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Kevin McCarthy is perpetuating the GOP's smear campaign against Ilhan Omar. McCarthy is urging Pelosi to remove Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. McCarthy urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to strip Omar from the committee based on what he described as "anti-Semitic" and "anti-American" language from the Minnesota lawmaker. "The islamophobic tropes in this statement are offensive," Omar tweeted in response to a statement from 12 fellow House Democrats that condemned her recent remarks. In a separate statement, Omar said she was "in no way equating terrorist organizations with democratic countries with well-established judicial systems."
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WASHINGTON — Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar will be the target of dueling resolutions expected to be filed this week admonishing them for remarks that critics said were antisemitic or inappropriate. Rep. Brad Schneider, D-Ill., is expected to unveil a resolution Wednesday that would censure Greene, of Georgia, for remarks last month comparing House mask rules to the Holocaust. Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., is leading an effort to craft resolution to censure Omar. In 2019, the House voted to condemn antisemitism in response to statements made by Omar, but the resolution did not name her. And Tlaib said Republicans had mischaracterized remarks she made about Israel and the Holocaust.
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Factbox: Rifts that divide NATO allies Turkey and United States
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read moreMISSILE DEFENCETurkey, a NATO member, has angered the United States by buying Russian S-400 ground-to-air defence missiles. Turkey's Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu has accused the United States of being behind the coup attempt, a charge Washington says is wholly false. HUMAN RIGHTSAfter the failed coup Turkish authorities launched a crackdown which continues nearly five years later. The United States condemned as anti-Semitic some of Erdogan's comments during the conflict, in which he described Israelis as murderers and child-killers. TWO PRESIDENTSDuring his election campaign, Biden criticised Erdogan and said the United States should support his political opponents.
Persons: Yves Herman, Joe Biden, Tayyip Erdogan, Biden, Erdogan, TURKEY'S, Fethullah Gulen, Suleyman Soylu, Biden's, Mete, Canturk, Hamza Ulucay, Metin, Mehmet Hakan Atilla, Atilla Organizations: NATO, REUTERS, Washington, Kurdish YPG, White, U.S . Senate, U.S, U.S . Drug, Israel, Hamas, Biden White, Thomson Locations: Brussels, Belgium, Ankara, Turkey, United States, Washington, U.S, Syria, Ottoman, Turkish, Gulen, Istanbul, Gaza, Turkey's, Iran
Trauma helpline counselors in Ramallah receive calls from Gaza after the 11-day conflict with Israel, in Ramallah in the Israeli-occupied West Bank June 09 , 2021. REUTERS/Mohamad TorokmanThe distressed caller was on the line from Gaza when an explosion drowned out his voice and the line suddenly went dead. For counselors at the Sawa 121 (One-to-One) Palestinian helpline in Ramallah, it is a grimly familiar end to calls in times of conflict, most recently during the 11-day hostilities between Israel and Hamas in May. "You don't know if they're still alive or not," Sawa co-founder Ohaila Shomar told Reuters at her call centre office in Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank. read moreJalal Khader, director of Sawa in Ramallah, said that although the fighting has stopped, the real support work is only just beginning after four wars between Israel and Gaza militants since 2008.
Persons: Mohamad Torokman, they're, Sawa, Ohaila Shomar, Jalal Khader, Noor Nazzal Organizations: West Bank, REUTERS, Hamas, Reuters, Médecins, Monde Switzerland, Austrian Development Agency, Staff, Thomson Locations: Ramallah, Gaza, Israel
Shift in Israel Provides Biden a Chance for Better Ties
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That means virtually no chance of an Israeli annexation of occupied West Bank territory of the sort recently contemplated by Mr. Netanyahu, a step that would have provoked a diplomatic crisis with the Biden administration. At the same time, the new Israeli government has little interest in or capacity for new peace initiatives with the Palestinians. Mr. Bennett has publicly opposed the two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians long favored by the United States. His prescription is to reduce the friction around the issue rather than try to solve an intractable problem. While Mr. Biden supports a two-state solution, he does not consider one realistic in the short term.
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On TikTok, Jewish creators say speaking about their Judaism comes with a price. Jewish creators said they’re frustrated with the moderation process that has them feeling targeted, though they aren’t exactly sure how or why it’s happening. Others, like Josh Cohen, 19, of London, said they think they’re getting caught in a clumsy algorithm likely designed to protect Jewish creators. Jewish creators said they sometimes run into problems when they reply to antisemitic comments on their pages. Several Jewish TikTok creators told NBC News they, too, have received some version of the "Hitler was right," comment on their page.
Persons: Julia Massey, She’s, Massey, I’m, it's, TikTok, , ” Massey, they’re, Josh Cohen, ’ ” Cohen, Tommer, Yossi, they’ve, ” Yossi, Michael, ” Michael, Hitler, Cohen, ” Cohen, Daniel Kelley, Kelley, ” Kelley Organizations: NBC News, United, TikTok, Defamation League, Jewish Congress, Hamas, Twitter, Extremism, Center for Technology, Society Locations: California, London, United States, Israel, U.K
Israel Could See New Government if Netanyahu’s Opponents Pass Confidence Vote
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Naftali Bennett of the right-wing Yamina party will be prime minister if the new, wide-ranging coalition passes the final hurdle. It is made up of parties from across the political spectrum, including an independent Arab party for the first time in Israel’s history. Mr. Bennett and his partners put together their alliance after Mr. Netanyahu failed to cobble his own coalition following national elections in March. Mr. Bennett’s eight-party coalition has the backing of 61 lawmakers in the 120-member Knesset and is expected to pass the confidence vote by a simple majority. If the vote passes, Mr. Bennett would take power at a pivotal moment in the country’s history.
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Israel Could See New Government if Confidence Vote Passes
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TEL AVIV—A new Israeli government is set to be sworn in later Sunday if a coalition of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opponents passes a confidence vote in parliament, which would bring an end to the leader’s 12-year run in power as the country faces a sluggish economy and security challenges from Hamas. Naftali Bennett of the right-wing Yamina party will be prime minister if the new, wide-ranging coalition passes the final hurdle. Mr. Bennett and his partners put together their alliance after Mr. Netanyahu failed to cobble his own coalition following national elections in March. Mr. Bennett’s eight-party coalition has the backing of 61 lawmakers in the 120-member Knesset and is expected to pass the confidence vote by a simple majority. If the vote passes, Mr. Bennett would take power at a pivotal moment in the country’s history.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu’s, Naftali Bennett, Bennett, Mr, Netanyahu, Bennett’s Organizations: Mr Locations: TEL AVIV, Israel, Covid, Gaza, Hamas
Israel Gets New Government to End Netanyahu’s 12-Year Rule
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Mr. Bennett’s new, wide-ranging coalition was backed by 60 lawmakers in the 120-member Knesset. Mr. Bennett, who heads the right-wing Yamina party, and his partners put together their alliance after Mr. Netanyahu failed to cobble his own coalition following national elections in March. Mr. Bennett is taking power at a pivotal moment in the country’s history. Four inconclusive elections since 2019 have left Israel deeply polarized. Israel is engaged in a complex battle with Iran’s military proxies in Syria and elsewhere in the region and is also trying to contain Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.
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How the FBI Got Colonial Pipeline’s Ransom Money Back
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Hackers convert digital money into hard currency, such as U.S. dollars, at cryptocurrency exchanges abroad. Hackers convert digital money into hard currency, such as U.S. dollars, at cryptocurrency exchanges abroad. Hackers convert digital money into hard currency, such as U.S. dollars, at cryptocurrency exchanges abroad. Hackers convert digital money into hard currency, such as U.S. dollars, at cryptocurrency exchanges abroad. Once ransomware victims transfer cryptocurrency to hackers, sophisticated criminal groups often distribute the money among hundreds of other wallets, Mr. Carlisle said.
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WASHINGTON — A dozen House Democrats publicly criticized their colleague Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., late Wednesday, accusing her of giving "cover" to terrorist and suggesting her remarks about Hamas and the Taliban reflect a "deep-seated prejudice." “Equating the United States and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban is as offensive as it is misguided,” the group, led by Rep. Brad Schneider, of Illinois, said in a statement, urging Omar to "clarify" her remarks. Omar responded to her critics by calling their statement "offensive" and defending her initial remarks. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban,” she wrote on Twitter, echoing her remarks on the video. In a follow-up tweet, Omar defend her initial remarks: “Citing an open case against Israel, US, Hamas & Taliban in the [The International Criminal Court] isn’t comparison or from 'deeply seated prejudice'.
Persons: WASHINGTON, Ilhan Omar, Brad Schneider, Omar, , Antony Blinken, Jake Auchincloss, Ted Deutch, Lois Frankel, Josh Gottheimer, Elaine Luria, Kathy Manning, Jerry Nadler, Dean Phillips, Kim Schrier, Brad Sherman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Organizations: House, Rep, Twitter, Hamas, Taliban Locations: United States, Israel, Illinois, U.S, Afghanistan, US, Massachusetts, Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Minnesota, Washington, California
Qatar's Al Jazeera network says it combated cyber attack
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Pan-Arab satellite network Al Jazeera said it was subjected to continual hacking attempts over recent days but the cyber attack on Qatar's flagship broadcaster had been fended off. Al Jazeera's websites and platforms experienced "continued electronic attacks aimed at accessing, disrupting and controlling some of the news platforms" from last Saturday to Tuesday, the network said in a statement. "Al Jazeera's service provider was able to monitor and fend off all the hacking attacks and prevent them from achieving their goal," it said in the late Wednesday statement. Al Jazeera had no immediate further comment when contacted by Reuters early on Thursday. Ahead of the embargo, Al Jazeera combated a large-scale cyber attack after Qatar's state news agency QNA was hacked.
Persons: Jazeera, Al Jazeera's, Al, Al Jazeera, QNA Organizations: Hamas, Reuters, Qatar, Thomson Locations: Israel, Palestinian, Gaza, Al, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
Rep. Ilhan Omar called out a group of fellow Democrats for taking her comments out of context. 12 of Omar's House colleagues accused her of equating the US and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban. Rep. Ilhan Omar called a group of her Democratic colleagues "shameful" for taking her comments on war crime investigations out of context and said they invoke "Islamophobic tropes" on top of "constant harassment and silencing." I haven't seen evidence in either cases that domestic courts both can and will prosecute alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity. "Citing an open case against Israel, US, Hamas & Taliban in the ICC isn't comparison or from 'deeply seated prejudice,' Omar said in a follow-up tweet.
Persons: Ilhan Omar, Omar, State Anthony Blinken, Blinken, she's, Lauren Boebert, Rashida Tlaib, Tlaib, John Haltiwanger Organizations: Omar's, Democratic, State, International Criminal, Afghan, ICC, Hamas, Taliban, Twitter, Fox News, Rep Locations: Israel, United States, Hamas, Afghanistan, Palestine, Rome, US
AOC slammed fellow Democrats for misconstruing Ilhan Omar's comments about war crimes inquiries. Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York on Thursday blasted fellow Democrats for distorting comments made by Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota regarding potential war crimes committed by the US, Israel, Hamas, and the Taliban. Other Democrats, including Reps. Cori Bush, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and Betty McCollum, also defended Omar against the mischaracterization and criticism of her remarks on investigations into war crimes. Ilhan Omar (@Ilhan) June 7, 2021In a tweets responding to the statement from the group of Democrats, Omar said, "It's shameful for colleagues who call me when they need my support to now put out a statement asking for 'clarification' and not just call. At the time, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a rare rebuke of AIPAC, telling reporters, "I don't agree with Congresswoman Omar's comments, but it's very disappointing to see deeply cynical and inflammatory ads twisting her word."
Persons: misconstruing Ilhan, Omar, Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Rashida, Ayanna Pressley, Betty McCollum, Antony Blinken, Blinken, It's unconscionable, Nancy Pelosi, Omar's, she's, Sen, Bernie Sanders of, Netanyahu, Sanders Organizations: misconstruing, Democratic, Twitter, Minnesota, Foreign, Criminal Court, ICC, , Hamas, Taliban, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Republicans, Jewish Locations: Israel, Alexandria, Cortez of New York, Minnesota, Afghanistan, Gaza, US, Washington, Somalia, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, United States
Palestinian group Hamas' top leader, Ismail Haniyeh speaks during a protest to express solidarity with the Palestinian people amid a flare-up of Israeli-Palestinian violence, in Doha, Qatar May 15, 2021. REUTERS/Hussein SayedHamas chief Ismail Haniyeh arrived in Cairo on Tuesday for the first in a series of talks this week between Egyptian authorities and Palestinian factions that aims to reinforce a ceasefire with Israel, Palestinian and Egyptian sources said. Haniyeh's visit came in response to a special invitation from Cairo, in advance of a broader meeting of Palestinian factions that could begin as early as next week, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem told Reuters. Egyptian authorities hope to meet members of Hamas' rival Fatah, including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the Egyptian sources said. Egypt has tried in the past to foster cooperation between Palestinian factions that is seen as crucial to any wider efforts to promote peace in the region.
Persons: Ismail Haniyeh, Hussein Sayed, Haniyeh's, Hazem Qassem, Haniyeh, Qassem, Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas, Jibril Rajoub Organizations: Hamas, REUTERS, Reuters, Rockets, Gaza, West Bank ., Thomson Locations: Doha, Qatar, Hussein Sayed Hamas, Cairo, Israel, Egypt, Gaza, West Bank . Egypt
Israel says Gaza tower that housed AP doubled as Hamas electronic warfare site
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Israel's military said on Tuesday that a tower block in Gaza housing the U.S.-based Associated Press which was destroyed in an Israeli air strike was also used by the enclave's Islamist rulers Hamas as an electronic warfare site. read moreThe al-Jalaa building in Gaza City had been evacuated after its owner received advanced warning of the May 15 strike. But the AP says it has received no evidence of a Hamas presence that posed a threat, and has called for an independent investigation. "Israeli authorities maintain that the building housing our bureau was destroyed because of a Hamas presence that posed an urgent threat. In a statement, Erdan reiterated an Israeli claim that the building housed Hamas military intelligence, saying its personnel there were "developing an electronic jamming system to be used against the Iron Dome defense system".
Persons: Gilad Erdan, Erdan, Israel, Israel doesn't Organizations: Press, United Nations, Iron, Gaza, AP, Thomson Locations: Gaza, Qatar, Jazeera, United States, Gaza City, Washington, Israel
GAZA CITY—When Ayman Musa’s furniture factory was bombed in a 2014 conflict between Israel and Hamas, he spent $400,000 to rebuild. Last month’s fighting destroyed his new place, leaving him broke and fed up—with Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas and its leader, Yahya Sinwar. Not Sinwar or Israel is paying money for my family. Only my hard work,” said Mr. Musa, a father of six, whose once-bustling plant has been reduced to blackened and twisted metal. Further complicating matters, the U.S. and Israel insist that any assistance to help rebuild Gaza not help Hamas, which governs the Strip and which both countries consider a terror group.
Persons: Ayman Musa’s, Yahya Sinwar, “ I’m, , Musa, Sinwar Organizations: Hamas, Palestinian, United Nations Locations: GAZA, Israel, Gaza, U.S, Egypt, Qatar
U.S. Relief Plan for Gaza Seeks to Bypass Hamas
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WASHINGTON—The Biden administration has committed to help rebuild Gaza after the devastation of the recent Mideast conflict, but without providing any support to Hamas, which governs the territory and is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. and its allies. The Democratic administration of President Biden plans to restore funding to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, or UNRWA, after the Republican Trump administration cut off funding for the agency, saying the move would pressure Palestinians to engage in peace talks with Israel. “Hamas is a terrorist organization; we’ve recognized that,” Mr. Biden said after the two sides announced a cease-fire last month, after 11 days of armed conflict, civilian casualties and property damage. Under those rules, the agency engages with Hamas officials at the lowest possible level, for the least amount of time.
Persons: WASHINGTON —, Biden, we’ve, Mr, ” Elizabeth Campbell Organizations: U.S, Democratic, Works Agency, Republican Trump, Israel, Hamas Locations: Gaza, U.S, agency’s Washington
Egypt sends building equipment to begin Gaza reconstruction -state TV
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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi speaks during a joint news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee palace, France December 7, 2020. Michel Euler/Pool via REUTERS/File PhotoEgypt has sent a convoy of engineers and building equipment to Gaza after orders from President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to begin reconstruction in the enclave after recent Israeli-Palestinian fighting, Egyptian state television reported on Friday. Footage aired on state television showed dozens of bulldozers, cranes and trucks waving Egyptian flags lined up along the border to begin crossing into the Gaza Strip. Eleven days of conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist rulers of Gaza, erupted on May 10. More than 4,000 rockets, many intercepted, fired by Gaza militants killed 13 people in Israel.
Persons: Abdel Fattah al, Emmanuel Macron, Michel Euler, Sisi Organizations: French, Hamas, Gaza, Thomson Locations: France, Egypt, Gaza, Israel, Palestinian
Valery Sharifulin | TASS | Getty ImagesQatar is unlikely to normalize relations with Israel unless the conflict with the Palestinians has been resolved, according to Foreign Minister Mohammad bin Abdulrahman Al Thani. But countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia maintained that Israel must first sign a peace agreement with the Palestinians. The main reason Qatar doesn't have relations with Israel "is the occupation of the Palestine territories," said Al Thani. Abdulrahman Al Thani Qatar foreign ministerEstablishing relations with Israel won't solve the long-standing problems between Israel and the Palestinians, added Al Thani, who is also deputy prime minister of Qatar. Foreign Minister Al Thani also said Qatar is willing to facilitate talks between the U.S. and Iran.
Persons: Valery Sharifulin, Mohammad bin Abdulrahman, Al Thani, CNBC's Hadley Gamble, Abdulrahman, Al, QNA, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, Thani Organizations: TASS, Getty, United Arab, St ., Economic, Hamas, Reuters, Foreign, U.S, Qatar, Gulf Cooperation Council Locations: Qatar, Israel, Mohammad bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan, U.S, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Al, St, St . Petersburg, Abdulrahman Al Thani Qatar, Al Thani, Iran, Tehran, Vienna, Gulf
Benjamin Netanyahu has often been called Israel’s Teflon prime minister. But even Teflon, we now know, breaks down, wears out and may be so dangerous it should be retired from use. A parliamentary vote in Israel’s Knesset is needed to confirm the new coalition, and Netanyahu is working feverishly to try to undermine it. From right, United Arab List party leader Mansour Abbas, Yamina party leader Naftali Bennett and Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid, in Ramat Gan, Israel, on Wednesday. The older, more famous Abbas — Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas (no relation) — will have an opportunity to engage with the new Israeli government as he never could when Netanyahu held the reins.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, feverishly, Likudnik, Labor Party’s Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, bedfellows, Netanyahu —, Mansour Abbas, Naftali Bennett, Yesh, Yair Lapid, Muslim pragmatist Mansour Abbas, it’s, — Bennet, Lapid, Abbas —, Michael Koplow, Bennett, Bibi, Donald Trump, Abbas, Mahmoud Abbas, Organizations: Labor, Wednesday, United, Reuters, Hamas, Forum, Washington , D.C, Twitter, Likud, Locations: Arab, Ramat Gan, Israel, United Arab, Gaza, Washington ,, Washington, West Bank, U.S
Social media users sharing news of a young girl killed during the recent Israel-Hamas conflict have used an incorrect picture of the child. The image is, in fact, of an unidentified girl photographed in 2015. The Times reports that Rahaf was killed on May 10, the first night of the conflict, in a strike on Beit Hanoun. She died alongside her three cousins: Yazan al-Masri, 2, Marwan al-Masri, 6 and Ibrahim al-Masri, 11 (here). While a girl called Rahaf al-Masri was killed in Gaza during the recent Israel-Hamas conflict, the viral photo shared with her name is not of the correct person.
Persons: Al Masry, , Rahaf, Abu Shalback, Herbert Buchsbaum, Masri, Buchsbaum, Beit, Yazan, Marwan al, Ibrahim al, Layla Moran, Read Organizations: Sunday Times, New York Times, Israel, Google, Times, Reuters Locations: Israel, American, Turkey, Gaza, Beit Hanoun
"The truth must be told: The national struggle between Israel and the Palestinians is not over territory. "There is no difference between one Israeli leader and another," said Ahmed Rezik, 29, a government worker in Gaza. “Palestinians have seen dozens of Israeli governments throughout history, right, left, centre, as they call it. But he has been criticised in the West Bank and Gaza for siding with what they see as the enemy. Bennett has been a strong advocate of annexing parts of the West Bank that Israel captured and occupied in a 1967 war.
Persons: Naftali Bennett, Yonatan, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bennett, Bassem Al, Netanyahu, Ahmed Rezik, Hazem Qassem, Mansour Abbas, Badri Karam, Will Organizations: West Bank, Israel's, Palestine Liberation Organisation, PLO, Hamas, Israel, Thomson Locations: Jerusalem, Gaza, Israel, Palestine
The coalition deal still has to be voted on by the Israeli Parliament, but is expected to pass some time in the next few weeks. Despite Arabs representing around 20 percent of Israel’s population, an Arab party has never before joined an Israeli coalition government. Meanwhile, Isaac Herzog, a veteran politician and the scion of a prominent Israeli political family, was elected president Wednesday. He even tried to court the United Arab List despite having vilified Israeli Arab voters in previous elections. While the formation of a new “change” government would deal Netanyahu a symbolic and legal blow, it would not necessarily spell the end of his political career.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Lapid, Reuven Rivlin, Naftali Bennett, Netanyahu, Lapid, Rivlin, Bennett, Israel’s, Yesh, Uriel Sinai, dovish, Isaac Herzog, Herzog Organizations: Israeli, Palestinian, Hamas, NBC, United, Israel's Labor Party, Likud Locations: Gaza, U.S, Jerusalem, United Arab, Israel, Oslo, Israel’s
The Palestinian militant group Hamas has seen a surge in cryptocurrency donations since the start of the armed conflict with Israel last month, a senior official with the group said, exploiting a trend in online fundraising that has enabled it to circumvent international sanctions to fund its military operations. The international attention to the recent fighting drew new eyeballs to websites run by Hamas’s armed wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, and that surge translated into donations for its military operations, the senior Hamas official said. “There was definitely a spike” in bitcoin donations, he said. As the cryptocurrency industry grew, Hamas began capitalizing on its ability to make transactions anonymous. The Hamas official, who spoke on condition he not be named, declined to say how much cryptocurrency the group has received but said its proportion of overall revenue was rising.
Persons: cryptocurrency Organizations: Palestinian, Hamas, Brigades Locations: Israel, Gaza, U.S
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