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NEW YORK (Reuters) - From lumber prices to wages and inventories: Reading the clues around inflation has turned into an investor obsession. As investors assess the risks of rising prices to financial markets, however, some think the biggest gains in inflation are already in the rear-view mirror. Koesterich thinks inflation will likely run above trend lines well into 2022 given the bottlenecks in global supply chains. Investors who bet on inflation typically move into groups better-positioned to weather price rises, like materials and energy and companies with pricing power. REASONS TO WORRYWhile the majority of investors believe inflation is transitory, according to a Bank of America fund manager survey, worries remain.
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Two veteran book-publishing executives have teamed up to launch a conservative publishing house called All Seasons Press LLC as ideological debates roil a book industry increasingly fueled by demand for political titles. “I’m increasingly concerned and somewhat outraged about what’s going on in terms of free speech and free press,” said Ms. Burke, who retired in August 2017 after a 40-year career. She is now the publisher of All Seasons Press, which has already signed book deals with two former officials of the Republican Trump administration. Simon & Schuster Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Karp rejected that request, which attracted signatures from 14% of staffers. The petition said publishing Mr. Pence would represent “legitimizing bigotry” related to his political career, including policies he backed in the White House.
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Lin-Manuel Miranda addressed criticism following the opening weekend of the movie adaption of “In the Heights,” apologizing Monday for a lack of African Latino representation. “In The Heights,'' which was written by Miranda and originally opened on Broadway in 2008, follows a Caribbean diaspora community in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood amid a rise of gentrification. “I’m seeing the discussion around Afro-Latino representation in our film this weekend and it is clear that many in our dark-skinned Afro-Latino community don’t feel sufficiently represented within it, particularly among the leading roles,” Miranda said. Jay-Ann Lopez, founder of Black Girl Gamers, tweeted that she was tired of movies “using dark skinned afro-latinos for the backdrop.”“Any one of those characters could have been dark skinned afro-latinos and there are plenty of qualified actors that exist especially from NY,” she wrote, tagging the film’s account. “The question for me is why are NONE of the major roles played by dark skinned afro-latinos?
Persons: Lin, Manuel Miranda, , Miranda, HBO Max, , ” Miranda, ” “, “ I’m, Critics, Corey Hawkins, Benny, Ann Lopez, Wilson Cruz, — Wilson Cruz, Cruz, Jon M, Chu, ” Chu, Felice León Organizations: HBO, Twitter, Washington Heights, Pew Research, Black Locations: New York, Washington Heights, colorism, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Caribbean, Washington, NY
The Amazon That Customers Don’t See
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After five years at Amazon, Mr. Palmer felt the company’s success did not accrue to workers like him. As the virus arrived at JFK8, Mr. Palmer worried about how Amazon would protect and communicate with workers. To reverse the trend and serve its customers, Amazon would have to find a way to bring back workers. Amazon competitors 60% Amazon 40 20 0 Jan. 2020 Feb. March April May June July Amazon Amazon competitors 60% 40 20 0 Jan. 2020 Feb. March April May June July Amazon competitors 60% Amazon 40 20 0 Jan. 2020 Feb. March April May June July Source: Rakuten IntelligenceMr. Stroup’s worried how Amazon would summon workers back. “Everyone in your community, every third person, has worked at Amazon,” Mr. Stroup said.
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Christiane Amanpour Tells Viewers She Has Cancer
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Christiane Amanpour, chief international anchor for CNN, has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she told viewers on Monday. Ms. Amanpour, who had been off the air for four weeks because of her illness, shared the news at the start of her nightly interview program for CNN International, which is based in her hometown, London. “I’ve had successful major surgery to remove it, and I’m now undergoing several months of chemotherapy for the very best possible long-term prognosis, and I’m confident,” she said. Ms. Amanpour, 63, said she was sharing the news because she wanted to be transparent, but mostly to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis. She urged women “to educate themselves on this disease, to get all the regular screenings and scans that you can, to always listen to your bodies and of course to ensure that your legitimate medical concerns are not dismissed or diminished.”
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Live Updates: House Hearings Focus on Jan. 6 Security Failures
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Live Live Updates: House Hearings Focus on Jan. 6 Security Failures Two House committees will question law enforcement leaders and generals. “We cannot ignore this threat or wish it away,” Mr. Biden wrote in the strategy document. But he expressed optimism that the Republican party is beginning to reject the political dominance Mr. Trump has exerted for the past four years. And officials throughout Europe have said they are still braced for a return of Trumpism if Republicans take over the Congress in 2022 or if someone like Mr. Trump — or Mr. Trump himself — wins the White House again in 2024. “What was different in 2020 was we were of the same party as the president,” Mr. McConnell told Mr. Hewitt.
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Don’t Play With Your Kids. Seriously.
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My baby went through the hall closet, describing the shoes in a babble that was only one-eighth English. I have three kids under 10 who don’t expect — or even want — to play with me. The constant wrangling and vigilance were so exhausting that my husband and I didn’t have the energy to play the way my son preferred — anything that involved full-body contact or pretend violence. But when my son was about 3, I realized his fictive worlds were vivid enough to continue without me. Thus began an experiment with expectation: Little by little, my husband and I would stretch the time our son could safely play by himself.
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If I could remake those Cameo videos, I think this is what I would have said right off the bat:I hear you. Then I feel guilty for feeling sad, which always leads me to feeling depressed. We can be lonely and sad together, which might make us less lonely and probably will make us less sad. Andrew Rannells has starred in several Broadway productions, including “The Book of Mormon” and “Falsettos,” earning Tony Award nominations for both. He is now in “Black Monday” on Showtime and is the author of “Too Much Is Not Enough,” a memoir.
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U.S. Nears 600,000 Virus Deaths Despite Progress From Vaccines
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“We’re approaching a sad milestone — almost 600,000 lost lives because of Covid-19 in America,” Mr. Biden said. It is the remaining unvaccinated population — some people who are refusing vaccines, others who have not gotten around to vaccination yet — that is driving the lingering deaths, experts say. “Until we have this under control across the world, it could come back and thwart all the progress we’ve made so far,” said Dr. Marcus Plescia, the chief medical officer for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, which represents state health agencies. Older white people are driving the shifts in death patterns, and across most age groups, Black people saw the smallest decrease in deaths compared with other large racial groups. Cumulative vaccination rates among Black and Hispanic people continue to lag behind those of Asian and white people.
Persons: , ” Mr, Biden, who’ve, , Marcus Plescia, “ I’m Organizations: Association of State, Territorial Health Officials, Centers for Disease Control, New York Times Locations: America, India, South America, Covid, United States
Wells was 25 years into her groundbreaking career defined by exposing racism and white supremacist violence against Black people. (Moneta Sleet, Ovie Carter and Matthew Lewis had previously won for their news photography — in 1969 and 1975.) Frazier’s Pulitzer Prize is significant because, in more than a century, the board has never recognized an act of journalism conducted without the imprimatur of a newsroom. Frazier, who was 17 at the time, filmed then-Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck — we later learned during the trial — for over nine agonizing minutes. A USA Today/Ipsos poll in June 2020 placed that support at 60 percent, but showed it at 50 percent in May 2021.
Persons: Ida B, Wells, Harold Littledale, Louis Seibold, Woodrow Wilson, , ” Wells, Acel Moore, Philadelphia Inquirer ”, Wendall Rawls, Ovie Carter, Matthew Lewis, Frazier’s Pulitzer, Darnella Frazier, George Floyd, Frazier, Derek Chauvin’s, ” Frazier, ” Frazier’s, , , newsrooms, I’m, Floyd Organizations: Philadelphia Inquirer, Fairview State Hospital Locations: East St, Louis , Illinois, Elaine , Arkansas, New Jersey, Fairview, Minneapolis , Minnesota, Minneapolis
In patients who had no antibodies to begin with, eight had an increase following their third dose of the vaccine. That message has been received by organ transplant recipients such as Tamsin Skeels, 50, of Charlotte, North Carolina. For now, his advice to transplant patients is to remain cautious and practice public health measures such as masking and distancing when out in public. “The mantra I'm telling my transplant patients is get vaccinated and act as if you are unvaccinated,” he said. Even though only one third of patients who hadn’t responded to two doses went on to develop antibodies, Wherry was optimistic about what this means for transplant patients.
Persons: , Johnson, , Dorry Segev, Tamsin Skeels, Skeels, Segev, I’m, hadn’t, ” Segev, , ” John Wherry, Wherry, ” Wherry, it’s, I'm Organizations: Internal Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson, United Network, NBC, University of Pennsylvania, Twitter, Facebook Locations: Charlotte , North Carolina
A New Hampshire man who was charged in connection with the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, after he admitted he "chugged" wine he found in one of the offices during the riot, now says he's running for Congress. Jason Riddle holds up a bottle of wine at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. via NBC BostonBut he said he did follow the mob inside. The wine was later determined to be in the Office of the Senate Parliamentarian. But Riddle said he thinks the charges and involvement with the riot will help his campaign. “In the long run, if you’re running for office, any attention is good attention, so I think it will help me,” Riddle said.
Persons: Jason Riddle, Annie Kuster, Riddle, Donald Trump, ” Riddle, “ I’m, , , ‘ Let’s, ’ that’s Organizations: U.S . Capitol, NBC Boston, New, Capitol, Washington , D.C, Senate, FBI, Locations: Hampshire, U.S, Washington ,
Allyson Felix Knows What Really Makes the Olympics Run
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Photo illustration by Bráulio Amado Talk Allyson Felix Knows What Really Makes the Olympics RunThe sprinter Allyson Felix has competed in four Olympics, winning more medals in track and field — nine — than any other American woman. As she has grown older, Felix, who is 35, has also earned increased attention for her work outside the arena. Over your career, has your understanding of what the Olympics are about beyond competition — that is, the business side — changed? Allyson Felix after earning the silver medal in the 200 at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Jae C. Hong/Associated PressThis may be another of those things that’s hard to articulate, but can you tell me what it feels like to win a gold medal?
Persons: Bráulio Amado, Allyson Felix, Felix, Camryn, , isn’t, I’m, That’s, Itsuo Inouye, Athleta, Will, I’ve, you’d, you’re, You’ve, I’ll, didn’t, Courtney Okolo, Natasha Hastings, Phyllis Francis, Jae C, it’s, Ian MacNicol Organizations: Tokyo, The Times, Nike, Olympic Committee, Beijing, Associated Press, Yomiuri Shimbun Locations: Tokyo, Japan, Los Angeles, London, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro
Other cities, like Miami, are nearly free of pandemic restrictions and booming with tourists. Homicides in Miami are 30 percent higher this year than the same period in 2020, according to data from the medical examiner’s office. The efforts include additional streetlights and surveillance cameras, prosecutors assigned to “hot spot” areas and a code enforcement crackdown on illegal party venues. But he is worried about the unruly gatherings of younger people downtown that have turned violent. “I’m very concerned that as people return to work, there are going to be confrontations,” he said.
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‘I Surely Can Stand in Front of Men and Lead Them’
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I’m a quick learn.”It’s a frequent jab when talk of great female coaches helming men’s teams gets too serious — as if there haven’t been plenty of men who have led N.B.A. What will it be like, I asked Staley, for the first woman to break through in the N.B.A.? But there will also be knuckle-draggers who still believe that no matter what the sport, a woman cannot effectively lead male stars. “There’s a whole dynamic that men, white or Black, just don’t have to think about. The trailblazing coach will face obstacles that bring to mind those of other “firsts” who broke down barriers in sports.
Persons: haven’t, ” Staley, I’m, , helming, Stevens, Staley, , It’s Organizations: Celtics Locations: America
“This summit is part of the process of reaffirming, rebuilding the fundamental alliances of the United States,” which were “weakened by the previous administration,” Mr. Draghi said. “We are here to reaffirm these alliances, but also to reaffirm the importance of the European Union,” Mr. Draghi said. While Russia is a particular threat to NATO and the Euro-Atlantic world, it is not an economic rival. Speaking Monday night, Mr. Biden called Mr. Putin “a worthy adversary” and said he would look for areas of cooperation with Russia, while laying down red lines about Russian efforts to disrupt democratic societies. “I’m going to make clear to President Putin that there are areas where we can cooperate, if he chooses,” Mr. Biden said.
Persons: Biden, , Mario Draghi, Trump, ” Mr, Draghi, Biden’s, Vladimir V, Putin, Putin “, “ I’m, Mr Organizations: , Group, European Union, NATO Locations: Europe, United States, Italy, Britain, Geneva, Russia, Asia, cybersecurity, China
Churchgoers in a seaside resort in England say they have been left “gobsmacked” when U.S. President Joe Biden and the first lady Jill Biden dropped in for a Sunday service. The Bidens are in Cornwall, southwest England, where the U.S. president is attending a Group of Seven wealthy democracies summit. On Sunday morning, ahead of the summit’s conclusion, they were seen attending mass at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in St. Ives. “It’s quite amazing, we went into the church and they took some details from us and I thought this is a bit unusual. I’m not sure I will ever get over this moment completely.”Gayle Wood, 63, said Biden appeared to make a “very generous donation” to the church before leaving.
Persons: Joe Biden, Jill Biden, St . Ives, , , Annie Fitzpatrick, Biden, I’m, ” Gayle Wood Organizations: Sacred Heart Catholic Church, NBC Locations: England, Cornwall, St .
On TikTok, Jewish creators say speaking about their Judaism comes with a price. Jewish creators said they’re frustrated with the moderation process that has them feeling targeted, though they aren’t exactly sure how or why it’s happening. Others, like Josh Cohen, 19, of London, said they think they’re getting caught in a clumsy algorithm likely designed to protect Jewish creators. Jewish creators said they sometimes run into problems when they reply to antisemitic comments on their pages. Several Jewish TikTok creators told NBC News they, too, have received some version of the "Hitler was right," comment on their page.
Persons: Julia Massey, She’s, Massey, I’m, it's, TikTok, , ” Massey, they’re, Josh Cohen, ’ ” Cohen, Tommer, Yossi, they’ve, ” Yossi, Michael, ” Michael, Hitler, Cohen, ” Cohen, Daniel Kelley, Kelley, ” Kelley Organizations: NBC News, United, TikTok, Defamation League, Jewish Congress, Hamas, Twitter, Extremism, Center for Technology, Society Locations: California, London, United States, Israel, U.K
It was still illegal at the time, and even quality recreational marijuana was hard to find, she said. She is one of a few Black women to lead a company in the multibillion dollar cannabis industry. Recreational marijuana is legal for adults to use in 17 states and Washington, D.C., and medical marijuana is legal in 36 states. A lack of access to capital, systemic economic racism and laws barring convicted offenders from joining the legal industry limit who can participate in the burgeoning economy. Adam Fine, a partner at Vicente Sederberg, a cannabis law firm, worked with Lindsay on the ballot initiative.
Persons: Lindsay, , ” Lindsay, , Rogers, Barshak, Cohen, P.C, Adam Fine, Vicente Sederberg, ” Fine, Ardent Lindsay, I’m, We're, we've Organizations: D.C, Marijuana Business, Northeastern University School of Law, Ardent, NOVA, FX, Equitable, Commonwealth Dispensary Association, Cannabis Control Commission, Boston Globe, New, Good, Sira Naturals, Mayflower Locations: Boston, Washington, Massachusetts, Stoughton, Sugarman, Sira
May 15, 2021; Irvine, California, USA; Trayvon Bromell (USA) wins the 100m in 9.92 during the Track Meet in a World Athletics Continental Tour competition at Crean Lutheran High School. That he is even competing again after a two-year absence is a testament to his odds-defying will to succeed. I'm sorry," he told Reuters ahead of the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials that kick off this week. "For me every day is another day to be prepared for when God presents you with that opportunity." The U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials begin Friday at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.
Persons: Trayvon Bromell, Kirby Lee, I've, It's, Jamaica's Usain Bolt, Bromell, I'm, I’m Organizations: Continental, Crean Lutheran High School, USA, Rio Games, U.S, Olympic, Field, Hayward Field, Thomson Locations: Irvine , California, USA, Tokyo, Eugene , Oregon
2020 BMW M2 CS: A Coupe That Comes Alive at the Race Track
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I FLEW OFF for an assignment in Miami a couple weeks ago, leaving our test car, a 2020 BMW M2 CS, unrequited. The club keeps four M2 CS Racing cars—slicks, roll-cages, bare metal interiors—for practice and instruction. The first thing you may notice is that the M2 CS is dressed for a night on the town, not a day at the track. If you want a tighter squeeze, and you just might, the M2 CS retains the power-adjustable rib bolsters. 2020 BMW M2 CSFINISHING SCHOOL Despite its performance credentials, the M2 CS retains the subtler amenities of less brawny relatives, including heated and power adjustable seats, fully upholstered interior and premium sound system.
Persons: catnip, Kaiser Otto Von Stop, Hélio Castroneves, , I’m, I’ll, Price, Dan Neil Organizations: BMW, Michelin, Concours Club, Indianapolis, Sport, BMW Base Locations: Miami, U.S, Florida, Alcantara
I was not going to do the ‘mom guilt’ thing that day. Since the pandemic began, Nix's daughters have started making dinners for the family, giving them some autonomy and Nix a break. “Although we know that more-educated and higher-income parents are more likely to do intensive parenting, less-educated and lower-income parents idealized intensive parenting to the same degree,” he said. But the pandemic highlighted inequalities in parenting, especially for families with two working parents, Gerson said. The pandemic has also influenced how mothers of children who are not yet school-aged are raising their kids.
Persons: Annie Whitlock’s, Whitlock, McKenzie, ’ ” Whitlock, , , ’ ”, Rachel Nix, Nix's, Nix, takeout, “ They’re, I’m, , Will, Patrick Ishizuka, Louis, Kathleen Gerson, Gerson, Amy Lane, Lane, Talula, “ It’s, Victoria Ernst, Ernst “, ” Haley Barrett, Cora, — Barrett, , Lynn Bufka, Bufka, Annie Whitlock, Maggie, Mike, Sarah Rice Organizations: University of Michigan, Flint, Washington University, St, New York University, American Psychological Association, NBC News Locations: Davisburg , Michigan, Lemoore , California, Elsmere , Delaware, San Antonio, Phoenix, Michigan
After toppling Nadal, Djokovic hopes to be ready for Tsitsipas
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His challenger will be a 22-year-old who is bidding to become the first Greek to win a singles major. Tsitsipas has long been marked out as a future Grand Slam champion and has already collected trophies from the season-ending ATP Finals and a Masters 1000 tournament. "I'm looking forward to that challenge," Tsitsipas said on Friday, looking ahead to his first major final. The emotions of Friday's fantastic win over 13-time French Open winner Nadal might leave a hangover for most players but that might not be a problem for Djokovic with his incredible mental strength. Djokovic was happy to relax a bit and enjoy his semi-final win over his great rival but will not take anything for granted against the Greek.
Persons: dethroning, Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Stefanos, Roy Emerson, Rod Laver, Roland Garros, Nadal, Roger Federer's men's, Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev, Philippe Chatrier, Djokovic, It's, “ I’m Organizations: U.S, Thomson Locations: Stefanos Tsitsipas, Serbian, Greece
Why the Mexico City Metro Collapsed
  + stars: | 2021-06-12 | by ( Natalie Kitroeff | Maria Abi-Habib | James Glanz | ) + 0.00   time to read: +26 min
Why the Mexico City Metro Collapsed A Times investigation shows the serious construction flaws and political pressure behind a tragedy that threatens two of Mexico’s most prominent figures. Whatever the official investigations determine, the crash could carry immense consequences, not just for Mr. Ebrard and Mr. But some have refused the money and are suing the Mexico City metro system instead. The city cut the budget for the metro line almost immediately. “Today we have the honor of giving this public work to the people of Mexico City,” Mr. Ebrard said at the ceremony.
Persons: Tania Lezama Salgado, Nancy, Tania, jerking, Nancy —, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, , Marcelo Ebrard, Carlos Slim, Ebrard, Gary J, Klein, López Obrador, Alejandro Cegarra, Joel Ortega, , Moisés Poblanno, “ Marcelo, Slim, “ I’m, ” Antonio Gómez García, , Mr, Ortega, Jorge Gaviño, ” Mr, Janney, Donald O, Gómez García, Claudia Sheinbaum, Meghan Dhaliwal, Sheinbaum, López, wasn’t, Bernarda Salgado López, Ms, Salgado, Humberto Lezama, Carso, Ebrard’s, Enrique Horcasitas, Construction, Mario Alberto Ruiz, Francisco Bojorquez, Marcos Tapia Manjarrez, Ruiz Organizations: Mexico City Metro, Times, New York Times, Carso, Mexico City, Workers, The New York Times, Mr, The Times, National Academy of Engineering, Wiss, Elstner, Associated, The New York Times Company, Mexico City’s, Construction, ICA, Alstom, CAF, Bombardier, “ Bombardier, Legislative, Tren Locations: Mexico City, Leer, español, Mexico, Americas, Latin America, , Nancy, France, Spanish, Canada
But she also showed touching flashes of humanity: applauding Gauff’s and Sakkari’s winners at critical phases of both matches. She felt overwhelmed before playing the American Sloane Stephens in the fourth round, crying before taking the court and speaking with her sports psychologist. “On the other hand, I knew that if I really want to win, I’m just going to put so much pressure on myself that it’s not going to happen. We spoke about how to talk to myself, what to do when I’m going to feel nervous on court, just be happy that I’m actually there, all of this. She and Siniakova also won their first Grand Slam final together, taking the title at the French Open in 2018 on the same center court where she won on Saturday.
Persons: Stubbs, Roland Garros, Gauff’s, Sloane Stephens, , , I’m, it’s, Siniakova, Krejcikova, Novotna, Navratilova, Maria Sharapova, Yuri, ” Navratilova Locations: Pavlyuchenkova, Krejcikova, Czech Republic, United States, Moscow, Florida
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