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Now in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, they see the drops falling from the sky with terror. A man walks on the beach after the passage of Hurricane Iota in Bilwi, Nicaragua on November 17, 2020. But the lasting damage of Hurricanes Eta and Iota are a reminder that climate change is a growing driver of migration, too. Rescuers navigate a flooded road in a boat after the passing of Hurricane Iota in La Lima, Honduras, Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020. "Central America and Honduras are among the regions in the world most affected by climate change," Honduran president Hernández said.
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Guatemala seeks OAS support after violent protests over budget
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Demonstrators shout slogans during a protest to demand the resignation of President Alejandro Giammattei, a day after protesters set fire to a part of the Congress building in Guatemala City, Guatemala November 22, 2020. REUTERS/Luis EcheverriaGUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) - Guatemala’s government said on Sunday it has requested assistance from the Organization of American States (OAS) to help launch a dialogue with “diverse political forces” after a massive protest over 2021 budget cuts turned violent. Most protestors demonstrated peacefully, but one group torched rooms inside the Congress and others clashed with police, who used tear gas to dispel crowds. Thirty-six people were arrested, and at least a dozen people were taken to hospitals to be treated for injuries. “The president expresses his most absolute openness to an inclusive dialogue that will allow an understanding among all sectors of national life,” Guatemala’s government said in a statement.
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While most protesters assembled peacefully at the main square, others smashed the windows of the Congress building and set fire to the interior, sending columns of orange flames rippling out, social media and Reuters images show. A spokeswoman for San Juan de Dios General Hospital, one of the capital’s biggest hospitals, said it was treating 14 people for multiple injuries and tear gas poisoning, after clashes with police in riot gear who used tear gas to disperse the crowds. Erika Guevara Rosas, Americas Director at Amnesty International, urged investigations into the detentions, which social media videos showed as violent. “Multiple complaints of mistreatment, excessive use of force, indiscriminate use of tear gas by the Guatemalan police,” she wrote on Twitter. As protests ramped up Saturday, he said on Twitter he was meeting with various sectors to analyze modifications to the budget.
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Panama court orders new trial for ex-President Martinelli in spying case
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FILE PHOTO: Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli waves during an anti-drugs summit at the Santo Domingo Hotel in Antigua, about 42 km (26 miles) of Guatemala City, March 24, 2012. REUTERS/Jorge Dan LopezPANAMA CITY (Reuters) - A Panamanian court has ordered a new trial of former President Ricardo Martinelli in a case alleging he unlawfully spied on politicians, union leaders and journalists during his 2009-2014 presidency, the country’s top prosecutor announced on Friday. The appeals court threw out Martinelli’s 2019 not guilty verdict, but did not set a date for the new trial. Prosecutor Ricaurte Gonzalez cited what he described as “an incorrect assessment of much of the evidence” presented at the previous trial. Martinelli maintained his innocence and accused his successor and one-time ally Juan Carlos Varela of conspiring against him.
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“We have food here, but I can’t eat for the worry,” she said, clutching a scarf as tears ran down her cheeks. But perhaps nowhere was harder hit than Guatemala, where poor Mayan villages precariously perched on lush mountainsides are susceptible to landslides. Rescuers say they may never know how many people were buried in the mud in Queja, about 200 km (125 miles) from Guatemala City. I’m miserable.”When a helicopter carrying supplies organized by a retired general, Francisco Mus, arrived in Chicuz, survivors huddled in the schoolyard ran out, desperate for possible news of loved ones left behind. She too thinks she, her husband and children will not return to Queja now, or maybe ever.
Persons: Matilde Ical Chen, Storm Eta, Luis Echeverria Ical Chen, ” Ical Chen, , Rolando Cal, ” Cal, , Cal, Francisco Mus, Raul Gualin, Bedraggled, Ical Chen Organizations: REUTERS, Reuters, Sunday Locations: CHICUZ, Guatemala, Guatemalan, Queja, Alta Verapaz, Chicuz, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala City, Santa Elena
Photos of the Queja landslide showed a lengthy strip of brown mud peeled from the lush green hillside. Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei hinted the death toll could be higher, with the number of dead and missing in Queja estimated at about 150. Slideshow ( 5 images )‘CATASTROPHIC FLOODING’One of the fiercest storms to hit Central America in years, Eta on Friday dumped more torrential rain across swaths of Central America. REGIONAL IMPACTThe high winds and heavy rain have damaged thousands of homes in Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, whose government has not yet detailed the human cost of the storm. But remnants of the weather system will continue to hammer parts of Central America with flooding, it added.
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In most years, hurricane activity would have wound down by now. Not in 2020
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Hurricane Eta has slowly churned through Central America this week, flooding homes, collapsing buildings and leaving at least 57 people dead, according to reports. Expected to redevelop and head toward Cuba and Florida next week, Eta is the 28th named storm and the 12th hurricane during a brutal Atlantic hurricane season. But in 2020, with about a month left of the official hurricane season, forecasters anticipate even more storms to form. With Eta, the 2020 season is now tied with 2005 for the greatest number of named storms. "The odds of the Atlantic named storm record being broken are relatively high," said Phil Klotzbach, an atmospheric scientist at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.
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Families waded through flooded streets of the northern Honduran city of San Pedro Sula, while cars sat almost submerged in parts of the central Guatemalan city of San Pedro Carcha, television footage and images posted on social media showed. In southern Costa Rica, a landslide killed two people in a house, a Costa Rican woman and an American man, officials said. Meanwhile, five people, including three children, died in flooding in Panama’s Chiriqui province, near the Costa Rica border, authorities said. Calling their survival a “miracle,” Morales said a man among them presumed dead from a heart attack also made it back. Across swathes of Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica, high winds and heavy rain have damaged hundreds if not thousands of homes, forcing thousands to take cover in shelters.
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