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China's space agency said it landed a probe on the moon as part of its rock-collecting mission, Chang'e-5. The probe is set to drill rock samples and send them back to Earth before the New Year. If successful, it will be the first time a country has brought home moon rock in more than 40 years. If successful, it will be the first time a country has brought home moon rock in more than 40 years. Researchers investigate this by analyzing the ages of moon rock samples, then counting the craters on the areas of the moon from which those samples were collected.
Persons: David Draper, Tingshu Wang, Xiao Long, Clive Neal, CNSA, Andrew Jones, Artemis Base, Astrobotic's Griffin, Thomas Zurbuchen Organizations: China National Space Administration, NASA, New York Times, Reuters, US, Soviet, China University of Geosciences, University of Notre Dame, Artemis, Elon, SpaceX, International, Twitter Locations: China, Inner Mongolia, Soviet Union, Wuhan, Indiana, Hainan
"Credit scores tend to improve as people age," says Rod Griffin, senior director of public education and advocacy for Experian. Gen X has a high average credit utilization rateAccording to Experian's analysis, the average Gen Xer has a revolving utilization rate of 32%. "Gen X has reduced their credit utilization rate year over year, which is a good thing," Griffin tells CNBC Select. Your credit utilization rate, or balance-to-limit ratio, shows how much of your available credit you use. As Griffin points out, these consumers carry more nonmortgage, mortgage, credit card and retail card debt than any other generation.
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12 merry and gay movies to spice up your holiday
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This year, at least four LGBTQ-inclusive Christmas movies landed on cable channels and streaming services. While “The Family Stone” doesn’t reinvent the holiday movie, it does shake up conventions about expectations when it comes to romance. She and John Goodman play a couple of 40 years who want to have one last “perfect” family Christmas before announcing their impending divorce. Though a bit heavy-handed, “Holiday Heart” has a surprisingly good pedigree: Directed by Robert Townshend and produced by Robert DeNiro, it earned Woodard a Golden Globe. 'Rent' (2005)Every holiday movie list needs a musical, and “White Christmas” wasn’t going to cut it.
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One could argue that Millennium Management's greatest advantage over other hedge funds is its ability to keep talented people in-house. The massive hedge fund — which manages some $46 billion in assets across hundreds of teams — has a unique structure that lets portfolio managers operate in independent silos. However, despite that and given he launched the firm over 30 years ago, Englander has sprouted a network of hedge funds. According to a Business Insider review of LinkedIn, media reports, and industry sources, more than 70 former employees of Englander have launched their own funds across the globe. If you're interested in seeing the influence of other massive hedge funds, we have also mapped out the web of billionaires linked by Julian Roberston's Tiger Management and the alumni network that's grown out of Ken Griffin's Citadel.
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after the presidential election just weeks ago, said Republican voter Richard DiGloria, from Gwinnett County, an Atlanta suburb. said state Sen. Marty Harbin, a Republican, who said even he gets frustrated by the endless barrage. "Save your money I don't need any more crap in my mailbox, spam phone calls or emails," said one Georgia Twitter user. A Republican backing Loeffler accuses Warnock of being anti-police, which is followed by a Warnock ad featuring police officers saying those attacks are false. This time that's real," said Nse Ufot, the CEO of the New Georgia Project, a progressive group that works to register voters, citing the Covid-19 pandemic.
Persons: GRIFFIN, Richard DiGloria, GOP Sen, Kelly Loeffler, Raphael Warnock, Republican Sen, David Perdue, Jon Ossoff —, Perdue, Donald Trump, Joe Biden‘s, Karl Rove, Biden, Sen, Marty Harbin, I'm sooooooo, Tom Cotton, Jessica McGowan, Loeffler, Warnock, Kamala Harris, Elijah Nouvelage, it'll, Ossoff, Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Carolyn Aycock, Schumer, West Virginia Sen, Joe Manchin, Alex Seitz, Wald, Ben Kamisar Organizations: GOP, Democratic, Republican, PAC, Loeffler, Fund, Georgia Twitter, Senate, Democratic U.S, New York Rep, Republicans, New Locations: Georgia, Gwinnett County, Atlanta, Washington, Sens, Perry ,, Jonesboro, Ga, Alexandria, West Virginia, New Georgia, Washington ,
Flyers returning to the skies for the upcoming holiday season will be met with an entirely new travel experience. The upcoming holiday travel season will likely see an influx of travelers taking to the skies, many for the first time since the pandemic impacted travel in March. The peak travel season for Thanksgiving and Christmas travel should be no different as historically among the busiest travel times of the year. Air travel rating firm Skytrax has also recently started rating airports based on their COVID-19 preparedness that passengers can use as a resource. But not all airlines are being as generous and ultra-low-cost carriers Sun Country Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Allegiant Air are each taking a different approach.
Persons: Thiago B Trevisan, Guy, Skytrax, Ethan Weiss, doesn't, Bauer, Griffin, Spencer Platt, Connecticut's, Joshua Roberts, Robin Hayes, Thomas Pallini Organizations: Flyers, Health, Labor, Transportation Security Administration, Travelers, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Allegiant, Sun Country Air, Spirit Airlines, REUTERS, . American Airlines, Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Getty, Tampa International Airport, Connecticut's Bradley International, Reuters Airlines Locations: States, Tampa, Hartford
WASHINGTON — A federal judge on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump's campaign in Pennsylvania, saying it contained "strained legal argument without merit." U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Brann turned down the request for an injunction, dealing another blow to Trump's hopes of invalidating the election's results. But even if that were the basis for seeking some kind of order, Brann said, the remedy sought by the Trump campaign goes too far. "This is simply not how the Constitution works.”The Trump campaign said in a statement that it would be "seeking an expedited appeal to the Third Circuit." Since Election Day, the Trump campaign has sued the boards of elections in Philadelphia, Allegheny, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Northampton and Centre counties.
Persons: WASHINGTON, Donald Trump's, Matthew Brann, Brann, Trump, “ disenfranchise, , ” “, Rather, Pennsylvania Sen, Pat Toomey, Toomey, President Trump, , Reggie Shuford, ” Terrie Griffin, Josh Shapiro, Brann's Organizations: , Brann, Trump, Third Circuit, Republican, , Pennsylvania Supreme, American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, League of Women Voters Locations: Pennsylvania, U.S, United States of America, Philadelphia , Allegheny, Chester , Delaware, Montgomery, Northampton, Centre, Philadelphia, Washington, Harrisburg
Less than 24 hours later, the bureau issued a statewide Amber Alert citing "new information and growing concern" about his well-being. An Amber Alert was not issued for Quawan, because Baldwin police said his disappearance did not meet the criteria. Griffin said he has looked at more than 2,000 media reports of Amber Alert cases in the past 15 years. The problem isn't the Amber Alert, he said, but how people think about it. via Ronald Haley Jr."We think it’s some kind of silver bullet -- if you issue an Amber Alert, you get the kid back safe.
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The Department of Education suspended student loan debt payments, paused accruing interest and stopped collections on defaulted federal loans in March as a part of the CARES Act. Now, student loan experts are telling borrowers to brace for the pause to lapse and payments to restart in 2021. If that's the case, it's still important to check in with your student loan debt now, said Mayotte. Switch your repayment plan Borrowers who need to lower or pause monthly payments have a few different options. Don't hold out for another pause or debt forgiveness Adding to confusion for many borrowers is an uncertain future for student loan debt.
Persons: Donald Trump, Betsy Mayotte, Lauryn Williams, Williams, haven't, it's, Bridget Haile, Will Sealy, recertified, Haile, they're, Elaine Griffin Rubin, Griffin Rubin, Trump, Joe Biden, President Trump Organizations: of Education, Institute of Student Loan, CNBC, Department of Education, Institute of Student Loan Advisors Locations: Trump, Dallas, Mayotte, Invest
ROME (Reuters) - An Italian study supporting the case that the novel coronavirus was circulating outside China earlier than thought has sparked doubts among some Western scientists who called for further tests. ‘UNEXPECTED DETECTION’China believes the Italian study shows that tracing the origin of the virus is an ongoing process that may involve many countries. A further SARS-CoV-2 antibodies test was carried out by the University of Siena for the same research paper, called “Unexpected detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in the pre-pandemic period in Italy”. ‘SERIOUS ISSUE INDEED’Both Italian scientists said the antibody test was in-house designed and never validated by other researchers in a peer review. The INT’s scientific director and co-author of the study is planning further investigation into the study patients’ clinical history.
Persons: Manuel Silvestri, , Mark Pagel, Zhao Lijian, Italy’s, Enrico Bucci, ” Antonella Viola, Stephen Griffin, Jonathan Stoye, Francis Crick, ” Andrew Preston, Preston, ” Giovanni Apolone Organizations: REUTERS, Italian Cancer Institute, Reuters, of Biological Sciences, Britain’s University of Reading, World Health, University of Siena, Philadelphia’s Temple University, , University of Padua, University of Leeds, Francis, Francis Crick Institute, University of Bath Locations: ROME, Italian, China, Venice, Italy, Wuhan, Beijing, Milan, Lombardy
Hedge funds are known for their top-of-the-line compensation packages, and applications for H-1B visas for foreign workers reveal what top funds pay different roles in salaries. Managers like Bridgewater, Citadel, Point72, AQR, and more rely on dozens of non-US citizens to do roles across their firms, from investing to data analysis to compliance. When US companies file paperwork for visas on behalf of current or prospective foreign workers, they're required to say how much base compensation the workers are offered. And every year, the Office of Foreign Labor Certification discloses this salary data in an enormous dataset. Business Insider analyzed the agency's disclosure data from the past three years for permanent and temporary foreign workers to shed light on what these hedge funds paid for talent.
Persons: that's, Shaw, Point72, Read, Ken Griffin, Goldman Sachs, Organizations: Sigma, Wall, of Foreign, US Department of Labor, Billionaire Citadel Locations: Bridgewater, Citadel, Point72, D.E
If President-elect Joe Biden hopes to fulfill his pledge to unify the nation, he should do the unthinkable and pardon Donald Trump. Trump would, of course, be one of the least deserving recipients of a federal pardon in history. He actually foreclosed this option by pledging last May that, if elected, he would not pardon Trump. Accepting a federal pardon — especially a pardon for crimes violating both federal and state laws — would be a double-edged sword for the president. Accepting a federal pardon — especially a pardon for crimes violating both federal and state laws — would be a double-edged sword for the president.
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Today, millennials, also known as Gen Y, are the nation's largest living generation, making up the greatest share of the U.S. workforce. Using data from Q2 2019 and Q2 2020, the credit bureau found that millennials are keeping up with their debt payments, reducing their credit card balances and increasing their credit scores. Millennials increased their mortgage and nonmortgage debt levels year over yearDespite their reputation of being renters, millennials are becoming homebuyers as they grow older. The total average debt number is driven largely by mortgage debt, but also includes credit cards, car loans, personal loans, student loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). What millennials should be on the lookout for: As more millennials come of home-buying age, it's crucial to understand how credit can help you.
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Roger Stone connected to 2020 election disinformation campaign
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The "Stop the Steal" campaign has been in the works for years and can be traced back to Roger Stone, who had his felony convictions pardoned by President Donald Trump. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.
Persons: Roger Stone, Donald Trump, CNN's Drew Griffin
The Sway Boys are six of TikTok's hottest young stars who live in a luxurious Los Angeles mansion, recording dance, stunt and prank videos for millions of followers. He wondered if the Sway Boys were going to be nothing more than "air-headed TikTok e-Boys," he told Business Insider. "I think there is some resentment there," he said, referring to how other influencers feel about the Sway Boys. More happy foundersFor all the doubters, the three startup founders Business Insider spoke to say they've only had positive experiences with the Sway Boys. These founders say that that lots of other founders have asked for introductions to the Sway Boys as well.
Persons: They've, hasn't, Sheridan Clayborne, Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson —, Lendtable, Ramnik Arora, Clayborne, hipper, LendTable, Michael Gruen, Gruen, Richards, Johnson, flack, LA Albert L, Ortega, That's, they've, Ashton Kutcher, Jake Paul, influencer Cameron Dallas, Paul, Anthony Pompliano, Pompliano, Myles Shear, Kevin Harrington, Joseph Albanese, Casey Neistat, Li Jin, Albanese, Bryce, Griffin, monetize, Addison Rae, Wil R, Max, Hall, Nicholas Donahue, Atmos Atmos, Donahue, Stir's Albanese, I've Organizations: Khosla Ventures, Sway, Boys, Bel Air, Sway Boys, Hall, LA Albert, Twitter, Business, Disney, TGZ Capital, Morgan, Capital University, Digital, YouTube, Wil, Sway House Locations: Los Angeles, Angeles, LA, Hollywood Hills, TalentX, Silicon Valley, Humaning, Los Angeles , California
Alex Trebek, long-running 'Jeopardy!' host, dead at 80
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Host Alex Trebek talks to the 10 finalists in the fifth annual National Geography Bee in Washington, DC, on May 26, 1993. Photos: Alex Trebek's life in pictures Game show host Alex Trebek poses on the set of "Jeopardy!" Hide Caption 3 of 29 Photos: Alex Trebek's life in pictures Alex Trebek hosts "Jeopardy!" The skit featured Will Ferrell as Trebek, Alex Trebek as himself, Dean Edwards as Boyd Tinsley, Jimmy Fallon as Dave Matthews, Winona Ryder as Bjork and Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery. Hide Caption 28 of 29 Photos: Alex Trebek's life in pictures Trebek smiles during a taping of "Jeopardy!"
Persons: Alex Trebek, Alex, Trebek, Ken Jennings, Alex wasn't, Jennings, Jean, Merv Griffin, Bob Barker, I'm, Mike Richards, Richards, " Richards, Alex Trebek's, Elaine Callei, Callei, Cliff Clavin, John Ratzenberger, Jean Currivan, Jackie Mason, Henry Fonda, Currivan, Bea Arthur, David Leisure, Bill Erwin, Betty White, Matthew, Emily, Jason Borschow, Will Ferrell, Dean Edwards, Boyd Tinsley, Jimmy Fallon, Dave Matthews, Winona Ryder, Bjork, Darrell Hammond, Sean Connery, Pat Sajak, Harry Friedman, Steve Mosko, Michael Lynton, Ronald Reagan, Peabody, Shaquille O'Neal, Booth, Justin Trudeau, Kellie Pickler, James Villeneuve, general's, Canada Julie Payette, Robin Roberts, James Holzhauer, Brad Rutter, Stephen Colbert, Walter Cronkite, tweeting Organizations: CNN, Sony Pictures, Canadian Broadcasting Corp, Guinness, Hollywood, Trebek, USO Tours, ABC, Henry, Henry Fonda Theater, Records, Las Vegas Hilton, Hide, Development, Ronald, Canadian, Rideau Hall, NHL, Ottawa Senators, Arizona Coyotes, NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame, CBS, Cronkite Locations: Bee, Washington ,, Sudbury , Ontario, Hershey , Pennsylvania, Culver City , California, Trebek, California, Los Angeles, Hollywood , California, Washington , DC, New York, Ottawa, Canada, Las Vegas, Trebek's, Pennsylvania
That's one of the reasons why their average score rose by 13 points from 641 in 2019 to 654 in 2020. Increase in credit cards and comparably low credit card debtAccording to Experian's State of Credit report, Gen Z consumers have increased the number of credit cards they carry and have an overall credit card debt balance of $2,197. Just be wary of what too much credit card debt can do to your finances and your credit score: Credit card issuers charge notoriously high interest whenever you carry a balance, making your debt balloon quickly. Instantly raise your credit score: Experian Boost provides an opportunity to quickly boost your credit score. Decrease in credit utilization rate and missed paymentsExperian's State of Credit report shows that, since last year, Gen Z has decreased their credit utilization rate and number of missed payments.
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