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The US Senate has passed a $95 billion package that includes money for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. The new legislation includes sanctions on Iran, the seizure of frozen Russian sovereign assets and a measure that could lead to a nationwide ban of TikTok. The bill next goes to President Joe Biden, who said he would sign it into law on Wednesday. “This critical legislation will make our nation and world more secure as we support our friends who are defending themselves against terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin,” Biden said. Here are the latest developments in the region:
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After weeks of delays, negotiations and distractions, Israel appeared to hint this week that its assault of Rafah — a city teeming with displaced persons above ground and riddled with Hamas tunnels below — was all but inevitable. In what some analysts and residents of the city saw as a sign of preparations for an invasion, an Israeli military official on Tuesday gave some details that include relocating civilians to a safe zone a few miles away along the Mediterranean coast. Just a day earlier, Israeli warplanes bombed Rafah, increasing fears among some of the civilians sheltering there that a ground assault would soon follow. Such indicators that Israel may be preparing an invasion, said Marwan Shaath, a 57-year-old resident of Rafah, “are terrifying and mean they may really be close to starting an operation.” Mr. Shaath, who lives in Gaza but is employed by Hamas’s Palestinian rivals in the occupied West Bank, added, “Our bags have been packed for months now for the time of the evacuation.”Israel insists that a push into Rafah is necessary for achieving its goals of eliminating the militants sheltering in a network of tunnels beneath the city, capturing or killing Hamas leaders presumed to be there and ensuring the release of the remaining hostages captured during the Hamas-led Oct. 7 attacks on Israel.
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House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., struggled to get a word in edgewise Wednesday, battling a chorus of booing crowds during a speech at Columbia University where he condemned the ongoing student protests against Israel's bombardment of Gaza. "Enjoy your free speech," Johnson said tersely, pausing his prepared remarks to wait for the jeering to die down. Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, a group that helped organize the protests, has said that any hate speech is not coming from its protesters but rather "inflammatory individuals who do not represent us." During Johnson's speech Wednesday, he called on Shafik to resign if she could not get a handle on the protests. After more than a week of bipartisan cooperation with Democrats to pass the aid bill, Johnson's Columbia speech appeared to be an attempt to bolster his conservative bona fides for his hardline GOP colleagues.
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When Summer Lee ran for Congress in 2022, she had to battle a wave of pro-Israel spending. AdvertisementGoing into this year, Rep. Summer Lee seemed likely to be a top target for pro-Israel groups. Both AIPAC and another key pro-Israel group, Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI), opted to stay out of the primary. Pro-Israel groups spent money against Lee not just in the primary, but in the general election as well. Meanwhile, progressive groups supporting Lee spent nearly $710,000, and on Sunday, Ocasio-Cortez came to Pittsburgh to rally with Lee.
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CNN —Hamas released a video of Israeli-American hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin on Wednesday, the first proof that he survived being badly wounded during his capture on October 7. He is shown in the undated video with part of his left arm missing several inches above the hand. Video filmed on October 7 showed Goldberg-Polin with his arm severely injured. Hersh Goldberg-Polin's mutilated arm could be seen a still from the video, as he told his parents he loved them. He criticizes the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as other Israeli hostages in Hamas propaganda videos have done.
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CNN —The United Nations has called for an “independent, effective and transparent investigation” into the discovery of mass graves at two Gaza hospitals that were besieged and raided by Israeli troops this year. A mass grave with 324 bodies was uncovered this week at the Nasser Medical Complex in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis by Gaza Civil Defense workers following the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the area. When they returned this month after the Israeli military withdrew, they discovered the bodies had been dug up and placed in at least one collective grave, the stringer said. CNN reached out to the Israeli military on Wednesday for comment regarding Türk’s remarks, to which it said it had nothing more to add beyond previous comments. The US State Department on Tuesday expressed concern over the discovery of mass graves.
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House Speaker Mike Johnson wants Columbia University's President out. Johnson and other House Republicans have criticized her handling of campus protests and antisemitism. AdvertisementHouse Speaker Mike Johnson wants Columbia University's president to resign, calling her "inept" and "weak." "This president, Shafik, is shown to be a very weak, inept leader. They cannot even guarantee the safety of Jewish students?
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In recent weeks, Trump, seizing the role of both an erstwhile diplomat and ascending opposition party leader, has extended welcomes to a series of foreign leaders at his homes in Florida and New York. It’s not unusual for foreign leaders to meet with the leader of the party that doesn’t control the White House – especially one with a serious chance of becoming commander in chief. Biden and his top envoys have also met and spoken with opposition leaders, something that has been a longstanding practice for US officials. Last week, Trump met with Poland’s Duda at Trump Tower, where the two discussed NATO spending over dinner. Trump, both while president and during his 2024 campaign, has called on NATO countries to spend more on defense.
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Sullivan followed up four days later with a call to Johnson to highlight the measures in place to track aid in Ukraine. They spoke often with Johnson’s staff, including meetings at the White House and on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, White House chief of staff Jeff Zients, Ricchetti and Goff spoke with Schumer and Jeffries and their staff almost daily to strategize on how to push Ukraine aid forward. Biden and Johnson spoke by phone the next day as the speaker briefed him on his plan to move the aid package forward. “We discussed the contents of the next US military aid package,” Zelensky said.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Joe Biden, Johnson –, speakership, Biden, Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Jake Sullivan, Shalanda Young, Sullivan, Taiwan –, Hamas, Putin, ” Biden, Hakeem Jeffries, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, , , Steve Ricchetti, Richetti, Shuwanza Goff, Ricchetti, Goff, Jeff Zients, Schumer, Jeffries, Young, McConnell, Michael McCaul, Intelligence Michael Turner, Bill Burns, Ukraine Bridget Brink, Chip Roy, Texas, Ralph Norman of, Biden’s, Anita Dunn, Jon, Lloyd Austin, Volodymyr Zelensky, Zelensky, National Intelligence Avril Haines, Donald Trump’s, Burns, ” Zelensky Organizations: Washington CNN, Ukraine, White House, GOP, Management, Senate, Biden, Russia, House Democratic, White, Capitol, House Foreign, Intelligence, CIA, Republican, The Defense Department, House Republicans, National Intelligence, Democratic, CNN Locations: Ukraine, Europe, Russia, Israel, Taiwan, Ricchetti, Ralph Norman of South Carolina, Washington ,, Johnson’s
Yet she couldn’t bring herself to vote for Biden and didn’t vote that year. In the 2000 election, Democrat Al Gore received 70% in DeKalb; in 2020, Biden won 83%. Massachusetts native Kim Cavaliere, who moved to Georgia over 20 years ago, is pictured at her home in Dacula, Georgia. She’s still inclined to vote third-party again but is perhaps open to reconsidering if Georgia could settle a close race. It is rural, and reliably red – Trump won 71% of the county vote in 2020.
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An additional $2.4 billion is directed to U.S. military operations in the Middle East. Another $9 billion would go to “worldwide humanitarian aid,” including for civilians in Gaza. The package bars any of the funding from going to UNRWA, the main United Nations agency that provides aid to Palestinians in Gaza. The aid that is getting into Gaza is falling far short of the needs of its desperate population. Countries including the United States have tried to find air and sea routes to get more relief supplies in.
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Dr. Shafik herself was preparing to confer with the university senate, which could censure her as soon as Friday. On Monday, police were called in to make dozens of arrests at Yale and New York University. Mr. Johnson’s visit to campus will not include a meeting with Dr. Shafik. The university senate could vote on a resolution to censure Dr. Shafik as soon as Friday — not long after the 48-hour negotiation period concludes. By calling in the police anyway, the resolution said, Dr. Shafik had endangered both the welfare and the futures of the arrested students.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Nemat Shafik, Shafik, Kathy Hochul, Emerson, Johnson’s, Columbia, , , ” Brendan O’Flaherty, Grayson, Kirk’s, Dr, O’Flaherty, Shafik’s, Liset Cruz, Eryn Davis, Annie Karni, Santul Nerkar, Katherine Rosman, Karla Marie Sanford, Ed Shanahan Organizations: Columbia University, New York Police Department, National Guard, Gov, Guard, Yale, New York University, Tufts, University of California, Hamas, New York City Police, Johnson’s, Republicans Locations: York, Gaza, Berkeley, Israel, , Washington, Columbia, New
Sitting together last month, Graham and MBS spoke with Trump for roughly five minutes, two people familiar with the call told CNN. The call encapsulates how Trump looms over an agreement that US, Israeli and Saudi officials all see as vital to achieving lasting stability in the Middle East. Graham informed Biden officials of the call between MBS and Trump and says they understand why he wants to keep Trump in the loop. With the election looming and the region engulfed by turmoil over Israel’s war in Gaza, the window of opportunity is rapidly shrinking, people involved in the negotiations told CNN. “I think President Trump understands this is building on what he did,” Graham told CNN.
Persons: South Carolina Republican Sen, Lindsey Graham, Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, — Donald Trump, Graham, Joe Biden, Salman, Biden’s, Trump, Abraham, Biden, Donald Trump, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Evan Vucci, , ” Trump, “ They’re, That’s, , ” Graham, Jamal Khashoggi, Sen, Graham, Bibi Netanyahu, Benny Gantz, Jake Sullivan, Amos Hochstein, Antony Blinken, Jake, ” CNN’s Alex Marquardt Organizations: CNN, South Carolina Republican, Biden Administration, Trump, Saudi, Abraham Accords, Saudi Crown, White, MBS, New York Times, Biden, Republican, Graham, Saudi Press Agency, Israel, President’s National, US Locations: Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, Saudi, Palestine, Bahrain, UAE, Washington, Gaza, Riyadh, NATO, Palestinian
Opinion | Joe Biden and the Israel-Gaza War
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To the Editor:Re “How Joe Biden Lost His Way in Gaza,” by Nicholas Kristof (column, April 21):The masterful, balanced and well-reasoned column by Mr. Kristof, written not in anger but in deep sorrow, should serve as a warning to President Biden. In standing by Israel’s atrocious conduct of the war and letting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu poke a finger in America’s eye, Mr. Biden not only cedes his moral standing but also risks destroying the unity of the Democratic Party; the possibility of a turbulent convention; and the loss of Michigan and the election to Donald Trump. One only hopes that he adopts a course that reduces the chance of any of these outcomes. Masood HaiderPrinceton Junction, N.J.To the Editor:The war started by Hamas is a test of whether a civilized world will accept Hamas’s barbaric tactics — including its atrocities on Oct. 7 and hiding its terrorists, arms and Israeli captives among and beneath a dense civilian population.
Persons: Joe Biden, Nicholas Kristof, Mr, Kristof, Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump, Masood Haider Organizations: Democratic Party, Hamas Locations: Gaza, , Michigan, N.J
An independent review of the UN's main relief agency in Gaza has found that “neutrality-related issues persist” among staff, and recommended strengthening UNRWA's neutrality. Israel has longstanding issues with UNRWA, accusing it of aiding Hamas and calling for it to be entirely dismantled. What the UN said: UN chief Antonio Guterres accepted the recommendations, while UNRWA head Philippe Lazzarini welcomed the findings. What Israel said: The review was not "genuine" or "thorough," Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oren Marmorstein claimed. "This is what an effort to avoid the problem and not address it head on looks like," he said.
Persons: Israel, Catherine Colonna, Antonio Guterres, Philippe Lazzarini, Oren Marmorstein Organizations: French, UN, Foreign Ministry Locations: Gaza, Israel
CNN —Google has fired an additional 20 workers that it says were involved in protests last week over the company’s cloud-computing contract with the Israeli government, bringing the total number of workers fired to 50, according to the group organizing the demonstrations. No Tech for Apartheid, the organizers of the protest at Google offices last Tuesday, said in a statement Monday evening that Google had fired an additional 20 workers, on top of the 30 workers terminated last week. We carefully confirmed and reconfirmed this,” the Google spokesperson said. The organizers of the protest, meanwhile, say that some of the workers fired did not cause any disruption inside Google offices. Last week, in the wake of the protests at Google, CEO Sundar Pichai sent a company-wide memo to staffers urging them to keep “politics” out of the workplace.
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The United Nations’ human rights office on Tuesday called for an independent investigation into two mass graves found after Israeli forces withdrew from hospitals in Gaza, including one discovered days ago over which Israeli and Palestinian authorities offered differing accounts. He accused Israeli forces of killing and burying them. It did not comment on the report of the mass grave at Al-Shifa. It also did not say how the bodies had been examined to determine if they were those of Israeli hostages. “Bodies examined, which did not belong to Israeli hostages, were returned to their place.”
Persons: Khan Younis, , Organizations: United Nations, Palestinian Civil Defense, Nasser Hospital, Shifa, Palestinian Authority Locations: Gaza, Khan, Al, Gaza City, Mahmoud
If Israel were to begin an invasion in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, where a million displaced Palestinians are sheltering, an Israeli-designated “humanitarian zone” along the coast would be expanded to take in more civilians, an Israeli military official said Monday evening. The comments were among the first indications of the Israeli military’s plans for civilians if it were to launch a major ground offensive in Rafah. The Biden administration has urged Israel to forgo such an operation because of the risks it would pose to displaced Palestinians. Palestinians who have sought shelter in Rafah have been bracing for an Israeli incursion for months, huddling in crowded tents, schools and apartments. Before arriving in Rafah, many had followed earlier Israeli calls to evacuate other areas in Gaza only to encounter bombardment in those places too.
Persons: Biden, Israel Locations: Israel, Gaza, Rafah, Israeli
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailEric Dezenhall on Columbia University protests: Not every school is tolerating this behaviorEric Dezenhall, Dezenhall Resources chairman, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the ongoing protests at Columbia University over the Israel-Hamas war, how the university can best respond to the protests, and more.
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Palestinians who have sought shelter in Rafah have been bracing for an Israeli incursion for months, huddling in crowded tents, schools and apartments. Israeli officials have repeatedly said that the army will enter Rafah to fight Hamas battalions there, bucking international pressure to back off any operation. It was unclear how much Israel would expand Al-Mawasi but the area is already packed with people. Imagery taken on Thursday shows more than 100 tents in the area, while imagery captured on Sunday shows more than 400 in the complex. The Biden administration has repeatedly urged Israel to hold off on a major military assault on Rafah, including in a virtual meeting last week.
Persons: Biden, Israel, Jan, Sandra Rasheed, Israel hadn’t, Mawasi, Khan Younis, Mohammed al, , Jamie McGoldrick, Biden’s, , ” Mr, Hassi, Rajab al, Lauren Leatherby Organizations: Al, Labs, United Nations Locations: Gaza, Rafah, Israeli, Israel, GAZA, Jerusalem, Al, Egypt, Gaza City
Opinion | To Be (Visibly) Jewish in the Ivy League
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Netanel Crispe, from Danby, Vt., is a 21-year-old junior studying American history at Yale. “I was wearing my black hat; I was very identifiably Jewish,” Crispe said. “Thank God, there was a small sphere at the end of the pole,” she told me. Yale and other universities have been sites of almost continual demonstrations since Hamas massacred and kidnapped Israelis on Oct. 7. That’s just fine, insofar as students have a right to express their views about the war in Gaza — whatever one thinks about those views.
Persons: Netanel, hasn’t, Sahar Tartak, ” Crispe, , ” Tartak, Organizations: Yale Locations: Danby , Vt, Yale, Gaza
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWatch CNBC’s full interview with Omega Family Office chairman and CEO Leon CoopermanLeon Cooperman, Omega Family Office chairman and CEO, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the latest market trends, the state of the economy, ongoing federal deficit problem, the Fed's inflation fight, top stock picks, ongoing protests on college campuses over the Israel-Hamas war, rise of antisemitism, and more.
Persons: Leon Cooperman Leon Cooperman Organizations: Omega Family Locations: Israel
As protests over the Israel-Hamas war have erupted at U.S. universities in recent months, student journalists have been reporting daily as their campuses have been embroiled in debates over free speech, university investments and the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. Some student newspapers’ editorial boards have offered assessments of their campus disputes. They have opined on how administrators are responding to protesters and defended the rights of students to speak out. They have been particularly vocal about the threats of harassment and doxxing, which many editorial boards have argued were stifling free speech on campus. Here are a few of the editorials that have been written by student newspapers in the last couple of weeks as tensions have escalated at several campuses.
Locations: Israel, U.S
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailBillionaire investor Leon Cooperman: We're heading into a financial crisis in this countryLeon Cooperman, Omega Family Office chairman and CEO, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the latest market trends, the state of the economy, ongoing federal deficit problem, the Fed's inflation fight, top stock picks, ongoing protests on college campuses over the Israel-Hamas war, rise of antisemitism, and more.
Persons: Leon Cooperman Organizations: Billionaire, Omega Family Locations: Israel
Leon Cooperman, a billionaire Columbia donor, weighed in on the crisis on the university's campus. Unlike the megadonor Robert Kraft, Cooperman said he's not pulling his donations. AdvertisementThe Wall Street titan Leon Cooperman is the latest billionaire to weigh in on student protests over Israel's war in Gaza. But unlike the megadonor Robert Kraft, Cooperman said he'd continue to give to Columbia even as he trashed student demonstrators. Kraft said he'd continue to support the school's Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life, which is named after him.
Persons: Leon Cooperman, Robert Kraft, Cooperman, he's, , he'd, Israel, Turkey —, Nemat, Shafik, Peace —, Goldman Sachs, Kraft, megadonors, Marc Rowan, Lauder, Ronald Lauder, Les Wexner, Claudine Gay, Liz Magill Organizations: Service, CNBC, Columbia University, Columbia, Hamas, Capitol, — Columbia, Apartheid, Columbia Students, Justice, Jewish, Peace, New York City Police Department, Barnard College, Columbia Business School, Hunter College, Kraft, Patriots, school's Kraft Center for Jewish, Cooperman, Yale, New York University, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania Locations: Columbia, Gaza, Cooperman, Bronx, Israel, United States, Cyprus, Jordan, Turkey, Palestine
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