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U.S. Capitol Police are investigating a report that Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md., tried to take a gun onto the house floor Thursday, a department spokesperson said. "One security official present saw a firearm on the person of Rep. Harris and relayed that to his superiors," a Capitol official told NBC News. "To be clear, Rep. Harris did not enter the Floor." They have become a flashpoint among some Republican members, and they have at times created tension with police. The Capitol official added that House members are allowed to carry firearms "in the halls and on Capitol grounds, including the Capitol Building but not the Floor," adding that "ammo has to be separately compartmentalized."
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Former President Donald Trump has started putting together the defense team for his historic second Senate impeachment trial, starting with hiring South Carolina-based lawyer Butch Bowers. Trump adviser Jason Miller, who announced the hiring on Twitter, said Bowers "is well respected by both Republicans and Democrats and will do an excellent job defending President Trump." Asked later about Trump's legal team, Graham told reporters: "Well, I think he's going to have a good one. Nikki Haley's attorney, Butch Bowers, addresses the South Carolina House Ethics Committee in Columbia on June 28, 2012. Mark Sanford when he faced impeachment in the South Carolina House in 2009.
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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden's sweeping immigration plan ran into quick resistance from key Senate Republicans, including some who championed a similar effort eight years ago. The Senate GOP's campaign arm, which is focused on recapturing the majority in 2022, quickly dubbed Biden's immigration plan "amnesty and open borders." The aide suggested that Biden's plan was an attempt to placate progressives, not a "take it or leave it" product. Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., said he has "very serious concerns" about Biden's immigration policy. Among Democrats in both chambers, Biden's plan was met with wide praise.
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Freshman GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden. Just a day after the inauguration of the country's 46th president, GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene announced she would be introducing articles of impeachment against Joe Biden. In a statement released on Thursday, Greene, who represents Georgia's 14th Congressional District, said: "President Joe Biden is unfit to hold the office of the Presidency. His pattern of abuse of power as President Obama's Vice President is lengthy and disturbing." Greene has been in Congress for less than a month but has already been at the center of several controversies.
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GOP Rep. Andy Harris, of Maryland, attempted to carry a concealed weapon into the House Chambers on Thursday, the Huffington Post reported. Metal detectors placed in the Capitol following the January 6 attack went off when Harris attempted to walk through. Harris attempted to have another representative hold his weapon before having to leave and come back. The outlet said they witnessed metal detectors go off when Harris walked through. HuffPost added that they witnessed Harris attempt to get Rep. John Katko to hold his firearm as he went in to vote.
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Pennsylvania Republicans spent $1.04 million in taxpayer dollars on 2020 election lawsuits. That's according to documents obtained Thursday by the news organization PA Spotlight. Pennsylvania Republicans spent more than $1 million in taxpayer dollars on litigation aimed at making it more difficult to vote ahead of the 2020 election, according to documents obtained by the news organization PA Spotlight. At the time, the Pennsylvania state Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman called the legislation "the most historic reform bill we've done." Lawrence Tabas, chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party, is a partner at the firm, PA Spotlight reported.
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'Do you feel you were duped?': Erin Burnett presses GOP lawmaker on election rhetoric
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CNN's Erin Burnett presses Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) about her pledge to work with the Biden administration despite questioning the results of the 2020 presidential election.
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A group of Senate Democrats filed an ethics complaint against Republican Sens. Both Hawley and Cruz have denied any wrongdoing and maintain they were trying to protect the integrity of the election. This latest effort is a flagrant abuse of the Senate ethics process and a flagrant attempt to exact partisan revenge," Hawley said in a statement. Hawley and Cruz and the organizers of the rally remains to be investigated. Hawley and Cruz to object to the electors, Reps. Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, and Mo Brooks, have been identified as alleged co-architects of the rally.
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In his inaugural address on Wednesday, Biden warned of a difficult winter ahead but urged Americans to come together to fight the disease. In the new survey, the most prominent drop in pessimism about the future of the virus has come from Democrats. In October, just a quarter of GOP voters said the worst of the virus was ahead. Combined, more than half of voters say the administration of vaccines has gone poorly (30 percent) or “not too well” (25 percent) so far. But among Republicans upset with the vaccine rollout, 52 percent say fault mainly lies with the states instead.
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S&P 500 companies gave $23 million to the 147 GOP lawmakers who contested Electoral College results. After GOP efforts to overturn Biden's victory led to violence, some companies paused their support. Here's a list of how much each corporate PAC had given and whether they've paused contributions. In total, 147 Republicans — roughly 55% of the GOP lawmakers in Congress — objected to certifying the results of at least one state's Electoral College vote. Here's a list of the S&P 500 companies — some of the largest and most influential businesses in the US — how much they gave to the 147 election objectors in the latest election cycles through their corporate PACs, and whether they've pulled their support.
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Biden's relationship with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will bring a new era of bipartisanship. David Topel is the author of The Heart of a Leader: The '72 Biden Senate Campaign — Lessons from a Youth-Driven Upset. He must work with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, despite the Republican leader's long record of obstructionism. During the 1972 Biden Senate campaign, I was charged with the logistics of implementing youth education and volunteerism. David Topel is the author of The Heart of a Leader: The '72 Biden Senate Campaign: Lessons from a Youth-Driven Upset.
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The Congressional Review Act gives Congress the power to repeal rules using a simple majority vote. Democrats could scrap Trump rules on everything from air pollution to guidance for investors, just as Republicans did after Barack Obama's exit. Democrats are considering using an obscure but powerful law to obliterate federal regulations the Trump administration hustled to get on the books before leaving office. Prior to the Trump administration, it was only used once to wipe away an existing regulation. That means Trump's regulations issued on or after August 21 could be in peril, according to George Washington University's Regulatory Studies Center.
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Former President Donald Trump has no lawyers to represent him in his 2nd impeachment, CNN reported. Trump's lack of representation could delay the start of his trial. The start of former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial in the US Senate could be held up due to the ex-president not having any legal representation to defend him, CNN reported. It is unclear whether Trump, who departed to his home in Florida on Wednesday, would return to Washington for the trial. Trump himself did not testify at his first impeachment trial, when the Senate acquitted him on two charges of abusing his office and obstructing Congress.
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Forgoing statewide mask mandates, social distancing efforts and touting personal responsibility is making a bad situation worse. Conservative Governors that have yet to enact statewide mandates 10 months into the pandemic are failing their constituents. Kim Reynolds told her constituents for months to "step up and take personal responsibility." COVID-19 decreased in 24 counties with mask mandates but continued to increase in 81 counties without mask mandates. Conservative governors can still enact statewide mask mandates and do what they were elected to do: lead by example and protect their constituents.
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Ex-President Donald Trump is not prepared for his Senate impeachment trial despite the fact that it could begin as early as next week. Giuliani had called for "trial by combat" at that rally, encouraging Trump supporters to pressure Congress to reverse Biden's electoral victory. With the impeachment article still in Pelosi's hands, the Senate trial will not begin until Monday at the earliest. Durbin added, "we've seen the videos" of the riot, many of which were posted online by Trump supporters who were part of the mob. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., on Tuesday said Trump was to blame for inciting the assault on the Capitol.
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Pollster Frank Luntz said he was pushed to the brink when he lost control of a focus group. The Zoom session on unity between Biden and Trump voters quickly went off the rails. "I reached a point where I don't want to do this anymore," the ex-GOP pollster said. Shortly after President Joe Biden's call for unity in his inauguration speech, ex-Republican pollster Frank Luntz held a focus group evenly split between Biden and Trump voters to see what connected. Despite Biden's push for unity, Luntz said the appetite simply isn't there yet for many people in the US.
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Liz Cheney to remain GOP conference chair -McCarthy
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PoliticsLiz Cheney to remain GOP conference chair -McCarthyPostedHouse Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said during a news briefing on Thursday that Liz Cheney will remain House GOP conference chair, despite some calls for her resignation from the position.
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Dissent from either party carries weight for Biden, who entered the White House on Wednesday with a razor-thin majority in Congress. The party has not made final decisions on what parts of Biden's plan it will include in legislation, though funds for vaccine distribution are a priority. Deese cited the jobless claims data in pushing for Biden's relief plan on Thursday, saying the economy is "moving in the wrong direction." Biden's plan faces obstacles in the Senate. Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent who will soon take over the Senate Budget Committee, has urged Democrats to use reconciliation to pass economic relief.
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The Senate is set to begin an impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday that he is discussing a bipartisan agreement with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on how to conduct the impeachment trial. Romney was the sole Republican who voted to convict Trump for abuse of power following his first impeachment trial related to the Ukraine scandal. Collins drew significant criticism after Trump's first impeachment trial, when she voted to acquit him and claimed the president had learned from his actions. Biden will "leave the mechanics" and timing of an impeachment trial up to Congress, she added.
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Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont wrote an opinion column this week pushing for Democrats to implement a bold economic agenda. Among the key measures Sanders urges the Senate to pass are $2,000 direct payments to Americans and raising the minimum wage to $15. "The Senate's 60-vote threshold to pass major legislation has become an excuse for inaction," Sanders wrote. They also used reconciliation to try and repeal the Affordable Care Act in 2017," Sanders wrote. Considering the razor-thin Democratic majority, any reconciliation process will collapse if even a single Democrat fails to support it.
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Ted Cruz, R-Texas, right, and Josh Hawley, R-Mo., attend the Senate Judiciary Committee markup on judicial nominations and the Online Content Policy Modernization Act, in Dirksen Building on Thursday, December 10, 2020. Seven Democratic senators filed a formal complaint Thursday urging the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate GOP Sens. Hawley, of Missouri, also continued with his previously announced plan to sign a written objection to Pennsylvania's electoral votes. Cruz and Hawley voted against accepting Pennsylvania's election results. "By proceeding with their objections to the electors after the violent attack, Senators Cruz and Hawley lent legitimacy to the mob's cause and made future violence more likely," the senators said in the letter.
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Two aspects of Biden's appeal made it uniquely authentic to him: context and consistency. The speech was elegantly humble in delivering a single, inoffensive thought into the collective conscience of the nation: Biden wants unity. Biden's message Wednesday, delivered in his plain-spoken style, tracked with his repeated election-year pledge to view political opponents as friends who disagree. His backdrop — literally, as he so often says — was the same West Front of the Capitol that was filled two weeks ago by rioters who sought to stop Congress from sealing his election. Whatever the fate of his presidency, Biden started off with a basic premise about what it means for the problems afflicting the country.
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Salomon Melgen: Trump commuted the prison sentence of Melgen, an eye doctor and major Democratic donor convicted of defrauding Medicare patients. Urlacher faced two counts in the case, each of which had carried a potential prison sentence of five years. Here is the full list, as provided by the White House:Abel Holtz – President Trump granted a full pardon to Abel Holtz. Jaime A. Davidson – President Trump commuted the sentence of Jaime A. Davidson. Those assisted by Ms. Povah’s organization include Ms. Adrianne Miller, whose remaining prison sentence the President commuted.
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GOP pollster breaks down what Americans think of Biden's policies
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailGOP pollster breaks down what Americans think of Biden's policiesFrank Luntz, pollster and political strategist, joined "Squawk Box" on Wednesday to discuss new voter data on how some Americans view Wall Street, tax policy, economic stimulus proposals and more.
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Republican pollster Frank Luntz told CNBC on Wednesday there are sharp political differences between Americans that will make finding compromise in Washington a challenge under the incoming Biden administration. "It was even more contentious than in the lead-up to the election," when Democrat Biden defeated Republican incumbent President Donald Trump. Biden has repeatedly sought to portray himself as a unifying figure at a fraught moment in U.S. history. Perhaps the only area of some agreement, Luntz said, is in the desire for Washington to pass additional coronavirus stimulus. They want to put more money directly into the pockets of Americans," Luntz said of his focus group.
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