside, Fla, Dade County, South Florida, Miami, Florida
During every premiere for a “Fast & Furious” movie, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker used to carve out time for their own private celebratory ritual. 'The Fast & The Furious' cast, from left, Matt Schulze, Michelle Rodriguez, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Johnn Strong, Jordana Brewster, Rick Yune and Chad Lindberg. “He said, ‘If you’re producing, I’m in’”Rodriguez was a tougher sell as the script for “Fast & Furious,” the fourth installment that hit theaters in 2009, included Letty’s death. Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in 'Fast Five' Jaimie Trueblood / Universal PicturesSure enough, Rodriguez’s Letty returned in “Fast & Furious 6” in 2013, reports of her death apparently having been greatly exaggerated. “So we have grandiose ideas of where Han could go and what he should be doing in ‘Fast 12,’ ‘Fast 13’ and a spinoff here.”“Fast 13”?
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Live Live Updates: Senators to Brief Biden on Infrastructure ‘Breakthrough’ A bipartisan group of senators and White House negotiators have agreed on a framework for an infrastructure agreement. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Democrat of New Hampshire, and other senators met with White House officials on Tuesday to discuss infrastructure proposals. Allegations of forced labor in the solar panel supply chain have created a dilemma for President Biden and his aides. The Biden administration had faced pressure to take action regarding products containing polysilicon produced in the region. Rodney S. Scott, the chief of the United States Border Patrol, near a border wall construction site outside McAllen, Texas, in October.
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It concerns me I’m told I’m not allowed to expose the people who did this to me. I would personally like to — actually, I know I’ve had, grown with a personal relationship with Sam, my lawyer. At the time the conservatorship was imposed, a judge deemed Ms. Spears incapable of hiring her own counsel and appointed Mr. Ingham. It takes too much out of me going to this man I don’t know, number one. Ms. Spears spoke of Dr. Timothy Benson, a psychiatrist who died in 2019 at age 47.
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Military leaders excoriated Rep. Matt Gaetz during a House hearing on Wednesday after the Florida Republican raised questions about critical race theory being taught to the nation’s soldiers. "We do not teach critical race theory, we don't embrace critical theory and I think that is a spurious conversation," Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told Gaetz during a House Armed Services Committee hearing. “I’ve read Mao Tse-tung. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin.
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A customer left a $16,000 tip at a New Hampshire restaurant after only ordering $37.93 worth of food and drinks earlier this month. “I’ve been doing this a very long time and I never thought anything like this would happen to me." Restaurant owner Mike Zarelle said he initially thought he misread the receipt. But according to staff members, the friendly customer assured them it was no joke. A customer left a $16,000 tip at Stumble Inn Bar and Grill in Londonberry, N.H. NBC BostonStaff members at the restaurant split the night's tips evenly, but the eight servers working that evening wanted to extend the gift of generosity to the cooks, too.
Persons: Michelle McCudden, I’ve, Mike Zarelle, , McCudden, , ” McCudden, “ It’s Organizations: NBC Boston, NBC Boston Staff Locations: New Hampshire, Grill, Londonderry, Concord, Londonberry, N.H
Where to Find Rare Deals in Business Class and First Class
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The downturn of business travel creates an unexpected gift for vacationers: Cheap first-class and business-class tickets in big-city markets abound with airlines no longer holding back premium seats for corporate customers. Airlines expect some rebound in business travel later this year. One particular bargain opportunity: business class to Europe. And some vacationers are betting on locking in cheap tickets now and hoping the rest of Europe will open to trans-Atlantic visitors in the months ahead. (Of course, there are still risks to travel with a rapidly spreading virus variant threatening to set back recovery in Europe and elsewhere.)
Persons: “ I’ve, , Rick Seaney Organizations: European Union Locations: Dallas, Europe, Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia
Record-Smashing Teen Leaps From High School to Olympic Trials
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In five months, Hobbs Kessler has gone from a largely unknown high school runner to national record holder to surprise competitor in the U.S. Olympic track and field trials. As Kessler prepared for Thursday’s 1,500-meter preliminaries in Eugene, Ore., he was honest about what fueled his rise: a large dose of testosterone. And he runs with an elite training group guided by a 77-year-old Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. Kessler’s talent is “probably the best I’ve ever coached,” said Ron Warhurst, who worked at the University of Michigan for more than three decades in track and cross-country running. “And I’ve coached nine Olympians, numerous NCAA champions.”
Persons: Hobbs Kessler, Kessler, , Ron Warhurst, I’ve Organizations: U.S, Marine Corps Vietnam, University of Michigan, NCAA Locations: Eugene ,, Ann Arbor, Mich
Fed’s Bostic Says Bond Buying Drawdown Near, Sees Rate Rise in Late 2022
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Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Raphael Bostic said Wednesday he has moved forward his expectations for a central bank rate rise to next year and that the time is coming soon for the Fed to pare its bond buying stimulus efforts. “Given the upside surprises and recent data points, I’ve pulled forward my projection for our first move to late 2022,” Mr. Bostic said in a call with reporters. Mr. Bostic said he also expects two additional increases in the federal-funds rate in 2023. The Fed official had recently said...
Persons: Raphael Bostic, pare, , I’ve, ” Mr, Bostic Organizations: Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Fed
If you were ever to say you were gay (when Moon played), that’d be like you were considered soft. Moon played in the league from 1984 to 2000. Whether the NFL at that time was aware that gay players were on team rosters, Moon says he doesn't know. No one felt comfortable coming out," says Rapoport of her early years at the NFL. Part of why Carl Nassib coming out is so impactful, I think, is it takes the first active player to come out and that will catalyze that movement.
Persons: Warren Moon, Moon, We've, Carl Nassib, Warren, Stephen Dunn, Pop Warner, that’d, they’ve, , Roger Goodell, Carl, Maxx, Chris Unger, Michael Sam, Sam, Sam couldn’t, Marvin Washington, Esera, Jeff Hostetler, Esera Tuaolo, Tuaolo, I’ve, you’re, Cyd Ziegler,, Nassib, Ziegler, He's, Sam Rapoport, Rapoport, Goodell, Michael Sam's Organizations: of Fame, NFL, Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City, NBC, Las Vegas Raiders, Warren Moon, Kansas City Chiefs, American Football Conference West, San Diego Chargers, Qualcomm, Calif, Pop, Maxx Crosby, Allegiant, St, Louis Rams, University of Missouri, Jets, 49ers, Denver Broncos, Raiders, Los Angeles Coliseum, Vikings Locations: San Diego, Las Vegas, Washington, Los Angeles
You Won’t Have Andy Richter to Sidekick Around Anymore
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I had pitched a sketch comedy to Comedy Central and that fell apart. So when Conan asked me to come back, I was like, hell yes, I’ll come back to making immediate TV. Why do you think the tradition of the late-night sidekick fell out of practice over the years? Was it considered out of step even in the 1990s when Conan wanted you to be his sidekick? A lot of late-night comedy is that way because it’s late.
Persons: I’ve, Conan, I’ll, Michael Paulson, Lin, Manuel Miranda, Shakespeare, , Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, we’re, It’s, You’ve, he’s Organizations: Comedy Central, Comedy, Join Times
Angry parents and community members protest after a Loudoun County School Board meeting was halted by the school board because the crowd refused to quiet down, in Ashburn, Virginia, U.S. June 22, 2021. REUTERS/Evelyn HocksteinASHBURN, Virginia, June 23 (Reuters) - The school board of Virginia's wealthy Loudoun County had planned to hold a routine meeting to close out the school year. Some signs read, "Education not indoctrination" and "You don't end racism by teaching it." Cobb County, an affluent, predominately white suburb northeast of Atlanta, soon followed with its own resolution banning the teaching of CRT. “What supports white supremacy more than making rules to say you can’t talk about racism or white supremacy?” he said.
Persons: Evelyn Hockstein ASHBURN, “ I’ve, , Wayde Byard, Loudoun, George Floyd, Vanessa Skipper, Skipper, Scott Mineo, ” Beth Barts, Ron DeSantis, Christina Pushaw, Ford O’Connell, ” O’Connell, , Daniel Wessel, Suzanne Eckes, Jaha Howard, Gabriella Borter, James Oliphant, Soyoung Kim, Sonya Hepinstall Organizations: Loudoun, Loudoun County School Board, REUTERS, Washington , D.C, Loudoun County Public, Black Americans, Republican, Critics, of, of Education, Reuters, WOMEN Republican Party, Democratic Party, U.S . Congress, White, Republican Party, Democratic National Committee, Heritage Foundation, Indiana University, Thomson Locations: Loudoun County, Ashburn , Virginia, U.S, Evelyn Hockstein ASHBURN , Virginia, Washington ,, America, Loudoun, Florida , Georgia, Texas, United States, Brevard County, Florida, Georgia, Cobb County, Atlanta, Virginia, stoke, Washington
Live Live Updates: Harris to Visit Southern Border Amid Republican Criticism Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to El Paso on Friday with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas. President Biden is set to deliver remarks on gun violence as homicides rise in some cities, raising concerns about efforts to overhaul policing. The visit will come just days before former President Donald J. Trump is set to visit the border with a group of House Republicans and Gov. While she said no one likes the conservatorship, she does not expect any push by the Biden administration to end it anytime soon. Mr. Biden dispatched aides to Capitol Hill on Tuesday for discussions that his press secretary, Jen Psaki, said yielded progress.
Persons: Harris, Kamala Harris, Alejandro N, Mayorkas, Biden, Carlos Barria, Donald J, Trump, Greg Abbott of Texas, “ I’ve, ” Ms, Lester Holt, ” Jen Psaki, Harris’s, , Psaki, , Ms, Biden’s, Zolan Kanno, Youngs, Joe Raedle, Jen Psaki, Ofer, Mr, George Floyd, John Katko, Mark Calabria, Astrid Riecken, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Freddie, Fannie, Laurie Goodman, Goodman, Michael Bright, Bright, Jim Tankersley, Brandi Levy, Danna Singer, Stephen G, Breyer, , , Clarence Thomas, Justin Driver, Levy, Jeanne Shaheen, Erin Schaff, scrounging, Biden —, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Brian Deese, Steve Ricchetti, Louisa Terrell, Shalanda Young, Susan E, Rice, Kevin McCarthy, Lina Khan, Saul Loeb, David Cicilline, Jim Jordan of, Mark Meadows, Tim Cook, Lloyd J, Austin III, Stefani Reynolds, Austin, ” Mr, Jackie Speier, Kirsten Gillibrand, Pelosi, Speier, Gillibrand, Austin’s, John Curtis of, Ting Shen, John Curtis, Curtis, Republicans can’t, George David Banks, Tom Perez, Gabriela Bhaskar, Barack Obama’s, Perez, Obama, Larry Hogan, Peter Franchot, Rushern Baker, Prince George’s, Donal —, Donald Trump, Joe Manchin III, Manchin’s, Roy Blunt, Missouri, Stacey Abrams, Mitch McConnell Organizations: Visit, Border, Republican, Homeland, Reuters, House Republicans, Gov, NBC, White House, Department of Health, Human Services, Centers for Disease Control, Miami . Credit, Getty, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Treasury Department, Justice Department, American Civil Liberties Union’s, Republicans, House Homeland Security, Fox News, Democratic Party, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Capitol Hill, Urban Institute, Treasury, Consumer Financial, Structured Finance Association, Mr, Credit, Yale, Public Education, United States, Appeals, Third Circuit, Supreme, Democrat, White, The New York Times, House, Senate Democrats, Democrats, Capitol, California, National Economic, Legislative Affairs, Management, Domestic Policy, Big Tech, Federal Trade Commission, Wednesday, Google, Apple, Facebook, Committee, Fox, Tech, Big Government, California Democrats, Video Defense, Pentagon, The New York Times Defense, Armed Services Committee, , Senate Armed Services Committee, John Curtis of Utah’s, Washington D.C, Grand America, Republican Party, Trump, Center, Conservative Climate Caucus, Democratic, Convention, The New York, Democratic National Committee, Montgomery County Council, Washington Nationals, Baltimore Orioles, Republic, Citizens United Locations: El Paso, Mexico City, U.S, Mexico, Central America, Guatemala, Europe, Miami ., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles , Washington, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Calabria, conservatorship, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, California, New Hampshire, Washington, Rhode Island, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Rayburn, Utah, Salt Lake City, In Utah, Miami, Republican, Maryland, Dominican Republic, United States, Prince George’s County, Montgomery, G.O.P, Western Minnesota, America, West Virginia, Kentucky
Live Britney Spears Hearing Live Updates: The Singer Addresses the Court At a hearing, the pop star gave a passionate speech about the conservatorship that she has lived under since 2008, saying she wanted to end the arrangement. “I am traumatized.” RIGHT NOW ‘I want to end the conservatorship,’ Britney Spears tells a judge. Credit... Eduardo Munoz/Reuters‘I want to end the conservatorship,’ Britney Spears tells a judge. Spears loves his daughter, and he misses her very much.”For years, Britney Spears had quietly pushed to end her conservatorship. Stay strong ❤️❤️❤️ — Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) June 23, 2021 Devoted fans on social media who have long suspected that Ms. Spears was not happy with the arrangement commended Ms. Spears for speaking up and reacted with disgust to parts of her account.
Persons: , Britney Spears, Eduardo Munoz, Mario Anzuoni, “ I’ve, I’ve, ” Ms, Spears, Ms, , Samuel D, Ingham III, Ingham, James P, Vivian Lee Thoreen, “ Mr, Allison Zaucha, Liz Day, Samantha Stark, Jordan Strauss, Britney, Spears’s, Jamie, ” Mr, Mariah Carey, , Halsey, halsey Organizations: ., Reuters, The New York Times, Associated Press, Court, New York Times, Twitter Locations: Los Angeles
Indiana Woman Is First Person to Be Sentenced in Capitol Riot
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The prosecutors noted that Ms. Morgan-Lloyd was not violent at the Capitol, did not plan her breach in advance, remained inside only briefly and allowed investigators to question her thoroughly about her role in the riot as well as search her cellphone. Prosecutors also said she had no criminal history and accepted responsibility for her wrongdoing in a timely fashion. “I’ve learned that even though we live in a wonderful country things still need to improve,” she wrote in her statement. The two were among some of the first people to enter the Capitol, but they did little more than walk down a hallway and then leave. One day after the attack, Ms. Bissey posted a photograph on Facebook tagging Ms. Morgan-Lloyd and another person who was with them, writing, “It was a day I’ll remember forever.” Ms. Morgan-Lloyd responded with a comment that read, “That was the most exciting day of my life.”
Persons: Morgan, Lloyd, , , Ms, Heather Shaner, ” “, Shaner, “ I’ve, Trump, Dona Sue Bissey, Bissey Organizations: Capitol, Prosecutors, Tulsa Locations: Tulsa, Washington, Indiana
Republican lawmakers in Ohio pushing for more “safety and security” at the ballot box can now point to a clear example of voter fraud in the November 2020 presidential election. Snodgrass was busted after a Delaware County election worker questioned the signature on his father’s ballot. The veteran Ohio prosecutor assigned to the Snodgrass case said this was a career first for him. In the aftermath of the presidential election, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose released an audit that he said showed a 99.98 percent accuracy rate. NBC News reached out to his spokesman to find out how many allegations of voter fraud have been reported to his office.
Persons: Edward Snodgrass, Snodgrass, , ” Snodgrass, , I’m, “ I’ve, Morrow, David Homer, ” Homer, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Frank LaRose, Christopher Devine, it's Organizations: NBC News, NBC, University of Dayton Locations: Ohio, Porter, Delaware, Delaware County, Porter Township, Columbus
In a letter to the court, Morgan-Lloyd apologized for going to the Capitol. She denied participating in any of the destruction at the Capitol and said she was "shocked" when she later learned things had turned violent. The 49-year-old said she read "Just Mercy" by Bryan Stevenson and watched several movies including "Schindler’s List" and "Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre" on the History Channel. Lloyd included summaries of "Just Mercy" and "Schindler's List" in her letter, noting that the movie "was very moving" and "hard to watch and hard to not watch." After taking a picture inside the Capitol, Morgan-Lloyd and her friends left, she wrote.
Persons: Anna Morgan, Lloyd, Morgan, Bryan Stevenson, I’ve, Dona Bissey, Bissey, , ” Morgan Organizations: U.S . Capitol, Capitol, Authorities, Morgan
Singles Return to In-Person Dating. And It’s Extra Awkward.
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After putting her love life on hold during the pandemic, Emma Maxwell recently started dating again. As vaccination rates increase, bars and restaurants reopen, and Covid rules relax, many single people are eager to start dating in person again. Dating app Bumble Inc. says that 90% of its users report they are ready to date in real life again. But even among people ready to date in person, there is uncertainty about what that involves. Bumble says 41% of those ready to date in person again still prefer it to be socially distanced, based on research from earlier this month.
Persons: Emma Maxwell, I’ve, , ” Ms, Maxwell, Bumble Locations: Washington ,
The Unlikely Rise of Carl Nassib, the NFL’s First Openly Gay Player
  + stars: | 2021-06-22 | by ( Andrew Beaton | ) + 1.00   time to read: +1 min
Before Carl Nassib could become an icon as the first active NFL player to come out as gay, he had to become an NFL player. He was a skinny walk-on at Penn State who didn’t make his first start until he was a senior. Nassib, a defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, became the first NFL player to come out as gay while playing in the league. Michael Sam, a 2014 seventh-round draft pick by the St. Louis Rams, had come out as gay but never played a regular-season game. Other players have come out after their careers were over.
Persons: Carl Nassib, Nassib, didn’t, , I’ve, , Roger Goodell, Michael Sam Organizations: NFL, Penn State, Las Vegas Raiders, St, Louis Rams
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Republicans in the narrowly divided U.S. Senate on Tuesday blocked an election reform bill considered a top priority by Democrats seeking to offset a wave of laws passed by Republican-led state legislatures that impose new limits on voting. The 50-50 party-line vote fell short of the 60-vote threshold to advance most legislation in the Senate, sparking new calls by some Democrats to rethink that rule, known as the filibuster. Republicans argued that the bill infringed on states’ rights to set voting policy. Those claims were rejected by multiple courts, state election authorities and Trump’s own administration. The court in coming days could further weaken the Voting Rights Act in a ruling on voting restrictions in Arizona.
Persons: Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, ” Biden, “ I’ve, Donald Trump’s, Mitch McConnell, , Marco Rubio, , Joe Manchin, Steny Hoyer, Debbie Stabenow Organizations: WASHINGTON, Senate, Republican, Republicans, Democratic, Democrats, Constitution, NEXT, Moderate Democratic, Justice Department, Civil Rights Division Locations: U.S, Florida, Washington, United States, Arizona
My baby was born Sept. 29 and I’ve never had to pump or give her a bottle. But there has been one big benefit: My husband has been able to spend so much time with our baby. He only got to see our first baby for a few hours after work and on weekends. We watched YouTube videos to figure out how to give our baby a bath, found diapering tricks on mommy Instagram handles. I was able to work from home for the last trimester and for the first six months of their lives.
Persons: hasn’t, — Eli Penberthy, It’s, I’ve, Life, I’m, Mary Johnle, Loreley Dravland, Instagram, Leah Sarna, Kate Pichon, Tessa Cheng, , — Kristin Roberts Locations: Normandy, Mary Johnle , South Dakota, Augusta, Ga, Bala Cynwyd, Pa, Chicago, Vancouver, British Columbia, Auburn, Ala
In hindsight, Mr. Ziraoui realized he had been a little tactless, brazenly bursting into a tight-knit community with what he presented as definitive solutions. “He came in and told them ‘end of the game’,” said Youssef Ziraoui, his brother and a journalist in Morocco. and the San Francisco Police Department, to which Mr. Ziraoui sent his findings, declined to comment, citing the ongoing investigation. Mr. Ziraoui initially thought code solving would be a fun activity during the coronavirus lockdown. At the time, he knew nothing about the Zodiac killer, who was suspected of five murders in the late 1960s but who himself boasted of 37 killings.
Persons: Ziraoui, , Youssef Ziraoui Organizations: San Francisco Police Department, École Polytechnique, HEC Paris Locations: Morocco, , France
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