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Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson lashed out at one of his favorite targets on Thursday night: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Carlson also accused Ocasio-Cortez of being a hypocrite for praising Capitol Police officers as "heroic," while supporting reallocating law enforcement funds to social services. "She likes the cops now despite the fact they're white supremacists," he said. Carlson's account of the Capitol riot flies in the face of overwhelming evidence and law enforcement's charges. And Carlson has long been accused of sympathizing with white supremacists, whom he has occasionally disavowed.
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CEOs are overwhelming in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump, according to Chief Executive Leadership Institute data shared with Insider. In a survey, every CEO who responded said Trump helped incite last week's violent attack on Congress. President Donald Trump should be impeached after inciting last week's deadly Capitol insurrection, the country's top chief executives say. and "did President Trump help incite last week's violent attack on Congress?" The CEOs were overwhelmingly in favor of using their political funding to show their stance, Sonnenfeld told Insider.
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Comments on historic second impeachment of U.S. President Trump
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The below are comments concerning the House of Representatives vote on Wednesday that made Donald Trump the first U.S. president to be impeached twice. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) shows the article of impeachment against U.S. President Donald Trump after signing it in an engrossment ceremony, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington January 13, 2021. SENATE DEMOCRATIC LEADER CHUCK SCHUMER“Donald Trump has deservedly become the first president in American history to bear the stain of impeachment twice over. REPRESENTATIVE ADAM SCHIFF, DEMOCRAT“Today’s decision to impeach President Donald J. Trump was a grave one, but not a difficult one. I voted to impeach President Trump.
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Data from Global Wireless Solutions shows daily users on Parler nearly doubled following the Capitol riots. After the election, Parler users prioritized the NewsMax app over the FoxNews app, GWS saidVisit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Oklahoma, Wyoming, and West Virginia had the most Parler users relative to their population, according to new data from the firm Global Wireless Solutions (GWS). GPS data shows hundreds of Parler users were involved in the attack on the Capitol last week. Prior to the election, the NewsMax app was rarely used by Parler contributors, but since November 7, NewsMax app usage exceeded the FoxNews app daily usage for Parler users.
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Widen After Impeachment Vote Some House Republicans have called on Representative Liz Cheney to resign from her leadership post after she voted to impeach President Trump. Representative Liz Cheney had issued a scathing statement the day before the impeachment vote repudiating President Trump. Mr. Biden will detail his proposal, which he and his economic team have been honing for weeks, in an evening speech in Delaware. “This nation also remains in the grip of a deadly virus and a reeling economy,” Mr. Biden said Wednesday. Far more of a party institutionalist, Mr. Biden has promised to rebuild state parties and deepen investments in the committee.
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Capitol riot denialism is already here
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Far-right personalities are trying to minimize the Capitol attack and divert blame away from President Trump. One of the Trump supporters, Ryan Wolfe, told Lavandera, "I believe that either foreign intelligence officers or local militant groups incited the conflict." The Antifa narrative, designed to exculpate the Trump supporters who ransacked the Capitol -- and also exonerate Trump for encouraging them -- has been debunked, yet it persists. "Without a teleportation device, it is impossible for somebody to have been at the president's speech and then at the Capitol," Kassam claimed on OAN. His so-called evidence: Some protesters were already at the Capitol while Trump was still speaking about a mile and a half away.
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Parler is sharing information with the FBI on federal investigations into the Capitol riot. A sworn FBI affidavit shows that Parler gave information that helped FBI agents identify, locate, and arrest a Proud Boys supporter making threats on Parler. But the cooperation could have unusually significant consequences for Parler users who organized violence at the Capitol on January 6. Parler is sharing information with the FBI in connection with the Department of Justice's investigations into the violent riot at the US Capitol. Parler provided the phone number associated with the account, the affidavit says, and the FBI used it, and info from T-Mobile, to identify Florea.
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Departing Trump White House communications staff are getting the cold shoulder from some corners of the job market. Former White House staff can usually walk into top jobs after years of dealing with some of the toughest crises in government. Farah told Insider in a statement, "I stepped down from my role in the White House in early December. One public-relations recruiter told Insider they had received inquiries from at least 15 people from the White House looking for jobs. A Fox News spokeswoman declined to comment, and the White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
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U.S. National Guard riot shields are laid out at the ready outside the U.S. Capitol Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., January 13, 2021. The incoming Biden administration has significantly ramped up security around his team ahead of the Jan. 20 inauguration. The riot at the Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6 forced lawmakers to flee the inner chambers of the building, fearing for their lives. The biggest single security operation is in Washington, where Biden will be sworn in outside the Capitol next Wednesday. In Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers authorized National Guard troops to support security efforts in the state capital of Madison.
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Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera said he supports the impeachment of President Donald Trump, slamming him for having "unleashed a mob." Rivera tweeted in reference to Trump encouraging supporters to march on the US Capitol, which soon evolved into a riot that left five people died. Pondering Trump's mindset, Rivera tweeted that losing the election "made him crazy or revealed a dysfunction I had refused to see." Rivera is a longtime Trump friend, but called on the president to concede a few days after the election was called for Joe Biden. Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera said he supports President Donald Trump's impeachment, and admitted that he may have "refused to see" earlier signs of Trump's unfitness to govern.
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Republican Sen. Ted Cruz faces a growing backlash from congressional colleagues who say he was partly responsible for the riots at the US Capitol last Wednesday. Democratic aides told The Hill that some Democratic senators are discussing the possibility of censuring Cruz for incitement. The chair of the Committee on Homeland Security is calling for Cruz be put on the FBI no-fly list. "More and more Democratic caucus members are willing to vote yes on a censure resolution," one Democratic aide told The Hill. Because of massive potential conflict of interest, Senators Cruz, Hawley, and Johnson (at least) need to be off all relevant committees," Whitehouse added.
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Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, is continuing to stand by President Donald Trump following the US Capitol riots on January 6, even as other businesses cut ties. MyPillow was offering the discount code "FightForTrump" on Tuesday, allowing customers to get cheaper deals on pillows, the New York Times reported. The CEO of bedding company MyPillow continues to stand by President Donald Trump following the deadly riots at the US Capitol, even while major US firms cut ties. Hours after Trump supporters broke into the Capitol, Lindell was interviewed on Newsmax and described the riots as "very peaceful." The Capitol siege hadn't changed his perception about a fraudulent election, he said.
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Far-right social media app Parler has been dropped from Amazon's cloud platform and removed from Google's and Apple's app store in the wake of last week's insurrection at the US Capitol. Internal Microsoft discussions viewed by Insider indicate that Parler is a customer of the Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite — with dozens of employees debating what to do about the situation. One Microsoft employee noted that at least as of Sunday, Parler's domain "looks to be active/enabled in Azure Active Directory." Others believe that Amazon did the right thing in banning Parler, taking the site offline, and would like to see Microsoft follow their lead. Are you a Microsoft employee or do you have insight to share?
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The three journalists said no explanation was given, but they added that the reason did not have to be detailed. CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post and The Times are seen as liberal within the Murdoch empire, which is home to Fox News and Fox Business, cable networks that were instrumental to the rise of President Trump. To publish articles based on the work of those organizations would not fit the Post’s right-leaning identity, the journalists said. In the final days of the campaign, when Mr. Trump seemed headed for defeat, the tabloid’s tone shifted. Amid the violence Trump loyalists chanted, “CNN sucks,” and MSNBC journalists said they made sure not to display MSNBC identifying markers on their gear or clothing.
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ET Capitol Riot Live Updates: Trump Urges No Violence or Vandalism at Planned Demonstrations The fallout from last week’s attack on the Capitol continued as the Army secretary announced that the inauguration would be secured by armed National Guard members. “In lights of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking and NO vandalism of any kind,” Mr. Trump said. For President Trump, the past week has included a flurry of rebukes from businesses and once-loyal politicians. A majority of House members vote to impeach. Mayor Bill de Blasio said New York City is ending its contracts with the Trump Organization after the deadly riot incited by President Trump at the U.S. Capitol.
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“He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding.” “These facts require immediate actions by President Trump,” he continued. A few Republicans defended him, but most others simply argued that a rush to impeach Mr. Trump without a hearing or an investigation raised constitutional questions. With Democrats controlling the House, Mr. Trump is expected to become the first American president to be impeached twice. Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington sent a letter to Mr. Trump on Sunday asking for an emergency declaration to obtain additional funding for inauguration security. On Tuesday, a federal inspector general questioned an order to deliver the estimates before Mr. Trump leaves office, after whistle-blowers warned that the rush would imperil their accuracy.
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ET Capitol Riot Live Updates: Federal Authorities Sound a Warning; Trump Urges No Violence The deadly breach at the Capitol will be a “significant driver of violence” for armed extremists who are targeting the presidential inauguration, according to a bulletin issued by federal authorities. “In lights of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking and NO vandalism of any kind,” Mr. Trump said. Shortly before Mr. Trump’s statement was released, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the Republican leader, spoke on the House floor, pinning blame on Mr. Trump for the attack. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who stood by the president during lesser controversies, told his associates that he believed Mr. Trump had committed impeachable offenses. The House is expected to impeach Mr. Trump, for the second time, on Wednesday.
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President Trump's business is being hobbled . Trump's war on the nation's news media, his war on truth, his war on REALITY ultimately caused him to become the first US president to be impeached two times. Carlson also claimed that Trump voters have been "redefined as domestic terrorists" in the past week. One of her first guests, Ben Domenech, said that voting for impeachment was akin to telling Trump voters, "CNN's right about you." Some Trump voters are embarrassed by the past week's events, but many are still fully on board the cliched "Trump train."
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President Donald Trump’s rabid online following will be smaller from now on, but it may be more extreme. Without a megaphone to distribute his views on social media, Trump would have a difficult time influencing other media or finding new people to build his audience. Trump supporters were increasingly fixated on outsiders, with more of their posts discussing subjects such as “socialism” and “antifa.”Other research supports the idea that deplatforming is effective. Some of Trump’s supporters have migrated to Telegram, a messaging app founded in Russia that can accommodate large groups. “Fringe groups organizing on the internet predate the big social media networks.”
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FILE PHOTO: A mob of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump storm the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, U.S., January 6, 2021. The violence at the Capitol caused a serious rift between Trump and Pence, and the two men did not speak for days, although they did meet at the White House on Monday. With only eight days left in Trump’s term, chances the Democratic drive will result in his removal appear remote. An impeachment trial could proceed even after Trump leaves office. The Democratic-led House impeached Trump in December 2019 for pressuring the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden, but the Republican-controlled Senate acquitted him in February 2020.
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FILE PHOTO: A mob of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump storm the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, U.S., January 6, 2021. With only eight days left in Trump’s term, chances the Democratic drive will result in his removal appear remote. An impeachment trial could proceed even after Trump leaves office. The House impeached Trump in December 2019 for pressuring Ukraine’s president to investigate Biden, but the Republican-controlled Senate acquitted him in February 2020. After last week’s chaos, authorities are hardening security ahead of Biden’s inauguration, which has already been dramatically scaled back due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Twitter said Monday it had suspended more than 70,000 accounts associated with the conspiracy theory QAnon since Friday afternoon. The purge coincided with prominent conservatives, including Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis and former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, losing thousands of followers. Twitter announced on Monday evening that it had permanently suspended more than 70,000 accounts associated with the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory following the siege of the US Capitol. The company's suspensions had resulted in follower count changes in the thousands for some people's accounts, Twitter said. The suspensions come after Twitter said Friday it would permanently remove any accounts "solely dedicated to sharing QAnon content."
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Fox News got lower TV ratings than both CNN and MSNBC at the same time for the first time since 2000 in the past week. All three networks saw their viewership soar as pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol, but the CNN and MSNBC bumps far outpaced the one at Fox. CNN and MSNBC scored both higher ratings than Fox News at the same time for the first time since 2000 as their viewership boomed during last week's storming of the US Capitol. On Thursday, CNN averaged 3.854 million total viewers, MSNBC averaged 3.321 million, and Fox averaged 1.935 million. On Friday, CNN had 3.121 million total viewers, MSNBC had 2.816 million and Fox News had 1.702 million.
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Fox News host Brian Kilmeade sounded the alarm Monday morning over looming impeachment proceedings following President Donald Trump's incitement of the Capitol Siege last Wednesday. Kilmeade, a longtime host of "Fox & Friends," argued the insurrectionists would only become more determined to attack again if the House moves forward, with proceedings beginning as soon as tomorrow. "We see what's happening around the country, how 50 state houses are being threatened on Inauguration Day — this is the last thing you wanna do," Kilmeade said. An FBI bulletin obtained by ABC News reporter Aaron Katersky concluded that all 50 state capitals are facing "armed protests" in the buildup to President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration on Jan. 20. "He has 75 million supporters," the Fox News host said of Trump.
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And while persistent campaigns against ISIS online did not remove the horror entirely, it did significant damage to its ability to recruit, terrify, and proliferate its ideology. "In 2013 and 2014, ISIS content was just out in the open", said Amarnath Amarasingam , associate fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation. He noted a Europol campaign in November 2019 against ISIS extremists on Telegram -- an encrypted messaging app that many far-right extremists in the US are reported to be moving to now. It doesn't, for example, have something like the black flag that was ubiquitous among ISIS supporters, or images of masked militants in fatigues. Conway noted that far-right content also seemed profitable, drawing, according to her research, greater numbers of followers (and so eyeballs for advertisers) than ISIS content -- on average about six times as many, when comparing followers of ISIS to far-right Twitter accounts.
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