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Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump gather in front of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, U.S., January 6, 2021. Donald Ayer, a senior Justice Department official in the Republican administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Trump is a defendant in two other similar lawsuits, one filed by Democratic Representative Bennie Thompson and another on behalf of two U.S. Capitol police officers. The Justice Department declined to comment. "Trump's role is even more limited than Brooks' is," said Tindall, who is representing two Capitol Police officers in a separate lawsuit alleging Trump incited the riot.
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Deng's economic reforms are now in danger of a complete rollback which may well have wide-ranging consequences for Beijing's economy and markets. China's various markets are among the worst performing in a world where most equity markets are up by double digits. Shanghai shares are down 1.8% year-to-date as of Wednesday, while China-H shares – that is, mainland Chinese shares that trade on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange – are down 12.3%. may be forced to take steps to neutralize China's external projections of strength, many of which may mask some serious internal weaknesses. —Ron Insana is a CNBC contributor and a senior advisor at Schroders.
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The Westfall Act is a law that grants federal employees legal immunity in certain cases. The DOJ said Rep. Mo Brooks shouldn't get immunity in a Capitol riot lawsuit from Rep. Eric Swalwell. That could have implications if former President Trump wants to use the act in lawsuits against him. That's because of a little-known law called the Westfall Act, which draws its name from a 1988 Supreme Court case. He said it could also mean that Garland's DOJ reverses course on his decision to uphold Trump's legal immunity in the Carroll lawsuit.
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Opinion | Return of the Family Values Zombie
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For a few weeks in 1992, U.S. politics were all about “family values.” President George H.W. Vance, the author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” who is now a Republican Senate candidate in Ohio. It was also interesting that he praised Hungary rather than other European nations with strong pronatalist policies. France, in particular, offers large financial incentives to families with children and has one of the highest fertility rates in the advanced world. So why did Vance single out for praise a repressive, autocratic government with a strong white nationalist bent?
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Nixon launched the war on drugs 50 years ago. Who won?
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But rather than jet-setting with Fowler, Lucas discovered drugs and the drug trade at the height of the so-called war on drugs. Fifty years ago this summer, President Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs. Bush and Bill Clinton, leveraged drug war policies in the following decades to their own political advantage, cementing the drug war’s legacy. By the year 2000, the correlation between crack cocaine and violence faded amid waning profits from street sales. “We don’t want to end the war on drugs, and then in 50 years be working on something else that does the same thing.
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Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Reflect on 75 Years of Marriage
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Mr. Bush died less than eight months later. “I was very happy on that day in 1945,” Mr. Bush wrote in a letter for their anniversary in 1994, “but I’m even happier today. When she was older, Mrs. Carter said, she would visit Ruth Carter, who kept a photograph of her brother on her bedroom wall. “Mother always said I married him because of his uniform,” Mrs. Carter said. “You know that?”“That’s what I thought, too,” Mr. Carter said.
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Ms. Khan took over as chair last month and made the agency’s monthly meetings open to the public, a major change. had a backlog of 35 million returns by the end of the tax season. In 2019, before the pandemic started, the agency had a backlog of 7.4 million returns at the close of the filing season. The 35.3 million returns that were still outstanding at the end of the filing season included individuals and businesses. If successful, these negotiations could lead to a lifting of the U.S. sanctions that have crimped Tehran’s oil sales.
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Will Trump Be Indicted? - The New York Times
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At the same time, Mr. Garland so far has avoided narrower actions personally targeting Mr. Trump that would put the Biden administration in direct public conflict with him. We believe the criticisms that have been raised regarding Mr. Garland’s judicious approach to investigating Mr. Trump are misplaced. Mr. Garland has striven not to make Mr. Trump himself the explicit focus of his efforts, and so to avoid the swirl of controversy that surrounds the former president. And it’s not just the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr., and the New York attorney general, Letitia James. They are among the authors of “New York State’s Trump Investigation.”
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Opinion | In N.Y.C., Black Is Back
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In that ad, Trump also wrote: “Let our politicians give back our police department’s power to keep us safe. Unshackle them from the constant chant of ‘police brutality.’” All five suspects would be wrongly convicted while Dinkins was in office. The pump was being primed for unleashing law enforcement to crack down in the city, whatever the cost. As The New York Times reported in 1992, more than 10,000 off-duty police officers gathered at City Hall to protest. Then the rioting began: “A handful of people, then hundreds, then thousands, broke through police barricades and surged onto City Hall’s steps.
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CHICAGO—Former President Barack Obama, once a community organizer, has gotten a taste of community organizing himself as preservationists and other activists have slowed the construction of his presidential center. The groundbreaking for the center to celebrate Mr. Obama and press its mission of fostering future leaders could finally happen late this summer after years of lawsuits, fundraising and federal reviews. The eventual opening, previously scheduled for 2021 before the challenges arose, is poised to set a modern record for time between a presidency and completion. Presidential libraries opened in recent decades have done so in about half the time as what is expected for Mr. Obama’s center, Wall Street Journal calculations show. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library welcomed visitors just more than 1,000 days after Mr. Reagan’s last day in office.
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As silly as it looks, his Justice Department has to try to defend Trump. As silly as it looks, his Justice Department has to try to defend Trump. Technically, the Justice Department never actually sought to defend Trump personally when Carroll sued him while he was in office. Legally, the Justice Department was never defending Trump the person — it was defending the U.S. He probably resents that Trump is the one his Justice Department has to defend.
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New York (CNN Business) Boeing is seeking a one-year delay in its deadline to deliver two new 747 jets to be used as Air Force One . The request for a delay was disclosed Tuesday by Darlene Costello, the acting assistant secretary of the Air Force, at a House subcommittee hearing. She cautioned that the Air Force has not yet agreed to the delay and is looking to set a new delivery timetable. When the Air Force announced the $3.9 billion contract in 2018, it characterized that as a "savings of $1.4 billion." Boeing and the Air Force refer to the air craft themselves as VC-25B.
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For a White House team that came into office promising to be more compassionate and effective on immigration policy, there is tremendous political risk in failing on either front. And the White House has been slow to respond to a major spike in migration. "The truth of the matter is: Nothing has changed," Biden said from the East Room of the White House on March 25. I'd be happy to offer this legislation to Vice President Harris or President Biden as a solution to the crisis on our southern border." “By handing Vice President Harris the assignment of dealing with what amounts to an intractable problem, Biden is certainly complicating her future.
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Mr. Pritzker Breaks His Promise
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J.B. Pritzker didn’t say “read my lips” in 2018 when he promised the people of Illinois he wouldn’t sign onto a partisan redistricting if elected Governor. Fourteen Republican-held seats in the state house will be squeezed into seven, for example, guaranteeing a loss of at least seven GOP incumbents. But because of Covid-19, the results won’t come in time to meet the state constitutional deadline of June 30. The state provides for this—a bipartisan, eight-member commission would then take charge—but Democrats went ahead with less reliable and detailed data. Last week we gave Mr. Pritzker the benefit of the doubt that he might keep his word, but we have relearned the eternal lesson: Never trust a politician.
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The fight is centered on which farmers get taxpayer help at a time when Biden has pledged to focus on equity and reversing systemic injustices across federal programs. Still, he said, Black farmers are worried that a federal court could block all programs that direct aid to farmers of color. For grant programs, Trump favored including other groups that included whites — such as veterans and beginning farmers — in eligibility criteria. Experts estimate that there are less than 50,000 Black farmers in the U.S., down from closer to 1 million a century ago. For Black farmers and their advocates, the difficulty in getting aid is nothing new.
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“We’re going to review and reset the oil and gas leasing program,” Biden said at the time. Biden appears to have reached for the tool at a rate that outpaces his predecessors. “Biden is probably doing this more than other presidents have, but it’s the same approach,” said presidential historian Michael Beschloss. Biden, for instance, was sharply critical of Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods, but has kept them in place for now — under review. But presidents, particularly Biden, have increasingly put more issues with smaller political constituencies under review.
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George P. Bush running for attorney general in Texas
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AUSTIN, Texas — George P. Bush on Wednesday launched his next political move: a run for Texas attorney general in 2022 that puts the scion of a Republican dynasty against a GOP incumbent shadowed by securities fraud charges and an FBI investigation. Bush, 45, said he spoke with the two Texas attorneys general who preceded Paxton — Republican Gov. “Texans know Attorney General Paxton’s rock-solid conservative record,” Paxton spokesman Ian Prior said. On Tuesday, Trump endorsed Abbott for a third term but has not weighed in on Texas’ attorney general race, which Bush had signaled for months he would enter. Bush, had said he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, while George W. Bush said he voted for “none of the above.”During a visit to Texas in 2019, Trump called George P. Bush “the only Bush that likes me.”
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Live Live Updates: Biden Expands Trump-Era Ban on Investment in Chinese Firms Linked to Military The new order includes firms engaged in making and deploying the surveillance technology used against Muslim minorities and dissidents around the globe. Mr. Biden’s aides said the move was justified by a new American commitment not to facilitate Chinese repression and human rights abuses. It is unclear how effective Mr. Biden’s order will be at stopping the spread of Chinese espionage technology. Mr. Biden has also kept tariffs on Chinese goods in place, as leverage in negotiations. Mr. DeJoy argued that the changes were intended to make the Postal Service financially stable, but after a flurry of litigation, Mr. DeJoy postponed some of those decisions.
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Trump returns to the electoral battlefield Saturday as the marquee speaker at the North Carolina Republican Party's state convention. "For the more immediate impact, there's the issue of turning out Trump voters for the midterm elections." And, Miller added, "President Trump is the leader of the Republican Party." Trump's ongoing influence with Republican voters helps explain why most GOP officeholders stick so closely to him. "There's a reason why they're called 'Trump voters,'" Miller said.
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Jean Becker, President George H.W. Bush's former chief of staff, shares a story from her new book about the final weeks of former first lady Barbara Bush's life and a sweet moment the couple shared before she died.
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WASHINGTON — Karine Jean-Pierre, White House principal deputy press secretary, took the podium in the James S. Brady Briefing Room for the first time Wednesday, becoming the first openly gay spokeswoman and the second Black woman to do so. Jean-Pierre, 43, follows Judy Smith, who served as deputy press secretary to President George H.W. The White House was later forced to correct the record. "Today is a big day in the press office and @WhiteHouse," White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted Wednesday morning. As Psaki's deputy, Jean-Pierre is seen as a potential candidate to take over the role.
Persons: WASHINGTON — Karine Jean, Pierre, White, James S, Jean, Judy Smith, George H.W, George H.W . Bush, Smith, Olivia Pope, Pierre said, Biden, Jen Psaki, Psaki, Symone Sanders, Kamala Harris, Harris Organizations: Air Force, NATO, White House, WH, MSNBC Locations: George H.W ., WhiteHouse
Karine Jean-Pierre became the first Black woman in 30 years to lead a White House press briefing. Jean-Pierre becomes only the second Black woman to brief reporters from the White House lectern. Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House principal deputy press secretary, became the first Black woman in three decades to step behind the podium in the James S. Brady briefing room on Wednesday. She is also the first openly gay person to lead the White House press briefing. Before her role at the White House, Jean-Pierre served as then-vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris' chief of staff during the 2020 campaign.
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Security firms for the wealthy had to pivot on a dime when travel halted last year. Security execs explain how they are prepping for a travel surge and the destinations of the rich. The founder of Global Guardian, a security firm, realized that all travel-protection business for his corporate and wealthy clients was going to dry up. 'The tap instantly turned off'As corporate and leisure travel came to a grinding halt, medical evacuations and repatriation trips became the bulk of firms' travel work. For instance, now many clients expect security staff to sanitize hotel rooms and seal the door before they arrive.
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Security firms for the wealthy had to pivot on a dime when travel halted last year. Security execs explain how they are prepping for a travel surge and the destinations of the rich. The founder of Global Guardian, a security firm, realized that all travel-protection business for his corporate and wealthy clients was going to dry up. 'The tap instantly turned off'As corporate and leisure travel came to a grinding halt, medical evacuations and repatriation trips became the bulk of firms' travel work. For instance, now many clients expect security staff to sanitize hotel rooms and seal the door before they arrive.
Persons: Dale Buckner, Buckner, Barts, Brian Leek, Crisis24, Jeremy Prout, Joe Funk, Funk, George H.W, Bush, Bill Clinton, We're, Rich, Todd Keil, Kroll, We've, Leek, William Daly, Daly, hadn't, John Moore, Prout, Keil Organizations: Global Guardian, Air, Mayo Clinic, Leek, Caribbean ., Service, FBI, Westminster Security, Marine Locations: Mexico, Switzerland, Dubai, Paris, Fiji, Machu Picchu, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, St, Los Angeles, Bali, Minnesota, Romania, London, Ecuador, Caribbean, TorchStone, Latin America, Europe, France, Germany, Amsterdam, Austria, Asia, Westminster, Mykonos, Greece
When President Joe Biden entered office in January, he parked the simmering Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the back burner, only to find it boiling over by May. Just as crucial as Biden achieving a cease-fire, however, is that he not change his game plan once the fighting ends. In this context, Hamas sought to capitalize on the Palestinian public’s discontent by presenting itself as the defender of Palestinian rights and interests. Just as crucial as Biden achieving a cease-fire, however, is that he not change his game plan once the fighting ends. Last year’s Abraham Accords normalizing relations between Israel and four Arab nations stand as a testament to this receding importance.
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