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The top trending keywords among work-related subreddits in 2022 include, "anitwork," "act your wage" and "quiet quitting," said Reddit. The top trending keywords among work-related subreddits or communities in 2022 include "antiwork," "act your wage" and "quiet quitting," Reddit told CNBC Make It. "Act your wage" — like quiet quitting, it's a call for workers not to go above and beyond for their jobs — saw a 95% year-on-year increase in the same period. Natalie Baumgartner Workplace psychologist"Redditors" submit posts about work attitudes and experiences on work-related communities, asking for or giving general life and career advice. Natalie Baumgartner Workplace psychologistBaumgartner agreed, saying that workers engaging in conversations on Reddit need to be aware that they're "not necessarily going to receive best practices."
Ng now runs his own business, Casetify, with the same philosophy. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the tech accessory brand is most well-known for its wide range of trendy phone cases. Wesley Ng Co-founder and CEO, CasetifyTo date, Casetify said it has sold more than 15 million phone cases worldwide. BootstrappingCasetify was first launched as an e-commerce platform back in 2011 that allows customers to customize phone cases with Instagram photos. There are currently 19 stores globally, where customers can design their own phone cases and "get it within 30 minutes," he added.
This phenomenon is called "turnover contagion," the report said, where workers quit their jobs because of their peers. "[This] can provide the ideal breeding ground for turnover contagion as the interviewing process and learning more about potential other employers is made easier for employees." Smaller teams at higher riskAccording to Visier, smaller teams are most at risk of turnover contagion. That is due to "strong interdependencies" and personal relationships between co-workers in smaller teams, said Derler. Turnover contagion can last as long as 135 days, the report added, from the moment an employee voluntarily resigns.
Pooja Chhabria Career expert, LinkedInThis makes for a tight labor market that is "flooded with unemployed professionals and qualified candidates," she added. Time is of the essenceThe good news is that there are still tech opportunities available in "countless industries," said Salemi. Vicki Salemi Career expert, Monster.comWhile there are jobs available, experts told CNBC Make It that time is of the essence. Other than highlighting tech skills in your resume, soft skills like time management and customer service are crucial too. Be sure to engage and check in on your professional community on a regular basis to pave the way for mentorship opportunities, career advice and potential job opportunities.
watch nowThe war in Ukraine is the "single most important negative factor" for the world economy this year — and most likely for 2023 as well, IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva told CNBC Wednesday. "We judge the war in Ukraine to be the single most important negative factor for the world economy this year, most likely also next year," she told CNBC's Martin Soong on the sidelines of the Group of 20 meeting in Bali, Indonesia. International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva attends a session during the G20 Summit in Nusa Dua on the Indonesian resort island of Bali on November 16, 2022. Russia bears ultimate responsibility as it continues its illegal war against Ukraine," Jens Stoltenberg said. 'High price to pay' for fragmentationThe IMF previously issued warnings on the fragmentation of the global economy as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war, and cut 2023 growth forecasts to 2.7% — predicting a slowdown from an expected 3.2% in 2022.
The impact of the metaverse to GDP in Asia could be between $0.8 and 1.4 trillion per year by 2035, said a new Deloitte report. The impact of the metaverse to GDP in Asia could be between $0.8 and 1.4 trillion per year by 2035, said a new Deloitte report. watch nowDeloitte's new report, titled "The Metaverse in Asia: Strategies for Accelerating Economic Impact," examined the potential influence of the metaverse on 12 Asian economies. Developing the technology stacks, human capital and regulatory frameworks to realize Asia's trillion-dollar metaverse potential will benefit a wide range of industries and economic activities," said Kulasooriya. ObstaclesThough Deloitte's report suggests China could the biggest beneficiary in terms of GDP, the country still faces heavy regulatory challenges in developing the metaverse.
The Great Resignation has dominated the workplace for nearly two years — but employers may soon be able to heave a sigh of relief. The labor market is now "emerging from" the Great Resignation, LinkedIn's CEO Ryan Roslansky told CNBC Make It. The phenomenon — also known as the "Great Reshuffle" — refers to the mass exodus of workers during the pandemic. According to Roslansky, the year-on-year share of global LinkedIn members changing jobs has dropped from a high of 44% in September last year to -2% this year. In November alone, more than 20,000 U.S. tech workers were laid off, as internet giants Twitter, Meta and Salesforce downsized their workforce in the past week.
The Valuable 500, a business coalition, released its list of the top 10 most accessible cities in the world. Over 95% of pedestrian walkways, taxi stands and bus shelters in Singapore are also accessible to wheelchair users, seniors or other individuals with disabilities. United StatesLas Vegas The "sheer number" of accessible hotel rooms in Las Vegas makes the city a stand-out choice for travel. Orlando Orlando is well known for being home to iconic theme parks such as Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios Florida. Amsterdam is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, with an extensive network of bike lanes.
Cheryl Sew Hoy is the CEO and founder of Tiny Health, a health tech startup that provides at-home gut health tests for moms and babies from 0 to 3 years old. Now, she runs Tiny Health, a health tech startup that sells at-home gut health tests for moms and babies from 0 to 3 years old. For example, she explains to her children about her job as a CEO, the "backstory" of why she started Tiny Health. Cheryl Sew Hoy CEO and founder, Tiny Health"Talk to them like adults, even if you think they are too young to understand. Tiny Health
Despite soaring oil prices and weakening currencies, the outlook for aviation remains positive due to "extremely strong" demand, said Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia parent company Capital A. "In AirAsia we have 205 aircrafts and in AirAsia X we have about 20 aircrafts … getting slots and obviously getting them ready for service has been a big challenge." The positive outlook comes in spite of negative market reactions to Fernandes' resignation as AirAsia X's Group CEO this week. AirAsia X is the long-haul budget flight arm of AirAsia. AirAsia X shares dropped after the Oct. 31 announcement, and losses since the development still stood at about 5% as of Friday morning.
But that didn't stop Chrisanti Indiana — who was just 24 years old when she co-founded Social Bella. "You have nothing to lose, that's actually the benefit of starting young," said Chrisanti Indiana, who launched her startup Social Bella when she was 24 years old. Social Bella started out as an e-commerce platform called Sociolla. Social Bella was founded in 2015 by Chrisanti Indiana, her brother and president Christopher Madiam (left) and CEO John Rasjid (right). Social Bella
As inflation continues to impact global economies, Asia-Pacific is the only region that will see real salary growth in 2023, according to ECA International. As inflation continues to impact global economies, Asia-Pacific will be the only region to see real salary growth in 2023, a new survey has found. That's compared to other regions which will see drops in average real salary, the report showed. With inflation increasing significantly in 2022, 78% of countries surveyed recorded a real salary decrease, and no European country saw a real-terms salary increase. Workers in China are also amongst "a small group globally" who will receive the highest rates of real salary growth this year and the next, Quane said.
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailHow Indonesia's counterfeit problem spurred a multi-million dollar beauty businessChrisanti Indiana co-founded Social Bella in 2015, which started off as an Indonesian e-commerce platform that sells beauty products from global brands. It has since expanded to more than 60 brick-and-mortar shops, offering consumers an "omni-channel" shopping experience. CNBC Make It's Goh Chiew Tong speaks to the 31-year-old to find out how she grew her startup into a multi-million company.
"A lot of people actually told us that it's a very bold move to actually open an offline presence, while everybody was closing their offline stores [during the pandemic]," she added. But that was a "well-calculated" move for Social Bella, which operates Sociolla. Indiana, the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Social Bella, tells CNBC Make It how she took her Jakarta-based startup to the next level. The makeup junkie realized that in Australia, she had easy access to a wide range of beauty products from international brands. On top of that, the business also operates Soco, which Social Bella says is Indonesia's largest online review service for beauty products.
"I felt there was something left in me to build a zero-to-one startup," said Sukemasa Kabayama, the co-founder and CEO of Uplift Labs. The opportunity to work for not just one but two tech giants was "very rewarding" for Sukemasa Kabayama. I was thinking, it would be much more exciting to really build something from scratch, from the ground up. "I was thinking, it would be much more exciting to really build something from scratch, from the ground up." Uplift Labs
It's doing good, while doing well," said Gillian Tee, co-founder and CEO of Homage. After spending 15 years abroad, Singaporean entrepreneur Gillian Tee decided to return home in 2016 to be closer to her family. "I started off as a software developer and I was just very drawn to it because I liked building things. Gillian Tee Co-founder and CEO, HomageShe was referring to the book Founders at Work: Stories of Startups' Early Days, written by Jessica Livingston, who co-founded seed stage investment firm Y Combinator. Gillian Tee Co-founder and CEO, Homage"It's important to lean on specialists for clinical governance and compliance.
The days of easy money for start-ups are gone as interest rates soar and economic uncertainties loom. But according to a new study from LinkedIn, these 15 start-ups have risen above these challenges in Singapore. In particular, fintech, education and telehealth start-ups dominated the list on the "LinkedIn Top Start-ups 2022″ for Singapore. "Financial technology startups feature prominently within the Singapore list, comprising more than half of the companies in the top 15, followed by health care and edtech companies," said Adrian Tay, the senior editor in Asia for LinkedIn News. "This reflects the current needs of Singaporean consumers, who are keen to manage their finances and manage their wealth, want more convenient healthcare services, and need services to cater to the ageing population and also investing in the future of their kids with good education tools and resources."
Living in a sailboat together has allowed Rene Sullivan and Samantha Khoo to work on their communication skills. "You realize you don't really need a lot of money — because you're not paying your staff, you're not paying your rent, you're not paying for a property, you're not paying for your [credit] cards." Sullivan and Khoo, who've been married for 22 years, said the most important thing that enabled them to travel full time was being debt-free. They spent four months at Pangkor Marina in Malaysia, where they worked for boat owners without pay to gain knowledge about boat life and maintenance. 'Bring on another 1,000'While the idea of living on a sailboat is relaxing, Khoo and Sullivan said it's anything but glamorous.
Young workers are looking for growth opportunities within the company, and the freedom to be entrepreneurs outside of work, according to Microsoft. According to Microsoft, 73% of Gen Z and Millennials said they would stay longer at their jobs if it's easier to change roles internally. Microsoft defines Gen Z as those who are between the ages of 18 and 26, and millennials as those between 27 and 41. Colette Stallbaumer GM, Microsoft 365 and Future of WorkSpecifically, 73% of Gen Z and millennials said they would, compared with 65% of Gen X (42 to 55 years old). According to Microsoft, younger generations are the most likely to aspire to be their own boss — 76% of Gen Z and millennials said that's a goal, compared with 63% of those who are Gen X and older.
"One of the things that I love the most about e-commerce is that it's fair, it's a fantastic equalizer," said Bjarke Mikkelsen, founder and CEO of Daraz. After spending six years working for Goldman Sachs as an investment banker, Bjarke Mikkelsen faced a dilemma. "The idea was always to build something that was inspired by Amazon and Alibaba, where you have three elements. "If I came in try to build an e-commerce business that look the same way that Amazon looks in Denmark, that would not work," he added. Bjarke Mikkelsen Founder and CEO, Daraz"I didn't know what I was doing … just doing a few things 100% right was very, very challenging."
"Tang ping" and "bai lan" reflect the intense competition faced by young Chinese today, said Jia Miao, an assistant professor from NYU Shanghai. "Tang ping is the rejection of overworking, where you let things be and do the bare minimum," said Miao. Unemployment and uncertaintiesBoth buzzwords, tang ping and bai lan, reflect the intense competition faced by young Chinese today, said Miao. 'Tang ping' gives me breathing space to reflect on my career and future, it's not necessarily a bad thing." "I have set goals for myself when I am not working, so 'tang ping' doesn't feel like a waste."
Global inflationary pressures are pushing companies to be "more nimble" with their corporate real estate portfolios, according to WeWork. "That ... has put the need for companies to look at flexibility in managing and thinking about their workspace," said Samit Chopra, the coworking company's international president and COO. "Which is of course, guided by a revolution in the entire work culture and the hybrid work phenomenon that has taken place over the last few months." Speaking to CNBC's "Street Signs Asia" on Tuesday, Chopra said that as companies try to bring at-home employees back into the workspace, they are focused on building engagement and a "collaborative culture." "What that has done … is it has skyrocketed the demand for flexible workspace for us across the world.
The sister of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg was speaking at the Global Supertrends Conference 2022 on Wednesday. The Web3 is a hypothetical, future version of the internet based on blockchain technology — an "ideal utopia," said Zuckerberg. "In order to really unlock the potential [of Web3], we're going to need to figure out a system where there's interoperability. Going mainstreamHowever, according to Zuckerberg, that's easier said than done because no company running a metaverse right now wants to give up control or "share that ownership." She added that Web3 needs experts who have been involved in the global banking system and Web2 — the internet that we know today — to lend a "protective layer."
Quite often, when people are mismatched to a job, it's because they didn't do their homework properly … they didn't ask the right questions. "To all the questions that you ask, you will find the answers satisfying and you will only ask questions that confirm your initial positive impression," he added. "Quite often, when people are mismatched to a job, it's because they didn't do their homework properly … they didn't ask the right questions." Olivier Sibony Professor, HEC ParisHe added that candidates may ignore red flags, thinking they are "different" or "unique." Treat every new job as a learning opportunity — not just in relation to the job, but also yourself, said Sibony.
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