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Here is the full transcript of the NBC News interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which took place in Moscow on June 11, 2021. VLADIMIR PUTIN: Well, I don't know. VLADIMIR PUTIN: —it conduc— it conducts—KEIR SIMMONS: Russia is—VLADIMIR PUTIN: It conducts exercises in that battlefield. KEIR SIMMONS: I don't— I don't— I don't think I heard you answer the question, the direct question— Mr. President. I don't think that anybody in the Syrian government is interested in stealing some part of this humanitarian assistance.
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New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern leaves after Friday prayers at Hagley Park outside Al-Noor mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand March 22, 2019. read moreThe magazine described the film as an "inspirational story" about Ardern's response to the violence. Asked about it at a news conference, she said the Muslim community should be at the centre of any film about the shootings, not her. But they are the stories from our Muslim community so they need to be at the centre of that. Muslim community advocate Guled Mire told the 1 NEWS network that he thought the film was "distasteful".
Persons: Jacinda Ardern, Jorge Silva, Ardern, Zealander Andrew Niccol, Brenton Tarrant, Christchurch . Tarrant Organizations: Zealand's, REUTERS, New, Hollywood Reporter, New Zealand, Zealander, Thomson Locations: Hagley Park, Al, Noor, Christchurch , New Zealand, Christchurch, Christchurch .
(CNN) If you have a hard time keeping up with all the different Chrises in Hollywood, Chris Hemsworth's latest Instagram post probably won't help. The "Thor" actor posted on Instagram , "Happy 40th birthday Chris Evans, you'll always be number 1 in my book." What's attracting attention online, though, is that the photo shows Hemsworth and "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor Chris PrattCommenters seemed to appreciate the joke, with some even bringing in the fourth famous Chris and suggesting the photo shows Chris Pine. Last year , TV writer Amy Berg tweeted a photo of Evans, Hemsworth, Pine and Pratt saying, "One has to go."
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The Kinky Rabbit Club has emerged as one of L.A's most exclusive sex parties as Hot Vax Summer roars to a start. That was pretty much the ethos at the Kinky Rabbit Club, one of L.A's most exclusive sex parties, emerging from the ashes after a year in Covid lockdown. Founded by sex club impresario Alina Ratuska, Kinky Rabbit brands itself as a "female-empowered" sex club. Alina Ratuska, founder of the Kinky Rabbit Sex Club awaits a night of erotic debauchery. Courtesy of the Kinky Rabbit ClubAfter a string of erotic performances set the mood, a cluster of glittery, glistening bodies climbed a stairway.
Persons: Heather Hauswirth, hungrily, Kenzie Ann, Ashley, Kinky, Kenzie Anne, Alina Ratuska, Kinky Rabbit, Ratuska, Mule, I'm, wontonly, we've, Jimmy Hendrix, Vanna Bardot, Andrews Organizations: Hollywood, Covid, Ratuska Locations: Champagne, St
Kissing 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' goodbye
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No matter what is going on outside your window, I've got some content for you to enjoy inside. Three things to watch'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' series finale(From left) Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian and Kim Kardashian arrive for the 45th annual E! If you miss the original airing, the show is streaming on Hulu With Live TV, Sling TV, fuboTV and YouTube TV. Two things to listen to(From left) Michael Madden, PJ Morton, Adam Levine, James Valentine, Jesse Carmichael and Matt Flynn of Maroon 5. Something to sip onChris Harrison has left Bachelor Nation.
Persons: I've, Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kardashian, Jenner, Kendall, Kylie Jenner, Loki, Tom Hiddleston, Mobius, Owen Wilson, Anthony Ramos, Melissa Barrera, Lin, Manuel Miranda, HBO Max, Michael Madden, PJ Morton, Adam Levine, James Valentine, Jesse Carmichael, Matt Flynn, Gwyneth Paltrow, Apple Martin, Moses Martin, Paltrow, Chris Harrison, Harrison, Rachael Kirkconnell Organizations: CNN, Mount Rainier, Hulu, YouTube, Disney, Marvel, bodega, HBO, Billboard, Beverly Wilshire, Nation Locations: Washington State, Santa Monica , California, New York City, Dominican, New York, Washington, Hollywood, Beverly Hills , California
New Zealand Muslims object to mosque attack film while pain still raw
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New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern leaves after Friday prayers at Hagley Park outside Al-Noor mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand March 22, 2019. REUTERS/Jorge Silva/File PhotoNew Zealand Muslims objected on Friday to a plan for a film about the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings in which a gunman killed 51 people, saying the attack was still too raw for grieving families and their community. The 40-year-old leader's compassionate response to the attack united her shocked country and was praised globally. "Although recognition of our prime minister for her response to attacks is well deserved, we question the timing and whether a movie is appropriate right now? Australian actress Rose Byrne is set to play Ardern in the film, the Hollywood Reporter said, and New Zealander Andrew Niccol would write and direct it.
Persons: Jacinda Ardern, Jorge Silva, Abdigani Ali, Ardern, Rose Byrne, New Zealander Andrew Niccol, Niccol, Mohamed Hassan, Ali, we’ve Organizations: Zealand's, REUTERS, Hollywood Reporter, Muslim Association of Canterbury, New Zealander, Hollywood, Radio New Zealand, Thomson Locations: Hagley Park, Al, Noor, Christchurch , New Zealand, Christchurch, Australian, New, Auckland, New Zealand
Hollywood's Latin ambitions hit new heights
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Latinx trope she'd banish forever? Latinx trope she'd banish forever? Latinx trope she'd banish forever? However, it's incumbent that the Latinx community view other marginalized groups as companions, not competition, Murrieta said. But, rest assured, the Latinx community in Hollywood will keep running, as they say, con ganas.
Persons: it'd, Peter Murrieta, Mr, Iglesias, he's, He's, Carolina Garcia, Gloria Calderón Kellett, Roberto Larios, Alan Luna, Claudia Lyon, Kase Peña, Gina Torres, Jon Chu, Murrieta, Gina Reyes, Salma Hayek, Reyes, Hayek, there's, I've, that's, Pearson, it's, Murrieta's, Calderón Kellett, Tanya Saracho, Reed Morano, Steven Canals Organizations: CNN, Guild of America, Netflix, Universal Television, titans, Verve Talent, Literary Agency, ICM, Variety, MGM, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Amazon Studios, Talent, CBS Television, Young, Productions Locations: Hollywood, U.S, WarnerMedia
(CNN) For decades, Gina Torres has carved out a career in Hollywood feeling like she couldn't fully express herself. I need to let the audience know that this is also a face of Latinidad," Torres recalled telling the showrunner. They're not given the same attention, they're not given the same time, they're not given families," Torres said. As an actor and producer, Gina Torres is working to to bring more fully-realized characters of color to screen. They're not given the same attention, they're not given the same time, they're not given families," Torres said.
Persons: Gina Torres, Torres, she's, Tom Minear, Minear, Tommy Vega, They're, they're, Jessica Pearson, Pearson, Gina Torres Job, you've, I've, Diahann Carroll, Julissa Calderon, Isabel Arraiza, Michelle Veintimilla, The Baker, Baker, I'm, It's Organizations: CNN, USA, Afro Latina Locations: Hollywood, Cuban, The, White America, Miami
"[We] rallied together to say to the network, 'We don't think this is right. Before Luna became a full time casting director, he learned the ropes of Hollywood developing unscripted television shows from the ground up. "As a son of immigrants, it means a lot because you don't really grow up thinking that's attainable, and you don't really grow up thinking that that is exactly what you're capable of doing," he said. Alan Luna, a casting director for tv, film and animation, said he saw early in his career that he could effect change in entertainment. Q&AName: Alan LunaJob: "Casting director at AM Casting, an office me and longtime casting director Michelle Adams founded together last year.
Persons: Alan Luna, White, Luna, Alan Luna Job, Michelle Adams, I've, Strange, Selena, Natalie Ballesteros, Baker, Vida Organizations: CNN, Angeles, CBS, Westside Locations: Mexican, LA, Latin America, Los Angeles
LatinXcellence: Kase Peña is making a legacy of authenticity
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I don't know if you know New York, but Inwood is at northern tip of Manhattan. Peña keen eye and singular tone are an increasingly hot commodity in an industry clamoring for distinct voices. Carmen Carrera, Stephanie Beatriz of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" fame and YaYa Gosselin star in one installment about a Latinx trans woman. That people from a hundred years from now will know Kase Peña. Latinx actor/actress I think will a huge star one day: "Carmen Carrera, who just starred in my film 'Trans Los Angeles.'
Persons: Kase Peña, I'm, she's, Peña, they're, She's, Carmen Carrera, Stephanie Beatriz, YaYa Gosselin, somebody's who's, Kase, HBO Max Organizations: CNN, Yankee, City College of New, HBO, Hollywood Locations: Bronx, it's, Manhattan, Dominican Republic, Inwood, New York, South Bronx, Los Angeles, City College of New York, El Salvador
"I would say, take a look at every agency's roster and how many diverse agents they have, but it's not necessarily about a number. When you're one of few Latinx agents in the business, it can come with equal parts responsibility and scrutiny. "We are just two out of maybe a dozen Latinx agents, if that." Q&AName: Roberto Larios Jr.Job: TV agent at Verge Talent and Literary AgencyClients: "I don't want to leave anyone out. Latinx TV show I wish everyone was watching/had watched: "'Resurrection Blvd.,' which aired on Showtime and 'Gente-fied,' especially when Season 2 comes out."
Persons: Roberto Larios, it's, Larios, Mary Kay, he'd, Amy Retzinger, Adam Weinstein, Bill Weinstein, it'd, I've, Roberto, they've, Gina Reyes, He'd, Roberto Larios Jr, Adam Weinstien, Chris Noriega, Manal Hammad, Melissa Darwin, Rich Rogers, Chase Northington Matthew Doyle, Evan Pioch, Jake Dillman, Erik Rivera, Raiza, Gloria Calderon, Pedro Pascal Organizations: CNN, Hollywood, Notre Dame, Verve, DePaul University, Verge, Agency, Showtime Locations: Chicago, Hollywood, Mexico
(CNN) You can thank Netflix executive Carolina Garcia for helping bring shows like "Stranger Things" and "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" to the streaming screen, but everyone else can thank Jack Bauer for Carolina Garcia. "Netflix has become very aware of where we as a company need to be better and have committed actual dollars to helping funnel that," Garcia said. Too often, Garcia said, Latinx stories are centered on pain or trauma, which is far from the whole story of the culture. This debate -- for example, whether only Latinx creators should tell Latinx stories -- is a complex one with heated opinions on both sides. Carolina Garcia, Director of Original Series at Netflix, wants to see Latinx stories and creators elevated.
Persons: Carolina Garcia, Sabrina, Jack Bauer, Garcia, Kiefer Sutherland, toma el toro, we've, It's, White, Black, someone's, I'm, Carolina Garcia Job, I've, Dion, Dana Walden, Brian Wright, Cindy Holland, Bela Baharia, Olga Merediz, Abuela Claudia, Manuel Garcia, He's, Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, Edgar Ramirez, isn't Organizations: CNN, Netflix, Juilliard, Century Fox Television, Fox, Angeles Latino, Film Institute, National Association of, Independent, Walt Disney Television, Lincoln Lawyer Locations: Argentina, Claremont , California, Hollywood
(CNN) A disturbing pattern led Gloria Calderón Kellett to reimagine her role in Hollywood and become one of the leading voices calling for improved Latino representation. Fascinated by the shows, Calderón Kellett said she began dreaming about working in television. Years before becoming producer and showrunner for the much loved reboot of "One Day at a Time," Calderón Kellett became an actress. "It just became so frustrating to me that there wasn't a school teacher, a social worker... nothing, nada," Calderón Kellett said. Gloria Calderón Kellett has focused her work in shaping the stories that are being told on screen and improve the understanding of Latinos.
Persons: Gloria Calderón Kellett, Calderón Kellett, Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Norman Lear, you've, I've, Pam Fryman, She's, Mike Royce, that's, Rome Flynn, Sierra Teller Ornelas, I'm Organizations: CNN, Hollywood, Museum of Television & Radio, Paley, Netflix, Pop, Amazon Studios, GloNation, Cuban, Mexicana, She's Locations: Hollywood, Portland , Oregon, Cuban, Rutherford, She's Mexicana
A More Perfect Union
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“The Engagement,” by Sasha Issenberg, recounts the complex and chaotic chain reaction that thrust same-sex marriage from the realm of conservative conjecture to the top of the gay political agenda and, eventually, to the halls of the Supreme Court. On this week’s podcast, Issenberg talks about the deeply researched book, which covers 25 years of legal and cultural history. “What they have done, ultimately,” he says of those who won the victory, “is helped to enshrine, both in the legal process and in American culture, a sense that marriage is a unique institution. And the language they used to talk about it — about love and commitment — is so particular, I think, to the dynamic between two people that in a certain respect marriage is a more central institution in American life now than it was 30 years ago, because we went through this political fight over it.”ImageJ. Hoberman visits the podcast to discuss his piece about 10 books that, taken together, tell the story of Hollywood. He talks, among other subjects, about why the only celebrity memoir on his list is “Lulu in Hollywood,” by Louise Brooks, who acted in the 1920s and ’30s and published her memoir much later in life.
Persons: Sasha Issenberg, Issenberg, , , Hoberman, Lulu, Louise Brooks Locations: enshrine, Hollywood
Netflix, chill and shop: New Online store offers limited-edition merchandise
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REUTERS/Lucy NicholsonNetflix Inc (NFLX.O) will launch an online store to sell apparel, lifestyle merchandise and collectibles based on its popular shows, the streaming giant said on Thursday. The online store,, will first be available in the United States and expand into other countries in the coming months. The store will sell limited edition products on a regular basis, in addition to products available at retail stores through its partners. Netflix has also created games based on shows "Stranger Things" and "La casa de Papel (Money Heist)". It also plans to launch exclusive products based on hit shows "The Witcher" and "Stranger Things."
Persons: Lucy Nicholson Organizations: Netflix, REUTERS, Lucy Nicholson Netflix Inc, Thomson Locations: Hollywood, Los Angeles , California, U.S, United States
Netflix and shop: Online store offers limited-edition merchandise
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REUTERS/Lucy NicholsonNetflix Inc (NFLX.O) will launch an online store to sell limited-edition apparel, lifestyle merchandise and collectibles based on "Stranger Things," "Lupin" and other popular shows, the streaming giant said on Thursday. Merchandise in the online shop will be "carefully selected high-quality apparel and lifestyle products," the company said. The "Lupin" products were developed with the Louvre museum. In the future, the company plans to introduce products based on hit series "The Witcher" and "Stranger Things" and Netflix logo-wear from Japanese fashion house BEAMS. Netflix has also created video games based on shows "Stranger Things" and "La casa de Papel (Money Heist)."
Persons: Lucy Nicholson, Organizations: Netflix, REUTERS, Lucy Nicholson Netflix Inc, Target Inc, Walmart Inc, Louvre, Nasdaq, Thomson Locations: Hollywood, Los Angeles , California, U.S, United States
Ernie Lively, the actor who appeared in movies "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and "Turner & Hooch," has died. In the two "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" movies, which came out in 2005 and 2008, Lively portrayed the father of Bridget, played by his real-life daughter, Blake Lively. His other children — Jason, Eric, Robyn and Lori — built careers in film in television as well. His last credit was in the 2020 horror film "Phobic" as Jack Sanders. Lively is survived by his wife Elaine and their children, as well as his sister Judith and nine grandchildren.
Persons: Ernie Lively, Turner, Hooch, Lively, Bridget, Blake Lively, — Jason, Eric, Robyn, Lori —, Brittany Murphy, Casper Van Dien, Jason Priestley, Dukes, Hazzard, Longstreet, Hillbillies, Mulholland, Jack Sanders, Elaine, Judith Organizations: Hollywood's, Davenport Locations: Maryland, Baltimore, Little Tokyo
Now, after a long trek to get the right studio to produce the film adaptation, the highly anticipated movie premieres Thursday. Like the stage version, it breaks ground because it centers on Latino characters that have long been missing in mainstream films, TV shows and theater productions. "In the Heights" tells the stories of generations of residents and business owners in the predominantly Latino neighborhood of New York City's Washington Heights — where Miranda, now 41, grew up. Director Jon M. Chu and Lin-Manuel Miranda on the set of "In the Heights." Leading that new generation of Latino actors in the Hollywood film is Anthony Ramos, who stars as Usnavi, a bodega owner who dreams of returning to the Dominican Republic.
Persons: Lin, Manuel Miranda, Miranda, Quiara Alegría, “ Quiara, Nina, ” — Lin, ” Miranda, Jon M, Chu, Hudes, ” Hudes, , , Jimmy Smits, Olga Merediz, who's, Abuela Claudia, Grandmother Claudia, haven't, Anthony Ramos, Usnavi, Ramos, John Laurens, Philip Hamilton, “ Hamilton, ” Anthony Ramos, Melissa Barrera, Vanessa, Pictures Ramos, Let’s, there's Daniela, , Merediz, Claudia, ” Merediz, “ She's, Patience, ” Olga Merediz, Organizations: NBC, Stanford University, , Warner Bros, University of Southern, Initiative, Kennedy Center, Pictures, Facebook, Twitter Locations: New York, Washington, , Hollywood, Manhattan, University of Southern California, bodega, Dominican Republic, Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City, Miranda’s, Washington Heights, Cuba
Hedge Fund Behind Amazon-MGM Deal Amasses Big Bet on Uranium
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The hedge fund behind the Inc. -MGM Holdings Inc. deal has another trade up its sleeve: going big on uranium. It is buying and selling uranium alongside mining companies, specialist traders and utility firms with nuclear-power plants, turning the fund into a significant player in the market. The hedge fund became MGM’s biggest shareholder after the Hollywood studio emerged from bankruptcy in 2010. Anchorage’s physical uranium holdings are also a rarity because Wall Street firms don’t typically own physical uranium. Most investors bet on uranium prices by buying shares of mining firms, or through companies like Yellow Cake PLC., which acts as an exchange-traded fund.
Organizations: Inc, MGM Holdings Inc, Anchorage Capital Group, MGM, Hollywood Locations: New York, Anchorage
Joyful 'In the Heights' is love letter to Latinos in U.S.
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Leslie Grace arrives for the "In The Heights" opening night premiere at the United Palace Theatre in the Washington Heights neighborhood in Manhattan, New York, U.S., June 9, 2021. Opening in movie theaters on Thursday and streaming on HBO Max, Hollywood's biggest Latino film in decades tells the stories of the dreams and challenges of the largely immigrant community in Manhattan's Washington Heights neighborhood. The musical was filmed largely on location in Washington Heights, a choice that brought the authenticity that director Jon M. Chu and the musical's creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, were aiming for. And they're also, when you're performing, they're hanging out the window with their flag, cheering you on," said Chu. Smits, who was an early supporter of Miranda's stage musical of the same name, gets emotional when talking about the impact he hopes the film will have both for Latinos and beyond.
Persons: Leslie Grace, It's, HBO Max, Hollywood's, Jon M, Chu, Lin, Manuel Miranda, they'll, they're, Corey Hawkins, Benny, Jimmy Smits, Rich, Melissa Barrera, Vanessa, Barrera, Smits Organizations: United, Theatre, REUTERS, HBO, Thomson Locations: Washington Heights, Manhattan , New York, U.S, Manhattan's Washington Heights
Varshini Satish started on Snap's talent-management team, leaving a similar role as a creator partnerships manager at TikTok. Every week, Insider gives a rundown of news on hires, promotions, and other creator company announcements from the past week. Fennelly was previously head of brand and communications at digital publisher JOE Media . Fennelly was previously head of brand and communications at digital publisher . Mike Muney started a new role at the virtual-events platform Moment House as its new head of creator partnerships.
Persons: Snapchat, Sam Corrao Clanon, Varshini Satish, TikTok, Substack, Nick Spencer, America, Insider's Steven Perlberg, Rebecca Fennelly, Timothy Armoo, Fennelly, Mike Muney, Muney, Clanon, Satish, Sean Mills, Rajni Jacques, Jacques, Condé, Facebook's Carolyn Everson, Insider's Claire Atkinson, Emma Clarke, Eddie Gamarra, Talent, FaZe Clan, Kalei Renay, David Dobrik, Alexis Ohanian's Seven, Annie Leibovitz, Raven, Read Organizations: influencer, JOE Media, Spotify, TikTok, Variety, Nickelodeon, FaZe, Hollywood Reporter, Unshackled Ventures, LinkedIn, CNBC Locations: TikTok, Snapchat
GameStop said Mike Recupero, who spent over 17 years at Amazon, will succeed Jim Bell as chief financial officer. GameStop’s shares have almost doubled in the past month, approaching their January high. Even after falling late on Wednesday, GameStop’s stock has gained more than 1,300% in 2021. Furlong oversaw a small but growing part of Amazon’s business as the country head for Australia, a role his LinkedIn profile said he assumed in May 2019. He has said that changes at GameStop should speak for themselves, including hiring new employees from Amazon, Google and Chewy.
Persons: Mario Anzuoni, Matt Furlong, George Sherman, GameStop, Mike Recupero, Jim Bell, Furlong, Recupero, Ryan Cohen, ” Cohen, GameStop’s, didn’t Cohen, Cohen, , Michael Pachter, Sherman Organizations: Reuters, GameStop, Wednesday, REUTERS, Amazon, Securities, Exchange, AMC Entertainment, Clover Health Investments, Street, CORE, Hollywood, Google Locations: Pasadena , California, Australia, Grapevine , Texas,
Fact Check-Joe Biden’s eyes are still blue
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Eyes don’t normally change color with age.”Comments on the posts include: “We are living in Hollywood super production movie!!!! I don’t think our eyes change color as we age so...”The claims that Biden has been executed or replaced appear to be linked to the widely debunked QAnon conspiracy theory. Although his eyes appear darker at some parts of the video, they appear to be blue. Reuters Fact Check previously debunked a similar claim that Biden’s eyes appeared black during the first presidential debate here . Joe Biden’s eyes remain blue, photo does not prove he has been “replaced” as some posts claim.
Persons: Joe Biden, It’s, who’s, , , Biden, Trump, Joe Biden’s, Read Organizations: Biden, Hollywood, Reuters Locations: Hollywood,
12 Movies for 12 Weeks of Summer
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Hollywood has a message for summer audiences: Don’t try this at home. Not only are major action pictures headed for big-screen theatrical releases, so are the same kinds of niche documentaries and intimate dramas that flooded streaming platforms after theaters shut down last year. The coming weeks mark the arrival of movies that have been circling Hollywood for months if not years. It’s still a long way back to ticket sales before Covid-19, and a small number of high-profile films also will have simultaneous releases on streaming platforms. Here, 12 movies for the 12 weeks of summer.
Persons: Don’t, It’s Organizations: Hollywood Locations: Hollywood
Aura, a company backed by Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg and Silicon Valley investor Sujay Jaswa, raised $150 million to help further its bid to become a one-stop offering for online security. The funding round, led by private-equity firm Warburg Pincus LLC, brings the company’s war chest to $450 million and values the company at more than $1 billion, Aura officials said. Aura this week is rolling out an all-in-one digital-security product that includes antivirus and identity-protection software for consumers, and the company plans to launch an advertising campaign later this year. “Everything we’ve done up until now was to put together the rocket ship,” Mr. Katzenberg, who recently joined Aura’s board, said in an interview. “This investment is the rocket fuel to make it the safety product for consumers around the globe.”
Persons: Jeffrey Katzenberg, Sujay Jaswa, Pincus, Mr, Katzenberg Organizations: Hollywood Locations: Silicon Valley
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