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27 Great Holiday Gift Ideas From Truly Chic Hotel Boutiques
  + stars: | 2020-12-04 | by ( Christian L. Wright | ) + 1.00   time to read: +2 min
NO LONGER cramped kiosks selling postcards and prophylactics, many hotel gift shops have become expertly curated boutiques. And now some of the world’s great purveyors of hospitality have emerged as a solution for online shoppers who need a holiday gift for the curtailed travelers in their lives. If your loved ones have a favorite hotel, to which they return time and again, but can’t this year, a souvenir from its gift shop can be especially thoughtful. The London landmark is now selling its tea service for the first time via its online store. Aunt Jane will be thrilled and you can feel good about yourself: Online Christmas shopping via hotel boutique helps the hard-hit hospitality industry, too.
Persons: Jane, Aunt Jane, here’s, Italy Emporio Sirenuse, Porter, Stetson, noelle,, Organizations: Oil Locations: London, Italy, Le, Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italian, Noelle, Nashville, Southern U.S
Jefferies, the investment bank, has changed its projection for two hospitality-facing REITs, upgrading both to buy, as the vaccine news means people could be spending more time in hotels soon. At the same time, Jefferies downgraded SHO, Sunstone Hotel Investors, to hold, and maintained HST, Host Hotels & Resorts, at buy, and HT, Hersha Hospitality Trus, at hold. These are PK, Park Hotels & Resorts, and XHR, Xenia Hotels & Resorts. In addition to upgrading PK and XHR to buy, Jefferies reconsidered its stance on SHO, Sunstone Hotel Investors, downgrading it to hold. Two unchanged recommendations were for HST, Host Hotels & Resorts, at buy, and HT, Hersha Hospitality Trust, at hold.
Persons: Jefferies, SHO, Joe Biden's, XHR Organizations: Jefferies, Hotels, Resorts, Xenia Hotels, Memorial, Business, Investment, Hersha Hospitality Locations: overperformance, XHR
Ivanka Trump responded to news that she had been deposed on Tuesday in connection to a lawsuit that accuses President Donald Trump's inauguration committee of misusing its funds. Typically, part of the presidents' inauguration committee funds comes from private donations, while the rest is paid by the taxpayer. On Thursday, Ivanka tweeted that the lawsuit is "another politically motivated demonstration of vindictiveness & waste of taxpayer dollars." Ivanka Trump (center) watches as her father, Donald Trump, is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on January 20, 2017. The Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, as seen on November 3, 2020.
Persons: Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump's, Ivanka, Trump's, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Rick Gates, Trump, Donald Trump, JIM BOURG, Barack Obama's, Wolkoff, Vladimir Kostyrev, Jared Kushner, Rudy Giuliani, Kayleigh McEnany Organizations: Washington, Trump, DC, Presidential, Trump Organization, Trump International Hotel, Getty, The Washington Post, Trump's, Associated Press, Democrat, Trump Hotel, The New York Times, White House Press Locations: DC, Washington ,, United States, AFP, The
Some of my favorite bars happen to be hotel bars, from lobby lounges with moody lighting and plush seating to oceanfront watering holes where I can imbibe while watching the waves in the distance. Hotel bars typically serve inventive concoctions that are chef-designed. I've been known to ask hotel bartenders for their recipes on the spot if I find a particularly spectacular signature drink. Follow my lead and relive favorite hotel memories by making an exceptional hotel drink yourself. Maybe you'll even be inspired to visit one of these hotel bars in the future to try the real deal firsthand.
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Pandemic silver lining: empty Paris hotel shelters the homeless
  + stars: | 2020-12-03 | by ( Reuters Staff | ) sentiment -0.87   time to read: +1 min
“Some days I find a small job, and I earn about 40 euros, 30 euros, 50 euros and I go out. When I find these jobs, I pay for a hotel, which costs 30 euros, to spend the night. But I can’t do this all my life.”At the Hotel Avenir Montmartre, the cost of his room is covered by the charity. Residents receive three meals a day in the hotel’s breakfast room, and each room has a television and an en suite shower room. For the charity, the hotel provides a safe base from which they can try to help rebuild residents’ lives.
Persons: Sacre, Ibrahim, , Bruno Morel, , ” Ibrahim Organizations: Eiffel, Emmaus Locations: PARIS, Sacre Coeur, West, Mali, Paris, Montmartre
Ivanka Trump questioned under oath in lawsuit over use of inauguration funds
  + stars: | 2020-12-03 | by ( Jan Wolfe | ) sentiment -0.99   time to read: +2 min
(Reuters) - Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and adviser, was questioned under oath this week as part of a civil lawsuit alleging misuse of nonprofit funds for Donald Trump’s inauguration four years ago. FILE PHOTO: White House Senior Adviser Ivanka Trump speaks during a campaign event for U.S. President Donald Trump, not pictured, in Dallas, North Carolina, U.S., October 1, 2020. In a January 2020 lawsuit, Racine claimed Donald Trump’s real estate business and other entities misused nonprofit funds to enrich the Trump family. Although campaign finance laws restrict the size of campaign contributions, inauguration committees can accept unlimited donations, including from corporations. Former Trump campaign aide Richard Gates served as deputy chairman of the inaugural committee.
Persons: Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s, Donald Trump, Al Drago, Karl Racine’s, Racine, Trump, Donald Jr, Eric, ” Racine, Thomas Barrack, Richard Gates, Gates, Robert Mueller’s Organizations: Reuters, White, U.S, REUTERS, Al, Al Drago District of Columbia, Trump International Hotel, Trump, Trump’s Locations: Dallas , North Carolina, U.S, Al Drago District, Washington, , Russia
The Newest Hotel Amenity? Virus-Scrubbed Air
  + stars: | 2020-12-03 | by ( Elaine Glusac | ) + 0.00   time to read: +2 min
But with the approach of cold weather, HVAC contractors installed an air purification system that uses UV light and ionized hydrogen peroxide in most public areas of the hotel, including the indoor restaurant and meeting rooms. Spa treatment rooms each have their own portable air purification systems. “The air being recirculated in your room is your air.”But many hotels are bringing units into the guest rooms for extra assurance. Decisions about installing air purification systems tend to happen at the property or ownership level, rather than the brand level. Many hotels have long offered allergy-free or wellness rooms to travelers that feature heightened purification systems.
Persons: , Wes Davis, I’m, John Mathers, Hilton Organizations: Air Conditioning Contractors of America, Madison Beach Hotel, House, Ocean House Management, Research, Engineering Laboratories Locations: Madison, Madison , Conn, Rhode Island, Ocean
Ivanka Trump was deposed by Washington, DC investigators on Tuesday in connection to a lawsuit on alleged misuse of inaugural funds, according to a court filing. The lawsuit in question was filed by the Washington, DC District Attorney's office in January 2020. It alleges that the Presidential Inaugural Committee enriched the Trump Organization by overpaying to use the Trump International Hotel in DC for President Donald Trump's inauguration events in 2017. In January, the Washington, DC attorney general's office sued the Trump Organization and the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC), alleging that the committee had enriched the Trump family's company by overpaying to use the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, for inauguration events. The Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, seen on November 3, 2020.
Persons: Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump's, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania Trump, overpaying, Rick Gates, Vladimir Kostyrev, Gates, Ivanka, Wolkoff, Read, Biden, Trump, Gonzalo Marroquin, Patrick McMullan, Jared Kushner, Rudy Giuliani, Kayleigh McEnany Organizations: Washington, DC, Presidential, Trump Organization, overpaying, Trump International Hotel, White, Trump, Getty, Trump Hotel, Vogue, Justice Department, New, WIS Media Partners, UN, Peace, United Nations Headquarters, New York Times, Department, The Times, White House Press Locations: Washington, DC, Washington ,, Washington , DC, New York, New York City
Butler Hospitality is a New York startup that creates "ghost kitchens" to supply neighborhood hotels with room service. However, as hotels look to cut costs, Butler could have an opportunity in helping hotels to offer room service in a more efficient way. Butler Hospitality, founded by Tim Gjonbalic in 2016, aims to help hotels make the room-service financials work better by creating "ghost kitchens" inside underutilized hotel kitchens. But adapting the model to a hotel's food and beverage program is a unique concept. In July, Butler Hospitality raised a $15 million Series A funding round with contributions from &vest, Scopus Ventures, Kraft Group, Mousse Partners, and
Persons: Butler, Tim Gjonbalic, Gjonbalic, It's, Godfrey, Hospitality Butler, Travis Kalanick, Kroger, ClusterTruck Organizations: Hospitality, Marriott, Hilton, Oxford Hotels, Resorts, Butler Hospitality, Marriott Miami, Wall Street, Scopus Ventures, Kraft Group, Mousse Partners, McKinsey, New Locations: New York, Miami, It's, New York City, Hyatt, Chicago, Marriott Miami Beach, Washington
Ivanka Trump arrives to introduce her father, US President Donald Trump during a "Make America Great Again" rally at Total Sports Park on November 1, 2020, in Washington, Michigan. Last January, AG Karl Racine announced he was suing the Trump Inaugural Committee, The Trump Organization and the Trump International Hotel "for blatantly and unlawfully abusing nonprofit funds to enrich the Trump family." "This came as a result of coordination between Inaugural Committee Deputy Chairman Rick Gates, Trump International Hotel management, and members of the Trump family." "This week spent 5+ hours in a deposition with the Democrat D.C. AG's office where they questioned the rates charged by the Trump Hotel at the inauguration," Ivanka Trump griped in her tweet Thursday. Garten and a White House spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNBC on Thursday about Ivanka Trump's tweet.
Persons: Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump's, Trump, Ivanka, defaming, Eric Trump, Joe Biden, Karl Racine, Racine, Rick Gates, , Jared Kushner —, Patricia Tang, Ramsey Ratcliffe, Ratcliffe, Gates, Paul Manafort, Damelincourt, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Lady Melania Trump, elect's, Winston Wolkoff, Alan Garten, Trump's, Donald Trump Jr, Marc Kasowitz, Donald Jr, Cyrus Vance's, Vance, Kasowitz Organizations: Sports Park, D.C, White, Trump International, Manhattan District, New, Trump, Committee, The Trump Organization, Trump International Hotel, Democrat, Trump Hotel, Ivanka Trump, DC, Trump Organization, NBC News, CNBC, ProPublica, WNYC, & $ Locations: Washington , Michigan, Washington, New York, York, Ukraine, Gates, PE's, Manhattan
FILE PHOTO: The national flags of Israel and Bahrain flutter at the entrance of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem November 26, 2020. REUTERS/Ammar AwadJERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel foresees $220 million in non-defence trade with Bahrain in 2021, the Economy Ministry said on Wednesday as it hosted a delegation from the Gulf state to cement newly established ties. Bahrain and neighbour the United Arab Emirates normalised relations with Israel on Sept. 15, a U.S.-brokered pact motivated by business prospects as well as shared worries about Iran. The Economy Ministry trade forecast anticipated growth in Israeli exports to Bahrain of diamonds and refined metals for chemicals, and of imports of oil and aluminium from Bahrain. Israel does not publish country-specific defence export data.
Persons: King David Hotel, Ammar Awad JERUSALEM, Israel foresees, Benjamin Netanyahu, Zayed bin Rashid Organizations: REUTERS, Economy Ministry, United, Israeli, Israel’s Intelligence Ministry Locations: Israel, Bahrain, Jerusalem, United Arab Emirates, U.S, Iran, Manama
Cipriani Bows a Private Club and Hotel—Go Behind the Scenes
  + stars: | 2020-12-02 | by ( Darrell Hartman | ) sentiment -0.99   time to read: 1 min
The Battery Maritime Building is the last of New York City’s old East River ferry terminals: a beaux-arts building with the iron-and-glass look of 19th-century Paris expos, studded with rivets the size of macarons. After the structure’s completion in 1909, Brooklyn-bound commuters gathered there over the course of three decades until bridges and tunnels rendered ferry service somewhat obsolete. (In fact, public ferries to and from Governors Island continue to dock at the building’s slips.) It was earmarked for preservation status in the second half of the 20th century, then subjected to a series of failed development...
Organizations: New, Paris expos, Governors Locations: New York, Brooklyn
The data shows:Over 25 PPP loans worth more than $3.65 million were given to businesses with addresses at Trump and Kushner real estate properties, paying rent to those owners. There were also some troubling signs of mismanagement revealed in Tuesday evening’s data release. Original intentThe PPP programs’ original stated intent by officials was to help with payroll for small businesses struggling under the effects of coronavirus lockdown measures. “SBA’s historically successful COVID relief loan programs have helped millions of small businesses and tens of millions of American workers when they needed it most,” an SBA spokesman said in a statement accompanying the release. “Americans deserved an open, transparent small business aid program when this pandemic started, and any new small business relief program must take a lesson from the abject failures of this one.”
Persons: Donald Trump's, Jared Kushner’s, Kushner, Trump, , Kyle Herrig, Organizations: Small Business Administration, Trump Administration, NBC News, Trump Organization, Kushner, Trump, Triomphe Restaurant Corp, Trump International Hotel, LB City Inc, Trump Tower, PPP, SBA Locations: New York City, Long Branch , NJ, America
The lawyer for "Tiger King" star Joe Exotic says he is "very, very close" to getting a presidential pardon from President Donald Trump. Maldano-Passage became famous after his exploits as a zookeeper were documented in the 2020 Netflix series "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness." The lawyer for Joe Exotic, the star of Netflix's "Tiger King," said he believes his client is "very, very close" to getting a presidential pardon from President Donald Trump, ABC News reported. His zookeeping and legal troubles became famous after Netflix released its popular series "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness" in March. Then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump with two of his elder children, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, in 2016.
Persons: Joe Exotic, Donald Trump, Joseph Maldano, Eric Love, Trump, Michael Flynn, Patrick Semansky, Maldonado, Joe, Joe Arpaio, Susan B, Anthony, Flynn, Carole Baskin, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, Joe Raedle, Rudy Giuliani, Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, Matt Gaetz Organizations: ABC News, FBI, Netflix, AP, he'd, Maldonado, Trump International Hotel, New York Times, Republican, The New York Times, NBC News, Trump, GOP Rep Locations: Santa Rosa County, Arizona, Russia, Washington ,
Enter the Justice Department, which in a court document released on Tuesday acknowledged a probe into an alleged presidential pardon "bribery conspiracy scheme." President-elect Joe Biden has expressed a desire to move beyond the Trump era, but the Department of Justice and officials in New York state may have other plans. All the while, Trump has denied wrongdoing, and he remained typically defiant Tuesday as news of a federal pardon probe broke. The White House and Justice Department did not respond Wednesday to requests for comment. Meanwhile, the Justice Department, led by Attorney General Bill Barr, has also taken recent action that favors Trump.
Persons: Joe Biden, Donald Trump's, Biden, ensnaring Trump, Trump, Alan Dershowitz, Donald Trump, US Department of Justice —, Mary McCord, Obama, Ann Ravel, , Nate McMurray, Donald Trump Jr, Demetrius Freeman, Michael Cohen, SDNY, Rudy Giuliani, Hunter —, Trump's, Mueller, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Andrew Weissmann, Weissmann, Brad Parscale, Mike Pence, Bill Barr, John Durham, Jean Carroll, McCord, it'd, they'd, Letitia James, Kathy Willens, Manhattan Cyrus Vance, Adam Parkhomenko, Hillary Clinton's, Nomiki Konst, Max Steele, James, Dershowitz Organizations: Justice Department, White, New, Trump, US Department of Justice, Trump White, DOJ, Biden, Democratic, Department of Justice, Washington, Getty, Southern, of, Representatives, Internal Revenue, District of Columbia, Trump International Hotel, MSNBC, FEC, Justice, Georgetown University Law Center's Institute, Constitutional, York, Associated Press New, Trump Organization, Attorney, Democratic National Committee's, PAC, American Locations: New York, America, of New York, Ukrainian, Maryland, Washington, Associated Press New York, Washington ,, New York City
FILE PHOTO: A general view shows the headquarters of Anbang Insurance Group in Beijing, China, February 23, 2018. REUTERS/Thomas PeterSEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean investment bank Mirae Asset Daewoo Co Ltd said on Tuesday it won a U.S. court case against Anbang Insurance Group, after Mirae Asset affiliates scrapped a $5.8 billion deal to buy 15 U.S. hotels from Anbang. Anbang had filed a suit saying Mirae Asset affiliates must fulfill their promised payment for the hotels, while Mirae affiliates filed a counterclaim that Anbang return the deposit, pay transaction costs, and related litigation costs, Mirae said in a regulatory filing on Tuesday. Anbang has been liquidated and some of its assets have been revamped into a new entity called Dajia Insurance Group. Shares in Mirae Asset rose 6% in Seoul on Tuesday.
Persons: Thomas Peter SEOUL, Mirae, Anbang, Anbang’s Organizations: Anbang Insurance Group, REUTERS, Mirae, Daewoo Co, Anbang Insurance, Reuters, Dajia Insurance Locations: Beijing, China, U.S, Anbang, Delaware, Seoul
He could have quit but instead he pushed people to vote," Tanden tweeted at the time in response to what appeared to be a Sanders supporter. Another CAP board member from the finance community is Donald Sussman, a Democratic megadonor and hedge fund manager. CAP Action doubled its overall fundraising last year to $16 million, and over $8 million partially went toward its now defunct news organization ThinkProgress. It also came during the Democratic presidential primaries and while CAP Action continued to target Trump. Tanden insisted at the time that the news group is editorially independent of CAP, and CAP Action and called the video "overly harsh."
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The best credit card welcome offers available now:If you want to earn points, miles, or cash back, the quickest option is signing up for a rewards credit card and earning its intro bonus. Good to Excellent A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star 4.8 out of 5 Stars Editor's Rating Our editor's ratings are primarily based on 3 things: simplicity, affordability, and value. Good to Excellent A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star 4.8 out of 5 Stars Editor's Rating Our editor's ratings are primarily based on 3 things: simplicity, affordability, and value. Annual Fee Limited Time Offer: $0 introductory annual fee for one year, then $95. Before you apply for a new credit card, make sure you understand how credit card applications affect your credit score.
Persons: Chris Steak, Cash, you'll, Flex, PreCheck, it's, IHG, Uber Cash, Uber, David Slotnick, Chase, Organizations: Finance, Citi, American Express, American, Air Canada, Air France, KLM, Etihad, Chevron, Chase, Sapphire, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, United, Target, Walmart, Hyatt, , United Club, Southwest Airlines ®, Rapid, Southwest, Card, Premier, InterContinental ®, Crowne Plaza, Premier Credit, . Gas, Supermarkets, Fine Hotels, Resorts, Saks Fifth, Hilton, Marriott, Saks, U.S . Gas, Gas, Air Travel, Citi Premier Locations: Hyatt, Chase, Marriott, United, There's, U.S, Delta, Emirates,
A dispute over loud music ended with a 47-year-old Oregon man fatally shooting a Black teenager in a hotel parking lot just days before Thanksgiving, police said. Aidan Ellison, 19, was staying at the hotel with his friend Sara Jones and her cousin when the young man couldn't sleep that night. "I gave Aidan my car keys to listen to music," Jones, 35, told NBC News on Monday. While the deadly dispute may have started over loud music, Ashland Police Chief Tighe O'Meara said in a statement that this tragedy is "100%" the fault of suspect Robert Paul Keegan. The chief added: "Yes, there was an argument over music, no, this did not happen because of loud music, it happened because the suspect chose to bring a gun with him and chose to use it."
Persons: Aidan Ellison, Sara Jones, Aidan, " Jones, Jones, Ellison, Tighe O'Meara, Robert Paul Keegan, O'Meara, Keegan, Jim Tumpane, Tumpane, Aidan's, Sunmoon Oh, , ” Oh Organizations: Stratford, California -, NBC, Police, Ashland Police, Public Locations: Oregon, Ashland, California, California - Oregon, Stratford, Talent, Jackson County, Jackson
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (Reuters) - Bethlehem is shaping up for a dismal Christmas: most of the inns are closed, the shepherds are likely to be under lockdown and there are few visitors from the east, or anywhere else. A view shows the Church of the Nativity, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Bethlehem in the Israeli-occupied West Bank November 26, 2020. REUTERS/Mussa QawasmaJust 12 months ago, the Palestinian town was celebrating its busiest festive season for two decades, amid a sustained drop in violence and a corresponding surge in the number of pilgrims and tourists. And Christmas will not be cancelled,” said Mayor Anton Salman, as workers behind him erected a huge Christmas tree in Manger Square. Shop after shop was closed and market stalls were selling just a few trinkets.
Persons: Mussa Qawasma, Jesus, , Anton Salman, Jerusalem, Pierbattista, Father Francesco Patton, ” Pizzaballa, Michael Canawati’s, Canawati, ” Canawati, Elias al Organizations: West Bank, Reuters, REUTERS, Arab Hotel Association Locations: BETHLEHEM, Bethlehem, “ Bethlehem, Manger, Jerusalem
Just 12 months ago, the Palestinian town was celebrating its busiest festive season for two decades, amid a sustained drop in violence and a corresponding surge in the number of pilgrims and tourists. “Bethlehem is going to celebrate Christmas. And Christmas will not be canceled,” said Mayor Anton Salman, as workers behind him erected a huge Christmas tree in Manger Square. Shop after shop was closed and market stalls were selling just a few trinkets. Elias al-Arja, chairman of the Arab Hotel Association, said the town and the world faced the same problem.
Persons: Jesus, , Anton Salman, Jerusalem, Pierbattista, Father Francesco Patton, ” Pizzaballa, Michael Canawati’s, Canawati, ” Canawati, Elias al Organizations: West Bank, Reuters, Arab Hotel Association Locations: BETHLEHEM, Bethlehem, “ Bethlehem, Manger, Jerusalem
Merkel slams state premiers over Christmas hotel opening plan: sources
  + stars: | 2020-11-30 | by ( Reuters Staff | ) sentiment -0.99   time to read: +2 min
Merkel and state premiers agreed last week that some partial easing of the lockdown would be allowed to allow families some low-key Christmas celebrations. Meeting participants told Reuters she saw this as particularly risky in large cities and in regions with high infection numbers. Despite Merkel’s comments, however, the regional leaders have the final say on what happens in their states under Germany’s federal structure. “People have to show discipline,” economy minister Peter Altmaier, the architect of the economic response to the pandemic told Deutschlandfunk radio. “We have to do more to reduce social contacts.”Altmaier added that pandemic aid for companies could not be extended indefinitely.
Persons: Angela Merkel, Merkel, Peter Altmaier, ” Altmaier Organizations: BERLIN, Reuters Locations: Germany
Hidden in Plain Sight: The Ghosts of Segregation
  + stars: | 2020-11-30 | by ( Richard Frishman | Photographs | Text By | ) + 0.99   time to read: 1 min
The six faded letters are all that remain, and few people notice them. I would never have seen them if a friend hadn’t pointed them out to me while we walked through New Orleans’s French Quarter. I certainly wouldn’t have realized their significance. On Chartres Street, above a beautifully arched doorway, is a curious and enigmatic inscription: “CHANGE.” Now part of the facade of the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel, the letters mark the onetime site of the St. Louis Hotel & Exchange, where, under the building’s famed rotunda, enslaved people were once sold.
Persons: hadn’t Organizations: New Orleans’s, Omni, Orleans Hotel, Louis Hotel & Exchange Locations: New, Chartres
Hotels, booking sites, and tour operators are still offering significant savings for Cyber Monday 2020 and Travel Tuesday 2020 (December 1). Cyber Monday travel deals from booking sitesBooking.comOn popular travel booking site, users can find hotel deals, book rooms, and read reviews and ratings to help make travel plans. Cyber Monday deal: Snag 30% off rooms between November 30 and December 6, 2020 for stays through December 31, 2020. Cyber Monday deal: Get 30% off bookings between November 30 and December 6, 2020 for stays between November 30, 2020 and December 31, 2021. Cyber Monday deal: Save 30% on rooms from November 30 to December 6, 2020 for travel now through December 31, 2021.
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When you receive your new credit card, there are steps you'll want to take before you start using it. Read Business Insider's guide to the best rewards credit cards. What to do when you get a new credit cardA new rewards credit card presents a medley of opportunities and pitfalls. You may also find this step useful to synchronize credit card payments with your rent, mortgage, or other bills. Take note of bonus categoriesMany credit cards offer bonus rewards for select purchases, such as 5x rewards on groceries or other rotating categories.
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