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This story about federal school funding was produced byThe Hechinger Report, a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education. It’s time to deliver.”Should it be approved, the federal school funding he’s proposing could become a steady stream that’s nearly impossible to take back, meaning a huge change in federal control over local schools. Morrison, the district’s CFO, does not think the answer is more federal school funding. Meanwhile, Republicans have been far more likely to call for the elimination of the federal Department of Education than for its expansion. Federal school funding has waxed and waned over the last 40 years depending on who is in the White House.
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Last month, al Shabaab captured the strategic Galmudug town of Amara from federal forces. read moreThe group has said it wants to take control of towns and regions to better protect them from and fight al Shabaab. Residents of the captured towns said the fighters captured troops and equipment from the national army and were greeted with celebrations by some. "We do not want the so-called Somali government that does not fight al Shabaab," said Halima Osman from Mataban. read moreExperts warn that political instability could benefit al Shabaab.
Persons: Shabaab, ASWJ, Captain Nur Abdullahi, Sheikh Ismail Farah, Al Shabaab, al Shabaab, al, Farah, Abdullahi, Osman Mohmaud, Halima Osman, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, Abdi Sheikh, Ayenat, Raissa Organizations: Somali National Army, Reuters, SNA, Residents, Thomson Locations: MOGADISHU, Somali, Somalia, Galmudug, Mataban, al Shabaab, Al, Amara, Shabaab
We have no idea so far whether the house we left was also bombed," she added, describing her race for shelter. Hamas says it has a right to protest against the occupation of Palestinian land and seeks an independent nation. Neither side has shown any sign of easing up in the conflict that erupted on Monday, and Israeli forces have massed on the border. For some residents of Gaza, particularly those in the north, that was a signal to move. 'TERRIFYING'In Israel, sirens sound across cities to warn of incoming Palestinian rockets, many intercepted by Israeli missile defences.
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(CNN) Halima Cisse, a 25-year-old Malian woman who gave birth to nine babies in Morocco on Tuesday, is in good health. Her nonuplets, five girls and four boys, have a way to go, according to Youssef Alaoui, the medical director of Casablanca's Ain Borja clinic, where the babies were born. "There is still work to do because they are very premature," Alaoui told CNN. Cisse was flown to Morocco by the Malian government on March 30, according to a statement from Mali's health ministry. Before she gave birth, the combined weight of the babies and amniotic fluid inside her womb was 66-88 pounds, according to Alaoui.
Persons: Halima Cisse, Youssef Alaoui, Casablanca's Ain, Alaoui, ventilators, Abdelkoddous Hafsi, Cisse, Read Organizations: CNN, Groupe Akdital Locations: Morocco, Casablanca's Ain Borja, Malian
Mali woman who was expecting 7 babies delivers 9
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BAMAKO, Mali — A Malian woman has given birth to nine babies at once — after expecting seven, according to Mali's Minister of Health and the Moroccan clinic where the nonuplets were born. It appeared to be the first time on record that a woman had given birth to nine surviving babies at once. The five girls and four boys, and their mother, “are all doing well,” Mali’s health minister said in a statement. The mother, 25-year-old Halima Cisse, gave birth to the babies by cesarean section on Tuesday in Morocco after being sent there for special care, Mali’s top health official announced. The Malian health ministry did not provide any other information about the pregnancy or births.
Persons: Halima Cisse, Cisse, Youssef Alaoui, ” Alaoui, Suleman, Yacoub, , Organizations: Health, Associated Press, Medical, World Records, AP, Guinness, Alaoui, King’s College London Locations: BAMAKO, Mali —, Morocco, Ain, Casablanca, Mali, Moroccan
(CNN) A woman from Mali has given birth to nine babies -- two more than the seven that ultrasounds had detected -- according to the country's Ministry of Health. Ultrasounds done in Mali and Morocco indicated that Halima Cisse was pregnant with seven children -- but on Tuesday, she gave birth to five girls and four boys, Fanta Siby, Mali's minister of health and social development, said in a statement. Cisse was admitted to a Moroccan clinic following a two-week stay in a hospital in the Malian capital, Bamako, the statement added. All children were delivered by C-section, and mother and newborns are doing well, according to Siby. Morocco's health ministry spokesman, Rachid Koudhari, said he had no knowledge of the multiple births having taken place in one of the country's hospitals, the AFP news agency reported.
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Malian woman gives birth to nine babies
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A Malian woman gave birth to nine babies on Tuesday - two more than doctors had detected inside her crowded womb - joining a small pantheon of mothers of nonuplets. The pregnancy of Halima Cisse, 25, has fascinated the West African nation and attracted the attention of its leaders. When doctors in March said Cisse needed specialist care, authorities flew her to Morocco, where she gave birth. Cisse was expected to give birth to seven babies, according to ultrasounds conducted in Morocco and Mali that missed two of the siblings. Medical complications in multiple births of this kind often mean that some of the babies do not reach full term.
Persons: Halima Cisse, Cisse, Fanta Siby, ultrasounds Organizations: Thomson Locations: West African, Morocco, Mali
Somalia's newly-elected President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo addresses lawmakers after winning the vote at the airport in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, on February 8, 2017. REUTERS/Feisal Omar/File PhotoSupporters of Somalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and those opposed to the extension of his four-year term clashed on Sunday on the streets of the capital, residents said. "There is gunfire between pro-opposition military and government forces at Fagah Junction," Halima Osman, a resident of Fagah in Mogadishu, said after Reuters witnesses heard gunshots erupt in capital. A Reuters witness saw four military vehicles positioned in one place in the Fagah area. Somalia's lower house of parliament passed legislation to extend Mohamed's tenure by up to two years, although the decision was rejected by the upper chamber.
Persons: Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, Feisal Omar, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, Halima Osman Organizations: REUTERS, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Somalia's, Mogadishu, Somalia, Fagah
LONDON — Nine minutes on a Minneapolis street last May sparked a long, defiant summer of protests across the world. Now, as the first trial in George Floyd's death is underway, an official U.K. report on racial inequality that was ordered in its wake has triggered fresh anger and demands for change. The report was conducted by an independent Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, nine of whose 10 members were Black. The report found that overt and outright racism did persist, particularly online, and acknowledged that Britain was not yet a "post-racial society" of equal opportunity. "The government appears completely unable to acknowledge or even show any empathy for the incidence of racism in the U.K.," Begum said by email.
Persons: George Floyd's, , Boris Johnson, Shola, Johnson, Dr, Tony Sewell, Union Jack, Marsha de Cordova, de Cordova, Kehinde Andrews, John Boyega, Winston, Mercy Longe, Meghan, Duchess of, Longe, Halima Begum, Begum, Gary McFarlane Organizations: NBC, Black, Johnson's Conservative, Union, Birmingham City University, Sky News, Comcast, Hollywood Locations: Minneapolis, Britain, United Kingdom, Buckingham, Downing, London, Duchess of Sussex, Runnymede
“Put simply we no longer see a Britain where the system is deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities,” Tony Sewell, the commission’s chairman, said in a foreword to the report. “The impediments and disparities do exist, they are varied, and ironically very few of them are directly to do with racism. While the Tories (Conservatives) pat themselves on the back, their report just sets back the clock on ending racial inequality even further,” Labour lawmaker Bell Ribeiro-Addy said on Twitter. The country had come a long way in 50 years and “the success of much of the ethnic minority population in education and, to a lesser extent, the economy, should be regarded as a model for other white-majority countries”, the commission said. It put forward 24 recommendations including ending the use of the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) acronym because of the differences in experience of minorities.
Persons: Boris Johnson’s, George Floyd, ” Tony Sewell, Sewell, Keir Starmer, Bell Ribeiro, Addy, Halima Begum Organizations: Commission, Labour, Johnson’s Conservative, Tories, Twitter, BBC, Downing Locations: Britain, United States, Runnymede, Caribbean
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Somalia cut diplomatic relations with neighbouring Kenya on Tuesday, accusing it of meddling in politics as protests and gunfire erupted in the capital Mogadishu over delayed elections. FILE PHOTO: Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, President of Somalia, attends the London Somalia Conference' at Lancaster House, May 11, 2017. “Somalia calls back all its diplomats from Kenya and orders Kenyan diplomats to leave Somalia within seven days,” Somali Information Minister Osman Dube told the state news agency. Also last year, Kenya recalled its ambassador after Mogadishu decided to auction disputed oil and gas exploration blocks at sea. Demonstrators denounced President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed - usually known by his nickname “Farmaajo” (cheese) - over delayed votes for both houses of parliament.
Persons: Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, Jack Hill, Osman Dube, Dube, , Muse Bihi Abdi, Abdi, Uhuru Kenyatta, “ Farmaajo, Halima, Farah Organizations: Reuters, London Somalia, Lancaster House, REUTERS, African Union peacekeeping, Somali, Radio, Kenyan, Nairobi’s Locations: MOGADISHU, Somalia, Kenya, Mogadishu, Shabaab, Radio Mogadishu, Nairobi, Somaliland, Jubbaland
Even in Britain, where more detailed data on race and ethnicity is available, there is debate over the root causes of higher infections among certain groups. In the United States, ethnicity data allowed authorities to identify that rates of HIV/AIDS were growing significantly faster among African Americans and Hispanics than the general population, prompting the development of targeted programmes to reduce infection in these groups. In France, government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye called for the debate on ethnicity data to be revisited, but was rebuffed by the president’s office. Mortality for those born in sub-Saharan Africa increased 114% in 2020 compared with 22% for French-born residents, the data showed. EPICOV, the country’s nationwide study on coronavirus infection, provides data on cases among first and second-generation immigrants.
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