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The military arrested civilian Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and dissolved the country's transitional government on Monday, sparking protests in several cities. KHARTOUM, Sudan - Sudan's Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok chairs an emergency cabinet session in the capital Khartoum, on October 18, 2021. After a number of coups and a protracted civil war, the south of the country voted for independence and became the separate state of South Sudan in 2011. Wider implications Located in northeast Africa, Sudan is politically important for stability in the Horn of Africa, North Africa and the Sahel. KHARTOUM, Sudan - Sudanese demonstrators take to the streets of the capital Khartoum to demand the government's transition to civilian rule, on October 21, 2021.
Persons: Abdalla Hamdok, Zaynab Mohamed, Mohamed, Omar al, Bashir, Edward Hobey, Verisk, General Abdel Fattah al, Burhan, Mausi, ASHRAF SHAZLY Organizations: AFP, Getty, Reuters, Sudan's, Getty Images Telecommunications, Oxford Economics, Sovereignty, Port Sudan, IMF, Sovereign Council, Human Rights, UAE, Russian Ministry of Defense Locations: KHARTOUM, Sudan, Shajara, Khartoum, Oxford Economics Africa, Khartoum's, Africa, Port, Juba, OMDURMAN, Omdurman, AFP, Democratic, South Sudan, Mausi Segun, Horn of Africa, North Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Libya, Saudi Arabia, U.S, Israel, Russia, Port Sudan
National flags of Russia and the U.S. fly at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia April 11, 2017. REUTERS/Maxim ShemetovMOSCOW, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Russia on Sunday condemned a decision by the United States to add Russians seeking U.S. visas to a list of "homeless nationals" who can apply for visas in third countries. The U.S. State Department lists as "homeless" applicants from countries in which the United States has no consular representation, or where consular staff cannot issue visas due to the political or security situation. Russia became the 10th nation on the list, after Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen. At the talks, Moscow said it was willing to lift all the restrictions imposed in recent years, and Washington said it wanted parity on diplomatic staff numbers and visa reciprocity.
Persons: Maxim Shemetov, Maria Zakharova, Maria Tsvetkova, Matthias Williams, Kevin Liffey Organizations: Vnukovo, REUTERS, Sunday, American Embassy, The U.S . State Department, Thomson Locations: Russia, U.S, Moscow, Maxim Shemetov MOSCOW, United States, Warsaw, The, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Washington
A United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) staff member registers migrants inside a detention centre at Ain Zara, in Tripoli, Libya, October 12, 2021. REUTERS/Hazem AhmedTRIPOLI, Oct 14 (Reuters) - Hundreds of migrants in Libya's Ain Zara detention centre live in basic conditions, sleeping on mattresses in the open air after a crackdown that rights groups have condemned. "We are providing assistance, from medical care and humanitarian aid to beds, blankets and all necessary medical supplies," said detention centre head Ziad Amer. More than 1,000 migrants had been brought to Ain Zara in recent days, including many children, he added. They faced "immediate risk" in Tripoli detention centres, UNICEF said.
Persons: Hazem Ahmed, Ziad Amer, Abdel, Alim Hassan, Mansour Hamed, Angus McDowall, Giles Elgood Organizations: United Nations, Refugees, UNHCR, REUTERS, UNICEF, of National Unity, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Ain Zara, Tripoli, Libya, Hazem Ahmed TRIPOLI, Libya's Ain Zara, Saharan Africa, Europe, Eritrea, Libya's, Reuters Libya
A general view during a session of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, September 13, 2021. "With a lot of missteps so far, they should use their time on the council to promote human rights among friends and foes alike." "Our goals are clear: stand with human rights defenders and speak out against violations and abuses of human rights," she said in a statement. Human Rights Council candidates are elected in geographical groups to ensure even representation. The United States received the second lowest number of votes, beating out only Eritrea, which received 144 votes.
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REUTERS/StringerNAIROBI, Oct 13 (Reuters) - An air and ground offensive by Ethiopian troops and their allies against rebellious forces from the northern Tigray region is intensifying, a spokesperson for the Tigrayan forces said on Wednesday, claiming "staggering" casualties. Getachew Reda of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) told Reuters by phone that the Ethiopian military and allies from the Amhara region were fighting the Tigrayan forces on several fronts, in both the Amhara and Afar regions which neighbour Tigray. A spokesperson for the Ethiopian military did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Tigrayan forces were initially beaten back, but recaptured most of the region in July and pushed into the neighbouring Amhara and Afar regions, displacing hundreds of thousands more people. Another humanitarian worker citing witnesses said Eritrean forces were fighting Tigrayans in Berhale, a town in the Afar region.
Persons: Stringer, Getachew, Abiy Ahmed, Yemane Gebremeskel, Maggie Fick, Katharine Houreld, Nick Macfie Organizations: Ethiopia's National Defense Force, Tigray Special Forces, REUTERS, Ethiopian, Reuters, Eritrean, U.S . State Department, United Nations, Thomson Locations: Tigray, Humera, Ethiopia, Stringer NAIROBI, Amhara, Weldiya, Afar, of Africa, Eritrea, Western Tigray, Sudan, Berhale
Covid-19 deaths fell to their lowest level in almost a year last week at nearly 50,000 fatalities, World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Wednesday. Covid deaths are declining in every region except Europe, but vaccine inequities continue to plague much of the developing world. "It's still an unacceptably high level, almost 50,000 deaths a week," Tedros said at a Covid-19 briefing. Half of the 52 African countries with Covid vaccines have fully immunized 2% or less of their populations, according to a WHO report from Sept. 30. Tedros said last Thursday that high- and upper-middle-income countries have used 75% of all Covid shots developed during the pandemic, while less than 5% of Africa's population has been fully vaccinated.
Persons: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Tedros, WHO's Organizations: Health Organization, WHO, Geneva Association of United Nations, Covid Locations: Geneva Switzerland, Covid, Europe, Burundi, Eritrea, North Korea, Africa
TRIPOLI, Oct 10 (Reuters) - Hundreds of migrants and refugees waited outside a United Nations centre in Tripoli on Sunday to seek help in escaping Libya after what aid groups called a violent crackdown in which thousands were arrested and several shot. He said he had been beaten and tortured during his detention in five different centres in Libya, and that he had nowhere to go for shelter or food. She said her husband had been seized by criminals who demanded a ransom but killed him even though she paid. "We only want one thing, and that is to not live in Libya," she said. Reporting by Ahmed Elumami; Writing by Angus McDowall; Editing by Jan HarveyOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Mohamed Abdullah, Matar Ahmed Ismail, Nadia Abdel Rahman, Mousa, Ahmed Elumami, Angus McDowall, Jan Harvey Organizations: United Nations, IOM, of National Unity, UNHCR, Council, Interior Ministry, Thomson Locations: TRIPOLI, Tripoli, Libya, Sudan, Libya's, Eritrea, Europe
Journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for their fight to defend free expression in the Philippines and Russia. The Norwegian Nobel Committee said it recognized the pair for their "efforts to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democracy and lasting peace." "Despite the killings and threats, editor-in-chief Muratov has refused to abandon the newspaper's independent policy," the Nobel Committee said in a statement. Still to come Monday is the Nobel Prize in economics. But the decisions of the secretive Nobel Committee do not always guarantee a life of international acclaim.
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It is the first time this weapons trade between the former foes has been documented during the nearly year-long war in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region. A separate senior administration official told CNN that the White House was looking into the allegations detailed in its report. "That may require fines to be imposed, it may require individual sanctions against Ethiopian Airlines executives. The war between Ethiopia's military and forces loyal to the TPLF, which controls Tigray, broke out in November 2020. International criticisms have been growing over the role of the Ethiopian government and its allies in restricting critical humanitarian aid in Tigray.
Persons: Biden, Joe Biden, Tom Malinowski, Malinowski, Abiy Ahmed, Isaias Afwerki, Antonio Guterres, Guterres, Ethiopia's, Jen Psaki, Psaki Organizations: CNN, Ethiopian Airlines, Wednesday CNN, Chicago Convention, White, Ethiopian, National, International, Ethiopia Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines executives, Biden Administration, National Defense, UN, General, United Nations, Addis Ababa Locations: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tigray, Ethiopia's, Addis, Asmara, Massawa, New Jersey
(CNN) Ethiopia's government has used the country's flagship commercial airline to shuttle weapons to and from neighboring Eritrea during the civil war in Ethiopia's Tigray region , a CNN investigation has found. Air waybill showing transportation of 'RIFFLE & DFS' -- in reference to rifles and dry foodstuffs per airline sources -- on an Ethiopian Airlines flight on November 12. Air waybill showing 'military refill' being transported on an Ethiopian Airlines flight on November 13. Ethiopian Airlines told CNN in its statement that no employees had been suspended or terminated due to their ethnic background. CNN has confirmed that these Emirates SkyCargo straps have been used on other Ethiopian Airlines flights.
Persons: refills, Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia's, Benno Baksteen, DEGAS, Abiy, Flightradar24, Dan Kaszeta, Emirates SkyCargo, AmSafe Bridport, Pablo Mendes de Leon, Mendes de Leon, Katherine Tai, Tai Organizations: CNN, Ethiopian Airlines, Star Alliance, National, International, Government, DFS, Ethiopian, Dutch, Group Aviation Safety, Eritrean, Boeing, Toyota, Ethiopian Airlines aircraft, Employees, Freighter, Royal United Services Institute, Bulgarian, Emirates, TSO, Convention, International Civil Aviation, Chicago Convention, The Hague, US, Emirates SkyCargo Locations: Eritrea, Ethiopia's Tigray, Addis, Asmara, Massawa, Tigray, United States, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Eritrea's, Tigrayans, Axum, Dengelat, Bole, Belgium, Brussels, Shanghai, Flightradar24, London, Russia, Bulgaria, Bulgarian, Emirates, Bahir Dar, The, American, Ethiopian
(CNN) The United Nations has rebuffed Ethiopia's decision to expel seven senior UN officials as the country's war-torn northern Tigray region descends into famine, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Friday. "If the current trajectory continues, I fear for the future of many Ethiopian lives, and indeed for the stability of the country and the region. The UN denounced Ethiopia's decision to eject its officials from the country on Friday, and vowed to continue its humanitarian work. If the Ethiopian order goes ahead, it would mark one of the most significant expulsions of senior UN humanitarian officials from any country. Earlier this month, UNOCHA said there was a "de facto humanitarian aid blockade" into Tigray, where at least 400,000 people are facing famine conditions, according to the agency's latest figures.
Persons: Antonio Guterres, Guterres, UNOCHA, Martin Griffiths, Abiy, Griffiths, William Davison, Ethiopia's, Jens Laerke, Joe Biden, Jen Psaki, Psaki, We're, Michelle Bachelet, Bachelet, David Beasley Organizations: CNN, United Nations, UN, UN Security, Security, UN's, Fund, UNICEF, Humanitarian Affairs, Ethiopian, Reuters, International Crisis, Ethiopia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, White, Ethiopian Human Rights, UN Human Rights, Food Programme, WFP Locations: Tigray, Ethiopia, Mekele, Geneva, Tigrayan, Wukro, UN, Axum, Eritrea
Live Covid Live Updates: Texas Ban on School Mask Mandates May Be Illegal, Justice Dept. RIGHT NOW Vaccine mandates complicate hospital staffing woes in Wyoming. The U.S. says Texas’ ban on school mask mandates may violate disabled children’s rights. Image The uptick in vaccinations comes as a federal vaccine mandate, ordered by President Biden, is pending for hospital and nursing home employees. Advertisement Continue reading the main storyHere’s a rundown of the legal challenges to New York’s vaccine mandate.
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Live Covid Live Updates: U.S. Parents’ Views Are Shifting on Vaccines A nationwide survey finds more U.S. parents say they’re willing to vaccinate their children, a shift occurring as the schools reopened amid the Delta variant wave. Image Coronavirus vaccination efforts in Bulgaria and Romania are far behind those of wealthier European Union members. Image Preparing for a coronavirus vaccination in Essex County, N.J., in March. At the time, all of the volunteers had received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, either from AstraZeneca or Pfizer-BioNTech, the two vaccines that were first authorized there. California Coronavirus Map and Case Count See the latest charts and maps of coronavirus cases, deaths, hospitalizations and vaccinations in California.
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(CNN) In the nearly two years since the pandemic began, Turkmenistan has not seen a single case of Covid-19 . 'Turkmenistan is burning'Despite Berdymukhamedov's claims that his country his Covid-free, the reality inside Turkmenistan is starkly different, according to independent journalists and activists. In July 2020, Turkish diplomat Kemal Uchkun was admitted to hospital in Ashgabat with Covid-like symptoms but was refused permission to evacuate to his home country, according to the journal of Asian Affairs. The President," Turkmen said. "At a certain point you have to say at what cost are you protecting that presence (in the country)?
Persons: Berdymukhamedov, Ruslan Turkmen, Rachel Denber, Covid, Diana Serebryannik, Serebryannik, Kemal Uchkun, Uchkun, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, Watch's Denber, Denber Organizations: CNN, Johns Hopkins University, World Health Organization, North, United Nations, WHO, Human Rights, British, World Bank, Freedoms of, Freedoms of Turkmenistan Citizens, Rights, Asian Affairs, BBC, UN, Assembly Locations: Turkmenistan, Soviet, Pacific, North Korea, Netherlands, Iran, Europe, Central Asia, Australian, Ashgabat, Freedoms of Turkmenistan, Eritrea Turkmen, Turkish, Covid, China
A tank damaged during the fighting between Ethiopia's National Defense Force (ENDF) and Tigray Special Forces stands on the outskirts of Humera town in Ethiopia July 1, 2021. REUTERS/StringerWASHINGTON, Sept 17 (Reuters) - The United States on Friday paved the way for further sanctions to be imposed on parties to the conflict in northern Ethiopia, where thousands have been killed and millions are in need of humanitarian assistance. War broke out 10 months ago between Ethiopia's federal troops and forces loyal to the TPLF, which controls Tigray. Fighting spread in July from Tigray into the neighboring regions of Amhara and Afar, also in the country's north. But the administration of President Joe Biden held back from imposing sanctions alongside the executive order in hopes that it provides incentive to move away from the military approach, another senior U.S. administration official said.
Persons: Stringer WASHINGTON, Joe Biden, Daphne Psaledakis, Alistair Bell Organizations: Ethiopia's National Defense Force, Tigray Special Forces, REUTERS, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Amhara, Washington, U.S . Treasury Department, United Nations General Assembly, Thomson Locations: Tigray, Humera, Ethiopia, United States, Washington, U.S, Amhara, Afar, Eritrea
Somalia's newly elected President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo addresses lawmakers after winning the vote at the airport in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, February 8, 2017. REUTERS/Feisal Omar/File PhotoMOGADISHU, Sept 17 (Reuters) - Somalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed on Friday accused neighbouring Djibouti of illegally detaining his national security adviser, a criticism which appeared linked to a destabilising row between the president and his prime minister. The president then stepped in and appointed someone other than Roble's choice to head NISA, and gave Yasin a job as his security adviser. Mohamed has not gotten on well with the Djibouti government, Omar said, after he embraced Eritrea and Ethiopia and left Djibouti feeling isolated. The confrontation was resolved when the president put Roble in charge of security and organising delayed legislative and presidential elections.
Persons: Somalia's, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, Feisal Omar, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, Fahad Yasin, Abdirashid Hashi, Hashi, Yasin, Mohammed Hussein Roble, NISA, Mohamed, Roble, Mahmood Omar, Omar, Ikran Tahlil Farah, Abdi Sheikh, Abdiqani Hassan, Duncan Miriri, William Maclean Organizations: REUTERS, National Intelligence Service Agency, Crisis, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Somalia's, Mogadishu, MOGADISHU, Djibouti, Somalia, Brussels, Eritrea, Ethiopia
(CNN) President Joe Biden signed a new executive order Friday authorizing broad sanctions against those involved in perpetrating the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia as reports of atrocities continue to emerge from the Tigray region. Biden approved the executive order after the administration has "telegraphed for months that the parties need to change course," a second senior administration official said. Eritrean forces must withdraw from Ethiopia," Biden said. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle welcomed the new executive order. Robert Menendez - the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - and Chris Coons - who was dispatched by the Biden administration toward the beginning of the crisis to meet with Abiy.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, Antony Blinken, Blinken, Abiy Ahmed, Abiy, Samantha Power, Democratic Sens, Robert Menendez, Chris Coons, Sen, Jim Risch, Michael McCaul, McCaul, Robert Godec, you've Organizations: CNN, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Amhara Regional Government, African Union, Agency for International Development, USAID, United Nations General Assembly, Lawmakers, Democratic, Senate Foreign Relations, Abiy, House Foreign Affairs Committee, Biden, Biden Administration, State Locations: Ethiopia, Tigray, United States, Ethiopian, Africa, Eritrea, New York
REUTERS/Baz RatnerSummary Thousands of Eritrean refugees caught in north Ethiopian warRefugees distrusted and abused by both sides' fighters'Clear war crimes' committed, says rights groupNAIROBI, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Eritrean soldiers and Tigrayan militias raped, detained and killed Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray, an international rights watchdog said on Thursday. Tens of thousands of Eritrean refugees live in Tigray, a mountainous and poor province of about 5 million people. Tigrayan forces marched fleeing refugees back to Hitsats, shooting some stragglers, refugees reported to HRW. In the northernmost camp, Shimelba, Eritrean forces killed at least one refugee, raped at least four others and killed local residents, HRW said. Tigrayan forces took over those camps in June and refugees have reported killings and looting.
Persons: Baz Ratner, Tigrayans, Laetitia Bader, Horn, Getachew Reda, PEOPLE, HRW, Tigrayan, Ziban, Adi Harush, Mai Aini, Andrew Cawthorne Organizations: REUTERS, Refugees, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Human Rights Watch, Reuters, International, UNHCR, United Nations, HRW, Thomson Locations: Tigray, Sudan, NAIROBI, Ethiopia’s, of Africa, Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Hitsats, Hitsats camp’s, Zelasle, Shimelba, Mai
Reports of continued human rights abuses and atrocities by parties to the conflict are deeply disturbing, including the reported attack on civilians in a village in the Amhara region this week, Price said. Rebellious forces from the Tigray region killed 120 civilians over two days in a village in Ethiopia's Amhara region, local officials told Reuters on Wednesday. War broke out 10 months ago between Ethiopia's federal troops and forces loyal to the TPLF, which controls the Tigray region. Fighting spread in July from the Tigray region into the neighboring regions of Amhara and Afar, also in the country's north. The United Nations said on Friday that it had completed its joint investigation with Ethiopia's state-appointed human rights commission of abuses in the Tigray conflict, with a final report due Nov 1.
Persons: Baz Ratner, TPLF, Ned Price, Price, Getachew, Yemane Gebremeskel, Daphne Psaledakis, Susan Heavey, Giulia Paravicini, Elias Biryabarema, Chris Reese, Nick Zieminski, Cynthia Osterman Organizations: REUTERS, U.S . State Department, Ethiopian, Department, Reuters, Amhara, Eritrea's, United Nations, Thomson Locations: Adigrat, Ethiopia, United States, Tigray, Amhara, Ethiopia's Amhara, Eritrea, Africa, Afar, Addis Ababa, Kampala
In 2018, Kidanemariam was serving as Ethiopia's consul general in Los Angeles and said he helped organize Abiy's visit. He expected Abiy, who preached a political philosophy of inclusion, to chide the crowd, but he said nothing. Later, over lunch, when Kidanemariam asked why, he said Abiy told him: "There was nothing to correct." Abiy receives the Nobel Peace Prize during a ceremony in Oslo, Norway, in December 2019. "I am of the strongest opinion that the Nobel Prize Committee is responsible for what is happening in Ethiopia, at least partially.
Persons: , Abiy Ahmed, Africa's, Kidanemariam, Abiy, he'd, heckles, Abiy's, Billene Seyoum, Hailemariam, backsliding, Ahmed Soliman, William Davidson, Rashid Abdi, Abdi, Isaias Afwerki, Mehari, Isaias, Goitom Gebreluel Organizations: CNN, University of Southern, Ethiopian, Ethiopia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abiy's, Addis Standard, Addis, Prosperity Party, Chatham House, International Crisis, United, West, European University Institute Locations: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, United States, Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia's, Tigray, Washington , DC, Oslo, Norway, Abiy, West, Ethiopia, Oromia, of Africa, Bahir Dar, Addis Ababa, Tigrayan, Wukro, Kenya, Horn of Africa, Amhara, Taddele Maru, South
Wad El Hilou, Sudan (CNN) The ghostly outlines of limbs emerge through the mist along the Setit River in eastern Sudan. A body is draped in plastic sheeting after being recovered from the river bank by Wad El Hilou, Sudan. Wad El Hilou is a natural pinch-point in the river's path -- and so, when the bodies arrived, they floated towards the banks. Ethnic profilingTigrayans still inside Humera told CNN that they live in constant fear of being detained or killed. A body recovered from the Setit River bank by Wad El Hilou, Sudan, is carried on plastic sheeting.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed's, Tigrayan, Tigrayans, We're, Gebretensae Gebrekristos, Gerri, Natay, Enda Yitbarek, Temesgen, Yonas, Humera, Alem, it's, Sudan who've Organizations: CNN, Ethiopian, Michael's, Mercury Locations: Sudan, Ethiopia, Humera, Ethiopia's Tigray, Tigray, Mekelle, Eritrea, St, Mary's, Amhara, People
Troops in Eritrean uniforms are seen on top of a truck near the town of Adigrat, Ethiopia, March 14, 2021. Forces from Ethiopia's rebellious Tigray recaptured much of the territory in June, in a major setback for Ethiopia's government. Spokespeople for Eritrea's information ministry, Ethiopia's prime minister and Ethiopia's military did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Eritrean troops entered Tigray to fight alongside federal forces in a conflict marked by abuses including rape, according to investigations by Reuters, the U.N. and international human rights organizations. read moreThe Ethiopian government said in April that Eritrean troops had begun withdrawing.
Persons: Baz Ratner, State Anthony Blinken, meanwhile, Adi Goshu, Abiy Ahmed, Giulia Paravicini, George Obulutsa, Maggie Fick, Joe Bavier, Giles Elgood Organizations: REUTERS, European Union, Forces, Eritrean Defence Forces, State, Treasury Department, Eritrean, Reuters, Ethiopian, Thomson Locations: Adigrat, Ethiopia, United States, Eritrea, Ethiopia's Tigray, Tigray, Adi, Eritrea's, Asmara, Turkey, London, Nairobi
Tiffany Haddish with Oscar Isaac in “The Card Counter.” Focus FeaturesWhat was most interesting about working with Paul Schrader? This is how you know God is a comedian: Male sharks have two penises. They’re pointy and not necessarily comfortable, I’m going to just put it like that. I’m a student who does research, and I’m going to ask a lot of questions. When you’re doing drama you’re not trying to get somebody to create serotonin.
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The United States Department of the Treasury is seen in Washington, D.C., U.S., August 30, 2020. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File PhotoWASHINGTON, Aug 23 (Reuters) - The United States on Monday imposed sanctions on an Eritrean official it accused of being engaged in serious human rights abuse in the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region, where thousands have been killed and over 2 million displaced. The United States has repeatedly called for Eritrean troops to withdraw from Tigray. "We urge Eritrea to immediately and permanently withdraw its forces from Ethiopia, and urge the parties to the conflict to begin ceasefire negotiations and end human rights abuses," Gacki added. But the TPLF kept fighting and at the end of June retook Mekelle and most of Tigray after government soldiers withdrew.
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Ethiopian authorities have launched reprisals against ethnic Tigrayans across the country, arresting hundreds and accusing members of the minority group of supporting rebels who have been locked in a bloody war with the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Mr. Ahmed declared war on Tigray, a mountainous region that borders Sudan and Eritrea, in November, after his government said the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, or TPLF, had attacked an Ethiopian military base. The fighting followed months of rising tensions between the central government and the TPLF, which had dominated Ethiopia’s ruling party until Mr. Ahmed’s rise to power in 2018. In recent weeks, the government has arbitrarily arrested hundreds of ethnic Tigrayans outside the dissident northern region, keeping some in military detention camps, rights groups and former detainees say. The arrests of ethnic Tigrayans in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, and other parts of the country have accelerated since government troops suffered a stinging defeat against the TPLF in late June, according to Amnesty International, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and other international and local rights groups.
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