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A demonstrator holding a sign holds up a fist after students built a protest encampment in support of Palestinians at the University of Southern California's Alumni Park on April 24, in Los Angeles, California. David Swanson/ReutersTensions escalated once police entered the University of Southern California campus, according to Jonathan Park, an editor of the Daily Trojan, the college’s newspaper. “When we saw the LAPD coming in from Vermont Avenue and working with campus officers, encircling on them, it definitely changed the mood,” Park told CNN’s Anna Coren. The Los Angeles Police Department said 93 people were later arrested on suspicion of trespassing during Wednesday's demonstrations at USC. There are also wider calls to cut ties with Israeli academic institutions and to cut funding from entities connected to Israel.
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Oil prices eased in early trade on Thursday as concerns about a potential slowdown in the U.S. economy amid prospects for delayed interest rate cuts outweighed worries over the risk of expanding conflict in the Middle East. Oil prices eased in early trade on Thursday as concerns about a potential slowdown in the U.S. economy amid prospects for delayed interest rate cuts outweighed worries over the risk of expanding conflict in the Middle East. Israel also said it was moving forward with plans for an all-out assault on Rafah in the south. Energy Information Administration, or EIA, data on Wednesday indicated U.S. crude oil inventories unexpectedly fell last week as exports jumped, while gasoline stockpiles decreased less than forecast. "The data provided a temporary boost to oil prices, but it didn't seem to last long," Fujitomi's Tazawa said.
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The Senate passed a $95 billion spending package that included aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. AdvertisementOn April 23, the Senate passed a $95 billion spending package that included foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. In fact, an analysis of financial aid to Ukraine published in October by the website Breaking Defense found that a majority of the billions of dollars in Ukraine aid Congress had approved to date was ultimately spent in the US. The Ukraine aid is expected to be used to provide ammunition, artillery rounds, armored vehicles, and other weapons, the Associated Press reported. The factory, which is expected to employ 150 people when it opens, is expected to benefit from foreign aid to Ukraine.
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Listen and follow The DailyApple Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon MusicColumbia University has become the epicenter of a growing showdown between student protesters, college administrators and Congress over the war in Gaza and the limits of free speech. Nicholas Fandos, who covers New York politics and government for The Times, walks us through the intense week at the university. And Isabella Ramírez, the editor in chief of Columbia’s undergraduate newspaper, explains what it has all looked like to a student on campus.
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The US Senate has passed a $95 billion package that includes money for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. The new legislation includes sanctions on Iran, the seizure of frozen Russian sovereign assets and a measure that could lead to a nationwide ban of TikTok. The bill next goes to President Joe Biden, who said he would sign it into law on Wednesday. “This critical legislation will make our nation and world more secure as we support our friends who are defending themselves against terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin,” Biden said. Here are the latest developments in the region:
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailThe Gaza war has 'definitely dented America's image,' former diplomat saysKishore Mahbubani, distinguished fellow at the National University of Singapore's Asia Research Institute, discusses the war in Gaza and says there's "a gap between global public opinion and American public opinion."
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That exceeds the margin of 81,660 votes by which Mr. Biden won the state in the 2020 election. Tomorrow, Mr. Biden will head to Syracuse, N.Y., for a White House event, while Mr. Trump will head back to court. It remains unclear whether his decision to bypass any reconciliation with Ms. Haley will matter as November approaches. Mr. McCormick won an unopposed Republican primary for Senate in Pennsylvania, pitting him against Mr. Casey, the Democratic incumbent. Mr. Trump helped sink Mr. McCormick’s first run when he backed a rival candidate, the celebrity physician Dr. Mehmet Oz.
Persons: Biden, Donald J, Trump, Nikki Haley, Trump’s, Mr, Kamala Harris, Drew Barrymore, David McCormick, Bob Casey, Summer Lee, ‘ Scranton Joe ’ Biden, Haley holdouts, Dean Phillips, Haley, Lee, Bhavini Patel, Lee’s, Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez, Jeff Swensen, McCormick, Casey, McCormick’s, Mehmet Oz, Dr, Oz, Oz eked Organizations: Republican, North, Unions, Democratic, South, Credit, The New York, Trump, Senate, Mr Locations: Manhattan, New York, Syracuse, N.Y, Pennsylvania, Gaza, Scranton, Pa, South Carolina, G.O.P, Wisconsin , Rhode Island , Connecticut, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Cortez of New York, Israel
A wave of pro-Palestinian protests spread and intensified on Wednesday as students gathered on campuses around the country, in some cases facing off with the police, in a widening showdown over campus speech and the war in Gaza. University administrators from Texas to California moved to clear protesters and prevent encampments from taking hold on their own campuses as they have at Columbia University, deploying police in tense new confrontations that already have led to dozens of arrests. At the same time, new protests continued erupting in places like Pittsburgh and San Antonio. Students expressed solidarity with their fellow students at Columbia, and with a pro-Palestinian movement that appeared to be galvanized by the pushback on other campuses and the looming end of the academic year. Protesters on several campuses said their demands included divestment by their universities from companies connected to the Israeli military campaign in Gaza, disclosure of those and other investments and a recognition of the continuing right to protest without punishment.
Organizations: University, Columbia University, Columbia, Protesters Locations: Gaza, Texas, California, Pittsburgh, San Antonio
House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., struggled to get a word in edgewise Wednesday, battling a chorus of booing crowds during a speech at Columbia University where he condemned the ongoing student protests against Israel's bombardment of Gaza. "Enjoy your free speech," Johnson said tersely, pausing his prepared remarks to wait for the jeering to die down. Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, a group that helped organize the protests, has said that any hate speech is not coming from its protesters but rather "inflammatory individuals who do not represent us." During Johnson's speech Wednesday, he called on Shafik to resign if she could not get a handle on the protests. After more than a week of bipartisan cooperation with Democrats to pass the aid bill, Johnson's Columbia speech appeared to be an attempt to bolster his conservative bona fides for his hardline GOP colleagues.
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel said on Wednesday that protests at U.S. universities against Israel’s war in Gaza were “horrific” and should be stopped, using his first public comments on the subject to castigate the student demonstrators and portray them as antisemitic. They could also give ammunition to Republican leaders who have criticized the protesters and accused university administrators and Democrats of failing to protect Jewish students from attack. “What’s happening in America’s college campuses is horrific,” Mr. Netanyahu said. They attack Jewish students. They attack Jewish faculty.”It was not immediately possible to solicit a response from the students, who are not organized into a single group.
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Opinion | Joe Biden and the Israel-Gaza War
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To the Editor:Re “How Joe Biden Lost His Way in Gaza,” by Nicholas Kristof (column, April 21):The masterful, balanced and well-reasoned column by Mr. Kristof, written not in anger but in deep sorrow, should serve as a warning to President Biden. In standing by Israel’s atrocious conduct of the war and letting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu poke a finger in America’s eye, Mr. Biden not only cedes his moral standing but also risks destroying the unity of the Democratic Party; the possibility of a turbulent convention; and the loss of Michigan and the election to Donald Trump. One only hopes that he adopts a course that reduces the chance of any of these outcomes. Masood HaiderPrinceton Junction, N.J.To the Editor:The war started by Hamas is a test of whether a civilized world will accept Hamas’s barbaric tactics — including its atrocities on Oct. 7 and hiding its terrorists, arms and Israeli captives among and beneath a dense civilian population.
Persons: Joe Biden, Nicholas Kristof, Mr, Kristof, Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump, Masood Haider Organizations: Democratic Party, Hamas Locations: Gaza, , Michigan, N.J
An additional $2.4 billion is directed to U.S. military operations in the Middle East. Another $9 billion would go to “worldwide humanitarian aid,” including for civilians in Gaza. The package bars any of the funding from going to UNRWA, the main United Nations agency that provides aid to Palestinians in Gaza. The aid that is getting into Gaza is falling far short of the needs of its desperate population. Countries including the United States have tried to find air and sea routes to get more relief supplies in.
Persons: Israel Katz, , Biden, Catie Edmondson, Robert Jimison Organizations: Wednesday, U.S . Senate, Ukraine, UNRWA, United Nations, United, Democrats, Democratic, U.S Locations: Israel, Gaza, United States, Rafah, U.S
What it actually means has varied in scope, and level of detail. At Yale and Cornell, students have called on the universities to stop investing in weapons manufacturers. Columbia students are demanding the sale of holdings in funds and businesses that activists say are profiting from Israel’s invasion of Gaza, and the longer-term occupation of Palestinian lands — including Google, which has a large contract with the Israeli government, and Airbnb, which allows listings in Israeli settlements on the occupied West Bank. Researchers say the impact of any divestment would ultimately be negligible on the businesses and on Israel. They add that if universities give up votes as shareholders at the companies, divestment could even be counterproductive in pressuring companies to change their practices.
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Israel welcomed a U.S. aid package signed by President Biden on Wednesday that will send about $15 billion in military aid to Israel, increasing American support for its closest Middle East ally despite strains in their relationship over Israel’s prosecution of the war in the Gaza Strip. “Our alliance is ironclad,” Israel Katz, the country’s foreign minister, said in a statement thanking Mr. Biden for signing the legislation. It was part of a long-stalled $95.3 billion in aid that had faced vehement opposition from some Republicans over its support for Ukraine, which is also part of the legislation, as is Taiwan. The aid for Israel includes more than $5 billion to replenish three of the country’s defense systems: Iron Dome, which intercepts rockets that fly in high arcs; David’s Sling, which shoots down drones, missiles and rockets; and Iron Beam, which was designed to use laser beams to destroy incoming projectiles. It also includes $1 billion to enhance the production and development of artillery and munitions and $2.4 billion for American military operations in the U.S. Central Command region, which includes the Middle East as well as parts of South Asia and East Africa.
Persons: Israel, Biden, ” Israel Katz, Mr Organizations: Ukraine, U.S . Central Command Locations: Israel, East, Gaza, Taiwan, South Asia, East Africa
After weeks of delays, negotiations and distractions, Israel appeared to hint this week that its assault of Rafah — a city teeming with displaced persons above ground and riddled with Hamas tunnels below — was all but inevitable. In what some analysts and residents of the city saw as a sign of preparations for an invasion, an Israeli military official on Tuesday gave some details that include relocating civilians to a safe zone a few miles away along the Mediterranean coast. Just a day earlier, Israeli warplanes bombed Rafah, increasing fears among some of the civilians sheltering there that a ground assault would soon follow. Such indicators that Israel may be preparing an invasion, said Marwan Shaath, a 57-year-old resident of Rafah, “are terrifying and mean they may really be close to starting an operation.” Mr. Shaath, who lives in Gaza but is employed by Hamas’s Palestinian rivals in the occupied West Bank, added, “Our bags have been packed for months now for the time of the evacuation.”Israel insists that a push into Rafah is necessary for achieving its goals of eliminating the militants sheltering in a network of tunnels beneath the city, capturing or killing Hamas leaders presumed to be there and ensuring the release of the remaining hostages captured during the Hamas-led Oct. 7 attacks on Israel.
Persons: Israel, Marwan Shaath, Mr, Shaath Organizations: West Bank Locations: Rafah, Israel, Gaza
The call came in around 4 p.m., while Adam Abo Sheriah was still at work in his pharmacy in New Jersey. It took a few minutes for Adam to understand: His uncle’s home in Gaza City had been hit by Israeli airstrikes. His parents and his brother’s wife and children were inside, taking shelter after their own homes were bombed. Also struck nearby was a block of multifamily buildings in a neighborhood of Gaza City, home to many relatives and their families, who were hunkered down together. His mind swirling with questions, he got in his car and started driving nowhere in particular.
Persons: Adam Abo Sheriah, Adam, Adam couldn’t Locations: New Jersey, Gaza City, Paterson
CNN —The United Nations has called for an “independent, effective and transparent investigation” into the discovery of mass graves at two Gaza hospitals that were besieged and raided by Israeli troops this year. A mass grave with 324 bodies was uncovered this week at the Nasser Medical Complex in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis by Gaza Civil Defense workers following the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the area. When they returned this month after the Israeli military withdrew, they discovered the bodies had been dug up and placed in at least one collective grave, the stringer said. CNN reached out to the Israeli military on Wednesday for comment regarding Türk’s remarks, to which it said it had nothing more to add beyond previous comments. The US State Department on Tuesday expressed concern over the discovery of mass graves.
Persons: Volker Türk, , Nasser, Al, ” Türk, Khan Younis, Yamen Abu Suleiman, Khan, Raed Saqr, It’s, Mahmoud Basal, Vedant Patel, ” “ I’m Organizations: CNN, United Nations, UN, Human, , Nasser, Gaza Civil, Civil Defense, Nasser Hospital, Getty, Hamas, US State Department, , Government Locations: Gaza, Khan, AFP, Nasser, Israel, Al
The Senate just passed a TikTok "ban" as part of a larger foreign aid bill. Once Biden signs it into law, ByteDance will have 270 days to sell TikTok. Trump tried to institute a similar ban via executive order, but it was struck down by in court. AdvertisementThe Senate passed a multifaceted bill Tuesday evening that would effectively ban TikTok from the US app store once President Joe Biden signs it, as he has signaled he will. Tucked into the foreign aid bills was text forcing TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, to sell the social media service to an American one or face a ban.
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Dr. Shafik herself was preparing to confer with the university senate, which could censure her as soon as Friday. On Monday, police were called in to make dozens of arrests at Yale and New York University. Mr. Johnson’s visit to campus will not include a meeting with Dr. Shafik. The university senate could vote on a resolution to censure Dr. Shafik as soon as Friday — not long after the 48-hour negotiation period concludes. By calling in the police anyway, the resolution said, Dr. Shafik had endangered both the welfare and the futures of the arrested students.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Nemat Shafik, Shafik, Kathy Hochul, Emerson, Johnson’s, Columbia, , , ” Brendan O’Flaherty, Grayson, Kirk’s, Dr, O’Flaherty, Shafik’s, Liset Cruz, Eryn Davis, Annie Karni, Santul Nerkar, Katherine Rosman, Karla Marie Sanford, Ed Shanahan Organizations: Columbia University, New York Police Department, National Guard, Gov, Guard, Yale, New York University, Tufts, University of California, Hamas, New York City Police, Johnson’s, Republicans Locations: York, Gaza, Berkeley, Israel, , Washington, Columbia, New
CNN —Hamas released a video of Israeli-American hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin on Wednesday, the first proof that he survived being badly wounded during his capture on October 7. He is shown in the undated video with part of his left arm missing several inches above the hand. Video filmed on October 7 showed Goldberg-Polin with his arm severely injured. Hersh Goldberg-Polin's mutilated arm could be seen a still from the video, as he told his parents he loved them. He criticizes the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as other Israeli hostages in Hamas propaganda videos have done.
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When Summer Lee ran for Congress in 2022, she had to battle a wave of pro-Israel spending. AdvertisementGoing into this year, Rep. Summer Lee seemed likely to be a top target for pro-Israel groups. Both AIPAC and another key pro-Israel group, Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI), opted to stay out of the primary. Pro-Israel groups spent money against Lee not just in the primary, but in the general election as well. Meanwhile, progressive groups supporting Lee spent nearly $710,000, and on Sunday, Ocasio-Cortez came to Pittsburgh to rally with Lee.
Persons: Summer Lee, Lee, , Bhavini Patel, Mark Mellman, Sen, Bernie Sanders's, Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez —, That's, o6e7abRSr2 —, Patel, Jeff Yass, Cortez, Lee —, Joe Biden —, Biden, who've Organizations: Service, Democratic, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Israel, Washington Post, Rep, AIPAC, Pennsylvania, House, Democratic Socialists of America, o6e7abRSr2 — AIPAC, Democratic Party, GOP, Law Locations: Israel, Pittsburgh, Alexandria, Squirrel Hill, Gaza, Emboldening
Washington CNN —President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed into law an aid package providing crucial military assistance to Ukraine, capping months of negotiations and debate. The aid package, passed by the Senate late Tuesday evening and worth $95 billion in total, includes nearly $61 billion in aid to Ukraine, $26 billion for Israel and $8 billion for the Indo-Pacific. Hardline House conservatives opposed further US funding to Kyiv and threatened to oust Johnson over his handling of the negotiations. Conservatives in Congress have opposed additional assistance for what they view as an unwinnable war. Earlier this year, Biden signaled his intentions to make significant immigration-related concessions if Congress were to move forward with the aid bill.
Persons: Joe Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, Mike Johnson, Johnson, Biden, Bill Burns, Donald Trump, Trump, Sen, Bernie Sanders, ” Sanders, Benjamin ] Organizations: Washington CNN, Senate, House Republican, Conservatives, Congress, CIA, Ukraine, Republicans Locations: Ukraine, Israel, United States, Kyiv, Europe, Russia, Gaza
Germany said on Wednesday that it would resume funding for the main U.N. agency aiding Palestinians in Gaza, known as UNRWA, after an independent review found that Israel had not provided evidence of an allegation that led many donor nations to withdraw support for the agency. The announcement was likely to cause further strain in Germany’s longstanding close ties with Israel, which have deteriorated because of differences over the war in Gaza. Germany, which gave more than $200 million to UNRWA in 2023, is the agency’s second largest donor after the United States, which has also withdrawn its funding and has yet to say whether it will restore it. “The German government has looked closely at the allegations made by Israel against UNRWA and has been in close contact with the Israeli government, the United Nations and other international donors,” read a statement issued by Germany’s foreign and development ministries on Wednesday.
Persons: Israel, Organizations: UNRWA, United Nations Locations: Germany, Gaza, Israel, United States
Sitting together last month, Graham and MBS spoke with Trump for roughly five minutes, two people familiar with the call told CNN. The call encapsulates how Trump looms over an agreement that US, Israeli and Saudi officials all see as vital to achieving lasting stability in the Middle East. Graham informed Biden officials of the call between MBS and Trump and says they understand why he wants to keep Trump in the loop. With the election looming and the region engulfed by turmoil over Israel’s war in Gaza, the window of opportunity is rapidly shrinking, people involved in the negotiations told CNN. “I think President Trump understands this is building on what he did,” Graham told CNN.
Persons: South Carolina Republican Sen, Lindsey Graham, Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, — Donald Trump, Graham, Joe Biden, Salman, Biden’s, Trump, Abraham, Biden, Donald Trump, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Evan Vucci, , ” Trump, “ They’re, That’s, , ” Graham, Jamal Khashoggi, Sen, Graham, Bibi Netanyahu, Benny Gantz, Jake Sullivan, Amos Hochstein, Antony Blinken, Jake, ” CNN’s Alex Marquardt Organizations: CNN, South Carolina Republican, Biden Administration, Trump, Saudi, Abraham Accords, Saudi Crown, White, MBS, New York Times, Biden, Republican, Graham, Saudi Press Agency, Israel, President’s National, US Locations: Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, Saudi, Palestine, Bahrain, UAE, Washington, Gaza, Riyadh, NATO, Palestinian
House Speaker Mike Johnson wants Columbia University's President out. Johnson and other House Republicans have criticized her handling of campus protests and antisemitism. AdvertisementHouse Speaker Mike Johnson wants Columbia University's president to resign, calling her "inept" and "weak." "This president, Shafik, is shown to be a very weak, inept leader. They cannot even guarantee the safety of Jewish students?
Persons: Mike Johnson, Johnson, , Israel's, UPenn, Claudine Gay, UPenn's Elizabeth Magill, Sally Kornbluth, Hugh Hewitt, it's, They're, Shafik, Harvard's Claudine Gay, they've, shouldn't, Anthony D'Esposito, Yuda Drizin Organizations: Columbia, Republicans, Service, Harvard, MIT, NYPD, Palestinian, NY Republican, The Washington, Columbia Jewish, Washington Post Locations: Israel, Gaza, America, Columbia
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