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Pence made that clear in a Tuesday night letter on White House stationary to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "They're telling him he can't," one of the GOP sources close to the White House said. And a wave of recent departures also came from top White House staffers citing the attack on the Capitol.. "This is him by himself and it is something that has never happened before," said one former senior Trump administration official. I just think that's a goofy theory," said the former Trump administration official.
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Trump supporters did not have many answers, either, although they provided numerous conspiracy theories. Of the 13 Trump supporters who spoke to NBC News on Thursday, all but Lucero said they did not enter the Capitol during the riot. By Thursday, Pence appeared to have become the target of bizarre attacks by Trump supporters that are typically reserved for Democrats and celebrities. Indeed, it was his announcement, many Trump supporters said, that changed the tenor of the protest. "I don't know why I'm even surprised," said Angela Raheen, a Black woman who came out to the Capitol on Thursday to see whether Trump supporters remained.
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A Racial Slur, a Viral Video, and a Reckoning
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“Go pick cotton,” some said they were told in class by white students. “It was just always very uncomfortable being Black in the classroom,” said Muna Barry, a Black student who graduated with Ms. Groves and Mr. Galligan. The use of the slur by a Heritage High School student was not shocking, many said. The surprise, instead, was that Ms. Groves was being punished for behavior that had long been tolerated. In interviews, current and former students of color described an environment rife with racial insensitivity, including casual uses of slurs.
Persons: Groves, , , Muna Barry, Galligan Organizations: Heritage High School, Confederate, Virginia Department of Education, Heritage Locations: Leesburg, Loudoun County, Potomac, Maryland, Washington
Redwoods range SAN JOSE Old-growth redwoods CALIFORNIA C.Z.U. SANTA CRUZ Pacific Ocean 10 MILES Redwoods range SAN JOSE Old-growth redwoods Fires scorched some of the last remaining old- growth redwoods. Redwoods range SAN JOSE Old-growth redwoods CALIFORNIA C.Z.U. “We’re doing what we can to put those forests on the trajectory to be the old-growth forests of the future,” he said. But those next-generation forests have less fire tolerance than old-growth forests, with their lower canopies and thinner bark.
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In the week before Thanksgiving, Poteaux had nearly 100 preorders for Thanksgiving meals, which cost $89 for two people and $169 for four people. For people who want to skip the traditional turkey, there’s also an Angus beef option. “We have sold more whole smoked turkeys this year than last,” Baran told NBC News. For $60, the meal feeds two people and offers all of the traditional Thanksgiving fare, without the time spent cooking and cleaning up. “It's just going to be the two of us at our apartment in Boston, and neither of us have our hearts set on the traditional Thanksgiving fare.
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