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From Libya to Nigeria, Ethiopia to Mali, Moscow has been building key strategic military alliances and an increasingly favorable public profile across Africa in recent years. Via the U.N., Russia has also provided aid in the form food and medical assistance alongside its growing commercial, economic and military support across the continent. Russia's bilateral push In the past two months alone, Russia has signed military cooperation agreements with Nigeria and Ethiopia, Africa's two most populous nations. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute estimates that Africa accounted for 18% of Russian arms exports between 2016 and 2020. This will focus on counterterrorism, special forces operations and humanitarian support, along with safeguarding U.S. commercial interests in the face of growing Chinese and Russian presence.
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In 2018, Kidanemariam was serving as Ethiopia's consul general in Los Angeles and said he helped organize Abiy's visit. He expected Abiy, who preached a political philosophy of inclusion, to chide the crowd, but he said nothing. Later, over lunch, when Kidanemariam asked why, he said Abiy told him: "There was nothing to correct." Abiy receives the Nobel Peace Prize during a ceremony in Oslo, Norway, in December 2019. "I am of the strongest opinion that the Nobel Prize Committee is responsible for what is happening in Ethiopia, at least partially.
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President of the Somali Region Mustafa Muhumed Omer attends a Reuters interview in Jijiga, Ethiopia January 14, 2020. Somali region President Mustafa Muhumed Omer said the road and rail had been blocked by local youth protesting against an attack on Saturday. "We are working to open the Djibouti rail and road today," Mustafa, the Somali region President, told Reuters in a text message. The most deadly violence, however, has emanated from the Tigray region. Getachew Reda, spokesperson for the TPLF, told Reuters on Wednesday its fighters were near Debark, about 102 km (63 miles) north of Gondar, one of Amhara's largest cities.
Persons: Somali Region Mustafa Muhumed Omer, Giulia Paravicini, Mustafa Muhumed Omer, Mustafa, Abiy Ahmed, Getachew Reda, Bahir Dar, Gizachew Muluneh, Maggie Fick, Dawit Endeshaw, William Maclean Organizations: REUTERS, United Nations Conference, Trade, Development, Reuters, Djibouti, Wednesday, Kobo, Abiy, Ethiopian, Thomson Locations: Somali Region, Jijiga, Ethiopia, NAIROBI, Addis Ababa, Djibouti, Somali, Afar, Horn of Africa, Tigray, Debark, Gondar, Amhara, Bahir, Olbia, Italy, Nairobi
ADDIS ABABA, July 25 (Reuters) - Ethiopia's Amhara state on Sunday called on "all young people" to take up arms against Tigrayan fighters who are battling the federal government military and forces from all of Ethiopia's other nine regions. War erupted between the Ethiopian military and the TPLF, which rules Ethiopia's northernmost region, in November. This week the Tigrayans pushed their offensive to Afar, their neighbouring state to the east, where they said they planned to target troops from the Amhara region fighting alongside the federal military in the area. On Saturday, Amhara's special forces commander, Brigadier General Tefera Mamo was quoted by the region's state media as saying the war had expanded to the state. "The terrorist group has started a war in the Amhara and Afar regions and is also harassing Ethiopians," Tefera said, referring to TPLF.
Persons: Teshager, Getachew, General Tefera Mamo, Tefera, Elias Biryabarema, Katharine Houreld, Alex Richardson Organizations: Tigrayan, Tigray, Ethiopian, Special Forces, Thomson Locations: ADDIS ABABA, Amhara, Tigray People's, Horn of Africa, Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Djibouti, Nairobi
People cheer as they say Eritrean forces have left the northern town of Shire in Ethiopia's Tigray region, June 29, 2021 in this in this still image taken from video obtained by REUTERS. The former rulers of Ethiopia's Tigray region, the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), said on Monday they were back in control of the regional capital Mekelle after nearly eight months of fighting, and the government declared a unilateral ceasefire. There were similar scenes in Shire in northern Tigray on Wednesday, after Eritrean troops had left, residents said. With electricity and phone and internet lines cut to the region, aid agencies are severely limited in their ability to access people in dire need of food and other services. “We are preparing for resumption of aid,” Abu Salah said, noting that 5.2 million people were in need of humanitarian assistance in Tigray.
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Ethiopia’s election was meant to be the crowning moment for Nobel Peace Prize-winning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a popular recognition of his efforts to break open one of Africa’s most entrenched one-party states and liberalize its tightly controlled economy. Voting in the election, already delayed by a year due the coronavirus pandemic, won’t take place in one-fifth of Ethiopia’s 547 electoral districts, due to violence or logistical problems. International observers, including U.S. officials, have reported atrocities and an expanding famine. In the Oromia region that surrounds the capital, Addis Ababa, opposition parties are boycotting the vote, citing repression of its candidates and supporters by Mr. Ahmed’s new Prosperity Party. But many observers fear that the election has unleashed the opposite: deepening violent conflicts within Ethiopia and generating volatility across a fragile geography perched next to some of the world’s most vital shipping lanes.
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An ambulance carrying wounded from a suicide bombing attack at a military base arrives at the Madina Hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia June 15, 2021. REUTERS/Feisal OmarAt least 15 people were killed on Tuesday in a suicide bombing at an army camp in the Somali capital Mogadishu, a Reuters witness who counted the bodies at Madina Hospital said. Officials at the hospital confirmed the dead were killed in an attack earlier in the day at an army camp. Islamist group al Shabaab frequently carries out bombings in the Horn of Africa country. A Somali military officer, Odawaa Yusuf Rage, told state media earlier on Tuesday that 10 new recruits had been killed, and 20 others wounded, when a suicide bomber detonated explosives at a checkpoint outside of General Degaban military training camp in the capital.
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A number of bodies washed up at Ras al-Arah on Yemen's Red Sea coast on Monday from a suspected migrant boat that sank offshore, a local official said. The stretch of coast is notorious for the smuggling of migrants from the Horn of Africa into Yemen. Residents in Ras al-Arah said bodies had washed up at dawn on Monday. A boat sank around 18 nautical miles off the coast of al-Mokha, the local official said. With COVID-19 and security restrictions blocking routes into Gulf states, some migrants are even making the return journey back to the Horn of Africa out of Yemen.
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FACTBOX-Sudan's external debt burden
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Sudan’s debt totals at least $50 billion as of the end of 2019, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). As Sudan was cut off from the international system for decades, about 85% of its debt is arrears -- unpaid interest and penalties. Under the programme, all Sudan’s creditors come to an agreement to restructure and forgive debt. Sudan’s debt is the biggest to be tackled through HIPC to date and progress so far has been swift, an IMF official said. Through debt relief, Sudan opens up its lines of credit with multilateral organizations and other countries, allowing it to receive new grants and loans at low or zero interest.
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What has taken Biden administration officials by surprise is how quickly historic opportunity has emerged. First, the region's two most bitter adversaries, Saudi Arabia and Iran, are engaged in secret talks to manage the region's most incendiary conflict. Second, Turkey this week added Egypt to the list of countries with which it is trying to reduce tensions – including Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel. Most intriguing, Saudi Arabia and Iran have been holding secret talks since January, apparently without U.S. involvement, and brokered by Iraq. The Biden administration has endorsed the agreements, most recently in a conversation this week between President Biden and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed.
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China wants a port on Africa's west coast that can host subs or aircraft carriers, the head of US Africa Command says. If realized, that prospect would enable China to base warships in its expanding Navy in the Atlantic as well as Pacific oceans. Now they're casting their gaze to the Atlantic coast and wanting to get such a base there." "I want it to be in Tanzania instead of on the Atlantic coast. The Atlantic coast concerns me greatly," he said, pointing to the relatively shorter distance from Africa's west coast to the U.S.
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The top US commander in Africa recently said China's new naval pier in Djibouti could support an aircraft carrier. China's peacekeeping deployments in Africa are seen as a potential excuse to build up its military presence on the continent. About 12 km away, the US's Camp Lemonnier military base houses 3,400 personnel. He said the recently completed pier at the Chinese naval base in Djibouti was large enough to support an aircraft carrier. He said Beijing had been cautious about its next moves concerning naval bases in Africa.
Persons: Hu Jintao, Christopher Herwi Luke Patey, Patey, Stephen Townsend, Townsend, Sen, Robert Menendez, Xi Jinping, Thomson, Jeffrey Becker, Becker, Samuel Ramani, Ramani, Alfred de Montesquiou, David Shinn, George Washington, Shinn, John Calabrese, Calabrese, Richard Gowan, Gowan Organizations: Analysts, UN, REUTERS, Danish Institute for International Studies, Pentagon, US, US Africa Command, US Senate Armed, Committee, Liberation Army, US Department of Defence, Africa Cooperation, Pacific Security Affairs, Centre, Naval, University of Oxford, United Nations, George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs, PLA Navy, Asia, Initiative, Crisis Locations: Africa, Djibouti, Mandeb, Aden, United States, France, Japan, Italy, China, Monrovia, Liberia, Beijing, East, West, Southern Africa, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Africa's, Namibia, Britain, Russia, Tome, Principe, Sudanese, Khartoum, US, Libya, Horn of Africa, East Africa, Mali, South Sudan
Kenya said on Thursday it had told the United Nations it will shut by June 2022 two camps holding over 410,000 refugees who fled from wars in the east and Horn of Africa, adding it planned to repatriate some and give others residency. read moreThe U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) replied by asking the government to ensure that vulnerable refugees would still be protected under its timeline for the closure. One of the two refugee camps in northern Kenya, Dadaab, close to the sensitive border with war-racked Somalia, was set up in 1991. Thursday's announcement appeared to be the decisive step by Kenya after years of discussion about closing Dadaab. Kenya contributes troops to the African Union peacekeeping force deployed in Somalia to curb the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab that seeks to topple the government.
Persons: Fred Matiang'i, Filippo Grandi Organizations: United, United Nations, UNHCR, Relations, African Union, Thomson Locations: Kenya, United Nations, Horn of Africa, Nairobi, Dadaab, Somalia, Shabaab, Mogadishu
(Adds details)NAIROBI, April 23 (Reuters) - Ethiopia’s finance ministry signed a $907 million financing agreement with the World Bank on Friday geared towards improving access to financing, the fight against COVID-19 and electricity investment, it said. Some $700 million was a loan and $207 million a grant, the ministry said in a statement. The ministry said that $200 million will go towards small and medium businesses affected by the pandemic with the aim of easing their financing challenges. Another $207 million will be for the deployment of COVID-19 vaccines and the remaining $500 million will be invested in efforts to increase access to electricity in the Horn of Africa nation. Like other countries around the world, Ethiopia’s economy has been hit hard by the pandemic.
Organizations: World Bank, COVID, International Monetary Fund Locations: NAIROBI, Horn of Africa
U.N. Under-Secretary for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman listens to a question during a news conference in Colombo March 3,2015. REUTERS/Dinuka LiyanawatteVeteran U.S. diplomat Jeffrey Feltman was named a special envoy for the Horn of Africa on Friday, as Washington looks to step up diplomatic efforts in a region hit by the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray and other crises. Feltman also will lead international efforts to address tensions between Ethiopia and Sudan and around the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement. After serving in senior roles at the State Department, Feltman was U.N. political affairs chief from 2012 to 2018, a job that helps form U.N. policy and oversees U.N. mediation efforts. Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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ANKARA (Reuters) - When Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan last received Joe Biden on official business, in August 2016, Erdogan had just sent tanks into Syria. Erdogan has also said he will seek good relations with Biden, but he insists Turkey needs to protect its interests. “There is obvious tension.”THE ‘A-TEAM’When Biden visited Turkey in 2016, the country was in shock from the failed coup. Instead, encouraged by Erdogan, Trump promised to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and hand responsibility for fighting Islamic State in Syria to Turkey. Two months after taking office, Biden has yet to call the Turkish president.
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FILE PHOTO: Somalia's newly elected President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo addresses lawmakers after winning the vote at the airport in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, February 8, 2017. REUTERS/Feisal OmarAbdirashid Janan, security minister of the semi-autonomous Jubbaland state, said he had defected together with 400 troops from Jubbaland’s forces, potentially bolstering the position of the president, known in Somalia by his nickname ‘Farmajo’. Jubbaland leader Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe said in a statement he had sacked Janan as security minister for conducting talks with the president. Officials in both Jubbaland and Puntland say they do not recognise Mohamed as Somalia’s president since his term expired. The presidents of Jubbaland and Puntland however refused to participate, arguing Mohamed must not chair the talks as he was no longer president.
Persons: Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, Feisal Omar Abdirashid Janan, , , Mohamed, , ” Janan, Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe, Janan, Deni, Organizations: Reuters, REUTERS, Police Locations: GAROWE, Somalia, Somali, Somalia's, Mogadishu, Puntland, Horn of Africa, al Shabaab, Jubbaland, Dhahar district
Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin sit to deliver a joint press statement at Vigyan Bhawan, on March 20, 2021 in New Delhi, India. Jaishankar also said the Biden administration's investment in the Quad — the informal strategic alliance between the U.S., India, Australia and Japan — is equally important. Austin called India an "increasingly important partner among today's rapidly shifting international dynamic," saying the bilateral relationship is a "stronghold of a free and open Indo-Pacific region." "There is a growing Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean region," said Arun Singh, a former Indian ambassador to the United States. In the framework for China, U.S. sees India as a very important partner.
Persons: Rajnath Singh, Lloyd Austin, Sonu Mehta, Biden, Defense Lloyd Austin, Austin, Dhruva Jaishankar, Jaishankar, Japan —, today's, Arun Singh, CNBC's, ORFA's, Diego Garcia, Trump Organizations: Indian Defense, . Defense, Vigyan Bhawan, Hindustan Times, CNBC, Monday, Monday . U.S, Defense, India's Defense, Observer Research Foundation America, Biden, U.S, Brookings, Reuters Locations: Vigyan, New Delhi, India, States, Monday ., Japan, South Korea, Asia, Australia, Austin, Beijing, China, Djibouti, Horn of Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indian, United States, Washington, East, Ocean Territory, U.S, Malabar, Russia, Russian, American
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Somalia’s opposition says it has written to Turkey urging it not to send a planned shipment of weapons to a special police unit that they fear incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed could use to “hijack” forthcoming elections. Political tensions have been high in the Horn of Africa country, stoked by opposition anger over a delay in holding the elections for both chambers of parliament. On Tuesday opposition supporters marched in the capital Mogadishu denouncing the president for the delay. The letter urged Ankara to delay the delivery of weapons and ammunition until after the delayed elections have been conducted. Somalia’s information minister Osman Abukar Dube did not immediately respond to Reuters calls and a text message seeking comment.
Persons: Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, , , Osman Abukar Dube, Tayyip Erdogan Organizations: Reuters, United Arab Emirates Locations: MOGADISHU, Turkey, Horn of Africa, Mogadishu, Somalia, Ankara, Somali, Saudi Arabia, Qatar
Factbox: Ethiopia's reclusive neighbour Eritrea
  + stars: | 2020-12-08 | by ( Reuters Staff | )   time to read: +3 min
Critics dub Eritrea the “North Korea of Africa” for its pariah status, which the government blames on past United Nations sanctions and Western hostility and smears. The United Nations imposed an arms embargo, asset freezes, and travel bans on Eritrea in 2009 over accusations that it was supporting al Shabaab Islamist militants in Somalia. That embargo was lifted nine years later as Eritrea moved to normalise ties with Somalia and made its pact with Ethiopia. Also in 2018, Eritrea and its Red Sea neighbour Djibouti agreed to normalise ties a decade after a border dispute led to brief clashes. Before their deal, Ethiopia regularly accused Eritrea of incursions and interference, including support for separatists in its northeastern Afar region.
Persons: Janes, ” Janes, Power, Isaias Afwerki, Isaias, Abiy Ahmed, Abiy, , Johnnie Carson, al Organizations: Human Rights Watch, CIA, Independent, United, Ethiopian, Abiy, United States Institute of Peace, The United, United Arab Emirates, Emirates Locations: NAIROBI, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tigray, Horn of Africa, “ North Korea, Africa, United Nations, U.S, Washington, The United Nations, al Shabaab, Somalia, Djibouti, Afar, Yemen
ADDIS ABABA/NAIROBI (Reuters) - Ethiopian troops have taken “full control” of the Tigray region’s capital Mekelle, the government said on Saturday evening, a major development in a three-week-old war that is sending shockwaves through the Horn of Africa. He said police were searching for the leaders of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), who have been fighting federal forces in the northern region since Nov. 4. The army chief of staff, Birhanu Jula, also announced that government forces had taken control of Mekelle, in a statement on the military’s official Facebook page. State television said that federal forces were in full control of the city by 7 p.m. Abiy accuses Tigrayan leaders of starting the war by attacking federal troops at a base in Tigray.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed, , Abiy, Birhanu Jula, Tigrayan Organizations: Ethiopian, , Federal, Authorities, Northern Command Locations: ADDIS ABABA, NAIROBI, Tigray, Mekelle, Horn of Africa, Sudan, Eritrea
ADDIS ABABA/NAIROBI (Reuters) - Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Saturday that military operations in the northern region of Tigray have been completed, shortly after he announced federal troops had seized full control of the regional capital Mekelle. REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri/File Photo“I am pleased to share that we have completed and ceased the military operations in the Tigray region,” he said in a tweet. Federal troops had taken control of “the airport, public institutions, the regional administration office and other critical facilities,” Abiy said. State television said federal forces were in full control of the city by 7 p.m. Abiy accuses Tigrayan leaders of starting the war by attacking federal troops at a base in Tigray.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed, Abiy, , ” Abiy, Tigrayan, Billene Seyoum, Debretsion Gebremichael, Mekelle, Billene, TPLF, ” Debretsion, Filippo Grandi, Dominic Raab Organizations: Ethiopian, Mekelle, Amhara Special Force, Dansha Mechanized, Military, REUTERS, Tiksa, Federal, Authorities, Northern Command, Reuters, Ethiopian National Defense Forces, Eritrean, United Nations, U.S, Embassy Locations: ADDIS ABABA, NAIROBI, Tigray, Danasha, Amhara, Ethiopia, Mekelle, Horn of Africa, Sudan, Eritrea, Addis Ababa, Asmara, British, Tigrayans
FILE PHOTO: Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed waits for the arrival of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen before their meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia December 7, 2019. The envoys were due to meet Abiy at 11 a.m. (0800 GMT), Redwan Hussein, spokesman of the government’s State of Emergency Task Force for the Tigray conflict, said. TRENCHESThere was no indication that the Ethiopian military had entered the city of Mekelle. “Warnings don’t absolve the Ethiopian military of the duty to protect civilians during military operations in urban areas,” Roth tweeted on Thursday. Abiy accuses Tigrayan leaders of starting the war by attacking federal troops at a base in Tigray three weeks ago.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed, Ursula von der Leyen, Redwan Hussein, Cyril Ramaphosa, Abiy, Ahmed Shide, , France24, Kenneth Roth, ” Roth, Tigrayan, Tigrayans Organizations: Ethiopian, Ethiopia's, REUTERS, Tiksa, United Nations, Abiy, Emergency, Force, Reuters, Finance, Human Rights Locations: ADDIS ABABA, NAIROBI, Tigray, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mekelle, government’s, South, Eritrea, Horn of Africa, Sudan
ADDIS ABABA/NAIROBI (Reuters) - Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government will protect civilians in the northern region of Tigray, he told African peace envoys on Friday, a day after he announced the military was beginning the “final phase” of an offensive there. FILE PHOTO: Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed waits for the arrival of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen before their meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia December 7, 2019. Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, said such efforts were not akin to protecting civilians from harm. In September, before the Tigray hostilities began, the U.N. migration agency IOM said conflict had displaced more than 1.2 million Ethiopians around the country. Abiy accuses Tigrayan leaders of starting the war by attacking federal troops at a base in Tigray three weeks ago.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed’s, Abiy Ahmed, Ursula von der Leyen, Abiy, Ellen Johnson, Joaquim Chissano, Mekelle, Ahmed Shide, , France24, Kenneth Roth, Tigrayan Organizations: Ethiopian, Ethiopia's, REUTERS, Tiksa, Union, United Nations, Reuters, Human Rights, Twitter, IOM Locations: ADDIS ABABA, NAIROBI, Tigray, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mekelle, Liberia, Mozambique, Kgalema, South Africa, Eritrea, Horn of Africa, Sudan, Ethiopia’s Tigray
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed greets an African Union (AU) envoy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia November 27, 2020, in this picture obtained from social media. Federal forces have captured Wikro “and will control Mekelle in a few days”, Lieutenant-General Hassan Ibrahim said in a statement. Reuters was not immediately able to reach the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) for comment, or to verify the statement. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed accuses Tigrayan leaders of starting the war by attacking federal troops at a base in Tigray on Nov. 4. His government also put senior Tigrayan officials on trial for crimes such as corruption, torture and murder.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed, Wikro “, Hassan Ibrahim, Tigrayan, Abiy, Ellen Johnson, Joaquim Chissano, Ahmed Shide, , France24, Kenneth Roth, Pope Francis Organizations: Ethiopian, African Union, Federal, Reuters, Union, United Nations, Human Rights, Twitter Locations: ADDIS ABABA, NAIROBI, Wikro, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Tigray, Liberia, Mozambique, Kgalema, South Africa, Eritrea, Horn of Africa, Sudan, Mekelle, Ethiopia’s Tigray
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