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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailCovid has reshaped how people commute in China — and newer transportation modes could go mainstreamSpeaking at the CNBC Evolve Global Summit, the chief executives of and Niu Technologies, and the chief strategy officer of EHang, discuss how their autonomous vehicles and individual mobility devices have played a vital role during the Covid-19 pandemic in China.
Persons: EHang Organizations: CNBC, Global, Technologies Locations: China
Last-ditch efforts to defuse Swedish political crisis go on, minister says
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Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven leaves a meeting at the EU summit, in Brussels, Belgium, July 21, 2020. REUTERS/Johanna Geron/Pool/File PhotoSTOCKHOLM, June 18 (Reuters) - Efforts to defuse a crisis that has left Sweden's centre-left minority government facing likely defeat in a no-confidence vote next week will carry on throughout the weekend, Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson said on Friday. read moreThe anti-immigration Sweden Democrats promptly filed a no-confidence motion, which looks likely to win enough support to bring down the government, leaving Prime Minister Stefan Lofven weighing resignation or a snap election. "If there is a no-confidence vote on Monday, we will work after that too. The agreement included pledges to drive through a number of market-oriented reforms that have, over time, increasingly alienated the formerly communist Left Party, whose toleration the government also relied on in parliament.
Persons: Stefan Lofven, Johanna Geron, Magdalena Andersson, Andersson, Lofven, Niklas Pollard, Anna Ringstrom, Kevin Liffey Organizations: Swedish, EU, REUTERS, Finance, Left Party, Sweden Democrats, SVT, communist Left Party, Thomson Locations: Brussels, Belgium, STOCKHOLM, Sweden's, Sweden
Shell Gets Greener, Even as Climate Advocates Say, ‘Go Faster’
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MINETY, England — On a clearing at the edge of a farm field, 40 big rectangular boxes the size of shipping containers sit behind a tall fence. Wired together, these units will form Europe’s largest battery, the operators say, able to pump out powerful bursts of electricity to offset fluctuations in the power grid when ebbing winds or cloudy skies slow the generation of renewable electricity. As more power comes from wind and solar, the need for giant batteries will grow. One of the companies behind this 40-million-pound (about $56 million) project is Royal Dutch Shell. Shell’s foray into the English countryside in Minety, about 90 miles west of London, provides a clue to that future.
Organizations: Wired, Royal, Royal Dutch Shell, Shell, quicken Locations: MINETY, England, Royal Dutch, Minety, London
Its capital city of Tallinn is home to NATO's cyber defense hub , the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. The attack made Estonia realize that it needed to start treating cyber threats in the same way as physical attacks. It set up a "data embassy" in Luxembourg, a super secure data center that contains backups in case of an attack on Estonian territory. The country also became an early adopter of blockchain technology and established a new cyber unit within its voluntary Estonia Defense League. The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn conducts research and training on cyber security.
Persons: Angela Merkel, King, Esther Naylor, Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, Biden, Putin, Birgy Lorenz, Sotiris Tzifas, Tzifas, kindergarteners, Lorenz, Naylor, Merkel, Florian Marcus, Marcus, we've, it's Organizations: CNN, Cooperative Cyber Defence, of Excellence, United Nations Security, Chatham House, European Union, Wednesday, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia Defense League, NATO, Technology, Trust, Cyber Intelligence, Colonial, Estonian, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence, of, UN Security Council, Visitors Locations: German, Belgium, Estonia, Baltic, Tallinn, Europe, Estonian, Russia, Soviet, Moscow, Luxembourg, Coast, of Exellence, United Kingdom, Georgia, Belgian
The Athlete's Foot is launching a program to encourage Black ownership of sneaker stores. The goal is to open 50 Black-owned Athlete's Foot stores over the next five years. The Athlete's Foot, a global footwear retailer with 500-plus locations in more than 30 countries, is looking to change that. The Strategic African American Retail Track program, or StAART, aims to open at least 50 Black-owned Athlete's Foot stores over the next five years. The Athlete's FootThe footwear industry is known to lack diverse talent at all levels, from design to retail-store ownership.
Persons: Darius Billings, StAART, Karla Duncan, John Scipio, Billings, George Floyd, Scipio Organizations: Nike, Puma, Athlete's Foot, Strategic, Citizens Trust Bank, SV Sports, American Footwear Forum, Entrepreneurs, Urban Outfitters, Adidas Locations: America
Philippines raises cap on health professionals going abroad
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The Philippines, one of the world's biggest sources of nurses, reached its annual cap of 5,000 health worker deployments late last month. That means another 1,500 nurses and healthcare staff can work abroad, according to the labour ministry. Health workers under government-to-government labour deals, such as that with the United Kingdom, are exempted from the new cap. Roughly 17,000 Filipino nurses signed overseas work contracts in 2019, but the Philippines put a temporary halt on that in 2020, to shore-up its health sector as coronavirus hospitalisations rose sharply. Jocelyn Andamo, secretary general of the Filipino Nurses United, said the additional 1,500 was frustrating.
Persons: Eloisa Lopez, Harry Roque, Jocelyn Andamo, Neil Jerome Morales, Martin Petty Organizations: REUTERS, Health, Filipino Nurses United, Thomson Locations: United Kingdom, Manila, Philippines, MANILA
Trump complained that Black voters " all f------ hate me" in 2020, according to a forthcoming book. Trump blamed Jared Kushner for criminal justice reform not improving his standing with Black voters. Trump lamented that "none of them are going to vote for me," according to the book by reporter Michael Bender. "And they all f------ hate me, and none of them are going to vote for me." Trump did slightly improve over his 2016 performance with Black voters in his unsuccessful 2020 reelection bid.
Persons: Trump, Jared Kushner, Michael Bender, Donald Trump, it's, Jared, Read, Matt Gaetz, Kushner, George Floyd's, Bender, Bill Barr Organizations: Black voters, Wall Street, Blacks, Father's, Trump, Politico, Fox News, White, Black, of Justice, Twitter Locations: Minneapolis
What Are We Going to Wear?
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The company had worked with trend forecasters and talked with designers, but history was its best guide. Based on previous sales, the retailer was confident that shoppers would be seeking out deals on office wear like ties, dresses, heels and handbags. Months later, the world had rearranged itself in a way no trend forecasters could have predicted. And it created a tool so that customers could build lists of products they wanted from the sale before it even started. This was always a piece of the puzzle for many chains, but it became central to their survival in the past year.
Persons: Nordstrom, Teri Bariquit, Trendspotting Organizations: Google
Opinion | Juneteenth Reminds Us Just How Far We Have to Go
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In October 1864, just before President Abraham Lincoln was elected to a second term, a large group of Black activists met in Syracuse, N.Y. Most were from the free states, but a handful made the trip from slave states like Tennessee, Virginia and Florida. It founded a National Equal Rights League to demand “a recognition” of Black Americans’ rights as citizens of the United States. Others recognized that the nation was at a crossroads and that abolition would mean little without federal protections for Black Americans. But today’s conservatives echo their 19th-century predecessors when they justify federal inaction on voting rights with arguments about states’ rights and spurious claims of electoral corruption.
Persons: Abraham Lincoln, George T, Downing Organizations: American People, Equal Rights League, Syracuse, Republicans, Black Americans, Civil, Democratic, Black Locations: Syracuse, N.Y, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, United States, Northern, Southern, Rhode Island, Washington
Maybe it’s genetic, or athletic—a dancer’s reward for the toll that dancing takes on the body. Her performance won her a supporting-actress Oscar and turned her career around, though ever so slowly. Some of the most fascinating—and dismaying—parts of Ms. Riera’s film are devoted to the characters Ms. Moreno portrayed long before any turnaround was conceivable, let alone possible. If there’s an award for straight-to-the-camera performance, Ms. Moreno’s appearance here should win it by acclamation. (The film does itself a disservice with the gratuitous inclusion of scenes in which Ms. Moreno is watching Christine Blasey Ford’s televised Senate testimony alleging sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh.)
Persons: Rita Moreno, “ Rita Moreno, Mariem Pérez Riera, Steven Spielberg’s, Robert Wise’s, Anita, Oscar, Riera’s, Moreno, hilariously, Zelda Zanders, Zelda wasn’t, there’s, Marlon Brando, Tony, Spielberg, Lin, Manuel Miranda’s “, Christine Blasey Ford’s, Brett Kavanaugh Organizations: verve, Puerto, Sharks Locations: , Puerto Rican, India, Polynesia
U.K. Fintech Wise to Go Public in London Direct Listing
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Wise, an online money-transfer service, kicked off plans to list on the London Stock Exchange , taking advantage of surging investor interest in financial technology companies. More than 10 million customers use Wise’s money-transfer service. It aims to make it easier and cheaper to move money across borders and into different currencies than with a bank. “We were both sick of losing money to our banks,” Mr. Käärmann told journalists Thursday about why he and Mr. Hinrikus started Wise in 2011. Wise charged an average price of 0.68% of the amount of money transferred in the first quarter of 2021. Credit cards and banks have traditionally charged several percentage points for similar transactions.
Persons: Wise, Taavet, Käärmann, Mr, Hinrikus Organizations: London Stock Exchange
LONDON — British financial technology firm Wise said Thursday it expects to go public on the London Stock Exchange through a direct listing. Wise, which was formerly known as TransferWise, said it was seeking a direct listing rather than an initial public offering. Direct listings allow firms to go public without raising any fresh capital. "Wise is used to challenging convention, and this listing is no exception," said Kristo Kaarmann, CEO and co-founder of Wise. A direct listing allows us a cheaper and more transparent way to broaden Wise's ownership, aligned with our mission."
Persons: Wise, Kristo Kaarmann Organizations: LONDON, London Stock Exchange, Britain Locations: London, New York
London (CNN Business) Airlines, banks, stock exchanges and trading platforms suffered brief website outages early Thursday after a key piece of internet infrastructure failed, sparking the second major interruption of the past 10 days. Akamai Technologies AKAM Virgin Australia said in a statement on Thursday that it had resolved an IT outage caused by a failure at, a global content delivery network. Southwest Airlines LUV United Airlines UAL Commonwealth Bank of Australia CBAUF Westpac Bank WBK Australia and New Zealand Banking Group ANEWF The outages on Thursday ensnared companies includingand(ANZ). The Hong Kong Stock Exchange website was also briefly offline. Akamai acknowledged that it was suffering an outage.
Persons: Akamai Organizations: London, CNN Business, Airlines, Akamai Technologies, Virgin Australia, Virgin, Southwest Airlines LUV United Airlines UAL Commonwealth Bank of Australia CBAUF Westpac Bank WBK, New Zealand Banking Group, ANZ, Hong Kong Stock Exchange Locations: Southwest Airlines LUV United Airlines UAL Commonwealth Bank of Australia CBAUF Westpac Bank WBK Australia
Lebanon's banks stuck in reverse: jobs go, lending dives
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In April, bank loans had fallen by 25% year on year to $33 billion, according to a Byblos Bank note. Bankers and analysts said any restructuring of Lebanon's 40 or so banks should be part of such a comprehensive plan. "There's no strategy for the banking sector. The full extent of bank losses would only become clear when the government restructures its mountain of debt, ratings agency S&P said, after the government defaulted last year. read moreThe central bank instructed banks to raise their capital defences by 20% by the end of February and requested banks to boost liquidity by 3% with their corresponding banks.
Persons: Banks, dwarfing, Toufic Gaspard, Salim Sfeir, Sfeir, ABL's Sfeir, Davide Barbuscia, Samia Nakhoul, Edmund Blair Organizations: Reuters, IMF, Association of, Bank of, International Monetary Fund, Bankers, Thomson Locations: BEIRUT, Byblos, Lebanon, Switzerland, Association of Banks, Bank of Beirut, Beirut
The Economic Gauges Are Going Nuts. Jerome Powell Is Taking a Longer View.
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But he added: “We think it’s unlikely they would materially affect the underlying inflation dynamics that the economy has had for a quarter of a century. In 2015, Mr. Powell supported a decision to begin raising interest rates to prevent inflation from taking off. The last of these, especially, came to look like a mistake within days, and Mr. Powell soon reversed course. So were the people who routinely predicted that an outburst of problematic inflation was right around the corner. The risk with this approach is that Mr. Powell is, in effect, fighting the last battle — applying the lessons of those episodes to a different economic environment.
Persons: Powell’s, Ben Bernanke, Powell, Organizations: Fed, Mr Locations: United States
This documentary credits her turn to comedy, television and stage acting for liberating her from her exotic sexpot persona. It’s almost hard to believe that the radiant Moreno we see in the film — who at 89 continues to epitomize that ineffable and rare quality we call star power — was ever restrained. Though this contrast is precisely what makes her story so enthralling and vital. Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for ItRated PG-13 for mature thematic content, suggestive material and some strong language including a sexual reference. In theaters.
Persons: Oscar, Lupita Nyong’o, Moreno, , Rita Moreno Organizations: Locations: Mexico
Tom Rogers on Engine Media going public on the Nasdaq
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailTom Rogers on Engine Media going public on the NasdaqEngine media, the gaming and targeted media solutions company, is heading to the Nasdaq on Wednesday under the symbol "GAME." Tom Rogers, executive chairman of Engine Media and former CEO of TiVo and former NBC Cable president, joined "Squawk Box" on Thursday to discuss.
Persons: Tom Rogers Organizations: Engine Media, Nasdaq, TiVo, NBC Cable
Singers, actors, and artisans have a fashionable identity these days — "creators" — as well as their own "creator economy." For platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, creators are a golden opportunity to create more profit. He and his partner Yuanling Yuan are authors of the firm's "Creator Economy Market Map," a cogent and comprehensive explanation of the trend. As is usually the case, aggressive and well capitalized tech companies are the best positioned to profit from all this. The Information, a tech-industry trade publication, has created a newsletter, "Creator Economy," a hyper-informative compendium of the industry's new goings on.
Persons: , Twitch, Josh Constine, VCs, Fred Wilson, Andreessen, Horowitz, Yuanling Yuan, Constine, Cecilia D'Anastasio smartly, didn't, I'm, Timothy Norris, Salesforce, Techland, that's, I.F, Stone Organizations: Twitter, Neighborhood, YouTube, Amazon, Naval, Wired, Spotify, Journalists, Getty, Stone's, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, New York Times Locations: Silicon Valley
A report from 'Gen Z' influencer agency Fanbytes breaks down how fashion brands can go big on TikTokThe report outlines popular TikTok fashion trends, such as #cottagecore and the #GucciModel Challenge. Fashion content on TikTok is huge, and brands want in. Its new 32-page fashion and TikTok report, published last month, details how brands can get noticed on the popular video platform. Fashion brands shouldn't feel the need to create "hashtag challenges" to find TikTok success"Challenges" are popular on TikTok, but brands shouldn't feel pressure to create their own. The report also points out that fashion brands could consider leaning into popular hip-hop sounds on TikTok — not least as so many hip-hop tracks reference luxury brands.
Persons: Fanbytes, Gen, cottagecore, Cassandra Russell, hashtag, Dior, Balenciaga, Gucci Organizations: Twitter, Brands, Fashion, Gucci Locations: New York, Europe, Africa
Former Facebook sales chief Carolyn Everson is in talks with Instacart for a top post, sources say. Instacart has been vying for digital ad dollars and has already grabbed a top ad sales exec from Amazon. Everson exited Facebook last week after chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg shook up the ad sales division naming Marne Levine as chief business officer, a new position with responsibility for advertising. Its ad business is forecast to hit $1 billion by 2022. Should the firm sign Everson, Instacart would have two of tech's top ad sales executives under one roof.
Persons: Carolyn Everson, Instacart, Everson, Sheryl Sandberg, Marne Levine, Apoorva Mehta, Andreessen Horowitz, Seth Dallaire Organizations: Facebook, Instacart, Google, Sequoia Capital, San Locations: Marne, San Francisco
23andMe CEO on going public via SPAC merger, growth opportunity
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via Email23andMe CEO on going public via SPAC merger, growth opportunityCNBC's "TechCheck" team is joined by 23andMe co-founder and CEO Anne Wojcicki to discuss the company going public via SPAC merger.
Persons: Anne Wojcicki Organizations: 23andMe
Inflation data will dictate Fed policy going forward: Jeremy Siegel
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailInflation data will dictate Fed policy going forward: Jeremy SiegelJeremy Siegel, Wharton finance professor, joins the 'Halftime Report' team to discuss his thoughts on the Fed's adjusted outlook for inflation and timeline for rate hikes.
Persons: Jeremy Siegel Jeremy Siegel, Wharton
A healthcare worker takes inventory of doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine, in Buenos Aires, Argentina June 4, 2021. REUTERS/Matias Baglietto/File PhotoBUENOS AIRES, June 17 (Reuters) - A coalition of nine Argentine port worker unions will go on a nationwide 24-hour strike starting at midnight to press for vaccinations against the coronavirus, the labor groups said in a statement on Thursday. Strikes last month paralyzed shipping from Argentina's main grains port hub of Rosario, which handles about 80% of the country's agricultural exports. The strikes are occurring during high export season, as corn and soy, the country's two main cash crops, get harvested. Agriculture is Argentina's main source of export dollars needed to replenish central bank reserves strained by efforts to pull the country out of a three-year recession while grappling with the pandemic.
Persons: Matias Baglietto, Guillermo Wade, Hugh Bronstein, Maximilian Heath, Matthew Lewis Organizations: Oxford, AstraZeneca, REUTERS, Workers, COVID, Argentina's Chamber, Maritime, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, Argentine, Europe, Southeast Asia, Port, Rosario
(CNN) Like everything else she's done, Rita Moreno is an exceptional storyteller, turning "Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It" -- an "American Masters" documentary hitting theaters first -- into a dazzling look at the much-adorned star's career, and the doors left shut, despite her success, by being a Latina in Hollywood during the days of the studio system. Moreno is in the select group EGOT winners -- people who have earned an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. (She also remains outspoken, having waded into the controversy over "In the Heights" while appearing on Stephen Colbert's program.) Rita Moreno in the documentary 'Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It' (Courtesy of Roadside Attractions). Moreno met with studio mogul Louis B. Mayer at age 16, impressing him enough to land a studio contract.
Persons: Rita Moreno, Moreno, Oscar, Tony, she's, Stephen Colbert's, Steven Spielberg, Norman Lear, I've, Mariem Pérez, crisply, Elizabeth Taylor, Louis B, Mayer Organizations: CNN, Latina Locations: Hollywood, Puerto Rico, New York
Wells Fargo's Michael Schumacher: 'The 10-year yield is going up a fair bit'
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Persons: Wells Fargo's Michael Schumacher, IPOs Organizations: RBC, Intel
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