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Facebook has banned false claims about COVID-19 vaccines in its latest attempt to stop the spread of misinformation. The news comes as the UK became the first Western nation in the world to approve a COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer this week. Facebook has banned false claims about COVID-19 vaccines in its latest attempt to stop the rapid spread of misinformation on the platform. "This is another way that we are applying our policy to remove misinformation about the virus that could lead to imminent physical harm." YouTube, owned by Google, and TikTok have also said they will remove false claims about COVID-19 vaccines, NPR reported.
Persons: Kang, Xing Jin, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Jin Organizations: Facebook, Pfizer, Health, Microsoft, AP, Independent, Guardian, YouTube, Google, NPR Locations: COVID
President Trump has ordered the withdrawal of most of the U.S. troops stationed in Somalia, Pentagon officials said Friday. The nearly 800 troops represent a small footprint but are seen as a crucial bulwark against African-based extremist groups, including al-Shabab. Dominic Deitrick, assigned to the 1-186th Infantry Battalion, Task Force Guardian, Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa, provides security at an unidentified location in Somalia on June 12, 2020. Christopher Ruano / Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa via AP fileThe statement said some forces may be reassigned outside of East Africa. In 2017, the Pentagon announced it was sending dozens of troops to the African nation to train the Somali National Army.
Persons: Trump, Dominic Deitrick, Christopher Ruano, Christopher Miller Organizations: U.S, Pentagon, U.S . Army Spc, 186th Infantry Battalion, Task Force Guardian, Force, Tech, AP, Somali National Army Locations: Somalia, al, Shabab, U.S, Africa, of Africa, East Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq
China's government has announced that it is expanding its weather-control project, which creates artificial rain and snow, by fivefold. China is one of dozens of countries using "cloud seeding" to try and manufacture good weather conditions for crops or to prevent natural disasters. "Cloud seeding" involves spraying chemicals like silver iodide or liquid nitrogen into clouds, where water droplets condense and fall. China is massively expanding its weather-control project, and is aiming to be able to cover half the country in artificial rain and snow by 2025, the government said Tuesday. The practice of "cloud seeding" was discovered in the US in 1946 by a chemist working for General Electric.
Organizations: State Council, General Electric, Guardian, Forbidden, Getty, China's Ministry of Finance Locations: China, Beijing, Xinjiang
What's next for America's favorite news podcast
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The New York Times ( NYT )' podcast "The Daily" typically airs every day of the week except for Saturdays. "A podcast doesn't become the front page of a newspaper unless a newspaper lets a podcast become the new front page." A podcast doesn't become the front page of a newspaper unless a newspaper lets a podcast become the new front page." 'Building a world every time'"The Daily" has not strayed from its roots as a daily audio show, but it continues to evolve. The Times audio continues to operate as its own entity within the larger newsroom.
Persons: Alex, Maggie, Jim, Michael Barbaro, Alexander Burns, Maggie Haberman, Jim Rutenberg, Trump, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Lisa Tobin, Kara Swisher's, Barbaro, Barbaro's, Biden, Tobin, Paige Cowett, Lisa Chow, Chow, " Barbaro, Cowett, Meredith Kopit Levien, Nicholas Quah, Quah, it's, Sam Dolnick, Dolnick, We're, Carolyn Ryan, Alex Young, Young, Astead, Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Donald G, McNeil , Jr, Stephanie Preiss, Susan Schiekofer Organizations: New York Times, White, Times, The New York Times, Big Tech, The Washington Post, Guardian, Apple, NPR, Productions, CNN Business, The Times, Spotify, New York, Daily, House, The, iTunes Locations: The, NewFronts, York, COVID, WBUR, Herndon, GroupM
A CIA officer died last month following an unsuccessful raid in Somalia on the Al Qaeda off-shoot, Al Shabaab. The raid was targeting Al Shabaab insurgents, one of whom was an expert bomb maker and "specially designated global terrorist." Al Shabaab is an Islamist militant group which is allied to Al Qaeda. There was a 40-minute gun battle before the US and Somali forces withdrew, a Somali officer told The Guardian. President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to withdraw troops from the region before leaving office, US officials told Reuters.
Persons: Al Qaeda, Al, Al Shabaab, Abdullahi Osman Mohamed, Ismail, Mohamed, Al Shabaab's, Shabaab, Jana Cabdalle, Donald Trump Organizations: CIA, Al, Guardian, Islamic, Navy SEAL, The New York Times, US, US State Department, Reuters Locations: Somalia, Al Shabaab, Germany, Somali, Gendershe, Mogadishu, Al Qaeda, Jana
Unilever is putting employees in New Zealand on a four-day work week for the next year, making it the latest major company to experiment with the alternative schedule. The concept of a four-day workweek isn't new. But two factors convinced Nick Bangs, Unilever's Managing Director for New Zealand, to take the plunge and implement it for a year among the consumer good giant's workforce in the country. "After hearing Andrew Barnes speak, I tabled the idea of the New Zealand business trialing this to our global leaders and received their full support," Bangs told Business Insider. Whether Unilever extends the four-day week to teams beyond New Zealand will depend in part on how much employees accomplish.
Persons: Nick Bangs, Unilever's, Bangs, Andrew Yang, coronavirus, Jacinda, Read, Andrew Barnes Organizations: Unilever, New Zealand, Microsoft, Kiwi, Guardian, New, Australia's University of Technology Business School, Agile, Unilever isn't Locations: New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Sydney
Japan's Hayabusa-2 spacecraft is set to deliver a sample of rock and dust from asteroid Ryugu to Earth on Saturday. In a dramatic finale, the Hayabusa-2 spacecraft is expected to send at least 100 milligrams of alien space rock plummeting into the Australian outback. An illustration shows the Hayabusa-2 spacecraft touching down on asteroid Ryugu. But combined, the samples from Osiris-Rex and Hyabusa-2 will provide the world's first comprehensive set of pristine asteroid material. Portions of both agencies' asteroid samples will also be stored for future research.
Persons: Japan's Hayabusa, Ryugu, Makoto Yoshikawa, Lori Glaze, Osiris, Rex Organizations: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA, Associated, Guardian, NASA, Planetary Science Locations: Ryugu, Woomera, Australia, Bennu
ROME (Reuters) - Iran will fully comply with a 2015 deal aimed at preventing it from developing nuclear weapons if both the United States and Europe honour their original commitments, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Thursday. Zarif said that although the government did not like the law, it would nonetheless implement it. “Europeans say they are in full compliance (with the deal) but they simply are not. ... We don’t see any European companies in Iran, we do not see any European country buying oil from Iran, we do not see any European banks send us our money,” Zarif said. I do not believe that they want to allow Israel to bring the fight to Iran,” Zarif said.
Persons: Mohammad Javad Zarif, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, , Zarif, , ” Zarif, Trump Organizations: Iranian, Iran’s Guardian Locations: ROME, Iran, United States, Europe, Tehran, Iran’s, USA, U.S, Israel
The letter follows organized Black Friday protests against Amazon from employees, trade unionists, and activist groups under the banner "Make Amazon Pay." The letter accuses Amazon of underpaying and intimidating its workers, contributing to climate change, and paying unfairly low taxes. The letter accuses Amazon of underpaying and intimidating its workers, contributing to climate change, and paying unfairly low taxes. Amazon's announced its climate pledge in 2019 to commit to net zero-carbon emissions across its business by 2040 and Jeff Bezos has set up a private $10 billion "Earth Fund." In short, we write to you now with a single commitment: to Make Amazon Pay.
Persons: Jeff Bezos, Ilhan Omar, Rashida, Bezos, Ro Khanna, Jamaal Bowman, Amazon, , Andy Jassy, Amazon's Organizations: Amazon, Democratic, US Democratic, Business, statehouse, Bloomberg, France's Finance Ministry, Guardian, Amazon . Locations: Europe, Amazon
As the pandemic has exacerbated America's loneliness crisis, many have turned to technology for comfort, including AI chatbots, rent-a-friend services, and online social communities. Dubbed the "loneliness economy," this growing industry, which includes big names like Bumble BFF and newer apps like QuarantineChat, aims to address feelings of isolation and mental health with innovative solutions. The size of the loneliness economy is impossible to estimate in part because of its breadth. From coworking to virtual connectionsYet the loneliness economy is not just a COVID-19 craze. Investment in the loneliness economy paid off, and coworking spaces were worth $26 billion globally in 2019.
Persons: Bumble, Julianne Holt, Lunstad, Les, it's, Replika, Luka, she's, She's, I've, COVID, Cigna, Bumble BFF, Naomi Walkland, we've, coworking —, Heeral Pattni, who've, Heeral, Pattni, laud, Jennifer Russell, TalkLife, Russell, Saurav Datt, Datt Organizations: San, Guardian, Ireland, Harvard, Investment, Brigham Young University, Microsoft Research, MIT, Harvard University Locations: San Francisco, London, Los Angeles, Kolkata
Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a leading figure in Iran's nuclear and missile program, was finally assassinated. The nuclear programAn Iranian woman behind a model of a nuclear reactor at the nuclear plant in the southwestern Iranian city of Bushehr. The last IAEA report on Iran's nuclear program before that wave of assassinations was issued on November 16, 2009. Thus, killing of Dr. Hosseinpour did not slow down development of Iran's nuclear program; if anything, the program had accelerated after his death. The Parchin site, the subject of much controversy regarding Iran's nuclear program, is affiliated with this university.
Persons: Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Muhammad Sahimi, Israel, Agnes Callamard, Ardeshir, Hosseinpour's, Gabi Ashkenazi, Massoud Ali Mohammadi, Majid Shahriari, Dariush Rezaeinejad, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, Dr, Hosseinpour, Trump, Ebrahim Noroozi, Ali Mahmoodi Mimand, Israel's, Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, Malek, Clinton, Hassan Rouhani, General Qasem Soleimani, hagh, , bode Organizations: University of Southern, European Union, UN, Reuters, International Atomic Energy Agency, US, The Telegraph, IAEA, Military, Iranian Defense Ministry, AP, Iran, Iran's, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Guardian, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Holy Defence Museum, Hossein, University Locations: University of Southern California, Israel, United States, Tehran, Iranian, Bushehr, Iran, Natanz, Arak, LEU, Russia, Khojir, Islamic Republic, Saudi Arabia
FILE PHOTO: Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a virtual speech, on the occasion of the Prophet Mohammad's birthday, in Tehran, Iran November 3, 2020. Official Khamenei Website/Handout via REUTERSIn retaliation for the killing last week of Iran’s top nuclear scientist, which Tehran has blamed on Israel, Iran’s hardline-dominated parliament on Tuesday approved the bill with a strong majority that will harden Iran’s nuclear stance. In reaction to U.S. President Donald Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy on Tehran, Iran has gradually reduced its compliance with the deal. Biden has said he would return to the pact and would lift sanctions if Tehran returned to “strict compliance with the nuclear deal”. Under the new law, the government should resume uranium enrichment to 20% and install advanced centrifuges at its Natanz and Fordow nuclear facilities.
Persons: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Washington, Donald Trump’s, Joe Biden, Biden, Iran’s, Hassan Rouhani, parliament’s, Organizations: Reuters, REUTERS, Guardian Locations: DUBAI, Tehran, Iran, Israel, U.S, Britain, France, Germany
Tina Turner, the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll, recently became an octogenarian — and she’s celebrating in style. In addition to her music and her incredible life story, Turner is known for her iconic style, with gowns covered in cascading sequins, bodacious hair, sky-high heels and miniskirts. The book also features her special collaborations with German fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, who died last year. Turner: When I look back, I can see the story of my life through the clothes I wore. I wanted to move, so my skirts got shorter and less constricting because freedom was important to me, onstage and in life.
Persons: Tina Turner, , Turner, Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, Mick Jagger, Christian Louboutin, she’s, Erwin Bach, didn’t, Peter Lindbergh, Turner’s, Lindbergh, , ” NBCBLK, Ike
They depict an ancient hunter-gatherer society that lived at the end of the Ice Age, with scenes of humans hunting mastodons and images of other extinct animals like Ice Age horses. More than 12,000 years ago, near the end of the Ice Age, humans hunted mastodons: ancient mammals that resembled a cross between mammoths and elephants. A recent discovery bolsters it: Researchers recently uncovered thousands of drawings from an Ice Age-era tribe, hidden deep in the Amazon rainforest. The images show some of South America's earliest inhabitants and their interactions with Ice Age-era animals, including giant sloths, ancient llamas, and Ice Age horses. "The Ice Age horse had a wild, heavy face," Iriarte told The Guardian.
Persons: Jeison Lenis, José, Iriarte, Mark Robinson, Lenis, Cárdena, Jose Iriarte, Cárdenas, Ella Al Organizations: Colombian Amazon, Exeter University, Guardian, University of Exeter, South America, National University of Colombia, FARC Locations: Colombian, Lindosa, Cerro Azul, South America's, la Lindosa, Colombia, South
Iran Moves to Increase Uranium Enrichment and Bar Nuclear Inspectors
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The law was ratified by Iran’s Guardian Council, an appointed body that oversees the elected government, on Wednesday. The order to enrich uranium at 20 percent would be a concern because it is considered to be close to the threshold of bomb-grade uranium, which can be as high as roughly 90 percent. Iran has said its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes though Israeli officials and some American intelligence officials believe that Iran has a secret weapons program. Iran had limited its enrichment to under 4 percent under the nuclear agreement, which the Trump administration abandoned in 2018. The law indicated the higher enrichment was contingent on continued sanctions against Iran, and demanded that European nations that are still party to the nuclear agreement provide relief from the American sanctions.
Persons: Hassan Rouhani, , Trump, ” David Albright Organizations: Iran’s Guardian Council, Iran, Institute for Science, International Security Locations: Iran, Washington
President-elect Joe Biden stood by Neera Tanden, his nominee for director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, during an interview with The New York Times. "I think they're going to pick a couple of people just to fight [over] no matter what," Biden said of Senate Republicans. Tanden, CEO of the Center for American Progress, the liberal think tank, has been a fixture in Washington DC for years. She was a longtime aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, starting with her work in the White House during the presidency of Bill Clinton, and would be the first Indian-American woman to lead the White House budget office. Otherwise, Senate Republicans will control the nomination process.
Persons: Joe Biden, Neera Tanden, Biden, Hillary Clinton, Sen, Bernie Sanders, Thomas Friedman, fazed, Donald Trump, Antony Blinken, Linda Thomas, Greenfield, Tanden, Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders of, Mitch McConnell, Moscow Mitch, Republican Sen, John Cornyn of, she's, Kamala Harris Organizations: White, Office of Management, The New York Times, Senate Republicans, Republicans, Democratic, Vermont, Republican, United Nations, Center for American Progress, Washington DC, White House, Trump, Guardian, Daily Locations: Washington, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Ky, Moscow, Russia, John Cornyn of Texas, Georgia
The film follows Santa, played by Mel Gibson; Mrs. Claus, played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste; and a hit man, played by Walton Goggins. It's a movie made by people who seem never to have met a person or seen a movie — a Santa suit filled only with padding. "Fatman" doesn't have these. There are ways to show a commitment to change the systems of prejudice in which you've participated; Gibson doesn't appear dedicated to any of them. There are certainly ways to demonstrate a commitment to change the systems of prejudice in which you've participated and from which you've benefited; Gibson doesn't appear dedicated to any of them.
Persons: it's, Eshom Nelms, Ian Nelms, Mel Gibson, Claus, Marianne Jean, Baptiste, Walton Goggins, Goggins, Billy Wenan, Hurstfield, Skinny, didn't, we're, Chris Cringle, grandpa, Mel, Gibson, grizzled, Santa Claus, It's, you've, he'll, Sam Peckinpah's, Picasso, Gibson —, he's, Organizations: Pentagon, Globe, BAFTA, Hollywood, Warner Bros Locations: Santa Claus, It's, Hollywood
I think we've been very clear about our commitment to human rights, we're very clear about our cooperation and collaboration with our partners to improve and advance the human rights issues. "So, you know, we've been quite clear and I think we're proud of our commitment to human rights." Last year, rights groups accused F1 of insensitivity to the plight of Bahraini activist Najah Yusuf, a critic of the F1 race. The government also said that since 2011, some 21,000 police officers and Ministry of Interior staff "received human rights training." "Naturally, the human rights issue in so many of the places that we go to is a consistent and a massive problem," he said.
Persons: Bahrainis, Carey, Andy Slaughter, CNN's Amanda Davies, Chase Carey, we've, Najah Yusuf, Lewis Hamilton, Hamilton, Yusuf, we're, Slaughter, Nabeel Rajab, Sports Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Faisal, Romain Grosjean, Haas, there's, Sayed Alwadaei Organizations: CNN, Formula, Labour Party, Bahrain, Amnesty International, Human Rights, Bahraini, Guardian, Force, Prix, Saudi Minister, Sports, Twitter, Ministry of Sports, Liberty Media, Saudi, National Institution for Human, United Nations, Independent, Ministry of Interior, Bahrain Institute for Rights and Locations: Bahrain, Bahraini, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Baku, London
SoulCycle names Evelyn Webster as new CEO
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SoulCycle announced Tuesday that Evelyn Webster will take over the role of chief executive officer in mid-December, the company told CNBC Make It. Webster was most recently the CEO of Guardian News and Media's international operations. At SoulCycle, Webster will focus on "building a team and company culture that supports SoulCycle's mission," according to the release. In November, multiple SoulCycle riders and staff alleged that the company enabled toxic behavior, sexual harassment and anti-gay and racial discrimination, according to reports by Business Insider. Check out: SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan resignsDon't miss: Highest-ever Amex Gold Card welcome bonus is worth up to $600 in gift cards
Persons: SoulCycle, Evelyn Webster, Melanie Welan, Sunder Reddy, Webster, Evelyn, Harvey Spevak, furloughs, Melanie Whelan Organizations: CNBC, Guardian News, Guardian, Media, Time Inc, Leisure, IPC Media, Business, Equinox Group, International Health, Sportsclub Association Locations: Australia, America, SoulCycle, United States, Canada, United Kingdom
Unilever to try out four-day working week in New Zealand
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WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Global consumer goods giant Unilever said on Tuesday it was poised to try out a four-day working week for all its New Zeland employees. The employees will be paid for five days while working just four. Unilever New Zealand managing director Nick Bangs said the aim was to change the way work is done, not increase the working hours on four days. A shorter working week has been debated for a while in New Zealand with estate planning firm Perpetual Guardian making headlines last year for pioneering the idea and declaring it had seen big productivity increases. However, the New Zealand government has not taken the idea on board in its offices yet.
Persons: Brendan McDermid Unilever, Nick Bangs, , Jacinda Ardern, Bangs Organizations: WELLINGTON, Reuters, Global, Unilever, REUTERS, Unilever New Zealand, Guardian, New Zealand Locations: New York, U.S, New Zealand
Israel, long suspected of killing Iranian nuclear scientists over the last decade, has declined to comment on the attack. Iran long has maintained its nuclear program is peaceful. Though long suspicious of Iran's nuclear program, the Emirates has said it wants to de-escalate the crisis. Protesters hold the pictures of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran's top nuclear scientist, during a demonstration against his killing in Tehran, Iran on Saturday. The nuclear watchdog has provided an unprecedented, real-time look at Iran’s civilian nuclear program following the country’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.
Persons: Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Fakhrizadeh, Hossein, Gen, Esmail Ghaani, Ali Akbar Sahei, Mamoud Alavi, Amir Hatami, Fakhrizadeh's, Hatami, hadn't, Majid Asgaripour, Reuters Hatami, , Alam, Ali Shamkhani, ” Shamkhani, Donald Trump’s, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Organizations: International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran's Defense Ministry, Revolutionary Guard, Force, Intelligence, Defense, United Arab Emirates, U.S, Protesters, Reuters, , Press, NBC, country’s Supreme National Security Council, Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s Guardian Council Locations: TEHRAN, Iran, Israel, Tehran, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Emirates, Imamzadeh Saleh, , Al, Fars
Netflix on Saturday said it would declare more than $1.3 billion in UK revenue, according to The Guardian. The streaming giant has about 50 productions based in the UK, including "The Crown" and "The Witcher," with plans to double UK spending, Variety reports. Netflix on Saturday said it would declare more than $1.3 billion (£1 billion) in UK revenue, according to a report, putting tax pressure on other tech firms like Amazon. The move comes as Netflix increases its spending on shows filming in the UK, including "The Crown" and "The Witcher." The company is planning to double production spending on its more than 50 UK-based productions to $1 billion, according to Variety.
Persons: Netflix didn't, Joe Biden Organizations: Netflix, Guardian, Google, Variety Locations: Amsterdam
Stephanie Taylor is the outreach manager at Covenant House Michigan, a shelter for homeless youth ages 18 to 24 located in Detroit. She spends her days making contact with at-risk youth to offer them food, clothing, and medical attention, and encourages them to come stay at the Covenant House shelter. Taylor and her colleagues provide education, employment, and permanent housing opportunities to help youth get back on track and become independent adults. Some of these youth don't like rules, and they've been banned from other shelters for violence, but as outreach workers, it's our job to service them. For these young people we serve at Covenant House, we workers become their aunts or uncles or families.
Persons: Stephanie Taylor, Taylor, Ashley Zlatopolsky, they've, we'll, We'll, we've, you've, I've, Read, I'm, it's, It's Organizations: Covenant House Michigan, Covenant House, Covenant, Geographic, Guardian, Twitter Locations: Detroit, Inkster, Michigan, Europe, COVID, McDonald's, Rolling Stone
God is dead': newspapers pay tribute to Argentina great Maradona
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(Reuters) - Diego Maradona’s death dominated the front and back pages of newspapers as the world bid farewell to the ‘god of football’, with his renowned “Hand of God” quote featuring prominently. Maradona died after suffering a heart attack at his home in a suburb of Buenos Aires on Wednesday, less than a month after his 60th birthday. “God is dead” read a headline in French newspaper L’Equipe alongside a picture of the former Argentina striker in the national team’s famous blue-and-white striped kit. British daily The Times splashed “In the hands of God” with the image of Maradona celebrating after beating West Germany in the final of the 1986 World Cup - a tournament he made his own as he spurred Argentina to their second title triumph. “There will be no equal” Argentine newspaper Clarin said with a picture of Maradona holding the World Cup aloft at the Azteca Stadium.
Persons: Diego Maradona’s, Maradona, , Napoli, , ” Marcela Mora y Araujo Organizations: Reuters, Times, West Germany, England, Argentine, Clarin, Azteca, UEFA Cup, Guardian, Mundo Deportivo Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, Naples, Spanish
They either walk when they want to walk and risk significant harm, or they learn to obey the rules. That's why every parent at a crosswalk in New York City stands there and either looks longingly at the empty street or glares at jaywalkers. We are not going to see family for Thanksgiving or, in several weeks, for Christmas; I wish we were. In the end, their bumbling hypocrisies don't really matter to our decision; if 50 million people do a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing. Good food, a happy song, a hug; that’s pretty much all he needs to make any given moment a good one.
Persons: Donald Trump, Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Trump, Newsom, Cuomo, hypocrisies, Newsom —, influencers, we’ll, , David Foster, It’s, Sam Thielman, Sam, can’t, Weezer Organizations: Donald Trump , New York Gov, California Gov, lockdowns Locations: New York City, jaywalkers, Donald Trump ,, California, Napa Valley
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