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Lebanon's president pledges to revive forensic audit of central bank
  + stars: | 2020-11-21 | by ( Reuters Staff | ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: +1 min
FILE PHOTO: Lebanon's President Michel Aoun speaks during a news conference at the presidential palace in Baabda, Lebanon October 21, 2020. Dalati Nohra/Handout via REUTERSBEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanese President Michel Aoun said on Saturday that a forensic audit of the central bank was vital to combat corruption, and that he would get it back on track after the consultancy contracted to carry it out withdrew. “Our reality today is not promising,” the president said in a televised speech to mark Independence Day, adding that Lebanon was a prisoner of corruption, political scheming and external dictations. “If we want statehood, then we must fight corruption ... and this begins by imposing the forensic financial audit,” he said, adding he would not “back off” on the issue. Saad al-Hariri, the Sunni prime minister-designate under a sectarian power-sharing agreement, is struggling to form a cabinet amid turf wars.
Persons: Michel Aoun, Dalati, Aoun, , Alvarez, Marsal, Saad al, Hariri Organizations: REUTERS, Independence Locations: Baabda, Lebanon, Handout, REUTERS BEIRUT, Beirut,
Lebanon's Bassil rejects U.S. sanctions as unjust and politically motivated
  + stars: | 2020-11-08 | by ( Reuters Staff | ) sentiment -0.98   time to read: +2 min
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Influential Lebanese Christian politician Gebran Bassil said on Sunday that U.S. sanctions against him were unjust, politically motivated and the result of his refusal to break ties with Hezbollah. FILE PHOTO: Gebran Bassil, a Lebanese politician and head of the Free Patriotic movement, talks during an interview with Reuters in Sin-el-fil, Lebanon July 7, 2020. The U.S. Treasury Department accused Bassil of being at the “forefront of corruption in Lebanon”. The FPM has a political alliance with Hezbollah, which has become Lebanon’s most powerful political force. He said the sanctions should not hold up forming a new government to tackle a financial meltdown, Lebanon’s worst crisis since its 1975-1990 civil war.
Persons: Gebran Bassil, Mohamed Azakir, Bassil, Lebanon’s, Michel Aoun, Washington, , ” Bassil, Aoun, Saad al, Hariri Organizations: Lebanese, Reuters, REUTERS, Christian, Hezbollah, Free Patriotic Movement, U.S . Treasury Department, U.S Locations: BEIRUT, Lebanese, Sin, fil, Lebanon, United States, U.S, Lebanon ”
Lebanon's president seeks evidence behind U.S. sanctions on son-in-law
  + stars: | 2020-11-07 | by ( Reuters Staff | ) sentiment -0.99   time to read: +2 min
BEIRUT (Reuters) - President Michel Aoun said on Saturday that Lebanon would seek evidence and documents from the United States that led Washington to impose sanctions on his son-in-law Gebran Bassil, a prominent Christian politician. Aoun asked Lebanon’s caretaker foreign minister, Charbel Wehbe, to obtain evidence and documents that should be submitted to Lebanon’s judiciary “to take the necessary legal measures”, the presidency tweeted. “Sanctions have not scared me nor promises tempted me,” Bassil said in a Twitter post following the announcement. The FPM has a political alliance with Hezbollah, which has become Lebanon’s most powerful political force. A senior U.S. official said Bassil’s support for the armed group Hezbollah was “every bit of the motivation” for targeting him for sanctions.
Persons: Michel Aoun, Gebran Bassil, Bassil, Lebanon’s, Washington, Aoun, Charbel, , ” Bassil, Saad al, Hariri Organizations: Christian, Hezbollah, Washington, Free Patriotic Movement, , U.S, U.S . Treasury Department Locations: BEIRUT, Lebanon, United States, Washington, , U.S, Lebanon ”
Economic activity remains well below what it was a year ago as a surge in coronavirus cases and new lockdowns have raised the risk of another slowdown. The country’s death tolls from the virus this week have been among some of the highest in the pandemic. Credit... Muhammad Hamed/Reuters About three million total confirmed coronavirus cases, 75,000 related deaths, and the highest weekly number of new cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Jordan reported its deadliest days since the beginning of the pandemic this week, and Turkey has recorded its highest numbers of daily new cases since May. The state requires a county to have no more than seven new daily cases per 100,000 people for two weeks before schools can fully reopen.
Persons: Laetitia Vancon, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Micheal Martin, Mr, Martin, Christopher Black, Trump, , , Georges C, Benjamin, Lawrence O, Arnd Wiegmann, ” Carsten Brzeski, Muhammad Hamed, ” Dr, Rana Hajjeh, Jordan, Israel, Saeb, Hassan Rouhani, Sima Sadat Lari, Christophe Petit Tesson, 6Zn2HCxuPl, Michael E, ” Mr, Macron, we’ve, George Whitman, — Elian Peltier, Lena Mucha, Der Spiegel, Jens Spahn, quarantining, Ms, Merkel, Robert Koch, James Estrin, Kim Kardashian, Wil Lieberman, Beverly Xaviera Watkins, Watkins, Dawn Blondel, you’ve, Trevor Lawrence, Ken Ruinard Trevor Lawrence, Dabo Swinney, Lawrence, Swinney, bj9A33te65 — Trevor Lawrence, Paul Chryst, Chang W, Lee, Barry Burden, Burden, Joseph R, Biden, John Aldrich, Lucy Nicholson, Richard Vladovic, Katie Braude, Braude, Jackie Goldberg, , Micheal Martin, Michael E. Webber, George Whitman, Jens Spahn, Ken Ruinard Trevor Lawrence, Lawrence, Trevor Lawrence, Clemson, Richard Vladovic, Katie Braude Organizations: Paris . Schools, The New York Times, , World Health Organization, Public, Agence France, Getty, American Public Health Association, Physicians for Human Rights, O’Neill Institute for National, Global Health Law, Georgetown Law School, Reuters, Gross, European Union, ING Bank, Palestinian, Rafik Hariri, Agence, France Presse, France, Webber, Shakespeare, Germany, Der, Robert Koch Institute, Centers for Disease Control, New York City, ., New York Times, Twitter, Columbia, ZIP, University of California, Clemson, Syracuse, Tigers, Boston College, College Football, Notre Dame, Football Bowl, Nebraska, Badgers, Purdue, New York Times Voters, Elections Research, University of Wisconsin -, Trump, Duke University, Protesters, Los Angeles Unified School District, of Education, Los Angeles Times, Agence France-Presse, Carsten Brzeski, ING Bank, Jordan, Ms, Twitter, Twitter late Thursday, Wis, The Los Angeles Times Locations: France, Paris, Munich, Germany, Ireland, Europe, United States, Israel, U.S, Geneva, China, Covid, Amman, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, . Lebanon, Rafik, , Spain, Galicia, Catalonia, Düsseldorf, Berlin, New York, Bronx, New York City, Irvine, Brooklyn, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Little Chute, Wis, . Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, University of Wisconsin - Madison . Wisconsin, North Carolina , Florida, Texas, Angeles, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, prekindergarten, Paris, Israel, Germany, Iran, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Columbia, North Carolina, Republicans
(CNN) The lead suspect in the 2005 bombing that killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was convicted at a tribunal in the Netherlands on Tuesday. Salim Jamil Ayyash was found guilty of being part of the "red cell phone network" involved in the planning of Hariri's assassination. The other three defendants, Assad Sabra, Hassan Oneissi and Hassan Habib Merei, were found not guilty at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) in The Hague. Vehicles destroyed in the bombing of Hariri's armed motorcade on February 14, 2005, in Beirut, Lebanon. The special court was set up to try the four suspects, who were charged with conspiracy to commit a terrorist act, intentional homicide, attempted intentional homicide, and other related charges, according to the tribunal website.
Persons: Rafik Hariri, Salim Jamil Ayyash, Assad Sabra, Hassan Oneissi, Hassan Habib Merei, Read Organizations: CNN, Vehicles, Assad Sabra, Lebanon Locations: Netherlands, Lebanon, The Hague, Beirut
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